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| April 20, 2020


Florida Home Invaders, Armed Response Caught on Camera

Three young gentlemen took a little time out from their online course work earlier this week to invade a home in Neptune Beach, Florida. Keep in mind they did this in full knowledge that a huge percentage of people are at home right now during the coronavirus lockdown.

A few seconds later, one of the intruders showed how to fly through the air as he eagerly tried to reestablish proper social distancing.

The home owner’s Ring camera caught it all, including the third suspect who literally ran out of his pants attempting to get away after the home owner opened fire.

The Neptune Beach Police released the video in efforts to identify two of the three home invaders. One member of the trio earned at least one gunshot wound. His buddies dumped him at a nearby hospital.

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Read the article and view the video here: TTAG

Phoenix homeowner shoots, wounds accused car thief, police say

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – Police say a Phoenix homeowner shot a car thief after the suspect tried to break into his home Thursday night.

It happened at about 10 p.m. in the area of 53rd Street and Indian School Road, but it started a few miles away at 51st and Van Buren streets. According to police, Ryan Johnson Davis, 32, stole a vehicle parked outside a house in that area. The car’s owner tried to stop him but got hurt in the scuffle.

Police said Davis drove to the neighborhood of 53rd Street and Indian School Road, ditched the stolen vehicle and tried to break into a house. That’s when the homeowner shot him.

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Read the rest here: AZ Family

Two pair, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes. I imaging the two Neptune Beach lads currently in the wind will be picked up soon enough when inconvenienced Lad #1 makes his plea bargain with the SA.

“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined.” — Patrick Henry, during Virginia’s Convention to Ratify the Constitution (1788)

Bonus video from Boomer. A MiG-29 and something about a “Positive Rate of Climb.” Mick can explain, it seemed really popular with the pilots I flew with.

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Ouch! Just a few extra degrees of angle and minus an airframe.

Gregory Roy

Looks like Taco Tuesday.


Seems like the pilot tried Vr before reaching V2.


Nice vid.

Yeah, taking off before attempting to climb is a good idea. (Looks like something several folks we know and/or know of would try.)

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Did the MiG pilot take flying lessons from a former TAH aggravater (currently at -6ft AGL)?

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

A little late to post.
Got lost down the rabbit hole of the Luger link. Interesting gun with an interesting history.

From the first story, it appears that TAH’s one time “friend” (currently at -6ft AGL) could have taken flying and landing lessons from one of that Door Breaking Invading Trio. If so, “he” might still be with us. (runs, dodges, ducks, hides)


I have a Luger my grandfather brought back from WWII. It is a Mauserwerke Luger (has byf stamped on the top) and does have the NAZI eagles stamped on it. It is for that reason I would never use it for home defense! I could just see the headlines: Man shoots [insert any race other than white] with NAZI pistol!! Would matter if they were violet gang members trying to murder my family.


Nice Luger! Thanks for sharing. 🙂



You might think about posting the images of your German Hunting Association dagger on the Wehrmacht Awards Forum; two fora would enjoy seeing it:

1. The Deutsche Jägerschaft Forum:

2. Fallschirmjäger Forum (Wilke was a Paratroop general)


It looks like yours is the Deluxe version. states:

Deluxe Hunting Knife

The deluxe version of the Hunting Knife followed the same style as the standard knife but was shorter in length and was much more ornate. The hilt fittings were heavily decorated with raised oak leaves and the plain fluted clam shell of the standard knife was decorated with the German Auerhahn deer.

The blade was about 34 cm (13.4 inch) in length.

The lower scabbard fittings were normally engraved with a hunting scene.

If you do not want to bother about posting, I can do it on your behalf. You can contact AW1Ed USN for my correspondence email address (not the one I use to post on the forum).



Cool. Thanks for the info. I was aware of Gustav Wilke as a Falschirmjager General. I would love to get more information. It would be very interesting to get in touch with someone in his family. The dagger came from my maternal grandfather but I don’t know the circumstances of how it came into his possession. He was in the battle of Sicily with the 45th Infantry division but was heavily wounded toward the end of the battle. I assume he came into possession of it when he came back as part of the occupation troops.
I’ll check out the forum.


No way! You are in possession of the personal hunting knife of Gustav Wilke, the commander of Fallschirmjäger fame?


I know, how awesome is that? I don’t know how it came to my grandfather, but you can read about that above.

5th/77th FA

Two pair is a decent start to the FIRST of the non work week. Teh stoopid is still strong. If larsie boi had sons…or a brother.

I’m not a pilot, nor do I portray one on TV. I’ve never even cheered for one that made a farce of Naval Aviation. I did celebrate when a wanna be pile it attempted to land his aircraft in a pine tree grove. That being said, I am almost 100% (99.69%) sure that the video does NOT depict how the whole takeoff part is supposed to work.

I had a Luger design way way back yonder. It was kinda like that Walther (?) that Graybeard had problems with. Damn thing was built on a Monday or a Friday. Never did work properly (load/eject issues). Several trips back and forth without being fixed and 2 competent gunsmiths taking an unsuccessful attempt to repair later, I traded it to a collector for a .357/.38 lever action Bush Rifle. I read the entire propaganda article. Interesting historical info, but that part about it being the best military pistol ever is a crock of larsie boi crap. The empirical data, plus the longevity, grace, and the beauty of the JMB (Howitzer be his name) Model 1911 blows that theory all over hell and half of Missouri.


Looks like it was manufactured at Mauserewerke (the Mauser factory) in 1941. Never a giant fan (I like some weight at the muzzle) but they are nifty looking. They actually chambered a few P08s in .45 ACP for trials against the 1911, but the P08 is to complex and expensive. Even the Germans replaced it withe P38.


That was always my opinion also. It’s overly complicated and requires tons of machining. And if that little plate on the left is not placed correctly or falls off the weapon won’t fire.


Help me out here, airedales.

Isn’t the Mig-29 supposed to have similar alpha characteristics to an F-18, or so the story goes?


Ugh. Responding to wrong post.

Fucking coronavirus.



The MiG-29 does indeed have a high-alpha capability, but all of that was negated when he sucked the gear up too soon and started dragging his ass down the runway.

Slidin’ on down the runway in a jet-powered MiG sled while leaving behind an impressive trail of flames and smoke.

Spectacular, but probably not in the way that the pilot had originally intended.


And everyone said Amen.


“Positive Rate of Climb.” Yup. I always checked the VSI for a positive rate of climb on every takeoff, particularly when launching off of the ship at night. After watching that video in close detail, it looks like the MiG pilot may have done one of two things: 1) He raised the landing gear handle and retracted the landing gear before he attained safe flying airspeed and a positive rate of climb, causing the tail to drag as he tried to rotate, which in turn caused aircraft to settle back on to the runway; – or – 2) He (intentionally? *) had the landing gear handle in the “up” position during his takeoff roll. When the aircraft had developed enough lift to take sufficient weight off of the landing gear “weight on wheels” switch, the landing gear started to retract before he had attained safe flying airspeed and a positive rate of climb, causing the tail to drag as he tried to rotate, which in turn caused the aircraft to settle back on to the runway. (* Intentionally putting the landing gear handle in the “up” position prior to takeoff in order to execute a “Sierra Hotel” takeoff where the gear retracts immediately during rotation. I’ve seen a couple of idiots do it over the years; it’s dangerous and stupid.) If I were to bet, I’d put my money on number 2, especially since his takeoff was being filmed. Can’t tell from the video if the pilot descended into the… Read more »

Wilted Willy

Hi Mick, I had the same kind of switch on my Mooney M-21, we used to call it a squat switch? Why in God’s name would they install such a switch? I can’t think of any good use for that kind of switch unless it was for maintenance while on the ground? Let me know if you can think of any good use for this?



In landing gear systems, a “squat” switch or “weight on wheels” switch is used to prevent the landing gear from retracting when the aircraft is on the ground if the gear handle is placed in the “up” position while the aircraft is powered up, i.e. during turn-up, while taxiing, or during maintenance where power is required to be applied to the aircraft.

Some type/model/series of military aircraft also use “weight on wheels” switches to disable ordnance and jettison systems while the aircraft is on the ground.

Hope this helps…

Wilted Willy

Thanks Mick, That makes sense now! I really miss flying! That is the greatest feeling in the world! I once flew from Orlando to Los Angeles in my Mooney! That was a great trip! Thanks again!


Note how the “idiot proof” addition also enables a the antics of a greater idiot.


The Russians have a history of conducting live fire ejection seat tests and are quite good at it. 😉


Ah…Gorky 21 be advised your ass is on fire…


In former-Soviet Russia jet flys you.
A gent at the range yesterday had a 1920 marked Luger war trophy piece. Asked me if I’d like to have a squeeze, I declined. Something about using up history like that makes me uneasy.
Besides, I had my Glock 23 to run through and a friends Desert Eagle in .44 Mag to try!
Deagle, because you never know when you’ll need to put large holes in something followed by blunt force trauma from pistol whipping/throwing.
Not a bad piece, open carry option?


Every now and then I shoot my Grandpa’s Luger brought back from WWII (mentioned above). it is a very nice Luger except that it has one mismatched part (if you look at the pictures at the link, there is a part on the left side marked 18 whereas it should be 41). It would still catch a nice price, but it still what I would consider a “shooting piece of history”.
As for how it shoots, it is very smooth. Very small trigger pull and not very heavy pull (not sure exactly). There is a lot of muzzle lift, I assume owing to its toggle action. I bet the .45 ACP Luger was a bitch on the wrist!


That’s a great looking gat! It must be the Kraut in me and the DNA’s predilection of too complex mechanisms, I’ve always been enamored with the P08.
In the armory is a K31 that has seen a total of 40 rounds in the 4 years I’ve owned her, for much the same reasons: just too special to use (and that is just my opinion, I wouldn’t EVER dare to suggest someone not enjoy their own property, want to make that crystal)


Just a comment… if you have a gun which has been fired and you can’t document how little it has been fired, and if when you fire it you don’t inflict additional wear… its value will not decrease if you run a reasonable low number of rounds through it. Provenance is always key if documented and valid, but once a gun goes from ‘unfired’ to ‘fired’, its condition and relative rarity are what counts. 10 rounds, 50 rounds, as long as you are not inflicting any additional wear on it… enjoy it.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

He was in a Russ an took off too soon.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Thirty lashes with a wet noodle for that one.
And no cookies from Ex.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

I know my g’father brought back a Luger from his time in Germany post-WWII. Plus his issued 1911 sidearm.
When he died, they got passed to other members of the family, but not me (sigh).
I should go back and ask, who has those two pieces, I wouldn’t mind having pictures to examine (dates, condition, manufacturer, etc)


Goose! Watch the canopy!




Just don’t.

5th/77th FA

He may have a need for speed…or for some mighty wings…or a trip to a danger zone.


For once, we agree.


Nah, that is at least the second time.


You’re correct – although you seem to have missed the fact that I was using a figure of speech above vice being literal in using the phrase “for once”.

Even stopped clocks are right at least once daily (twice if they’re 12-hour clocks) – so you’ve almost certainly been correct about something more than once in the previous 5 years. And when you are correct, I agree with you. (smile)

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Well it’s Plane to see that the pilot self ejaculated or is it ejected.


If North Korean media is reporting that he is in grave danger he may very well be already dead. Or in a coma.

North Korean media would not actually report his death unless a successor was already in place. So this report is likely to stall until whatever power struggle is resolved.

I suspect his sister will be next to take over. She is ruthlessly competent. Smarter than he is.

The next two weeks are going to be very interesting.


It wasn’t reported by official North Korean media. It was reported by a South Korean media outlet run by North Korean defectors, apparently based on a single report from a source allegedly within North Korea.

South Korean and Chinese official officials have rejected the report.


“She is ruthlessly competent”

Yeah but would IDC SARC hit it?