Retired SEAL Chief sues Navy Secretary and New York Times

| June 2, 2020

Special Warfare Operator Chief Edward “Eddie” Gallagher, left, walks with his wife Andrea to the Naval Base San Diego courthouse last year. (Julie Watson/AP)

SOC (Ret) Eddie Gallagher apparently is not going to simply fade away. Since we all are familiar with his trial and acquittal I’ll not bore everyone with the details- they are easily found on-line for any who wish to refresh their memory.

Case of SEAL Eddie Gallagher

This move by Gallagher is certainly not unexpected, but I have a suspicion that in certain circles it is not exactly welcome. Here’s the article on his suit:

Eddie Gallagher sues Navy secretary and New York Times

By: Geoff Ziezulewicz

Attorneys for retired Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher filed a lawsuit last week against a New York Times reporter and newly sworn in Navy Secretary Kenneth Braithwaite, alleging that the service unlawfully leaked information and that the reporter defamed Gallagher in news articles.

Filed Friday, the lawsuit alleges that journalist David Philipps “willfully, intentionally, and maliciously published numerous false statements about Chief Gallagher to the public.”

It also alleges that Navy members leaked information about Gallagher’s case protected under the Privacy Act, including “dozens of witness interview summaries and hundreds of seized text messages between Chief Gallagher and other Navy SEALs.”

Citing the ongoing litigation, Navy spokesman Cmdr. Clayton Doss declined comment Monday.

Danielle Rhoades-Ha, a New York Times spokesperson, said in an emailed statement that “Mr. Gallagher’s complaint is long on conspiracy theory and very short on facts about what actually happened in Iraq.”

This photo, recovered from Chief Gallagher’s phone after the death of an Islamic State fighter, was included in an investigative report by the Navy.

For some perspective, here is what I believe is an offending NYT article by Mr. Phillipps, without the usual pay wall: New York Times

I’ll leave it to our gentle readers to arrive at their own conclusions. Read the rest of the article here: Navy Times

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5th/77th FA

Get all you can get Chief. Hell, why not, they tried to get all they could from you. I wasn’t there so I will not second guess a Warrior’s action in a combat situation.

Still think a lot of it is because your wife is hot and they are jealous of that.

Tanks for the update!




The only reason you all are defending this guy is because Trump made him a cause de celeb.

He murdered innocent people under the pretext of serving his country.

His conduct was so outrageous several of his fellows SEALs turned him in and testified against him.

And instead of seeing him for the serial killer abusing his country’s call to murder…

You turned on the honorable SEALS doing their duty and reporting one of their own.

Called them names, questioned their loyalties, and went out of your way to claim they were just angry and retaliating. Even though it was Gallagher that had abused his position to silence and intimidate them into protecting him.

This guy brought shame on the entire SEAL community.

But he is a hero because Trump tweeted about him.

And the legal trick used to help get him off one of the charges; having a teammate get immunity and testifying he committed one of the war crimes, making it impossible for either to be held accountable.

That kind of trick has never been acceptable anywhere in the criminal justice system.

I feel for the good and decent and honorable SEALs whose careers, and reputations, and sense of service in the community was harmed by this man.


“The only reason you all are defending this guy is because Trump made him a cause de celeb”
Loserthink category: Mindreading

“abusing his country’s call to murder”

“But he is a hero because Trump tweeted about him”
According to whom?


Don’t bother. Use of facts and logic with him are a waste of time and energy.

Empirical evidence and all that bullshit, dontcha know.

The Other Whitey

Lars is addicted to projection. It allows him to pretend he holds moral and intellectual superiority over others.

A Proud Infidel®™

AT LEAST 80 to 90% of his comments are “ORANGE MAN BAD!” and little else than propaganda straight from his UC Berzerkely programmers, the things I see from him have patterns just like what you see from people in extreme religious cults.

just lurkin

How dare you attribute anything less than complete omniscience to Lars?!? You’ll hurt his feeling if you don’t acknowledge his near godlike status.


True enough. I forgot that “mind reading” is only a problem if you can’t read minds. . .

A Proud Infidel®™

He’s like the Psychic Reader whose place has a sign out front saying “CLOSED DUE TO UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES”.

The Other Whitey

Lars, why do you assume everyone else is as narrow-minded and immature as you are?

Do you not believe in due process and equal protection under the law? Regardless of what he may or may not have done—about which you know no more than anyone else, though you seem to think otherwise—he has rights, and his rights were violated. Therefore, he has a case. If you’re so filled with righteous fury over this, it should stand to reason that you would want the prosecutors who badly mishandled the case to face consequences severe enough to discourage their peers from pulling the same crap. If he is guilty, then the fault for miscarriage of justice lies with those who tainted the entire case from the getgo. By their own actions, the prosecutors destroyed the credibility of their case (kinda like you do with each squawk issuing from your cock holster).

5th/77th FA

spapos=/=ORANGE MAN BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!click- ORANGE MAN BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!click-ad nauseum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trolly Puffs for Breakfast…Yummy…!!!

A Proud Infidel®™

“The only reason you all are defending this guy is because Trump made him a cause de celeb.
He murdered innocent people under the pretext of serving his country.” THAT sounds like a generic liberal propaganda statement straight out of a UC Berzerkely playbook, all you need to add is “baby killer” and you’d sound JUST like a 1960s hippie pothead!


API, can you please explain how enemy combatants, even if they are “guerrilla warriors”, i.e., independent acting on their own, are “innocent people”? They are hardly children and I doubt the use of the word “innocent” applies to them at all.


“He murdered innocent people under the pretext of serving his country.”

API was quoting the communist functionary’s original post – not saying this as his own thought.

A Proud Infidel®™

Like I’ve said before and will again, his pattern is in lockstep with that of someone who has been brainwashed into a cult and he refuses to even remotely think outside of said cult mentality!


Broad brush hell – you’re painting with a 3′ wide roller here, Commissar Wumao (五毛). Not everyone who comments here defended Gallagher or supports him today.

That said, the prosecution did act abominably as well. So maybe some good will in fact come of his suit.


“But he is a hero because Trump tweeted about him.”

He is a monster to you because Trump tweeted about him. See, I can play your silly little game too.


Twist, you just twisted the little twist’s twisted logic which is definitely gonna put a tight little twist in the little twist’s panties…


That will make the sand in his mangina even more uncomfortable.


There’s gotta be a hell of a crop of pearls forming in there.


Chief Gallagher maybe guilty of all you allege. He may be innocent. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. Chief Gallagher deserved and is constitutionally guaranteed a fair and impartial trial. He did not get that. The Navy cocked this up so badly for reasons known only to them that a fair trial was impossible.

But that’s just my opinion. I would never presume to be as all-seeing and all-knowing as you are, Commissar. My crystal ball needed depot-level maintenance.


Lars, you ignorant walking garbage heap, allegedly you served, allegedly you were an officer, allegedly you have an education – but you are without a doubt one of the stupidest individuals it has been my misfortune to encounter in a very long time. If you did any real time in Iraq, you’d know the places Chief Gallagher served were pretty much places where innocents were few and far between. I feel bad for anybody who had to serve with or around you, because I’m willing to bet you brought a lot of bad stuff their way just by being you. Just because you live in the PDRofCA doesn’t mean you have to spout the party line every minute of every day – try thinking for yourself for once it might be a new experience. Broaden your horizons, cure that case of rectalopticlitis due to rectal-cranial impaction.

Commissioner Wretched

Damn, Lars, do I wish you would choose another screen name here!

It’s too close to mine … and I’ve had mine longer.

Be somebody else. I’m tired of being confused with you.

The Other Whitey

Even if Gallagher is every inch the shitbag they claimed he is (which I doubt), his rights were violated. They broke the law in their treatment of him. The fact that they apparently thought they could and clearly didn’t fear consequences is disturbing. Maybe if Gallagher cleans out a few power-tripping asswipes, the others might take notice. I wish him luck.



Here’s the money quote, IMO:
” The fact that they apparently thought they could and clearly didn’t fear consequences is disturbing.”

Criminal charges need to be brought.


TOW, you hit it out of the park!


As we’ve learned from the p̶e̶a̶c̶e̶f̶u̶l̶ ̶p̶r̶o̶t̶e̶s̶t̶o̶r̶s̶ violent insurrectionists this past week, Constitutional rights are only applicable to certain groups.


So, Commissar…

Out of curiusity…

Who are YOU gonna vote for President of the United States in November?

Joe Biden if he gets the nomination?

If so, how is Biden better than President Trump?

*Note to AW1Ed: Had to ask Commissar that question, even on this thread, because it seems Commissar drags President Trump in every discussion*

*Note to Commissar: Admit it, Commissar. You do bring up President Trump in most of the topics on TAH. Am waiting to read your comments on Trump’s cooking skills on Ex’s Thursdays Are For Cooking.


5th/77th FA

Darn ninja, that was one thread that so far dasSpapos hadn’t polluted so far. There goes the neighborhood. 😀 😉 rtrgabnhbtd

USMC Steve

Is that fuckwit still a commissioned officer? If so, think a few UCMJ articles have been violated, and his chain of command needs to know about it. Tired of this motherfucker and his cheap shit.



A Proud Infidel®™

SWEET ever-lovin’ Bejeezus, they let him do a full twenty?

The Other Whitey

You get the feeling that asking about him amongst folks who served with him would be met with an automatic “Oh, THAT fuckin’ guy?”


Article 88 UCMJ?


Trump’s cooking skills? Perhaps a favorite dish?

I can send a note to the press secretary about that, if you like>

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m betting that he’ll vote for some off-the-wall other party candidate, he will never venture outside of his cult mentality!


ninja… he tried going BALLS DEEP for Bernie last time… then Cankles screwed that up. AOC is his latest socialist crush, but she’s not old enough… He’ll vote for the Communist Party candidate out of “spite”.


Yeah, Chief Gallagher got a shitty deal, but rather than walk away and go quietly into retirement, he’s gotta poke the bear.

It’s not going to end well for him if he keeps this shit up.

USMC Steve

They already tried their best to fuck him over and failed miserably. There is really no downside to it for him. I see him getting significant income in the next year or two from DOD.


Not sure what else they can do to him than what has already been done. And while I see your analogy about poking the bear, he just may be the bear that got poked.

Good luck with the lawsuit. Much less reasonable ones have been filed, and won.




Yeah, I thought saying SHUT THE FUCK UP would be rude but its LARS..
I speak fluent Dutch, Indonesian, French, Legalese, American sign language, gutter smut and Hoodrat.

The Other Whitey

I tell people that I speak two languages: English and Bad English. Though my wife has made me pick up a sprinkling of Khmer, and one of my nieces has announced her intention to teach me Vietnamese (my first lesson: it’s pronounced “VET-nam!”).


His lawsuit is not going anywhere. The journalist has more than enough corroborating information to defend against a libel suit.

As for the leak? Hard to prove who was responsible. He might get a settlement out of it from the Navy. But a jury is not going to be sympathetic once they see the evidence he is angry was leaked.

A Proud Infidel®™

You do a miserable job of predicting anything outside of your cult mentality but one thing is for sure and it’s that someone is going to end up “OOP DE GOOP” as a Samoan 1SG I once had said.


Where did you attend law school? I did three years at Western and you’re full of shit….

The Other Whitey

It’s Lars, thus he knows more about law than lawyers like you, more about fire than firefighters like myself (or Jeff LPH-3 or Fyrfighter), more about naval aviation than naval aviators, more about nuclear physics and engineering than reactor technicians, etc.

And he will be happy to write a 68-page TLDR of nonsensical bullshit declaring how he’s right and you’re so much dumber than he is, because he went to Berkeley!


But…but…Whitey, Lars is a lib so he just naturally HAS to be smarter than us.



TLDR would be the perfect screen name for the Seagull.

USMC Steve

The journalist has NO corroborating information. Know how I know? Because the accusations were proven false. If someone spews false defamatory information about someone, that makes it actionable. Which is what happened here.


More power to ya, Chief. I’m still hoping some Navy brass loose their careers over this – command and JAG types.


Actually, on reflection…

He probably will get a payout. The Navy will settle and pay him well.

I think this lawsuit is the result of a Trump administration plan to do exactly that.

The administration has been intentionally losing and settling lawsuit to help Trump allies. In fact one of his allies was implicated for accepting large sums of money to get Trump to do exactly that (but he won’t be prosecuted until Barr is out of office because Barr is implicated)…

So there will be a settlement. A Trump ordered payoff.

But the claim against the journalist will go nowhere.

A Proud Infidel®™

It’s ALL the doing of The Great Evil Doctor Orange to you, isn’t it? Your style is that of one who has been brainwashed into a cult!


Lars should be using that classic line out of all those Balckxploitation moves in the 70’s:


A Proud Infidel®™

Or “MUST… FIGHT… Great Evil Orange Man, BECAUSE…”



A Proud Infidel®™


You got a new chew toy API.

A Proud Infidel®™

AAAAWWWRRRRrowrowrowrowrowf -*CHOMP!*

The Other Whitey

It’s rather pathetically funny, Lars, that on one hand you claim violent riots with thousands of innocent victims are justified and “patriotic” because of the George Floyd incident, for which those responsible were already facing severe consequences, and yet you are perfectly okay with extreme (some might even call it fascist) prosecutorial misconduct against Gallagher. It says a great deal about you, your (lack of) principles, and your (nonexistent) credibility.


Add non existent honesty to that, because he likely doesn’t believe some of the bs he posts here. He is prolly being paid in Soros-bucks

A Proud Infidel®™

That and/or he shows his cult propaganda that he posts here to his profs and fellow cultists in search of a compliment or some other type of fulfillment.


He probably thinks that Soros is a “GOD” to him and his struggle…