Fake News Is Unacceptable

| June 5, 2020

A Fake News story was posted online, getting people upset. How it is proven to be fake news is given away in the text of the article posted online. Since we get enough fake news from the lamestream media, getting to the heart of this bit of trash news was a duty, as much as anything else.

Antifa invading farms in southern Illinois near Sparta? They were going to shoot farmers and livestock? There are two livestock producers than run beef and a brother/sister team running hogs for pork production, but that’s about it. I doubt that the Antifas even know what farmers look like.

Sparta, IL, is a place where competitors meet for an annual World Competition in trap and skeet shooting. Lots of people. Did anyone consult with Farmer Leonidas before announcing this plan?

This is the link to the article from Mike Adams:  https://trump.news/2020-06-03-antifa-terrorists-sparta-illinois-burn-farmhouses-kill-livestock.html

I sent it to AW1Ed. Did due diligence in a hunt for another source on it.  Four hours later, there is no source for it other than the original at the link from some wanker who writes stuff for a rabble rouser blog called Natural News.

I have looked and looked for something besides gossip to back up that story and can find nothing. Everything traces back to “Natural News”, where it originates. There is no resource reference included in the article, just fear mongering that is uncalled for, aimed at a place 60-some miles southeast of St. Louis. There was some rioting, looting and pillaging in St. Louis over the weekend, but it was stopped and the perps arrested, and it occurred on the Missouri side of Ole Man River, but not in East St. Louis.

The Illinois DNR trap and skeet shooting range down there is where people go for trap and skeet shooting, and there is an annual competition in the Autumn that draws a large crowd. It is now open for business, as of May 23rd. It is very likely a good source of income for the town of Sparta, especially during the World Trap Shoot competition in the fall.  The tourist business alone probably provides business and income to the locals of Sparta, including Farmer Leonidas. To put it in perspective, the EAA Fly-in at Oshkosh, WI, an annual event that has gone on for many years, has been canceled because of the CV19 outbreak. That represents a loss of a bundle of money for Oshkosh and its citizens who have catered every year to the attendees, their friends and the tourists who come to the fly-in. It is a huge loss of income for that town.

I can find nothing about this proposed attack on farmers and livestock other than the original version, which is copied to the trump dot news site, and has no back-up or reference of any kind. And the red barn shown in the photo that accompanies Adams’ article is not the kind of barn you’d house beef cattle or hogs in. Not nearly big enough for 8,000 sows, is it?

The statements by Mike Adams, the author of that alarmist article, are a display of his ignorance of Illinois as a state which does have strict rules on gun ownership, but also has a near-total population of counties that are labeled “gun sanctuary” counties. This is the state where the “gun sanctuary movement” started in the first place. Everyone who likes to hunt does so in the Autumn through the winter and into Spring. His article also makes it clear that he knows little to nothing about agriculture or the township of Sparta, never mind the State of Illinois. If it’s livestock the Antifas are after, as I said above,  there are only two farms that produce beef for the market. I found a sister/brother team that run about 8,000 sows for pork production on their acreages. The rest of the farm production is mostly corn and soybeans.

Sparta is a small town, but it isn’t all that small and considering that it’s quite likely that a good deal of business for the town comes from people who want practice at the shooting range or are showing up for the World Trap Shoot competition, or for hunting in the fall, it’s doubtful that anyone in law enforcement down there is going to deprive the people of their 2nd amendment rights, especially farmers. Anyone who is foolish enough to think that farmers won’t defend their turf or themselves and their families is ignorant about a lot of other things, as well.

The distance from St. Louis to Sparta is nearly 60 miles to the southeast of St. Louis through open farmland. There is one Walmart about 30 miles northwest of Sparta as well as a Walmart in Sparta proper.  That’s a long drive to try to spook people who are used to handling guns and who enjoy the benefits of outdoor sports like skeet and trap shooting, quail and pheasant hunting, deer hunting, and in the Spring, fishing in the local ponds.

The first time I read the original article, I noticed the glaring mistakes and discrepancies by Adams while thinking there’s something not right here. I spent four long hours trying find a reference to an original source, and there was NOTHING. In addition, his reference to Chicago controlling gun ownership is a glaring mistake. Big HUGE mistake. Chicago has nothing to do with Sparta, nor does Chicago have anything to do with gun control.

Now I will firmly state that Mike Adams’ article is fake news meant to stir up trouble where there may be none at all.  I have serious doubts that there is any credibility to this story, other than an attempt to stir up trouble.

I did not see anything over the weekend about rioting in East St. Louis, IL, but there was some in St. Louis, MO, across the river, and people were arrested for it.   https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/those-arrested-over-two-nights-of-protests-and-unrest-in-st-louis-released-from-jail/article_6c06a78f-b9f3-59f2-842f-0d6c466e84e5.html

As a result, as much as I detest spending so much time trying to find a valid source for the “threat” to a small town in southern Illinois and its surrounding community, I would have to judge this to be absolutely fake news designed to stir up more trouble than is already underway.  That was the reason I have posted it.

Illinois is the state where the “gun sanctuary state” idea evolved, and it has become a national “thing” now. Almost all 50 states now have gun sanctuary counties, and in many states, local law enforcement have said they will not confiscate guns from legitimate owners of them.

The original source of this fake news story is here:  https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-06-03-antifa-terrorists-sparta-illinois-burn-farmhouses-kill-livestock.html  There is no backup of any kind for any of the claims by Mike Adams, who wrote that story.  I would have to say that it is pure, unfiltered B.S. and he will have to provide evidence of his source, other than Natural News.

If you agree that this was an exercise in rumor mill balderdash, and nothing but an attempt to stir up more trouble, please post any other such fake news about the Antifas that you can find.  I have no use for or sympathy with the Antifas, but starting this kind of thing is destructive and stirs more anger than is necessary. I think we all have enough of that going around right now.

And I challenge Mike Adams, the author of that piece, to prove it is NOT fake news by providing a valid source for it.  If he does not do so, I can and will contact the city of Sparta and ask them if they’ve heard anything about an invasion by Antifas.

However, I doubt that Mikey will do that; it’s much more like that he will make excuses and provide other lamebrained twaddle as to why he can’t reveal anything about it. That is why it is hogwash.

It is bad enough to see the destruction that occurred over the weekend, just in Chicago, never mind the other cities – and that was all in the Loop downtown on State Street, and out in the ‘burbs. But that wasn’t Antifa. It was just a bunch of smarmy jerks who decided to copy the damage they saw going on in the TV broadcasts, so that they could do their looting and pillaging and get away with it. The real protest marches were over before sunset on Saturday and Sunday and they were peaceful. The businesses that had planned to open in the neighborhoods now have to start over from scratch.

But to stir the pot unnecessarily by trying to spook people who are not targeted in the first place is as heinous as you can get.

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  1. Combat Historian says:

    Past time for Illinois to split into the actual state of Illinois for Americans and the satrapy of Chicongostan ruled by Commie Lightfoot and Commie Pritzy. Let the commie bastards rule over the ruins of their own creations…

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Ya know, if Chicago were walled off from the rest of the state, and the only people allowed to come and go were commuters (and all those in the ‘hoods had to stay in place, period), no one in the rest of the state would give a crap or pay any attention to them.

      And we might get some peace and quiet, too.

  2. Comm Center Rat says:

    THIS IS SPARTA! ~ King Leonidas I

  3. ninja says:

    Here is the “Bio” and “History” of Mike Adams, the Dude who wrote the article that Ex-PH2 provided in the post.

    You Be The Judge



    • 5th/77th FA says:

      The boy toots his horn better than Gabriel could sound the Second Coming. Give old Joshua a run for his money outside of Jericho. Did he give horn blowing lessons to Louis Armstrong in a former life?

      I judge him to be a self centered, egotistical, eco-hippie, fear mongering POS.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        As well as a soy latte-sipping little bedwetter that still wears footsie pajamas like the “0bamacare Boy”!

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Ya know, there are people who make a living doing market predictions based on astrology that are better at providing semi-accurate information than this self-aggrandizing dork.

      Ya think his arm hurts yet from patting himself on the back?

      He still has to provide a source for his claim of an attack on Sparta. Otherwise, he’s a compleat phony and a jerk.

  4. ninja says:

    Mike Adams, the Author of the article that Ex posted, is on the Board of Consumer Wellness.

    In fact, it looks as if he is the ONLY Board Member of Consumer Wellness.

    What Does That Tell You: You Be The Judge


    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I know we all have to make a living, but I’d rather spend my cash on ice cream, cookbooks, Lodge cast iron cookwear, and a markets forecasting book.

  5. OWB says:

    Disinformation has always been part of terroristic activity. Also part of legitimate warfare. And, of run-of-the-mill trouble makers.

    Which this clown might be? Above my pay grade. Still, a worthy task to neutralize the effect lies and fake news have on all of us.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Agreed. And just why would he stir that up just now?

      • OWB says:

        No good reason. Evil intent is all I can surmise. Anarchists in particular don’t seem to care just what the outcome is as long as it is negative.

  6. ninja says:


    Have made several attempts to post a link, but it will not go thru.

    To All:

    Please type in the words “Mike Adams: Natural News, “everyone’s favorite über-quack #1 anti-science website” on your Search Engine of choice to see this interesting article.

    • ninja says:

      One will need to type in the name “genetic literacy project mike adams natural news” to get the link that for some reason, I cannot post.

      The link is very interesting. Highly recommended reading.

  7. Roh-Dog says:

    Adams is a well known conspiracy theorist (not that it’s a bad thing) and may be sensationalizing a bit.
    Are the cosplayers known as Antifa saying a bunch of crap about tearing down America?
    You f’ing bet.
    Can/will they actually get off their asses and risk their lives for the cause?
    Maybe a couple nutbags, but let’s be real, if the fine people of Illinois, or any other municipality, push back on these idiots they’ll trip over themselves running away like the cowards they are.
    I might not agree with Adams’ brand of reporting, but it’s protected (?).

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Let’s not forget that many of the fine Folks of Rural America not only own firearms and ammo, many also own excavators and know just how quickly hogs can dispose of a human corpse!

  8. Fyrfighter says:

    According to county website, there was a credible threat by antifa to come to some rural areas in Colorado. Credible enough that they safe LE is looking into them, and a couple of area Walmarts have pulled all guns and ammo from the stores.

    • David says:

      All Walmarts pulled guns and ammo from public display per an article I saw. Still able to purchase, you just need to ask.

      I must be old, I remember when the championships were held in Dayton. Odd feeling to land at the airport and see people aiming guns at you – the firing line paralleled the runway.

  9. Ret_25X says:

    Actually, yes…Chicago controls Illinois gun control policy.

    Right Mr. Madigan?

    And yes, Chicago controls IL tax policy…IL courts, IL agencies, and even IL farms.

    Again, ask Mr. Madigan. Madigan is the actual ruler of the state of IL.

    As for farmers in IL, it is not at all uncommon to raise small herds on any farm. Even in the agribusiness, diversity of portfolio is important.

    Take it from a farm boy from IL…

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I’ve spent my whole life in Illinois, and grew up on a farm in central Illinois. I know quite well what I”m talking about.

      Madigan appears to run Chicago, but he’s losing his grip on the state. And he’s more interested in politics at the federal level, e.g., WDC Senate and House of Reps, than he is in the state level.

      As I said, the gun sanctuary movement was started in Illinois, and when the mayor of Deerfield made a very illegal attempt a couple years ago to seize the personal weapons of the residents of Deerfield, she had her backside handed to her.

      I have no doubt that the good people of Sparta, IL, are quite capable of taking care of themselves and their critters.

      And in addition, DAVID< if you had bothered to read what I wrote, you'd be quite aware that the entire thing was concocted out of whole cloth by Adams, and has no source material or facts for backup. It is hogwash, period. He is trying to create trouble where there is none.

  10. thebesig says:

    The research that you did for the above post is not the kind of research that the mainstream media expects people to do. They hope that most people don’t do that kind of research. Calling them out on their propaganda hurts their propaganda efforts.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Oh, I know they don’t expect it, and certainly don’t want it appearing anywhere, either. I intend to keep a weather eye on this, because it was concocted out of dust bunnies and old banana peels, and has the validity of a cracked diving board. Looks okay on the surface, but then you try to use it and….. ouch!

      And if I find any more like this, I will do the same thing I did with this bit of flummery.

  11. CM says:

    Fake news has and is causing so many of the global issues we see today. There needs to be a serious overwatch to these issues and a stiff penalty if one can be proven to have been fabricated. I am sick of these pencil pushing foreign owned goobers causing anarchy in society merely for clicks or at the behest of their global overlords. It’s LONG past time they are held accountable for this… LONG past time.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Orson Welles did a broadcast in 1938 that scared a lot of people who didn’t turn in at the start. The media picked up the fear and ran with it.

      It was his Halloween broadcast of “War of the Worlds”. He had to explain it the next day.

      Now, the media would accompany their spooky babbling with videos from the various WOW movies as well as “Independence Day” and a few other, truly lovely spook invasion movies.

      Hysteria sells.