Louisville Police Officers Walk Out on Mayor.

| June 4, 2020

This just in.

A form of protest claiming disrespect.

By Morgan Phillips

Dozens of police officers in Louisville, Ky. reportedly walked out on the city’s Democratic mayor, Greg Fischer, as a form of protest, as the Fraternal Order of Police president explained that the officers felt “disrespected” as they struggle to keep the peace after more than a week of fiery protests.

Video obtained by the Courier- Journal shows Fischer standing in the middle of the room at a roll call before the start of a 12-hour shift, as streams of Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) officers and detectives silently file out.

FOP President Ryan Nichols, who was not present, said the move was an unplanned reaction to Fischer’s address.

“They feel completely unsupported and disrespected by this administration,” Nichols said. “They feel whatever he was going to say would have been nothing more than lip service, and he does not care about them at all.”

Tensions between protesters and police have reached a high in the city where Breonna Taylor, an unarmed black woman, was shot and killed in her home on March 13.

Police have deployed pepper bullets and tear gas to disperse demonstrations. They say it was in response to protesters throwing bricks, fireworks, leaf blowers and Molotov cocktails at them.

One man, David McAtee, was killed by police as a result of the unrest, though officers released a video they say proves he fired the first shot. At least seven were shot in one night of protests in Louisville last week.

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Maybe this is what it’s going to take
All police just take the day off and watch
What happens when all hell breaks out

Comm Center Rat

Over 5,000 NYPD cops called out sick on multiple days during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak. Not only did hell not break out but the sun always rose the next morning.

I don’t know where you live or the size of your local PD. In my small town with five full time LEOs, I have zero confidence they’ll respond quickly enough to assist me should my compound security be breached. I do have confidence that I’m my own best line of home defense.

The Other Whitey

I had some asshole follow me and my wife home one night and yell at us from the driveway for no apparent reason. I parked the car in the garage, saw him in the driveway, and went straight for the safe. He disappeared rapidly once he saw the 1911 come out. I still called SO just in case. The resident deputy who called me back was a guy who lived down the street. Pretty good dude. He got my story and reminded me “If he comes back, just make sure he’s inside the house before you shoot his ass. Much less hassle that way.”

The fuckstick never came back, so I didn’t need to worry about it. But it was nice to know we were all on the same page.


If you detect someone following you, don’t drive home.

One method is four left turns. Still there? Go park in a “cops only” spots at a precinct.

Let them know you are coming and they will likely want to meet your shadowy new fans.

Or, call some friends an meet up for socialization. (Grin)

I have had that raging-idiot-follower happen to me, several times. Worst case, you are driving an insured weapon. Don’t “flee”. Think more…creatively.


Basically what I’m saying is give NYC, LA
And all these other blue cities what they want no police and see how long that works before shit hits the fan


The people screaming they don’t want police around better be careful. If they actually get what they are asking for the results aren’t going to be ones they like.

A Proud Infidel®™️

What are they going to do, call on a crackhead, dope dealer or an Antifa puke for protection?


If they’re lucky BLM (those paragons and truth and virtue) will have “peace officers” show up. I’m sure that will work out well.



His PSD should walk away.


It’s like the loon left want to hand Trump a landslide.

Prosecute bad cops. Make it unpleasant to be a bad cop.

Support the good cops. Or why be a good cop? We -want- people to be good cops.

Only a raving lunatic advocates for “no cops”. Somalia has no cops and lots of Anarchy. Lots of death, violence, and destitute folks.

LEOs? Time is -up-. Either you police your assholes, or things are going to get really ugly for you. That thug you are protecting is going to get -you- fired, imprisoned, or killed by some lunatic. Think about it. Please.

Don’t feed the Monster.

5th/77th FA

11B…Spot on and testify. The same advice you are giving to LEOs could go for the politicians of this country. I’m sure that most of us had that one Drill Sergeant who screamed out as he left the building…”AND CLEAN UP YOUR MESSS!!!”


There is an old cliche I heard as a child that a man is judged by the company he keeps. Funny how those old cliches seem to be true. Evidently my parents were not as stupid as I thought.


As you grow older, your parents become much smarter.

Pop was a genius


It’s not just cops. Everyone, all around, needs to be held accountable. Chains of command at agencies should get their shit in a sock. Why placing a knee in the neck was an authorized restraint technique at that agency is beyond me. Prosecutors, who’ve largely been given a pass over the last decade +, need to be held accountable. They have the capability to compel investigations and hold people accountable. Citizens, in many of the same communities protesting, need to hold each other accountable. Want your drug dealing neighbor gone? Call it in. Want your babies to no longer get shot? Turn in the ass hats doing the shooting. People don’t want the cops to go hands on with them? Then follow the law and lawful orders. When 911 is called officers showing up are the consequence. They can’t just walk away because some Monday morning quarterback decides the outcome wasn’t desired. How this conversation turned into solely the fault of LEOs astounds me. Yes there are bad cops. There are some who should have their badge ripped off their chest and uniform cut off of them while in cuffs. Corruption and bad agencies don’t happen in a vacuum. It takes quite a few people turning a blind eye to enable that. Prosecutors, elected officials (including the Sheriff, the head of a LEO organization), and citizens. Every agency could purge their ranks of anyone who has ever even been suspected of impropriety and there would still be issues if the… Read more »


Correct. All.

Peers are best positioned to shape the behavior of peers.

Those to whom we entrust power have a -greater- duty to control their fellows.

Take up the banner, take up the burden.

Blue, green, or purple. I don’t care which.

Today’s drama is related to how police and non-police interact. Bad cops are a problem. So are bad non-cops.

Cops -must- do better about “counseling” their strays. That isn’t unreasonable or wrong.

A recent incident, despite all the current lunacy, an officer kneed a neck in an relatively minor arrest. (YGBFSM) His peer rebuked him, and when that rebuke was ignored,the other cop physically moved the peer’s knee off the arrestee’s neck. End of problem. Bravo.

“No. -we- don’t do that for -this-”

-that- is what I want. Not endless court dramas and riots and endless arguments and Strawmen and agitators and and and….

We as Americans keep having this conversation. Some folks go way too far. Others look away. Innocents pay.

“Dial it back.”

“Too much”

“You are making us look stupid/evil/psycho”

“They all have freaking cameras. And lawyers.”

Stop feeding the Monster. Don’t ignore the -other- guy feeding the Monster.

This is solved at the Micro level, not Macro.


Wait, this is entirely to civil for the last few days. I feel like there should be some hurled insults or intellectual snobbery.

Civility aside, I’m in agreement. You so and so.


Chill out. Bleeper. Hmm.

Yeah. Something is missing, but not in a bad way.

No “war” missions for cops. Concur. No “cop” missions for military also seems prudent.

I am sure I will stir up the pudding somehow.

Huey Jock

Trump Landslide? Maybe. I hope so.

What we need to concentrate on is the down-ballot races. Senate and House. The Dems know they probably won’t win the White House and they will be concentrating their efforts to take over congress. That would cripple the government.

Maximum effort should be concentrated in holding and achieving a super majority in the Senate and House. Americans deserve the gains that could be achieved with that combination. We may have had it except for Ryan.


Well, the folks who had two years of House, Senate, and President kinda let folks down.

Both sides have that common ground, if you think about it. Leveraging that glaringly obvious common ground could peel away some reflexive voters to the side of Reason.

Down ballot election of R-quislings isn’t helping. The local primary needs to be a focus. Better choices make better outcomes.

Weird how much effort went into screwing up primaries, eh? Thus favoring status-quo hacks? Hm.


OT…Portland Public Schools are cutting ties with the local PD on having school resource officers:


Know someone that was an Assistant Superintendent there a couple of years ago… glad he left the job because of the never ending shitstorm that is PPS.


Minneapolis schools unanimously voted to no longer have MPD cops as SROs. Shouldn’t take long before there’s a school shooting and then it’ll be the police’s fault for not being there.

The Minneapolis Parks Board also has voted that they will no longer allow their police officers to assist MPD or work with them. I don’t know how that’ll really work since they’ve got concurrent jurisdiction.

U of M is also cutting ties with MPD. At least the U has its own PD.


When the consequences of no policing settle in, expect change.

Oh, wait. The decision makers didn’t give up -their- security. They gave up policing for everyone else.


Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Go back to the Fergueson effect and just give out parking meter tickets, NO traffic stops, don’t put the rush on gun runs and domestic disputes and hopefully you will be able to go back to your family after work and not worry about shit birds picketing in front of your house and threatening your family. chicago now has a complaint about officers dragging a woman out of her car. Hopefully the body cam will show what really happened.


Yep, all true, Jeff. When I still wore the uniform, I couldn’t wait to get to a man w/a gun call, B&E in progress, fight/assault. Hell, if I wasn’t busy, I’d check the computer for back-logged calls and handle them without being dispatched.

If I were working today, it would be go the posted speed limit to most calls, no self-initiated work and take my time making sure that every T was crossed and every I was dotted on every report before I would clear for the next call.


That’s for the cops that remain on the job. There’s going to be a massive exodus of anyone with more than two years on and less than ten. Once the fun’s wore off and before you’re too far into it to walk away from the retirement, nobody will stay on. It’ll be like the service in that regard. Lots of short timers from day one.

We’ve always said “The job’s fucked.” I think that’s more than just a joke now.


A very effective undercover I know quit to be come a pricy-specialty med tech, at about triple a PD salary.

“Too much bullshit”.

The guy is a -good- cop. Awesome self control. Not hesitant to tell folks ” knock it off” or “that is wrong”. Persuasive. We need guys like him. We lost him.


I’ve got to agree with Penguin.


People gotta man the f##k up, grab their balls, and say “knock off the bullshit” to peers.

Yes everyone.

Old tanker

I had two careers both Military and PD. In the Army I was commissioned in the PD I was a street grunt cop, later a Motorcycle Cop. To the racial folks I’m neither “white” nor a person or color. IMO the situation was not handled properly. Neither is the media presentation, big surprise there. There is no objective reporting anymore, anywhere. The agency is screwed because the knee “hold” was authorized. It is / was used when an arrestee is uncooperative or like in this case not mentally competent due to they amount and type of drugs on board. Unfortunately a street cop cannot make a toxicology analysis in the midst of an arrest. The proper response should have been cuff him and remove him from the scene ASAP. If he is violent in the back of the car you secure his legs and move away. Failure to do so plays into the on scene “videographers” who will be neither objective nor honest after editing the video. If they had done that likely Floyd would be alive. You simply do not hold down a suspect and ignore claims of physical distress. Floyd died of a heart attack. No one will be able to determine if that was due to the stress of the arrest or the drugs on board. In any case the Officers involved are holding the bag and will pay a steep price, as will the agency. Now there are ambiguous calls to change the system and end… Read more »


“I thank God daily that I am no longer paid to ,or required to deal with unreasonable people“. Same here, Tanker