Sailor sentenced in concealed pistol case

| March 3, 2020

Aviation Machinist’s Mate 1st Class Craig William Goodwin pleaded guilty on Feb. 13, 2020 to carrying a concealed handgun in Jacksonville, Florida in October 2019. (Brian A. Jackson/Stock)

Y’all likely know my standing on the Second Amendment and concealed carry, but come on. What’s Claw’s multiplier for a Dumb-Ass-Move? Because that is exactly what this is.

Courtney Mabeus

A Florida-based sailor accused of carrying a concealed and loaded handgun at Naval Hospital Jacksonville in October has pleaded guilty.

Aviation Machinist’s Mate 1st Class Craig William Goodwin did not brandish the weapon, hospital spokesperson Jeanne Casey said. It was discovered while Goodwin was undergoing a medical exam.

Goodwin’s plea came during a special court-martial hearing on Feb. 13, Casey said.

A military judge sentenced Goodwin to 111 days in confinement, which amounted to time served with good behavior credit, and he was released that day.

In return for the plea, other unrelated charges that alleged Goodwin made threats and violated a military protective order were dropped, she said.

21+ years down the drain. Way to go, idiot. Read the rest of the sad saga here: Navy Times

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IS1 (SW)

Way to go, butt goblin.




Article says he had to submit retirement papers and other than confinement, no other penalties? He just figured a way to make pulling the pin faster.

5th/77th FA

How teh stoopind can you be? Hold mah grog and watch this.

Does this mean he just retires at current rating and starts drawing his retirement at a certain age?

Personally, I think Service Members should open carry on Military Facilities. That would at least slow down anyone thinking about carrying out an attack. Do MP/AP/SP Troops have a quicker response time than any other police force? Didn’t think so.


True. But I wouldn’t bet on disapproval in this case. It also appears that admin board proceedings were also waived. Last time I checked, the government is the one who decides to hold such a board. That in turn implies the government has waived any admin separation board proceedings against the guy.

Best I can tell, that would mean the Navy has two choices: retain the guy on active duty or move him to the Fleet Reserve. I’m betting on the latter.

The other question here is whether or not the guy is guilty of a felony. Since he was convicted by a SpCM, I’m pretty sure the answer is no; a SpCM can’t hand down a felony-length sentence (limit is 12 mo vice “longer than one year”).

Frankly, my guess is that the govt’s case was weak (or the Navy prosecutors were “gun shy” after the Gallagher debacle) and this guy got a sweetheart deal.


Who’s the Commie POS who ratted him out?

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

He ratted himself out. The story says he was there for a medical exam.
I can see carrying if you’re there to visit someone. Or just passing through. Or picking up an Rx. But to carry when you’re there for a physical? And you don’t think someone will find out? DAM, indeed.


There is a link in the article that gives more details:

A sailor based in Florida was arraigned Thursday in a military courtroom for making threats and unlawfully carrying a concealed and loaded handgun “at or near” his Jacksonville command, according to charge sheets obtained by Navy Times.

Aviation Machinist’s Mate 1st Class Craig William Goodwin also is accused of violating a lawful no-contact order by telephoning an unnamed woman on Oct. 23, plus several other charges.

Goodwin is assigned to Navy Medicine Readiness and Training Command, which is co-located with Naval Hospital Jacksonville.

Goodwin’s arraignment arrived amid heightened concerns about the safety of sailors on military bases following mass shootings in Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and at Naval Air Station Pensacola last week.

The first article says that as part of the plea agreement, other charges were dropped.

This appears to be more than just a “there for a medical exam” deal.



This wasn’t a momentary lapse of judgement “oops. Forgot to put this in the glove box a block before reaching the gate”.


You can’t do that either. Unless you’re headed to a range or your on-base quarters, your weapon is registered with the provost marshal, and it’s not accessible from the driver’s seat, you don’t bring a firearm through the gate.


The base I currently work on allows in-vehicle carry as long as you have CC permit and weapon is out of sight


The base I work on doesn’t even let off duty LEO’s carry. In the car or on their person.


I understand the prohibition. It was my assumption.

Glove box stash is probably less likely to cause drama than on-body carry.

My CO verbal-approved me keeping full size sheath knives in my wall locker or as otherwise needed, despite the standing prohibition. I still moved them to my vehicle trunk or elsewhere whenever a surprise health & welfare inspection was on the agenda. Why make his life needlessly complex?

Pop gave me a 1958-vintage Randall #1, when I signed up, which was quite suitable to the Infantry job. Discretion where appropriate was SOP.

That Sailor wasn’t trying to avoid detection. That was radioactive stupid.


For Air Force it is an Installation Commander’s call. Makes for strange situations with bases very close in proximity. For example, Hurlburt allows POV carry Eglin 7 miles away doesn’t


This appears to be more than just a “there for a medical exam” deal.

Indeed. However, since the prosecution agreed to drop them it appears the prosecution felt it had a weak case on those charges. Could easily have been a case of intentionally “stacking charges” to be traded away as part of a later plea bargain.

A Proud Infidel®™️



AD1 Craig William Goodwin (DAM*) 41 x 4 = 164

*Dumb Ass Move


I won’t go into how lame and unconstitutional limiting 2A rights just because you are on this piece of land vs some other is, but the fact that this happened at all is just ignorant.

this move is “Full Karen Entitled”

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Indeed you are correct, the problem is that our fellow Americans have been so indoctrinated over the decades they no longer believe the founders’ words….

We now construe “Shall Make No Law” to mean Shall Make A Few Laws because that’s cool with us….

My favorite is when people tell me that you can’t yell “fire” in a theater because they heard it somewhere…they don’t know the case where that was used, and they don’t really want to know because if they actually spent five minutes reading that case…well they might have a different thought about that comment in the future…

I feel an article coming on….


Very true. I’ve seen that “argument” innumerable times in debates over the 2nd Amendment. It usually goes “you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater, so you can’t own any gun you want.” Sometimes I cite the case (Schenk v US) and sometimes I ask “what if there is a fire?” and other times I challenge the person to show me a single state or federal law making it a crime to yell “fire” in a theater, or anywhere else for that matter. In either case, I usually hear crickets afterward.

Yes, an article on this is long overdue. Warm up the keyboard.




He’s got that writing feeling….

Comm Center Rat

Another charge claims the petty officer threatened to hurt someone when he allegedly stated “in the military I’m trained to kill; if I see you as a threat, I’m trained to eliminate the threat.” (Navy Times)

Sounds like a Aviation Machinist’s Mate with a very particular set of skills. PO1 Goodwin might’ve served with Chief Casey Ryback and learned more than a few culinary skills.


naw…he is actually “Krusty Kreme” the hobo blowing clown.

Everything else is just his way of hiding his secret.

5th/77th FA

“…were a source rating for the P-3 and C-130…” So now we know who put the wings and engines on the P-3 wrong. Damn Engineers. They need to stick with what they do best…Drinking!

MI Ranger

So the Aviation Machinist Mate has “military” restraining order against him, and thinks it is a good idea to carry pistol with him while violating that restraining order…sounds like he needs to be put out of the military for his own good!
Why do people in the military (this person had been in for at least a few years) believe they need to embellish their capabilities? I remember our Drill Sergeants reminding us after “Combatives Training” that we have now been trained just enough to get our ass kicked down town, “so don’t go spouting off to locals”.
I have always lived by the motto better to remain silent and let people think you are a fool, than to open your mouth…and remove all doubt! It also goes hand in hand with “Dalton’s” advice: remain calm and polite…I will tell you when it is time to not be polite!


I really thought he’d be bigger.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

The fight scenes made for great comedy though…

Comm Center Rat

Dalton was smarter than the average bouncer and way faster than most alcohol fueled barroom brawlers. IIRC he earned a PhD in Philosophy from New York University (NYU).


Ya gonna cast those ballots, or whistle “Dixie” ?

MI Ranger