Four Strikes and She’s Out?

| March 25, 2020

Nancy Pelosi’s ‘political games’ will damage the country:
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy reacts to Nancy Pelosi 

Liz Peek, a very savvy journo, has chronicled how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has squandered her position by making four recent, egregious, unforced errors. The supposed master political strategist has blundered badly; first with mishandling The Squad, appointing Adam Schiff to head up the Trump impeachment effort, then capriciously withholding the Articles of Impeachment from the Senate, such as they were.


At the last minute, blowing up the bipartisan Senate deal on handling the coronavirus crisis and bolstering the economy, with her own over 1000+ page bill larded with so much pork as to be unrecognizable in solving the issue at hand. This heavy-handed, obviously partisan power play, to paraphrase the famous words of Rahm Emmanual, wasn’t letting a crisis go to waste. And it didn’t unnoticed.

Nancy Pelosi’s coronavirus blunder – holding up aid package her fourth major error

By Liz Peek

Nancy Pelosi has made another major blunder. On the cusp of the Senate achieving a gigantic bipartisan deal to stave off a deep recession, the House speaker unexpectedly tossed in a roadblock, throwing the country and financial markets into a tailspin.

Pelosi lobbed her own counterproposal into the frantic negotiations, derailing an agreement that appeared to be, as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer claimed, on the “two-yard line.” As the hours passed, Republicans grew irate, accusing Pelosi of sideswiping a desperate effort to backstop America’s industries and workers.

The normally taciturn Mitch McConnell and cool-headed Maine Sen. Susan Collins each took to the Senate floor, lambasting Pelosi for undermining the good faith effort to backstop our sagging economy.

As the hours dragged on, the Senate majority leader called out Pelosi for demanding a wish-list of Democratic priorities such as new bargaining powers for unions, tax credits for solar panels and tougher emissions standards for airlines – goals that had nothing to do with protecting the country from the coronavirus. Instead, it appeared the Democrat leader was intent on not letting a crisis go to waste.

To Republicans, and to millions of Americans fearful of losing their jobs or watching their IRAs sink in value, Pelosi’s obstruction smacked of hard-core partisan game-playing. She was slammed on social media, and roundly blasted by her rivals in Congress.

This was an error, one of now four, by my count, that has severely tarnished the speaker’s reputation as a master political strategist.

The first was early on dissing the so-called “Squad,” as four female members of the progressive caucus have come to be known. The second was appointing the distrusted and disliked Adam Schiff to lead the impeachment effort. The third was arbitrarily delaying delivery of the articles of impeachment to the Senate in what came to be viewed as a raw power play.

And now this – interfering in efforts to calm the nation’s panic.

Early on, Pelosi dismissed the clout of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley, not comprehending the power conferred by the group’s vast social media presence. Instead of courting their support, Pelosi allowed these representatives and their followers to become a thorn in the side of the Democrat establishment, funding progressive allies to challenge party incumbents and undermining the speaker’s leadership.

Appointing Schiff to lead the impeachment effort was another goof. From the start, the GOP successfully branded Schiff and his tactics as dishonest and non-transparent. Adding insult to injury, Pelosi refused to deliver the articles of impeachment to the Senate in a timely manner, infuriating those already calling the effort to toss out the president unfair and politically motivated.

At the end, Americans were not won over by Democrats’ charges against President Trump. Fund-raising for the president soared and his approval rating rose. That was not how the impeachment drive was supposed to go.

And now this. At a moment when the American economy has been rocked by the coronavirus when workers and industries are being destroyed through no fault of their own, Pelosi resorts to gamesmanship.

As serious negotiations on the Senate bill continued throughout the day, Republicans called out the speaker for insisting on what McConnell called “nonsense” items in the Senate bill. She also reportedly larded up her House counterproposal even more generously with unrelated demands.

Word went out that Pelosi wanted $35 million for the Kennedy Center, $100 million for NASA, $25 million for cleaning supplies for the Capital building, $25 million for additional payments to House representatives and other unrelated goodies. The House bill stretched to more than 1,000 pages. As Pelosi said about the ObamaCare bill in 2010, we’ll have to pass it to find out what’s in it.

Why is Pelosi, widely considered a master strategist, so obviously off-kilter? So repeatedly on the wrong foot?

She, and other Democrats, are frantic. President Trump has survived Russiagate, impeachment and is now enjoying approval ratings near all-time highs even as the coronavirus ravages the nation. Not only is his overall popularity improving, but in a recent Gallup poll, 60 percent of Americans gave him high marks for his management of the crisis.

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Yet she keeps producing votes from her House drones that are remarkable for their solidarity. It is rare that any Dem congressman defies her in a vote and when they do it’s generally a case of “excused behavior” due to that individual’s vulnerability for re-election in their district, not as a result of honest disagreement with the issue at hand.

How does she manage that? I suspect that old San Fran Nan has a collection of dirty dossiers that would make J. Edgar Hoover blush pink with embarrassment and turn green with envy; that, and she controls Democrat congressional election funds and the allocation of one helluva lot of federal fiscal largess.

SFC (R) Blizz

Money, she controls where money goes like a mafia don


as 5th/77th points out below, that is her family history…


Everyone that has a lick of common sense should remember the actions of San Fran Nan, Fucknut Chuck and others during this crisis… and BTW, throw Bernie in the same fucking dumpster fire:

Fuck the all… send each and every damn one of them packing!


TDS is real man!! It’s not a hoax or fake news, we should listen to the experts… TDS kills!

A Proud Infidel®™️

They’re all TARDOs!

BlueCord Dad

Those people should be kept as far away from the levers of power as humanly possible. Vote the bastards out in November…


Iceberg spotted! Full speed ahead!!

Pass it or don’t, the inevitable is coming, ruination via debt.


That’s an easy one.

Just tell the Chinese that all debt they hold will be charged against decades of unfair trade practices, intellectual property theft, devaluing the yuan and general asshattery by the Chinese.

What their economy tank and Hong Kong Fever spread throughout the provinces…..

Green Thumb

Shit is not about to hit the fan, it has hit the fan.

This idiot needs get get on the same page and get with the team.

She can argue whatever around election time, not now.

People are hurting to include hers.

What a clown.


I guess she has just been doing her Biden impression.

You know … freakin’ clueless!!


Maybe Malig-Nancy needs more dead Americans and live ones with no income, especially in New Yawk City, before she sees the urgency that trumps her D-Rat Prog wish list bent on stealing the next general election.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Malig-Nancy, I’m so gonna steal that!

Herbert J Messkit

In a sane normal world the dems will get slaughtered in the Nov elections. We will learn a lot about what kind of people we are then




That we will
Most of my left of center friends are not,,
Happy with the hags BS right now
Or the impeachment circus
I can’t wait to see what happens in November


The dead are a consistent Donk voting bloc.

Mustang Major

I suspect many hardcore Dems like Crazy Nancy’s last minute proposal. They probably haven’t caught the Chinese Virus yet and still have a paycheck.

5th/77th FA

effing skrunt. Saddest part is this bitch WILL be re-elected by the useful idiots in her district. She makes sure that her area is full of FSA troops, with more coming in everyday. Some of you may recall, I have posted about a niece and nephew in Sodom by The Bay Gommorahfonia attempting to do God’s Work with their Church. When asked why they won’t come back home to their family in Lower Alabama and do Church work there, she just says Uncle____, God needs us here. Sadly, she’s right. Tho they live in a nicer area, the kids can’t play in the front yard with all the, literally, crap in the yard, sidewalks, streets, ect.

This Bitch Pigalosi, is the epitome of what is wrong with politicians in this Country. It does not surprise me one bit the padding of this bill has gotten. I still say we need to send the bill for what this is costing us to the ChiComs. They did it to us.


She does put the “unt” in scrunt, practically every day. Did you know she comes from an Italian mob politico-crime family from Baltimore? Check out her background and that of her family. Her spawn are just as despicable as she is.

5th/77th FA

Roger that rgr769, known her “family” history for awhile. Even seen her Miz Jiffy Lube (?) shot from back in the day. Understand the sketchiness goes way back with them and one reason for the relocation from the East to West Coast was to help get nationwide coverage. Some sources indicate the “Father” made many offers that people couldn’t refuse.

You know it says a whole lot about a political party that “lionized” a murderer in the Senate for years. And what we know about our elected officials is a pin point of the corruption that they are guilty of.


Plastic Woman Nancy also wanted to resurrect the notorious “Obamaphone” program.

Addittionally, her proposed bills would seek to eliminate debt held by the US Postal Sevice, require same-day voter registration, pay off $10,000 in student debt per person, mandate that airlines reduce their overall carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2050, and force federal agencies to explain to Congress how they are increasing their usage of “minority banks.”

Not to menthon the $$$$ spent on the upkeep of the Kennedy Center.


She also wanted mail-in ballots for everyone in the country, so the D-rats could do massive mail-in ballot harvesting.


Comrade Bernie is now threating to block it with all his remaining (3%) might.

The Other Whitey

Either she’s senile—she *is* old as fuck, after all—or she just wasn’t that smart to begin with. Personally, I’m gonna embrace the power of “and” here. She’s had a cunning streak, but she’s also a power-obsessed lunatic who wouldn’t be out of place in the darkest of classical Roman political intrigues. She grew quite accustomed to her power as House Speaker, and especially the lavish taxpayer-funded perks that came with it. Then she lost it all. She got it back, but the loss still stings. She’s Gollum in Congress now; any threat to her “Precious” Speakership, and all semblance of rationality goes out the window as teeth gnash and spit sprays. The Botox, wigs, and makeup thick enough to constitute a layer of improvised ballistic armor are but a glamour concealing the addled, deformed creature underneath. That glamour is failing with greater and greater frequency.


Bat Shit Crazy
Doesn’t even begin to explain this nut case
Seriously Nan WTF !!!!!
Are you done yet !!!!!!


The Senate bill passed 96 to 0 tonight. We’ll see what Pelousi’s evil minions do according to her dictates tomorrow.


Is it true that today is her birthday? 80??

Say it isn’t so. But, passage of the Senate bill would not be a complete loss for her. After all, how many millions of voters will still be drawing unemployment on election day? How many of them would previously not even consider drawing it, much less remaining on it simply because they can stay home making more than returning to work? (Plus however much they can get under the table.)


Yes it is. Wife’s, too – she is NOT happy to share her birthday with ‘that woman.’ I am told that good Cristian women do not use ‘that kind of language’, hence the mild term.