“Wounded Iraq War Vet With PTSD Sues Over German Shepherd Service Dog”

| March 1, 2020

GSD Service Dog

One of our ninjas took to the keyboard and relates the story of a disabled veteran and her service dog, RJ. Seems her employer had issues with the animal in the workplace, and went out of his way to…well. Read on.


“A disabled U.S. Army veteran wounded in the Iraq War has sued the federal government, arguing her Raleigh-based employer harassed her for using a German shepherd service dog at work, requiring her to keep the animal leashed and surround her desk with a baby gate.”

“Seantoya Hinton, who was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, also alleged the U.S. Department of Agriculture denied her request to work from home though people working similar jobs were allowed to do so.”

“Hinton also said her supervisor retaliated when she contacted an equal-employment opportunity officer at work, then created a hostile work environment by encouraging other employees to spy on her and slamming the baby gate closed.”

“Hinton seeks a new position with equal responsibilities and pay, lost salary and benefits and damages for mental suffering.”

“Hinton fractured both feet when an IED exploded under her Army vehicle in 2003, requiring multiple reconstructive surgeries.”

“Hinton developed PTSD symptoms in 2013 and, after therapy, was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder, the suit said. A social worker with the Department of Veterans Affairs recommended a service dog in 2015, and Hinton was paired up with “RJ” to elevate her mood.”

“Starting in 2014, Hinton began work as the USDA office manager over all state plant health offices in North and South Carolina.”

“She worked a “maxiflex” schedule allowing flexible hours for medical appointments, and was originally approved for telecommuting time during surgeries and then every Wednesday.”

“RJ would sit by Ms. Hinton’s desk while she worked and would walk beside her as she moved around the office to complete various tasks.”

In 2018, her supervisor, North Carolina Plant Heath Director Joseph Beckwith presented an “agreement” for Hinton to sign: RJ would be on a leash, crated or restrained at all times, and three violations would get him banned from the office. Hinton felt she had to sign the agreement, but she filed a grievance with her union.”

“Her lawsuit stated while using the copier, Hinton had to use both hands, making it impossible to keep RJ’s leash in her hand at all times. Additionally, if RJ was restrained inside Ms. Hinton’s workstation, if she were to fall, RJ would not be able to get to her.”

“Shortly after, the suit said, Hinton’s request to work remotely was denied, and her cubicle was enlarged and surrounded by the gate.”

“Her lawsuit also stated that Hinton explained to Beckwith that slamming the gate triggered her PTSD symptoms, causing mood swings, anxiety and panic attacks. Beckwith continued to slam the gate closed with no regard to Ms. Hinton’s disability.”

“Hinton made an informal complaint with her EEO office, and shortly afterward, learned from Beckwith that she had violated RJ’s agreement. When he told her she would be placed on administrative leave, she called the Wounded Warrior Suicide Hotline. She was not suicidal, but needed to talk with someone.”

Based on that, this past January, she was told to resign or return to her job with a “doctor’s letter indicating she is able to perform the essential functions of her job, per her job description, without being a danger to herself or others.”

Her Lawsuit:

Pacer Monitor

Read the original article here: News Observer

Thanks, ninja!

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5th/77th FA

We DO have the best ninjas. Seems to me like the Supervisor either has a problem with dogs or with Disabled War Veterans. Or maybe he is just an overall d^ckhead. Be interesting to see how this one plays out.

Thanks ninja & ‘Ed.


Oops, reported my bad


KoB and AW1Ed:

Please see my 10 questions below your comments.

Yes, there are two or three sides to a story.

The Veteran has already been diagnosed to have Major Depression Disorder and Anxiety, yet she is suing for Mental Suffering?

I don’t get it.

It looks as if Purdue went out of their way to accommadate her, i.e. flexible hours to include having a Service Dog at work.

Could it be possible she was letting her German Shepard roam around the office? Could it be her Co-Workers did not want a dog in the office?

What if a Co-Worker is allergic to Dogs or are intimidated by a German Shepard?

The article stated she was recommended to have a Service Dog to “elevate her mood”. She did not need a dog for physical aspects, i.e. she is not blind or deaf.

I don’t get it. Please help me understand.


Additionally, as a reminder: The Supervisor stated that if Hinton violated the agreement, that her Service Dog would be banned from the workplace. She would not be terminated.

As a Supervisor, if someone shared that they contacted a Suicide Hotline, would you not be concerned? Hinton was placed on Admin Leave. Does this mean she was fired? Is she still drawing a paycheck?

It looks as if she wants to work from home versus working outside the home and is using her Dog as an excuse.

She is requesting a new position. If Hinton is so happy with Perdue that she wants to sue them for “mental suffering”, then why does she want to continue working for Purdue?

Something is not adding up. I still think this is an individual taking advantage of the system and abusing it on her own behalf.


Should read “unhappy”, not “happy.”


According to OPM, Administrative Leave is a paid, non-duty status. It is NOT leave without pay.



Hondo, Thank You.

And this is what is confusing if she is still getting paid:

“Hinton seeks a new position with equal responsibilities and pay, lost salary and benefits and damages for mental suffering.”

If she is getting paid, how can she obtain “lost salary and wages?”

5th/77th FA

All righty then ninja, after my FIRST comment, I went back into the linkys to re-read the lawsuit thingy, then came up for air to see your below comment. Soon as I followed your advice to do a quick shallow google foo, I came to understand more of what the problem is. ‘Specially when I saw the picture. That is why I made the comment to be interested in how this plays out. No telling what a deep google foo would unearth. I don’t have those skills and my firewalls keep me out of some of the sites, plus, no pay pal thingy for “the rest of the story.”

I want to modify my comment on this case to read thusly. This Ms Thang is starting to remind me of the final ex Mrs. 5/77. No matter what you did for her or what she got, it was never enough and just more, more, more, gimme, gimme, gimme. And it prolly wasn’t the mid night hour when cried for more, more, more. I’m in sympathy for the wounds that she received in service to our Country, but I see more, now, where the employer tried to do all that was reasonable for her in this case. We had people like this with the phone factory, of the same ethnicticity, gender, and attitude, that made a damn decent paycheck for basically just being on the payroll. And they couldn’t be fired, either craft or management. Had one in the engineering group that claimed her husband was terminally ill causing her to have to work from home. Dude was dying for 18 years before the company discovered there was nothing wrong with him. She still works there. Saw other cases while in the wholesale business when calling on gvmt purchasing agents that were just there, drawing a paycheck.

Only one I’ve got sympathy for in her household is the dog. Wonder if he would like to come live in the land of milk and honey?

Thanks for the add on ninja. As AW1Ed said, glad you’re on our side. RTR HBTD GABN


Thank You, KoB and AW1Ed (even with your pun).

Hinton belongs to a Union. Some Unions abuse the System.

Hinton hired a Lawyer. Some Lawyers abuse the System.

Hinton made an EEO Complaint. Some folks abuse the EEO System.

A new Supervisor? I doubt that would make any difference.

Hinton called a Suicide Hotline. If you were a Supervisor, what would YOU do? Ignore it? What IF she tried to hurt herself or others at work?

How many times have we’ve seen THAT movie?

It looks as if Hinton still wants to be employed at Purdue. If she us suing Perdue, then why does she want to keep working for Perdue?

How does one who has already been diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder sue a Company for “mental suffering”?

I don’t understand. Someone please help me out on this one.

Comm Center Rat

I’m confused.

Isn’t Hinton a federal civil service employee working for the USDA?

Isn’t Sonny Perdue the current US Secretary of Agriculture and former Governor of Georgia?



You & Hondo are correct.

I am the one in error. As they say, my bad.

I apologize for my mistake.

Hinton is sueing the Secretary of USDA, Sonny Perdue.

USMC Steve

I am also in the USDA, and can tell you that Chicken Man Purdue is a first class prick and control freak. At one time, we had authorization to do four days per week telework, and old Chicken Man Purdue went to the New Orleans facility, which is a serious clusterfuck by most standards, didn’t like what he saw there, and summarily ordered cessation of the telework program. He got that shoved up his ass, and reluctantly allowed one day per week telework. He also fucked us out of bonuses at the troopie level this year. A career failed socialist democrat who became “republican” so he could keep getting elected, he is also an asshole buddy of Trump, and marginal in his job.


Not Sonny Perdue, he was Governor of GA.

David Perdue is the Sec. Of Ag.

5th/77th FA

Nah Sandman. Sonny was the guv and is now Sec Ag. David is his cousin that is now GA Senator. Sonny’s previous claim to fame was as a farming , critter doctor and, like Al Bundy, a high school football hero. He was a yellow dog demon rat for decades until, as pointed out above, he turned Republicrat to insure re-election. A lot of Georgia Career polis did the same. Our current guv (a better choice that Stacy A) is of the same cloth. A lot of us had to hold our nose and vote for him because he was a better than Stacy A result. His appointment of Kelly the Carpetbagging RINO to the other Senate Seat may limit his ass to one turn. Depends on if the other RINOS in this state roll over for a belly scratch. Good Article over on American Thinker re the upcoming Senate Race for us here in the Peach State.


I stand corrected, I shall surrender my GA citizen status.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I’ll bet this will bite him on the ass.
Nice AW1Ed, and I’ll bet that dog had some really Ruff days over what was going on. I’ll Paws now, and will most likely get the groan comment re pawt’s. Hitting the recliner now since I’m almost dog tired pounding these keys.


sure would like to see the other side of this story. Seems like her list of demands escalated over time? Not to mention most leashes have a loop you can slip over your wrist – I have done an more complex things than feeding a copier with a leash slid up and using both hands. Not saying she is wrong or that the supervisor isn’t being a dick as well – but think one side of this story is not enough.

MI Ranger

I am equally confused David. That must be some copy machine. I have used every copier in our building (that I can find) and not one requires two hands to lift the cover. You don’t even need to hold it up to put things under them. You can close it and then hit the “copy” button. and if you are really productive you can have it sort, collate, and even staple (expensive ones in the Command suite) all of your documents.
I can see how torturing her with stressful things can be additional ?mental suffering” so I am not sure of Ninja’s above comments on her why she can’t sue for additional pain and suffering brought on by this.
I would definitely like to hear from her coworkers about the dog! Does it stay by her side, and act like a trained service dog or more like a pet? My wife is scared to death of dogs and would definitely not want to work in an office where someone lets one roam around off leash. Oh, and that was my thought too Ninja…how cheap is she that she can’t buy a leash with a loop at the end (then she can use two hands at the complicated copy machine!


“Roughly 20% of all U.S. troops who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from PTSD, according to the Veterans Affairs National Center.”

BS. Work through the links to get to the one below.


I am really getting tired of the PTSD bullshit. “War is hell”. No shit, Sherlock. I am puzzled by what all the volunteers expect the military to be like.

If 11-12% of current veterans have PTSD from a relatively peaceful and bloodless war just how did our civilization survive the Civil War, WWII, etc? I guess Europeans are a lot tougher than Americans.


“a relatively peaceful and bloodless war” Lolwhut? When and where did you do a tour Tim? I did two tours in Iraq, the first was the invasion with 3ID and then my second with 1ID, I promise you neither of my tours was peaceful or bloodless especially considering I was Infantry. And did you miss the whole part about her getting fucked up by an IED? While I do tend to roll my eyes at the whole “service animal” movement, I don’t think her case is without merit.


Not belittling the GWOT but in comparison with multi-thousand-casualty DAYS, yes, it is objectively far less bloody on a macro level. How many died on Omaha Beach? At Antietam?


Since (and inclusive of) 9/11, fewer Americans have died GWOT (10,008) as did at Okinawa (14,009).


Think maybe you failed to pick up on “relatively” Andy?

Tim spoke truthfully and accurately. No one here disparages the conflicts of recent years. Ground combat is ground combat, but it most assuredly varies in scope, intensity, endurance and most importantly, in total casualties.

Lots of us here have been in the shit, but I’d wager none of us would try to claim it compared to so many of the great battles of the World Wars.


The word “relatively” was there for a reason.

in relation, comparison, or proportion to something else.”

SFC(R) Blizz

Emergency Medical Treatment has advanced to the point that unless you take a round to the brain pan, you have a good chance of surviving if they can get you to a surgeon within the golden hour. You cannot really compare WWII casualties and GWOT casualties.


WWII US casualties were over 400,000 dead and over 600,000 wounded in a little over four (4) years. Korea, also four years, 36,000 dead and 92,000 wounded. Are you telling me Iraq/Afghanistan even comes close?



In reading the article, the company Hinton worked for (Purdue) tried to help her, i.e. gave her a flexible work schedule for her medical appointments as well as telecommuting from her home during surgeries. My questions for those who have PTSD or worked with others who have PTSD: (1) Hinton was injured in 2003 by an IED. Can an individual “get” PTSD 10 years later? Supposedly, she “developed” PTSD in 2013 and was later diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder. (2) She started working for Perdue in 2014 and was given a flexible schedule to accomodate her medical appointments and surgeries. Does that not show that she worked for a Company that cared and wanted to take care of Veterans? (3) A year after she started working for Perdue (2015) the VA recommended Hinton have a Service Dog to “elevate her mood”. It looks as if Purdue let Hinton have her Service Dog accompany her at work. Another accomadation for her on top of the flexible schedule, yes? (4) Fast forward to 2018. Her Supervisor wanted her to sign an agreement, i.e. her Service Dog would be leashed as well as crated and restrained at all times. The agreement stipulated that if she had three violatations, her dog would be banned from the workplace. Does that not sound reasonable? She also signed that agreement, but filed a grievance with her Union. For what? (5) Initially, she was approved to work from home, but all of the sudden, her requests to do that were denied. Perhaps she was misusing that benefit? It also looks as if she was allowed to work from her home every Wednesday. (6) Hinton work area was expanded and enclosed within a “gate”, most likely, a baby/dog gate to accommodate her German Shepard. Does that sound reasonable? (7) Despite Purdue helping her, Hinton was not happy. After she filed an EEO Complaint, she claimed her Supervisor encouraged others to spy on her as well as “slamming” the baby or doggie gate closed. How does one “slam” a Doggy Gate? Also, if someone has been… Read more »


I think the individual is a Federal employee of USDA vice Perdue Farms Inc., ninja. I think that “Perdue” might be her supervisor’s last name.



Hinton’ Supervisor name is Joseph Beckwith.


Also, you are correct.

She is suing USDA, i.e. the Secretary of USDA, Sonny Perdue.

Thank You for the correction.


5th/77th FA

You half right Hondo. (damn did I type that without laffing?) She works for USDA. Her immediate boss is Beckwith. Perdue is Sec of Ag Sonny Perdue, former GA Guv. Perdue is named in the suit ’cause he’s the HMFIC of Ag.

ninja, to understand, look at the picture.



Yes, I saw the picture.

Unfortunately, some of us are “stereotyped” as being “racist” because of a University we support or the geographical location of our ancenstors, which is so far from the truth.

I, as yourself and others, don’t care about skin color. It is what a person is on the inside that matters, because we all bleed red.

Just as you, my FIRST Choice for Commander In Chief was Ben Carson. And just as you, I like Herman Cain.

Even though I am tired of seeing a MLK Blvd everywhere I go, I still admire what he and others did for Civil Rights. I’m just tired of our US past history with Race Equality and the color of our skins going the opposite direction in an extreme manner and being thrown in our faces. My ancestors never owned Slaves because they were dirt poor. They also worked one with their Black Neighbors, after the War Between the States, to bring their small community back together to function as a group of united souls (they lived in the South).

I look at Hinton not because of her gender or race, but as an individual who is abusing the system and possibly using the Victim/Race/Gender card. Heck, my own Friends who are Black AND Veterans, agree with me on this.

I see one spoiled individual who has a mental issue problem and needs help. If she wins this lawsuit, no telling who will be next to try to abuse the system.


5th/77th FA

Eggsxactly. I was going more on the eyes, the window to the soul, and the overall expression. Seen that same look in all types. It’s kinda like that thug look that was in the FGS the other day. She just had that gimme look about her. We had a Caucasian girl in the Construction gang that had the same look. She wanted the extras that came with the title but felt that her gender gave her a pass. By the same token had another female that would go toe to toe with any of the guys and was just as sweet as the day was long. I will give any person respect until they show they are not worthy of it. And I have a lot more respect for a bunch of black folks than I do a whole bunch of white folks. The only true prejudices I have is against liberals and communists. And I hate them both equally. MLK (a Registered Republican) is spinning in his grave at the way a lot of his “followers” are acting. And the result of quid pro groping joe in SC last night was a direct result of “bought votes from the ones we keeping on the plantation.” It is sad that history is being destroyed so maliciously. That, too, is a communist plot. It would amaze you how many black folks don’t realize/know that Lincoln was a Republican. Or that Nathan Bedford Forrest was NOT a co founder of the KKK, but he DID have over 60 black troopers in his personal escort company that rode with him. Or that over 10,000 blacks attended his funeral in Memphis. But I digress. One thing that I really appreciate about TAH is the wide scope of knowledge and the depth of Patriotism we have here. We are that tiny beacon of light, under the bush, that is crying out in the wilderness. I am also glad that Big Army is telly the haters to go piss up a rope on the names of the Army Posts. Did you check out the CSA Facts… Read more »


Thank You, KoB.

Yes, I saw the link you provided about the CSA Facts. My reply to you did not make it: probably typed in a wrong email address.

I shared the info with others about those Marines having CSA family history. I did not know that, so I appreciated that information.

And thanks to you, I now know more info on Nathan Bedford Forrest. Have a friend who is a direct descendant of Nathan. My friend never shared that with me. Will have to contact him to let him know. Thank You, KoB!

Yes, agree about the TAH Family. I learn alot from others here and am grateful we can express our perspectives on various topics.


In RE: to your question one, yes it’s possible.

BLUF: Probably had the PTSD for years before getting diagnosed.

There has to be a traumatic event, which in this case was the IED and blowing her feet up. She probably had PTS symptoms after that, pretty much anyone would. She could have also had another traumatic event in or before 2013 that made things even worse (car crash, assault, heart attack, etc.).

Her symptoms likely didn’t impact her immediately. To get the D added (disorder) the PTS response has to be for a sustained period AND impact your ability to function. Entirely possible that she soldiered on for the first several years, then maybe something got added to her life that sent things over the edge (like being an office manager), and she finally got seen for it and diagnosed.

From some of the responses in here, you can see why people don’t want to openly discuss their mental health or seek help.


Thank You, Mason, for sharing this.

Am going to be honest on this: I still don’t understand about Hinton being injured in 2003, yet was not medically retired until 2010.

If her feet were that bad, how did she do the Army PT test every 6 months for 7 years? Am talking about pushups, situps and a 2 mile run or walk or bike ride or swimming, all which require the use of one’s feet.

Additionally, how was she able to compete in a 5K run or walk if her feet were injured that bad?

I think think something is not right about het lawsuit.


“2 million drivers experience a permanent injury every year.”

Add that to the number of shootings, knifings, etc. and it looks like a good part of the civilian population has suffered from injuries at least as bad as that woman’s. Yet we only seem to hear about military personnel who claim to suffer from PTSD. Are civilians better able to cope with trauma? Or do they just suffer in silence because there is no payday in it for them?

Not to say there are not legitimate cases of PTSD, but yes, I am skeptical.

Slow Joe

Snowflake needs pet to function in society.

Got it.

I suspect someone is abusing of her status as a veteran.

And the supervisor is an asshole.


Slow Joe:

What if the Supervisor was doing his job and directed by his higher Chain of Command to have her sign the Agreement?

What if Purdue received complaints from other Employees about Hinton’s German Shepard? What if Purdue directed Hinton’ s Supervisor to “fix” the situation?

What would you do? We don’t know the “rest of the story”. How did Hinton feed her dog while at work? Was she working in a very close environment that some of her fellow CoWorkers could not tolerate being around her dog?

Was her dog restless at work? Was it kept clean without vectors? Did the dog disrupt the workplace?

Again, Hinton brought the dog to work to help elevate her “mood”. She was or is still in the National Guard. If she is still serving in the Guard, would she be allowed to have a Service Dog accompany her?

What about others at work who need a “mood” booster and they don’t gave gave an animal at work?

Hinton was given 3 chances according to the agreement. Not one. Three.

What does that tell you? Who is really the A-Hole?


It really does sound like Spoiled Brat Syndrome, but I’m not there to see it for myself.

I would ask:

Has she been upset because she was told her work had mistakes, that she needed to proofread what she turned in and make corrections or ask for someone to proof something for her, and then make corrections? I always asked someone to check my work and mark typos for me, because I knew I might miss something. That’s just common sense.

Stuff like that, or filing docs before packing them off for storage (don’t ask) ahead of the quarterly ending is sometimes beneath people with SBS.

Just sayin’, that’s all.


Unfortunately, I am beginning to smell the ongoing, but sometimes hidden, scent of Rising Spoiled Brat Syndrome.

From what I’ve read, the “escalation” is reported by her, but is there video/physical evidence?

Service dogs are trained to be quiet and peaceful, and not respond to things that will normally agitate a dog into a protective stance. German Shepherds are used as guides for blind people. I’ve seen them on CTA buses, behaving better than some of the passengers.

This reads more like Ms.Hinton is ginning up for something, but I’d to see video or physical evidence to support her claims about the employer’s attitude toward RJ, as well as her claims that people were slamming the dog/baby gate, and if she had permission to work remote/telecommute from home, why is she not doing that?

I have a bunch of doubts about this, but want more info, too. If this is SBS at work here, people who do these things will make it more difficult for veterans to get good jobs in the work place, and I am fed up with that crap.

5th/77th FA

Nailed it!


Thank You, Ex-PH2, for the feedback.

It looks as if her privilege of working remotely was eventually denied.

Am thinking that when Hinton was initially hired by USDA, that because of her medical issues, she was allowed to work at home, but that once she brought her German Shepard to work, her request to work at home was denied, which in a way, makes sense.

I am still trying to comprehend how one “slams” a baby or doggie gate and how that can trigger mood swings or anxiety attacks in a person who has been diagnosed having Major Depression Disorder.

I agree with your assessment that Hinton may make it more difficult for other Veterans to get good jobs.

Something tells me that she may have not been a stellar Soldier as well. Just a gut feeling.


Ditto. Something is missing from the general info sheet.

Hey, if it’s A/R and they need someone, I can still get references from the people I worked for and telecommute between me and them. Been there, done that…. I could use the cash, too. I owe AW1Ed $0.125 on a bet that I lost.



As shared below, for the life of me, if her feet were that bad that she needed a Service Dog, then why and how did she participate in 5K Runs or Walks in 2016 and 2017?

I just don’t get it.


Aha! A 5K stretch of walking/running on bad feet?

Something is starting to smell rotten here….

I think there is more to come on this subject and will continue to watch, but – well, if it smells like a skunk….


Evidently the physical damage has healed. That happens. It must be her mental/emotional damage that requires an “emotional support” dog and extra privileges. Sometimes the mental/emotional damage lasts much longer than the physical damage.


So, what was the outcome of the grievance, which was filed in 2018? Did it run it’s course and did she lose? If she’s still bitching about what’s going on, it sounds like a.the union bailed after talking to everyone in the department. b.She won, but she didn’t get any money, so file the suit. c. She lost.


If this dog’s job is to “elevate her mood”, is it really a service animal? That sounds more like a pet, to me. No snark intended.


I wonder if she is prescribed weed.
You know…to elevate her mood.


Maybe not a service animal.

“… while emotional support animals receive no specific training, nor even, necessarily, any training at all.”

Evidently emotional support animals are big business. Just Google it and you can find lots of sites dedicated just to registering your critter as an official “support animal”. Your local pet store probably stocks a number of vests or flags to put on your animal to show that it is a support critter and not a pet.


My Sergeant Major sense is tingling. There is something vital to the story missing from the reporting and I think I know what it is.

An interesting factor not reported is her performance evaluations. I’m wondering if the pattern of performance is merely meeting standards most of the time or less (say 2.5-3 on the 5 point system).

Not bad enough to be let go, but not good enough to merit benefits like telework, or a pet at the side.

From the reporting, it is impossible to tell the whole story, but something is definitely missing.


For the Record, all of the civilian employees I have seen involved in such disputes were marginal performers or had personal conduct issues that were disciplinary events at the work place. Usually the marginal performer thing.

While it is beyond doubt that there are cases of hostile work environment and bad supervisory conduct, it never exists in a vacuum.


“Her boss said in letters, however, that Hinton lacked candor and failed to follow a service dog agreement she had signed”…

She failed to follow that letter three times.

She was given a chance. Once, shame on you. Twice, shame on me.

As stated before, am wondering what type of Soldier she was.

Additionally, she was injured in 2003, but was not medically retired until 2010? Did not develop “PTSD” until 2013?

What Am I Missing?


Well, you’re going to love this, ninja.

When I was in the WAVES in 1967, I dated the boyfriend of another WAVE who was over at Bethesda Hospital getting therapy for her arthritic feet.

Now, how did she develop arthritis in her feet and have to spend time in the hospital, and how did she manage to hide it in boot camp? How was this not detected during physicals and recruit training, when we marched everywhere we went????

I smelled a scam then, and I still smell it, much, much later. Arthritis is a degenerative disease that does not suddenly appear out of nowhere. I just wonder if that ex-WAVE still has that problem, don’t you?




Arthritis in her feet, but she managed to join the Navy and do marches?

Arthritis that bad that she had to be hospitalized?

Yep, you nailed it. Something DOES not smell right.



5th/77th FA

What I’m curious about now is this boyfriend of another WAVE that Ex was dating. You were cheating on me even back then? Please tell me that you didn’t cook for him. Were the WAVE’s feet hurt cause that big galoot stepped on them at the sock hop? Surely you didn’t give him any cookies?

I’ll go back to my corner now.


Well, and how did she manage to navigate all the marching we did in Photo ‘A’ School at NAS Pensacola? We weren’t allowed to get into cars except on weekends and had to walk to the mess hall for meals. Marching everywhere, and no pity on us poor souls…. Her “A School class was ahead of mine and gone when I got to Pensacola.

And then, working in the Black & White Print Division at NAVPHOTOCEN, Anacostia, on your feet all day at the printing easels (or you could sit like the guys did), and wearing dungarees, blue chambray shirts and oxfords??? I loved it, loved prints and processing, and so help me, I wore heels all day with my light blues (plus an apron to protect the uniform)… but this gal couldn’t take the rather mild effect of being on her feet for a few hours each day? SCAM.

No, 5th/77th, I never cooked for that idjit boyfriend of hers. I had meals at the Admin building across the airfield. Never cooked for anyone but me back then.

5th/77th FA

Whew! That’s a relief. Just think, if you had of cooked for the dirtbag, he’d still be “under foot.”

“…wore heels all day…” Good example of why I’ve always had a lot of respect for the Ladies. Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, in heels, going backwards!


Great cliche, totally untrue. Watch them dance.


While osteoarthritis is generally developed over a long period of time, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) has been documented to appear suddenly. Her claim, though unlikely, is not impossible and could have been legit.


With proper treatment and therapy RA can also improve over time, or it can get worse. However, it’s not generally caused by injuries (it’s an autoinflammitory disorder), so I don’t think that’s what’s going on with this individual.


By “her claim” in the first para above, I’m referring to the individual with arthritis Ex-PH2 referenced being treated at Bethesda. In the second para, “this individual” refers to the subject of the article written by AW1Ed above.

My apologies for not making those references unambiguous originally.


Oh, I understand that, Hondo, but taking into account the amount of marching we were required to do in RTC as well as at Pensacola, along with the fact that we were wearing oxfords which allowed room for cushioning insoles (available back then in the Dark Ages), and that the WAVE in question never (to my knowledge) wore high heels, it was then suspicious in my view and still is. She could have asked for a desk job answering phones to compensate, too.
I won’t belabor this point, just that I’ve seen it before and the current person under the magnifying glass recalled that memory.
I also saw a lot of sailors (guys) who turned out to be malingerers, just to get out of work details.


” lacked candor ”

So polite.

“was not medically retired until 2010?”

Perhaps they kept her on active duty until her medical treatments were finished and she received a final evaluation.


Something else that is bugging me about Hinton and her injuries.

In the Army Times article, it states:

“Seantoya Hinton, whose feet were both fractured by an IED her vehicle drove over in 2003, was medically retired from the Army in 2010. Seven years later, her doctor recommended she use a service dog to assist her with balance, walking and the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder.”

It also states “Her combat injuries required her to undergo multiple surgeries, including bilateral feet reconstruction and ligament lengthening. The metal plates and screws in both of her feet caused imbalance and mobility issues that made maintaining constant leash control difficult”.

The Army Times stated she needed a Service Dog to assist her with Balance and walking as well as PTSD. Her lawsuit also states that even though she was instructed to keep her dog on a leash, the screws and plates in her feet caused imbalance and mobility issues which made it difficult to her to control her dog on a leash.

However, the Charlotte News and Observer stated that 10 Years after Hinton was injured by an IED and 3 Years after she was medically retired, that Hinton
“developed PTSD symptoms in 2013 and, after therapy, was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder and that a social worker with the Department of Veterans Affairs recommended a service dog for her in 2015 to “elevate her mood.”

So what is the true story about her need for a Service Dog?

How can it be about her mobility? Research indicates Hinton has participated in several 5K Runs/Walks in the NC area.

If her feet are that bad that she needs a dog to help her mobility, how is it she is able to participate in these events?

In 2017:


From 2016:



Keep digging. I[‘m sure there is more to come on this.

5th/77th FA

Shorely be am glad ninja be on our side.


Something is a off here


The real question is whether or not she was actually sent to Iraq. Is that on her record? If not, why not?


Ninja, the taxpayers here might be well-served by your providing that information to the legal department at the Department of Agriculture.


Well, this is interesting.

Hinton’s Father was a CSM in the US Army. Signal Corps.

In 1990, he was the CSM of the 57th Signal Bn at Fort Hood, Texas.

He also was the SGM of the 22nd Signal Brigade in Germany.

Her Mother was also an NCO in the US Army.



Oh great, now you gotta drag the Signal Corps
into this. With even more innocent dogs.



Sorry! I think her MOS was AG Corps.


“Insufficient data for meaningful answer”

– Multivac


My opinion is this
The PTSD was diagnosed in 2013
She suffered two broken feet due to IED
me personally after being smashed
And zapped per my family and friends
I was off a bit !!!! Who wouldn’t be
I believe she’s off a bit, in the story
It says they gave her a larger work
Station for the dog and were bending over
Backwards because of her medical issues
How and what medical issues is she having
That have her seeking medical care
Every week ????… Or is this BS !!!
I will always support anyone 100 percent
Who has taken a hit or been seriously
Injured while serving this great country of
Ours…. but it does have limits
I have a feeling she’s going BAT SHIT CRAZY
I admire she wants to work
But due to injuries from the past
The mental health is a big factor here, it maybe time
For the VA to provide a life line and a pension for her, if that’s the issue
I’m sure she rates it


Hey, can I bring my… yes, for real:


This is getting MORE interesting.

Seantoya and her Brother were born and raised in the Fort Hood, Texas area.

According to a 26 December 2008 El Paso Time (Texas) newspaper article, SPC Seantoya Hinton was a National Guard Soldier assigned to Fort Bliss, Texas since 2006 supporting the Department of Homeland Security on Border Missions with OPERATION JUMPSTART as a Human Resource Specialist.

The article stated that her Medical Problems started when she was in Iraq. She is quoted as saying that she started having sharp pains going up her legs and ankles.

She was diagnosed with FALLEN ARCHES!!!!!!


After many Non-Invasive treatments, she was scheduled for a surgery to break her feet and set them to heal in a proper alignment.

She was medically retired in 2010.

Something is just not right. The story and lawsuit indicates she was injured by an IED in Iraq in 2003, yet in 2008, she said she had FALLEN ARCHES.

There is NO mention of her being injured by an IED in 2003 in the newspaper article.

You Be The Judge.

Comm Center Rat

Inquiring minds want to know whether Hinton was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries sustained during the 2003 IED blast in Iraq?

Is Seantoya a Fallen Angel with Fallen Arches?

When news breaks, we fix it. Details at 11!


I’m stocking up on bullshit flags and popcorn.


Hmmm… now, that DOES sound an awful lot like something I mentioned elsewhere….

The thick plot gets thicker… curiouser and curiouser,” said Alice.


This goes back to my original questions:

If she was hit by an IED in 2003 that broke her feet that she now needs a Service Dog at work, how was she able to compete in two 5K walks/runs in 2016 and 2017?

Her mother passed away in 2013, which was the same year Hinton was diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder and Anxiety.

I can understand one being depressed about losing a parent. Yes, we all deal with deaths of love ones in different ways. Am guessing her Mother’s death was hard on her, so hard that the VA determined in 2015 she needed a service dog to boost her mood?

As SFC D stated, animals that boost ones moods are called pets.

This is going to get interesting. Again, why in 2008 did she tell a Newspaper reporter she had fallen arches versus mentioning being hit by an IED?

The surgery to fix her feet must have worked, because how was she able to stay in the Army until 2010 without taking a PT test every 6 months? Don’t National Guard Soldiers take PT Tests every 6 months?


Doubt it, ninja, simply because that would be equivalent to AD folks doing the PT test every 12 days. Annually? Maybe, with periodic medical deferments, it is entirely conceivable to go years without completing the test. “Can’t do it this month because I just had surgery.” Two months later, back on regular duty but that battalion/whatever isn’t scheduled for testing that cycle. And so it goes for years. (Not speaking for how it goes on the Army side, but have seen it occur that way on the Air side even with no intent to get by with anything. But have also seen a few folks try to manipulate things to avoid it as well. Usually didn’t work for long.)

Comm Center Rat

If the ARNG was anything like the USAR in the 2000s, her PFT could’ve easily been pencil whipped by an AGR NCO. I saw AGRs cover for RC company commanders, 1SGs, junior/senior enlisted, and fellow AGRs several times by inflating PFT scores and reducing weight totals or BFMs.

Even traditional “part-time patriots” set their own rules. When I was deployed to Iraq with a Reserve unit our company commander ordered every Soldier in the unit to take a record PFT at the end of the deployment. The only ones who didn’t take the PFT were the CO and the 1SG. They “self-scored” for OER\NCOER reporting purposes.


Again, ninja, forward that information to those defending the suit. This is beginning to look like a huge fraud situation, thanks to your digging.


Was she actually sent to Iraq, and if so, why did the injuries not get treated sooner/whatever?

Story is starting to not add up, that’s all.


Hey, bad feet need emotional support animals too! 😉


Here is the other thing:

The 2008 Newspaper article stated that while in Iraq, she performed “convoy security duties” and that is when her medical problems with her feet started (fallen arches).

According to this, Hinton was in the Air Force in 2003, then in the Army in 2007:


Could it be possible that she served in the Air Force for 4 years, then transitioned to the Texas National Guard as Army before being medically retired in 2010?

Could she had embellished her feet problems with her convoy security duties? Why would Hinton in 2008 state that she had fallen arches instead of being hit by an IED?

5th/77th FA

Go ninja, Go ninja, Go ninja, Go ninja!

Taking wagers that instead of a bunny in the rabbit hole, ninja gonna find a RAT at the end of this tunnel. Any takers?


Your link (Table 18) is a list of Texas aggies who served in Iraq, 2001-2008. My intrpretation of that entry is she was an aggie, class of ’03. But ‘pfc’ is not an AF rank. A1C, Airman 1st class, is the AF E3.

Green Thumb

We get to the bottom of this one yet?