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| February 11, 2020

Because you don’t have to reload a knife.

Auto parts store owner shoots burglary suspect near Katy, sheriff says

By Jay R. Jordan

The owner of a used auto parts store shot one of two burglary suspects he caught breaking into his business early Monday morning, police say.

The man was at the S&T Auto Body Services shop on Cinnamon Drive near the Katy Freeway when he spotted the break-in, according to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez. At some point during the burglary, the owner pulled a gun and shot at the suspects, striking one of them.

The other suspect managed to escape. The condition of the suspect who was shot was not immediately clear.

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Read the rest here: Chron News

1 dead after shootout involving off-duty cop at Atlanta lounge, GBI says

ATLANTA — The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating a shootout that left a person dead outside a nightclub.

An off-duty Atlanta police officer fired at the suspects. Police also recovered several weapons.

Channel 2’s Lauren Pozen was on Courtland at the intersection of John Portman, where the Hilton is, Sunday. That stretch of road was still closed as of noon as the investigation continued.

She saw a GBI truck over and crime scene tape up in the area.

Police say an off-duty sergeant working security near the Harlem Nights Ultralounge saw people in two cars shooting at each other with high-powered rifles and handguns around 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

The sergeant shot at the suspects when they refused to drop their weapons.

Police say three people were shot and one of the people shot died on the scene.

“At this point, we have about 10 people detained that we think could be involved in this shootout. We don’t know at this time if our sergeant actually struck anyone but because we have multiple persons that were shot and because our sergeant did fire on the scene, we called in the GBI to investigate,” Atlanta police deputy chief Jeff Glazier said.

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And the hits just keep on rollin’. Read the rest here: WSB TV

Salem man held at gunpoint by homeowner after allegedly breaking into residence near Lake Centralia

by Bruce Kropp
A 20-year-old Salem man has been arrested after allegedly breaking into a home early Sunday morning near Lake Centralia and being held at gunpoint by one of the occupants until a Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived.

Jordan Rinehart of Brubaker Road is being held for felony criminal trespass to property, criminal damage to property and illegal consumption of alcohol or liquor.

The home was located on Levy Road near the Branch Road intersection.

Sheriff’s officials say Rinehart had broken out the glass in the front door to gain access to the home. One of the residents then took control of the situation by holding Rinehart at gunpoint while another called the sheriff’s department to report the incident.

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Read the rest here and check out the pic: Southern Illinois Now

One each DRT and in the wind, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes. 10, 11 inconvenienced? Not even sure where to start scoring that one.

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  1. 5th/77th FA says:

    Score it as the Good Guys are still winning. The ATL…again…sigh…Can’t take the hood out of the rats. You can be sure that Stacey Abrams will score this one as another poe lease shooting of an innocent young black man…not matter whose bullet actually took his good boy, junior college going, turning his life around, he’s done found Jesus now ass.

    Hopefully the business owner put his dirtbags in another type of body shop.

    Punk in the pic musta just got a good look at Mr. “Tiny.”

    Real nice example of Mr. Bowie’s Arkansas Toothpick. Make it long enough to stick thru a mans gut and have enough sticking out the other side to hang your hat on. Nice single shot hand cannon too. Prolly .45? Black powder weapons are easy to buy and will kill a dirtbag just as dead as anything modern.

    • Hondo says:

      ” . . . long enough to stick thru a mans gut and have enough sticking out the other side to hang your hat on.”

      The knife pictured might have been that long 40 years ago. But given how many folks of both genders are now “plus-sized”, I think you’d need a cavalry sabre for that these days.

  2. Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

    That pic in the third story, looks like a doofus soiboi hipster, who just now realizes that once he’s convicted and confined, he won’t have access to his lattes.