One Returns

| February 12, 2020

Punkin Squawkypants

My pleasure to report our own Ex-PH2 has returned home and is busily recharging her phone and spoiling her kitty. I’ll let her tell of her adventures, something about a radiology incident and commanding her wheel chair driver like a tall ship’s helmsman, or some such.
The important thing is she’s home now.
Up to her to fill in the details, if and when she so desires.
Welcome home, Ex!

Category: Feel Good Stories, Navy, Veteran Health Care

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It’s good to home. No matter where that is or
what you call it.
And being healthy while you are there is even
better. Throw in a few friends and a cat or two
and you get the idea.

Cameron Kingsley

Good to hear!😊

Frankie Cee

I called her but only got her voicemail. Left messages of inspiration, or was it desperation?
I am hoping to hear from her today.


I’m here, Frankie. More later!!!!

The Stranger

Welcome back, Ex. The place wasn’t the same without you.

5th/77th FA

Boys some of us may be in a heap o’trouble now AND have some ‘splainin’ to do. Wonder if offering up cookies and vanilla bean ice cream will do us any good.

Welcome Home Mi’Lady! You were sorely missed.


I’m keeping a new recipe in my hip-pocket as a peace and goodwill offering, if she needs some pacifyin’.


Welcome home!

RGR 4-78

Glad you are home Ex.


Welcome Back, hope you are well.


Welcome home.


Thank you all. I’m out of the deep end, but still have a few shoals ahead of the bow.

Punkin met me at the door with the “Where have you been??? I was so scared!!! I didn’t know if a Big Rock from OUter Space fell on you!!! I’m telling MOM!!!” and she spent the night on my side of the be4, snoring and squeaking.


Make a hole!! Regular Navy coming through! All ahead full!


Welcome back.

Combat Historian

Hey Sailor, you were deeply missed here. Now get back into the action and rip a new one in that POS deserter Randy Jowers!


I hear and obey. Just gimme a few to pull my stuff together. Very confusing (but interesting) week. Docs are completely puzzled.


good to see you back on watch!


Glad you’re home my dear.


Good to have you back!


Get better soon, Ex!

Dave Hardin

Honey, I’m home.

5th/77th FA

Damn Dave, put your fuzzy pink robe back on…or at least the bike shorts.

A Proud Infidel®™

Throw your pink fuzzy robe back on before you prowl the neighborhood on your Segway!


My eyes! My eyes!!! Oh. My. Dog. My eyes!!!!


Welcome back, Ex…

Laughing Wolf

Welcome Home!


Good news indeed!


Welcome back, Ex. Keeping you in my prayers.


Great, PH!

Now, will all youses guys who’ve been burning incense in her honor get that crap outa here? It’s stinkin’ up the curtains and triggering allergies. At least the guys offering up prayers didn’t bother the rest of us. Much. (A couple of ’em got a little overzealous and loud with it.)

Well, there were the few who insisted on barking at the moon, but the less said about that the better. At least if there was any midnight nude dancing, I didn’t see it. Yes, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Welcome home! If Punkin’s happy, we’re all happy.


Well, reportedly that was the case with this one too. No barking at the moon, but some (apparent) baying. (smile)

Word is that Richard Branson told Oldfield he wanted some lyrics included in the album. Oldfield (then 19) reportedly said, “You want lyrics? I’ll give you lyrics!” – then went to the studio, drank half a bottle of Jameson’s, and (while intoxicated) spent 10 minutes screaming into a mirophone while being recorded. The recording was slowed down to produce the “vocals” used on the track above. Oldfield was reportedly so hoarse afterwards he couldn’t speak well (or at all) for about 2 weeks.

Lurker Curt

Glad to see you back Ex!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Great to have you back Ex, and I’m sure that you have missed my groany Puns while you were OOC. So far, I have made went through three batches of your Penne/Sausage meals which was worth every Penne.


And ditto to what everyone else said above: good to see you out of the hospital, Ex. Let’s keep it that way, OK? (smile)

Dennis - not chevy

Welcome back


Glad your back home.


Welcome home, Sistah!

Commissioner Wretched

Ex! Welcome back!!!

The place wasn’t the same without the Queen of the TAH Lionesses! You were missed.

I’m glad you’re doing better, my friend.

A Proud Indfidel®™

GLAD to hear you’re back, Ex, get well soon!


Okay, now I’m sniffling and the dust in here is just awful.

Fortunately, I am now officially an airhead, because my e-mail login leaked out of my shriveled brain, along with my PIN for my card; I did not have my phone charger cord along, and the iPhone charging stations won’t fit my antique cell phone; and I couldn’t figure out how to get the FHCC’S internet access to start up; and it started snowing, which means someone has to shovel that off my front steps.
And now Punkin hates my boots because she is sure that it’s their fault I went missing. Also, I have so many blood draw marks, look like I’ve been mainlining chocolate ice cream.

Next time, I’m taking Sandy with me. 🙂
More later.

Haywire Angel

Welcome back!! Don’t you wish they would have drawn all the blood at one time, and not made you a pin cushion? I’ve been there, done that. We shall patiently await you getting yourself sorted, just thankful you are back home with your loves!

Retired Master

Welcome Back to a Great Lady:)