Chelsea Manning fighting for life after attempting jail suicide as she refuses to testify in WikiLeaks probe

| March 12, 2020


Manning is fighting for her life after the failed suicide bidCredit: AP:Associated Press

HMCS(FMF) ret sends.

We all know the particulars of Manning’s history, and don’t need to revisit them. He’s still in jail and apparently was so despondent he attempted suicide. Again. From the article:

By: Fionnuala O’Leary

CHELSEA Manning attempted suicide in a Virgina jail cell on Wednesday after refusing to testify in a WikiLeaks probe, her lawyers say.

The ex-army intelligence analyst – who leaked 700,000 classified US documents – reportedly tried to hang herself with a sheet at the Alexandra Detention Center.

She was reportedly found with a pulse at around 1pm and was still breathing as she was rushed to hospital after the March 11 suicide bid, which left her fighting for her life.

Manning, 31, got seven years behind bars in a military prison for handing over hundreds of thousands of classified US documents to Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks in 2010.

She is still scheduled to appear at a hearing on Friday, where a judge will rule whether she will be sanctioned for refusal to testify before a grand jury about leaking the secret documents.

“In spite of those sanctions — which have so far included over a year of so-called ‘coercive’ incarceration and nearly half a million dollars in threatened fines — she remains unwavering in her refusal,” her lawyers said.

In their statement, Manning’s legal team said she would not “participate in a secret grand jury process that she sees as highly susceptible to abuse.”

“Ms. Manning has previously indicated that she will not betray her principles, even at risk of grave harm to herself,” it read.

MailOnline reported that guards revived her after she was discovered in her cell “blue and unresponsive.”

I don’t make light of suicides or attempts; Manning needs professional counseling. Read the rest of the article here: The Sun

Thanks, Senior Chief.

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whatever……an entire life dedicated to “look at me”

Dave Hardin

Bye Bradley, never liked you.


A fellow tranny lover liked him so much he commuted his sentence.


Is it me or did the author try to work Bradley’s new pronouns in everyf*ckwhere.
I get it bro, he is delusional.


That lipstick shade is just so wrong for him.




OK fucker, you get this….

USMCMSgt (Ret)

That shade probably matches his fingernail polish and his butt plug.


“she was discovered in her cell “blue and unresponsive.””

The contrast must have been stunning…


Stunning and brave, no doubt. 😜


Yeah, attempting suicide isn’t a laughing matter as much as I want to snark about this particular individual, I’ll refrain (Oh and goddamn it it’s taking like 95% of my self control and I don’t have much on just about any day)
Anyway, it’s my understanding, and I could be wrong that, those “transgender” and/or alternate sexual lifestyle whatever you want to call it, are somewhat more prone to suicidal behaviors than those of heterosexual nature.

Not bashing in any way, it’s just something that I’ve read and heard and I’m pointing out here. I could be wrong too, however…

USMC Steve

I have seen several articles from doctors who study such, and they all agreed that the typical Gender Dysphoric kills themselves by age 41 or thereabouts. The shrinks all agree also that this is a mental disorder.

As for Manning, traitors deserve to die. If this one self aborts, so much the better.


On the matter of suicide with TG people, it’s known that they have the highest suicide rate of any known subset of humanity.
They spend their entire lives hating themselves because they were never given the guidance from a moral compass to guide them.
It’s a sad and horrific end to a self induced lifetime of pain.
When people enable TG people by accepting and as we are now witnessing they are instrumental in the mental illness that has consumed that individual and will no doubt end in a painful manner…


Transgender individuals have a 40% higher suicide rate than the rest of us. This dude has needed serious psychological help for years, before he even signed up for the military.


No, you’re right. Ben Shapiro often quotes the suicide rates of pre and post op transexual.

The rate goes UP after transition/surgery. It’s a mental illness. A form of body dismorphia.

As folks near the end of the transition process, they start to realize it wasn’t a magic wand. Their life didn’t suddenly become amazing. Still gotta work, shop, cook, pay the Bill’s. So you end up with a lot of post transition folks who haven’t dealt with all the other b.s. in their mental health bag. Lots of folks crack and make successful attempts.


Just thinking about all the lives lost because of this little piece of shit and the bullshit stunt he pulled should get you that 5% you need to click off safe…


That dude can’t do anything right.

Terry S

I thought Obama pardoned him/her? Or granted clemency?

In any case, he/she got out and had a failed attempt at running for political office last I heard.


In jail for contempt of court. Refused to testify at a grand jury hearing. Civilian not military


Neither, sentence reduced to time served. Still has the conviction on his record.

Holland DZ

Another failure to add to its long list of failures, maybe with a bit of luck it will take a turn for the worst and discontinue being the oxygen thief that it is.


CNN spin….
Recovering, and….. “strength of her convictions.”

Self inflicted, over and over and over again.

John Seabee

Well, she obviously doesn’t have any dirt on Bill ^ Hillary. If she did, the ‘attempt’ would have been successful.

Slow Joe


Oh, you mean that dude that cut his dick and balls.

I think eunuch is the proper term.


I think the correct pronoun for a eunuch is “he” or maybe it. Brad still has male DNA, whether HE likes it or not.

Also, Brad has the key to his jail cell. All he had to do was answer the questions of the federal prosecutor in front of the grand jury. He was jailed for coercive contempt of court. I might add that there are no privileges applicable to his testimony, as he has already been convicted. Plus, the prosecutors likely offered him immunity for anything he might say, other than perhaps perjury.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I myself was thinking that Bradley Manning was putting himself in jail in an attention whoring stunt because it’s quite obvious that the left has considered him no longer useful and has been thrown upon the ash heap of no longer useful idiots. Hey, in the Communist USSR or China he’d have been shot or thrown in a gulag!

The Other Whitey

You are correct, Joe. Bradley Manning is not a woman. He is a eunuch.

MSG Eric

Nothing is gone yet. If he truly had conviction in that, they’d be gone a long time ago. If the surgery were done, it would be prime time news on every channel and all over instagram.

The Chelsea bit is for attention, sympathy, and to garner fans, “because transgender!” It definitely worked to get him out of Leavenworth because Obama never let a democratic talking point go to waste.


Well, being an old contrarian who has long believed that so many cultural conventions are bullshit–such as “Don’t speak ill of the dead,” which had to have been dreamed up by some dying jerk who didn’t want to be remembered for all the evil things he’d done, ol’ Poe will say it,

“Fuck the little twerp. Who cares?”

To me it’s sort of like watching a wounded enemy, who’s just been trying to kill you and your buddies, lying there bleeding out. If he doesn’t make it till the Medevac arrives, tough shit. And make no mistake, Manning is a stone-cold traitor who, if he hasn’t caused the deaths of some of our fellow Americans, it’s not for his lack of trying.

So in the present situation, if the Medevac doesn’t make it for Manning, tough shit. Who cares?

Jus Bill

Thank you. This should be a PSA. Fsck him.

The Other Whitey

“So in the present situation, if the Medevac doesn’t make it for Manning, tough shit. Who cares?”

Why waste expensive fuel?


If you’re asking me, Whitey, I’m the wrong guy. I once sat strapped into my canvas seat on a C-7 Caribou as it took off from a remote jungle strip with a wounded VC secured to a litter on the deck. There were six SF guys sitting between him and the open rear cargo door. On the steep takeoff the litter began sliding towards that open rear ramp and the wide-eyed VC, looking down at the quickly receding ground, began screaming.

Any one of those SF troopers could have put a jungle boot out and stopped that litter from sliding further but none moved. They just sat there cold-eyed and unsmiling, watching that litter slide towards that ramp with that Cong screaming and crying. Young Poe didn’t move either.

Fortunately for the VC the plane leveled off when he was only about a third of the way out and the crew chief finally hauled his ass back in after letting him ride that way for a while.

That’s more or less the way I feel about Manning…

The Other Whitey

Out of curiosity, did young Mr Cong’s compliance improve afterwards? Seems to me that a dry run of a Chilean helicopter ride would adjust one’s attitude real quick.


As the old brain best recalls, he was still blubbering (and the SF guys laughing at him) when we deplaned a short time later in Nha Trang.

The Other Whitey

Hey Bradley, if at first you don’t succeed…

Carlton GL

I am not surprised that Bradley attempted suicide.

I am also not surprised that Bradley failed at his attempt.

The Al

Well, it’s failed at everything else in its life, so why should suicide be any different?

Carlton GL


The Other Whitey

Manning transcends the “fuckup” category in every possible way. The average drug-addled repeat offender is squared away in comparison.


Bradley apparently fights harder for his own life than he did for his country.

That kid is so fucked up, it could be raining titties outside and he would STILL get hit by a dick.

The Other Whitey

The dick would be his preferred outcome. He’d get hit with cankles.


I will not wish this… person… Ill. However, I will read it’s obituary with a smile.

The Stranger

And a glass of fine whisky! 🥃


Crown Royal, of course. 😉


fake whiskey for a fake chick?

Definitely not worth the good stuff


Exactly. I was wondering if anyone would get my joke. I’m glad to see someone picked up on that so soon.


A Proud Infidel®™

Oh well.

Comm Center Rat

To paraphrase SFPD Inspector “Dirty Harry” Callahan, “a transgirl’s got to know her limitations.”

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

“a transgirl’s got to know ITS limitations.”

There. Fixed it for ya. Yer welcome.

Combat Historian

Damn, I really really wish ole’ Bradchelsea had been elected the junior U.S. Senator from the phucked-up state of Maryland. Certainly would have liven things up in the ‘ole senate chamber…

NR Pax

The depressing part was that he came in second place with 5% of the vote.


Something approaching criminal about those who enabled and encouraged this poor individual’s mental illness. Doesn’t excuse being a traitor, of course. There are plenty of seriously sick folks who are not traitors. Still, those who participated in the torture of this man are to be condemned.

Pitiful, to say the least. Yet, we are all still being forced to support this traitor and his delusions.


If Manning REALLY wanted to be dead, it should have occurred long before this. It is just more attention whoring on his part for sympathy. He put himself in this position, refuses to accept any responsibility for anything, and tries to “off” himself, but repeatedly fails.

And frankly, if he really wants to be dead, why isn’t he?



This is the latest in a long line of attempts at attention whoring.

He/she/it needs to take a clue from Jeffery Epstein and tell the world he’s got shit on Hillary that’ll send to to prison.

Problem. Fucking. Solved.

5th/77th FA

Behold my field of phuques…it is barren and I have 0 phuques to give.

Maybe the third time will be the charm for him/it.


Try about fifth or sixth.

As I said above, if it was serious, it would be worm food by now.


Somebody email Hillary Clinton that he/she/it has all those missing emails and is willing to testify about the contents and turn them over. Next attempt will be Arkanicide and a rousing success. Manning will get its wish and justice will finally have been served.


3 rounds to the back of the head from a range of 8 feet.

Hey, Vince Foster ain’t complaining.


I thought deep and hard about commenting on this thread and responding with a snide remark. Having had to deal with both my Brother and Nephews’ suicides, I don’t wish this to happen to any man’s family.

This chick, however…


What chick? Bradley?


So sorry to hear off your loved ones deaths. My condolences.

Dragoon 45

I have zero sympathy and no pity left for this thing. But what pisses me off worst about this entire situation is the press’ continuing effort to turn this thing into a celebrity. It is a traitor and as such deserves nothing, it should be treated as if it doesn’t exist anymore. I am extremely tired of seeing its name in news articles.


There is little doubt that the classified stuff he stole and leaked has caused many deaths to US/Nato and other friendlies. A hundred years ago he would have had a date with a bullet pocked wall or been made to wear the hemp necktie.


And… they let it out because of the tantrum. That sends a great message. SMH.



Doc Savage

Didnt know that thing was still in its cage.


Should I do pork chops or salsbury steak for dinner?

RGR 4-78

Second ugliest fake woman I have ever seen.


(In case anyone missed Bim’s comment above…)

Headline – Judge orders Chelsea Manning to be RELEASED from jail.
Friday (tomorrow) hearing cancelled.
$256,000 in fines remain.

Carolyn Bowman

Bradley Manning has been released from jail.


That isn’t that just too special for words.


Fuck Manning. You wanna see a transgender Veteran worthy of respect? Google “Kristin Beck SEAL”.


Definitely more respect, Beck is no traitor.. still mentally ill, and obviously delusional, but no traitor.


jesus…cold blooded lol…

Beck has a wife huh?


Beck was married and had 2 sons if I remember right.

Comm Center Rat

Kristin Beck is four times the man and three times the lady I’ll ever be.


Suicide sucks BUUUUTTTTT in this case, a final successful attempt would at least spare the rest of us from the mental anguish of seeing this traitorous twink preening about.

HE/IT pleaded guilty to 22 of his charges for treason. HE was only released because of the secret tranny predilections of BHO.

BTW…WTF is in Maryland’s water? Both Manning & Beck tried & failed to be elected to Congress in MD?

MSG Eric

This is yet another attempt to remain relevant. How many suicide “attempts” have there been now? 10, 15?

Fuck that piece of shit with Hillary’s dick.


S/he/it always was a f*ck-up…

Old tanker

Well I hope it hurries up and gets on with it. There is no reason to keep it stealing oxygen. AMF


He’ll succeed eventually. What a mess.


“Chelsea Manning fights for life after attempted jail suicide”.

I can’t help it, that sentence makes me laugh every time I read it.

The Other Whitey

Is he fighting any harder than the time he picked a fight with a girl and lost?


I still want to buy that lady a beer and gear the whole story.


Hear. Hear the whole story. Dammit.