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| April 21, 2020

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Episode 192 with Tony Simon

Charges Dropped, Prosecutor Releases Gunman Who Shot Man In Street

St. Louis, MO – A suspect who repeatedly shot a man during a confrontation in the middle of the street was released from custody without being charged, despite the fact that the entire shooting was caught on video (video below).

“It’s certainly enough to charge the guy,” outraged St. Louis Police Officers Association (POA) President Jeff Roorda told KMOV. “No one can watch that video and think that guy has to be on the street.”

The violent altercation occurred at the intersection of Sarah and Lindell at approximately 2:50 p.m. on April 10, KSDK reported.

A witness managed to capture cell phone footage of the incident from a nearby window, according to KMOV.

According to the POA, the argument began after a motor vehicle collision.

The video showed a man in a blue shirt as he yelled at a woman and a man who was wearing a dark-colored shirt.

A moment later, the man in the dark-colored shirt pulled out a gun and fired it at the man in the blue shirt.

The woman ran for cover as the gunman fired additional rounds at the man he had already shot, the video showed.

Bullets hit the victim in the back, shoulder, and stomach, KMOV reported.

Officers said he was in and out of consciousness prior to being rushed to a local hospital, according to KSDK.

He is expected to survive his wounds, KMOV reported.

Roorda said that he and his fellow officers were frustrated to learn that the gunman was released from custody one day after the shooting.

The unnamed suspect has not been charged.

But Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s office argued that the POA should not have spoken out about the case, and claimed that police investigators said the shooting was “self-defense,” KMOV reported.

“The police brought the case citing self-defense. We have requested further evidence and will evaluate whether or not to issue charges once we have all the information,” Gardner’s office said in a statement. “It is unfortunate that the police union has inserted themselves in this case when all the facts are not known.”

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Read the rest here: Defense Maven

Feast or famine, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes.

“The greatest tyrannies are always perpetuated in the name of the noblest causes.”
Thomas Paine

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All you had to say was “Kim Gardner’…

5th/77th FA

Feast or famine indeed. I feasted on the podcast linky (tanks for that matey, will send that to the Baby Girl). And it was re-emphasized, again, that zombies would starve to death in St. Louis as they looked for brains to eat.

The gun pr0n? Good to know there is no need for me to piss away limited USD on that autoloader. The most reliable and handy shottie was my reproduction 1862 Overland Stage Model 12 gg Rabbit Ear. Real shame that it was in the boat, crossing the quicksand lake, during the flood, while a hurrinado was passing thru.

MI Ranger

Too bad we could not review the video. They say “man in dark shirt” did the shooting, but all I see in the photo from KMOV is a guy with his hands in his pocket wearing a “light blue shirt” (probably the guy who got shot), a women with her hands on her head, and what might be a man behind her in what looks like a grey suit. Since they blurred the faces so big, I can’t tell.
Yeah the story tells it was not self defense, and the guy in light blue shirt certainly does not look threatening in the photo, but things can easily be manipulated when you stop time, and only show the scene from one angle!


Or, take a police-supplied color photo of a bloody-headed Hispanic male, and publish it in black and white, with a bit of added brightness, to hide the blood in the dark hair and make the skin “white”.




If Gardner released the shooter you can be that the shooter is tied to Gardner through financial or family ties.

St Louis is corrupt in a way no other US city is. Gang, organized crime, and white collar crime ties are to be advertised, not hidden in St Louis…

Even the corruption is corrupted in odd, dystopian ways….


Here’s one from Lacey, WA… 17yo teen with a gun shot by 38yo:

“Teen shot in the chest after dispute over blocked intersection near Lacey”