AR-14’s have to go.

| March 11, 2020

Joe Biden seems to think I do not need 30 rounds in my assault rifle.  We all know AR-14s are harder to use and harder to aim than a shotgun,  but that should be the very reason I do need 30 rounds.   Some of you Gun Nutz may disagree,  I have been criticized for having a 6.5 Creedmoor for home protection and Squirrel hunting with my Lapua.   Here is a friends take on the matter:

Colin Noir

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This guy is showing all the signs of dementia.

And I think his handlers know it. They can control the narrative until the primary is over but once the general election comes Biden is toast.

The DNC is willing to lose the election in order to keep Bernie from winning.

Pathetic and stupid.

Trump administration is such a clusterfuck that Trump might still lose but if anyone could manage to lose to Trump right now it is a disaster candidate like Biden.

Even with the support of the entire establishment Biden’s campaign might still collapse before the primary is over.

Then suddenly some of he candidates that suspended their campaigns will jump back in and we will have a mess with a brokered convention and a fractured party.

There is just no good reason to back Biden except the willingness to risk anything to prevent Bernie from winning.

Dave Hardin

It’s a shit show, if I find you chanting “Long live the Great Orange Ape” … I can’t deal with that right now.

Play your roll damit!

Combat Historian

Hey Lars, in all seriousness. Put your rubles where your mouth is and and go all in and demand that Bernie begin a third-party run for President. It’s obvious that Bernie has been screwed and shafted by the Dems. Put on your organizational hat and initiate and lead the campaign to have Bernie start a third-party campaign, if you feel that passionately about it…

Lars, I don’t usually take part in critiquing you on this forum, so I’m being serious and on the level here…


Bernie refuses to run as a third party candidate. That fight has been happening inside his volunteer organization and on his forums for a long time.

It is a non-starter.

His supporters can’t even get him to run attack ads or say negative things about his opponents.

He is just not wired that way.

Combat Historian

Which is strange, because he was never a democrat party member to begin with. He is an independent. A third party run should be a natural for Bernie…



Unless he was never actually independent…

The Dead Man

I’m convinced he’s the Canary in the Coalmine for the Dem party to determine just where the average American balks. Considering how happy he is to take a payoff and buy a new house, it’s not hard to see him as strictly mercenary in his mindset too.


Anyone else ever notice that every “Independent” politician at the federal level always caucuses with the Democrats? Hmmmm


Running as a Democrat enables him to use the already established Democratic infrastructure and yellow dog Democrats. There soesn’t seem to be any really significant difference in long-term goals–only means.


“His supporters can’t even get him to run attack ads or say negative things about his opponents.”

You mean his opponents on the left. He certainly hasn’t refrained from attacking other opponents. As a former vice-chairman of the Petrograd soviet once said, “No enemies on the left!”.


Examples? He has been pretty unwilling to attack his opponents in the primary. Even those right of him.

As for attacking republicans? Hardly worth his time other than the president. Which is really him pointing out what should be self evident to anyone not in Trump’s mindless cult.


Funny how you show up full of knowledge when your miserable party is failing again.

Maybe you should run for office with all your good ideas and expert knowledge.


He’ll do worse than Chunk Yogurt did trying to get that sex fiend’s seat in California.


As I’ve long maintained, you’re not the most perceptive prognosticator, Lars. Biden is not the real candidate–he’s merely a placeholder for whoever the true party powerbrokers have waiting in the wings. They know Biden can’t possibly match up against Trump and they won’t let such a major public embarrassment come to pass.

I’m willing to bet their ultimate ticket is going to be some combination of female and minority to consolidate the black/Hispanic/feminist/soccer mom voting blocs. It really doesn’t matter if the nominees are qualified as the Deep State will be ruling post-election in any event.



I warned my liberal friends for months that nominating Hillary would risk Trump winning the presidency.

I wanted this forum for years that Trump would be a disaster President.

I also warned you all for years that a viral outbreak was our biggest national security threat and threat to the public and it was going to happen soon and we were completely incapable of dealing with it because we are not making public health a national priority.

The only major prediction I have been wrong on is Trump completing his term. And that is because I underestimated the feckless craven cowardice of republicans and the cult like willful ignorance and intransigent stupidity of Trump’s base.

That being said. He still has not completed his first term and if does not win the election he will have no choice but to resign so pence can give him a blanket pardon.


and here you are…wrong again (or is it still?)

The Trump presidency has not been the “disaster” you seem to think it has. But then, accurate observations of reality are not really your strength.

You missed the whole Trump finishing his first term because you incorrectly believed the bullshit of the democrats. Hoax after hoax after hoax and no matter how completely the evidence destroys them, you still believe.

But then, that is all you have. In the end you are just another useful idiot to the left who sits starry eyed and waits for the free shit you have been promised, not caring how many lives have to be destroyed to satiate your craving to be coddled and babied by your political masters.

In other words, a craven minion of stronger men.

I truly believe you have wasted all the oxygen you have ever breathed. But then, that is the hallmark of a minion.


Trump has been a disaster for Proggies and the further left-loon bloc, by being quite successful for America.

The current bug will expose how inept government health care is no match for ours. This will be a further disaster for the Proggies and the further left-loon bloc.

So he claims Truth “from a certain point of view…”

Further P/l-l disasters inbound.

5th/77th FA

Just for you Larsie boi…

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Love those Herring Gulls. Males are larger than females and they can live to be up to 80 years old. I lived in Long Beach LI, NY for 25 years. 5 years in an apartment right on the boardwalk and the remainder 3 blocks from the boardwalk after the building was razed to put in a 10 story Yuppie apartment building. When I was on ladder 2, we used to go up on the large H-apartments and see all kinds of nuts, screws and other small metalic objects and we found out that the gulls picked them up thinking that they were edible and dropped them on roofs and streets to break them up. They are also seen inland following plows on farms looking for edibles when the plow opens up the ground.


There is Long Beach sand in my shoes as well.
What a great place to grow up.
Riding a bike over the Long Beach bridge is super hard on the way up and supersonic on the way down!


“…feckless craven cowardice…”

“…cult like willful ignorance…”

“…intransigent stupidity…”

Much better, Lars. Had me a bit worried there, although I think “cult like” should be hyphenated.


I’m a relative newcomer here, maybe 10 years or so, but somehow I missed you warning of a viral (or any other) kind of epidemic being our biggest danger. Think I remember your peeing in the corner when a few cases of hemorrhagic fever came and went, but otherwise nothin’. Perhaps older and wiser heads could correct me?


I was there when he didn’t say that.


Here is one of several examples….


You did indeed say that that time. I probably skipped it in the storm of “fuck you” posts and counter-posts, I typically try to avoid the ad hominem attacks when they get boring.


He’s one of those types that makes all kind of wild predictions that never come true. When one happens to in fact come true, he points to it and says, “See! I was right all along!!! You need to listen to me more.”


At least you admit it came true.


I guess you were not a fan of my posts back then and didn’t bother to read them…


” we are not making public health a national priority.”

Even after eight years of The Lightbringer?

” the feckless craven cowardice of republicans and the cult like willful ignorance and intransigent stupidity of Trump’s base.”

We love you too. Making friends and influencing people is not your strong suit; don’t get a job in sales.


Fuck off.

SSG Kane

His dementia is a feature, not a bug.

This way he wins the primary, selects his VP (Hillary or Harris), then steps aside for health reasons…


Or has what appears to be a natural death. By lead poisoning to the head. Twice. Accidentally. And self-inflicted.

The Other Whitey

He’s one of the few members of the human race for whom that particular demise might actually be plausible!


Perhaps he will hear someone prowling about outside the White House one night, grab his double-barreled shotgun and go out on a balcony to frighten the presumed trespasser off by shooting both barrels into the air. Heck, we all know how dangerous owning a gun can be, and it was dark. Just another tragic accident showing how evil guns are.


Especially if Hillary is his VP pick.


“The DNC is willing to lose the election in order to keep Bernie from winning”

You make it sound like the DNC loves America.




The DNC knows that Bernie can’t win. Even among Democrats, the majority say they would refuse to vote for a Socialist. So they run “Gropin'” Joe the Shotgun Man instead. Pathetic.


Bernie scores better than Biden in a matchup against Trump.


Those surveys mean jack shit at this point. Trump hasn’t really started campaigning. All the media for the last several months has either been the disaster that is the Democrat nomination process or how evil Trump is. How would you expect people to respond?

A Proud Infidel®™

Not just what you said, let’s not forget that the mainstream D-rat owned mess media ceaselessly does all it can to be the D-rat party propaganda machine!

Daisy Cutter

AR-14s – Just Say No!

Now, doing the tax credit to put ‘720 million women back into the workforce’ is something I can get behind.

Dave Hardin

Biden – Derp… 2020

The Other Whitey

Yeah, the AR-14 .243 sporter. Exactly what comes to mind when I think “Scary Black Rifle.” Quid Pro Joe can’t even keep his bullshit straight.


Combat Historian

Wonder if there is a CAR-14 with 16-inch barrel and retractable stock; that would sound like a winner for my collection!!!…(sarc)…


Many a young troop has been taken down in his prime by the deadly ART-15.

That’s why they say the quickest way to make E-5 in Korea is to go there as an E-6.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Well I’m never giving up my AR-13 even if they do restrict the 14s….


That’s why I switched over to my trusty AK-14 with a round that holds 100 bullets….


I suppose it depends if you want to do anything with the squirrel after you shoot it. I can’t think of much use for squirrel mist, so it must be for target practice.

As for Slow Joe, the media has been trying to spin this as “tough new talk” when Joe confronts opponents. He’s been doing it more and more often, too.

“Biden reacted strongly when a man accused him of sending his son Hunter to work in Ukraine for the purpose of “selling access to the president” — a claim so absurd that not even Biden’s most conspiracy-theory-minded political opponents have made it.

“You’re a damn liar, man,” Biden said. He challenged the man to take an IQ test and to do push-ups with him.”

“Last month, Biden called a woman a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier” after she asked whether he could win the nomination following his poor performance in the Iowa caucuses and then told him she had caucused before.”

NBC News

One can only imagine what he’ll say in a debate with Bernie, which is exactly why the Dems are trying hard to have it cancelled.

Dave Hardin

I should clarify, anyone can create squirrel mist with a Lapua. Sure, its a lot of fun but not much left for Bergoo.

I only shoot albino squirrels that are beyond 500 meters. And then, I only use the Lapua to nick an ear to stun them. Ya, they scream a bit much but it keeps them fresh until the Soviet whacks them with a tenderizing mallet.

Try this:

Bottle of Jim Beam

2 lbs squirrel meat
4 cups homemade beef or chicken stock
16 oz can tomatoes cut up
salt & pepper

2 medium-large potatoes peeled and cubed
Big handful okra, cut up
Corn kernels sliced from two ears
couple of sliced carrots
one onion, chopped
pinch of sugar
some cumin and chile powder

Toss back a shot or three of Jim Beam.

Combine meat, undrained tomatoes, salt, pepper, and stock. Bring to boil, simmer for half an hour – hour depending on the age of the squirrels when shot. Remove and set aside tender meat; and toss in potatoes and then other ingredients and simmer until vegetables are ready (don’t overcook). Remove any bones from the squirrel meat and cut into more or less bite sized bits and toss back in.

Toss back a few shots more of the Jim Beam.

Bring burgoo back to heat and serve with Beam hold the ice.


I have a couple fingers of Devil’s Cut
in front of me as I type.
You sir, have good taste.


Do you have to hit them or just get close…???

Dave Hardin

Depends on the Squirrel, some need more attention than others.


Are these the tuff ones…???

comment image/revision/latest?cb=20150622175937


I like to feed my squirrels to the coyotes and take care of them next.
Iffin the dogs don’t come in, the possums eat them. I like the possum. Ain’t a better natural tick vacuum! The gf thinks they’re cute.
Fun to observe at night with a flashlight or nods, especially when they have bigeared babies clinging to ‘em!

A Proud Infidel®™

Mrs. A Proud Infidel®™ still isn’t too fond of Opossums until I remind her of how much fewer ticks are around because of them and I heard that they’re not prone to rabies either!


Correct. They’ve gotten a bad rap re rabies. I think they’re creepier than Uncle Joe and its hard to tell them from skunks in the dark.
I’d keep a shrieking Pelosi ‘round if it keeps the ticks away. YMMV

A Proud Infidel®™

One night our dogs got ahold of an Opossum, and there it was in their yard, soaked in dog drool and appearing to be as dead as a doornail. I picked what I thought was its carcass up with a shovel, dumped it on the other side of the fence and than proceeded to pick up via said shovel and carry it to a vacant field across the road. Lo and behold, before I was even halfway down our driveway, the critter slowly stood up like a KO’ed Boxer coming to looking at me with an expression that seemed to say “That’s over, YOU’RE not going to mess with me, are you?” and as soon as I gently set the shovel on the ground across the road he scampered away into the brush.


Dementia is a hell of a thing. This is looking more and more like elder abuse, since we all know stress can exacerbate dementia symptoms.


With apologies to Hanlon –

“Never attribute to dementia that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

Biden was stupid long before dementia may or may not have set in.


But stupidity and senility is a helluva combo.


Yeah, Biden forgot what he never knew.


Where Bernie has been bughouse nuts his whole adult life.

Or, not crazy and been grifting all along.

I wonder what bribe he demands this time to bow out ….

Hilary and the DNC didn’t screw the bernouts. Bernie “three mansion socialist” screwed them.

Keepin' It Real

It’s not the AR-14 that is the problem, it is the bump shock.

When you are laying down repressive fire you don’t want to deal with bumping and shocking.

“If you want to protect yourself, just get a double-barreled shotgun.”


Joe’s shotgun plan is effective on burglers but it’s hell on doors.


Actually, it’s the shoulder thing that goes up along with the 30 magazine clips that are the real dangers.


You forgot the Swiss Army chainsaw/rocket-launcher/corkscrew attachment lug.

A Proud Infidel®™

DON’T FORGET about the Chainsaw Bayonet, DAMN that’s dangerous!!!


Well those AR-14 machine guns are especially deadly with the 100 round belts. We had them in the Viet of the Nam and killed about five million of the hated Cong and many wymen and chillin.

Seriously though, we did have the new camo impregnated M-14 sniper rifles in my LRRP company. I forget what the nomenclature was. Not quite as accurate as a bolt gun, but my school trained snipers liked them.


How did you shoot wymen and chillin?


he aimed lower

man…that is an OLD joke…


It had to be done, rgr769 left the door open.

5th/77th FA

Ahhh…The Sharps/Creedmore Breachloading rifles. A favorite with us dog faced pony soldiers, “back in the old days.” Very good for controlling restless natives and wiping out their food supply.

Hey quid pro groping joe, why don’t you ask those restless natives how giving up their weapons for protection by the gubmint worked out for them. Coupla places come to mind, maybe, a sandy creek, or what about a wound in the knee?

I would tell you Molon Labe Bitch, but that whole tragedy of the boat accident during the tornado when the quicksand bog was covered by the flooded lake thing.

Keepin' It Real

biden-ban ar14s


KIR just made the Boomer’s Sunday list.


The democrats love Biden because they see a weak person to be used.

Just like the far left have coopted Northam here in VA.

What’s not to like? A man too weak to fight them, but also supportive of forever war ™ and the end of freedom.

You know the left…they loves them some tyranny.

A Proud Infidel®™

IF I still had an AR15 it would self-identify as a double barrel shotgun and my comfort gun but alas, that accident in some quicksand…


I qualified Expert with the M-14 at Ft Dix when
a rifle was a rifle. This AR-14 machine gun that
Joe is talking about was top secret back then and
even though never developed he should not be
talking about it. Hell, I shouldn’t be talking
about it.


At first I thought he may have been talking about the M-14A1, sometimes referred to as an AR (automatic rifle). Then I realized he wouldn’t know the difference.

I, too, matriculated at Ft. Dix. AIT.


The M-14E2 was the full auto version of the M-14. It was a terrible full auto weapon. Even well trained shooters who could put the first round in the center of the target, would find each successive full auto shot at least 20-30 inches higher than the last round, at a couple hundred meters. Thus, they were worthless in full-auto mode.


I seem to remember that the M-14 was designed to replace the M-1s (carbine and Garand) and the BAR. M14A1 was the BAR replacement. Select fire and bipod, otherwise the same as an M-14. Each fire team had one AR (M14A1), I think. I don’t think anybody liked them.

I always liked the M-14; it just felt comfortable.


I did some Googlin and the M-14E2 full auto version was redesignated the M-14A1. The Army had to have a new rifle in the NATO 7.62 round instead of the 30-06 round M-1. And yes, the full auto M-14 was intended to replace the BAR.

When I joined my first rifle company in Germany, we only had the M-14, and a full-auto one was assigned to each fire team. I wasn’t armed with an M-16 until I got to Vietnam.


I’ll totally comply! You’ll find them unfinished “gahost gumn” receivers on the front lawn and I’ll be 500 meters away in the prone.
Good luck!
Bring friends!


Imgur had this pic underneath, worth a look.


Just goes to show that the LeftProgs are well supplied with ID Ten Tees.

Maybe we should ban those?

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

He says he supports the 2A but wants beto o’rourke as his gun confiscator. Why did I sell my AR-180 and all the other unheard named/type rifles at the time.

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m okay with that, pity that I sold my AR13 just before that accident in some quicksand…

Farmgirl with a Mosin Nagant

I saw this last night and there was so much to be amazed at (not in the good way) that I just couldn’t decide which bits. I felt like a professor going over a paper trying to figure out where to start on corrections when the whole thing needs the red pen.

From the way he shushes the woman trying to save him from himself from his stunning moment of admission where he says he doesn’t, in fact, work for the person who is a member of the voting public, and … well, all of it – I took a Benadryl and went to bed because I’m just too dang allergic to stupid these days.

At least when my kids throw their tantrums, I know that ignoring them won’t result in anything more expensive or irreplaceable than a mug getting destroyed.

Mustang Major

Check my math, but isn’t a M1 plus a M14 an AR15?


OK, Joe. You can have ALL my AR-15;s. Every. One. Of. Them.

Happy now? No, I won’t tell you where they are. No, I have no sympathy for you that it is taking so long to find them.


(Dang. I couldn’t even TYPE it right! Or is that wrong?)

I dunno. Will just use the excuse that I read one of the poodle squawker’s posts earlier.