Revisiting the “Trump Mocked Disabled Reporter” Claim

| February 8, 2020

This meme is still making the rounds, and people still believe that then-presidential candidate Donald Trump made fun of Serge Kovalevski’s disability. However, this is just a snapshot of Donald Trump doing something else. (New Standard Press)

People are still accusing President Trump of mocking a disabled reporter. Memes making this argument are still circulating. They show a side-by-side of President Trump and the disabled reporter. Both in similar poses, with nearly similar arm and hand positions. The implication? That then-candidate Donald Trump mocked a disabled reporter.

Naturally, those against him try to picture him as a monster. Then people ask how his supporters can still support him given that he “made fun” of a disabled reporter.

Video proof, that this claim is false, have also been circulating. President Trump does the arm and body shake when he parodies somebody flaking out, getting flustered, or “tap dancing” their responses. All one has to do is watch videos of President Trump doing these parodies to see this in context.

Many among the anti-Trump group don’t do that. They’d rather pass a snapshot around, showing Trump’s arms similar to that of the reporter, then they include their comments condemning President Trump and those who’d still support him after seeing this photo.

For them, context matters when their chosen politician says things. Not necessarily with the other side. So, they run with the meme partly hoping that people would turn away from President Trump.

New Standard Press shows how he is parodying people, and not making fun of disabled people.

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And the hits just keep on rollin’ today! Thanks, thebesig.

5th/77th FA

They do indeed. Need to whip up some cheese dip to go with some nachos while this thing gets plugged up. Chromie is low on “Apple Juice.”

I think that the only photos I can believe anymore would be polaroids…That I took myself.

Slow Joe

Trump didn’t mock that reporter?

Ah, man. That’s disappointing.
I always thought he was making fun of the dipshit.


They run this stuff, then bitch about Trump running a loop of Pelosi ripping up that federal State Of The Union document required by the Constitution. Censor those who oppose! (Just dont call it -that-! Call it “fact checking”!)

The Left has abandoned any pretense of being anything other than Fascism with less organization than the last bunch.

And the folks saying “no it isnt!” are totally absent in stopping that slide into Fascism. They think the Power is cool, as long as they get to control it and use it for their own goals. But they cannot stop its slide into dystopia and mass murder.

And they ought to know better. They have been warning about it for decades. But now they kinda like the idea of stamping on the “correct” faces with those boots.

You Lefty idiots will be the first ones in the camps, dumbasses. It is always so with the Left.



Something you omitted, 11B-Mc. Who has all the guns and ammo?

It’s no fun trying to fill the cattle cars when the cattle can shoot back.


The Left, especially the hardcore Commie/Socialist/Fascist types are arming themselves, often heavily so.

When has there -ever- been a no-gun Leftist takeover?


That “we have all the guns” stuff is just not so. Some of the hardcore blackheads are quite open about it.


When has there -ever- been a leftist takeover against an armed populace? It starts with registration, then confiscation, and THEN its off to the gulag, comrade.


The Left doesn’t need guns. They have money.

I’m sure there’s plenty of Eastern European / Russian / Iranian PMCs that would loooove a chance to get paid to come here and play in the shenanigans once the boogaloo kicks off.


Those poor PMC bastards won’t know what hit them.

Want an example? The first “Winter War” between Russia and Finland. Russia thought they would roll over Finland. The body count was adverse in the extreme.

Our logistical situation is -much- better than Finland. The PMCs won’t be able to bring massive Artillery into the game, as the Russians finally had to do to overwhelm the much, much smaller Finn forces.

-no one- wanted to occupy Finland after WW2. They were the only Axis-aligned power -not- occupied, post war.

They haven’t forgotten it, either. Nor have the Russians.

Some folks called “Hessians” also might offer an opinion on fighting Americans on our home turf. (Especially around Christmas…)

Our own fuckheads are far more a threat. Far more.

The Other Whitey

I’m thinking of mocking the guy for dressing like the original “Star Trek” cast. What kind of -ist or -phobe does that make me?




Which one doesn’t matter. You just are one because they say so. Now that you have admitted it they can say, “See? We told you so.”

I want to be know as a betaist. I don’t like folks who aspire to anything less than first place. Most of the left are alphaists since they don’t believe in being first or best at something.


Kid at work has “Padawan Jedi” on his name tag, very professional.

The Other Whitey

Hey, Star Wars is completely different! Unless you’re talking about the bullshit new trilogy, which, thanks be to God, is still offset by “Rogue One” and “The Mandalorian.”


You tell me. I quit watching after Return of the Jedi.

The Other Whitey

“The Rise of Skywalker” was definitely written by somebody trying to unfuck the wrongs of the last two, especially the “The Last Jedi” (If you haven’t seen that one, don’t bother, unless you want to watch Admiral Purple-Haired-Laura-Dern demonstrate all the worst ways to be a leader). But at that point, it’s akin installing extra pumps on the Titanic on April 16th.

Drag Racing Maniac

I quit watching after Star Wars, in 1977.


So “There should be only one” …

That works for another franchise that missed the cut.

Drag Racing Maniac

Truth be told, I quit watching halfway thru the movie…. I just wasn’t that entertained.

The Other Whitey

I’m with Wahlberg.


A little off track, but any word on EX-PH2 or Wilted Willie?