Patrick Mahomes’ Foundation to Provide Scholarships to Children of SEALs

| May 26, 2020

Patrick Mahomes and his foundation plan to provide 15 scholarships for Navy SEALs’ Children. His foundation will work with the SEAL Legacy Foundation to make this a reality. This scholarship will go to children of SEALs who died during the War on Terror.

From Fox News:

“It is truly a privilege to support the children of the Navy SEALs through the Honored SEAL Legacy Foundation Scholarship Program,” Mahomes said in a news release. “The 15 and the Mahomies Foundation and I are committed to the SEAL Creed that no one will be left behind.”

The foundation will pay for scholarships for 15 families of the more than 100 Navy SEALs who have died since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

“On behalf of a grateful brotherhood, we thank Patrick Mahomes for his leadership,” SEAL Legacy Foundation managing director and Navy SEAL Mark McGinnis said. “These scholarships from 15 and the Mahomies will make a meaningful difference for the children of our SEALs.”

The foundation said it wanted to honor the work and sacrifice of the SEALs and their families that “goes unnoticed in our daily lives.”

Fox News has the article here.


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Well done, Mr. Mahomes. BZ, very well done.

5th/77th FA

BZ Young Man. Keep this stuff up and people may start watching the National Felon League Games again…Or maybe, at least the Chiefs’ Games.

You paying attention Krap-a-dick? This is a class act paying it forward for the families of men that really did, “Just do it” and made a real “Sacrifice.”


Although I’m a diehard RAIDERS and Football FAN, once a player takes a knee, I became a baseball fan and I HATE BASEBALL…
During Super Bowl last year we did party but the TV stayed off…


Makes me even more glad to pull for Pat Mahomes and KC! Go Chiefs!


Mahomes fan here, but now even more than ever! What a wonderful, talented, and big-hearted young man! God bless him.


Good player and a great person. He’s got a fan here!

Mike B USAF Retired

That is pretty damn cool and commendable.

Not an attempt to take away from the story, but here’s another avenue for SOF kids seeking/needing financial help with schooling.

With spending 17 out of almost 23 years in the USAF associated with AFSOC, I’ve come to learn that the SOF community takes care of its own.


Great qb, great human being.