Dude, Lets Bern One!

| February 4, 2020

Pandering even more to the youth and drug addled demographics, Bernie pledges to legalize weed on Day 1 of his Presidency. Then he’ll get busy Nationalizing American energy production, raising taxes for the FSA and student debt relief, gutting the military, eliminating cash bail, create affordable housing through rent control, health care for all, etc etc ect.

Bernie Sanders Pledges to Legalize Marijuana on First Day as POTUS

Nate Church

At his February 1 rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Bernie Sanders promised an executive order to legalize weed on his first day in office.

Vermont senator and socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders led thousands in a “party-like” campaign event bursting at the seams with enthusiastic voters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, just two days before the caucus. Booze, music, and headliners like Grammy-award-winning indie rock group Vampire Weekend served as a prelude to a rousing speech.

“We’re not only going to win here in Iowa,” Sanders called out to a deafening ovation from his supporters, “we’re not only going to win the Democratic nomination, but we are going to defeat this dangerous president.” The whole thing made for a strong statement, especially while neighboring events for Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren — his chief rivals for the Democrat nomination — drew between 158 and 700 voters.

Notably, Sanders used the event to make a bold promise to his supporters. “We will end the destructive war on drugs,” he said, assuring them that he would start right away. “On my first day in office, through executive order, we will legalize marijuana in every state in this country.”

Beyond simply making weed legally accessible, Sanders wants to liberate the disproportionate number of minorities imprisoned on low-grade possession charges. “We will move forward to expunge the records of those arrested for possession of marijuana,” he said, continuing:

We will make certain that the legalized marijuana industry is not controlled by a handful of corporations, but that those people — the African-American community, the Latino community, the Native American community — those people who have suffered the most will get help in order to make money through a legalized marijuana industry.

These idiots can’t count votes in Iowa, and people want them to run the country? Read the rest here: Breitbart

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Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I heard that the Iowas cockus has a problem with who was in the lead. This is the first time since 1907 that this has happened so I guess that they are rigging the cockus votes.


They can’t even rig it for the “right” candidate… and they want to run the country?

Where’s Mayor Daley when you need to throw an election/caucus?


The worst bit is that they used an untested application to count the results, built by a totally-not-evil-sounding company called ‘Shadow’… which if early reports are true, is largely staffed by ex-Clinton people.

Now, I don’t think anything nefarious is going on -‘Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity’ – but for fuck’s sake, this is a new level of stupid, and completely and utterly unnecessary.


Best comment I heard was:

“Now I understand why the Democrats are so in favor of gun control. They just want to stop shooting themselves in the foot.”


Ha! That’s worthy of a Boomer’s Sunday meme.


“…for the simple reason if they were cooking the books they wouldn’t look like complete idiots.”

Why not? It’s never stopped ’em before…

Ed, you and LC are both overlooking the very real possibility that it could be both: that the screw-up was indeed unintentional but was caused because they were, in fact, trying to rig the outcome, probably against Sanders.

Retired Grunt

That’s the problem, Hillary Clinton won with 78% of the vote and she wasn’t even on the ballot, they can’t exactly publish that. Lol

“I saved a life, you saved the world. “


Yeah, sure you will. And we believe in the Easter Bunny, too.


The Iowa D-tat honchos spent $126K on a program/app to tabulate the caucus votes to elect their convention delegates. The app was developed by two computer geeks who ran Hillary’s brilliant inter-web ground game in 2016. But hey, let’s have them run the gov’t cyberspace operations.


Apparently, the 0bamacare website debacle taught them nothing.


Well, at least they didn’t spend 6 billion on it like 0bama did with tax dollars. Also, the six billion went to a Canadian company company headed up by a college pal of Michelle.


Just like at the end of Prohibition, the entrenched groups who have supply lines and distribution in place will dominate the market and make most of the money. All he will do is take some of the risk from and legitimize the cartels.


No, no, no. Prohibition clearly brought about the end of the Mafia.

Of course illegal organizations that rake in billions of $$ a year are going to suddenly close up shop or shift focus to legal activities when the government attempts to remove one of their main income streams. Legalizing pot is also a jobs program.

It’s not like the cartels are going to start robbing pot stores, get involved in internet gambling, or refocus efforts on human trafficking. They’re going to be involved in legitimate enterprise. It’s a model that worked so well with the Italian Mafia.

The solution to drugs, drug addiction, and the associated crime is a simple one. Legalize it.

It’s not like the issue is complex and will likely require an equally complex solution.

Clearly it’s entrenched conservatives and republicans that are at fault for the current state of things. It’s not like democrats of all stripes lobbied (and passed) legislation to get tough on drug crime that ended up with non-violent drug offenders getting longer prison stints than child rapists.

Rant over. We really need a “sarcasm” emoji or something so no one reads this diatribe and thinks I’m serious.


Yes, I‘ve noticed how the cartels have stopped smuggling and growing weed in Commiefornia since full legalization.


I guess I should have added a sarc tag.

Hack Stone

The DC City Council decriminalized marijuana possession a few years back, which essentially said that you would not get arrested if you possessed marijuana for your own consumption. Problem solved, right? Not so fast. For some reason, there was a dramatic spike in synthetic marijuana overdoses in the District. One particular instance had a gaggle Of homeless people outside of a shelter simultaneously overdose on synthetic marijuana, and in a strange coincidence, a DC Fox 5 news crew was in the neighborhood and caught it all on tape. Hack always wondered how homeless people could afford synthetic marijuana, and why didn’t they just smoke actual marijuana since “the man” wouldn’t be getting in their shit about it. One of the great unsolved mysteries of our time.


“At his February 1 rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Bernie Sanders promised an executive order to legalize weed on his first day in office.”

Does this mean all who illegally sell Mary Jane in States where recreational weed is not legal will vote for President Trump in November?

*just a thought*



This is where Trump stands on legalizing cannabis at the federal level.


AW1Ed is correct.

I should have annotated my comment with *sarc* or *joke*.

Appreciate you sharing the link with us, Ex-PH2.



FFS, not a fan of the sticky icky but I do know there is no Constitutional provision for the Federal Government to ‘make’ a substance illegal. At this point there is not a supermajority of States that criminalize the pots the Feds MUST stop their interference in interstate commerce of ‘uncontrolled substances’.
Law be damned.
Its nonsense like prohibition that put me in the unfortunate position of defending Comrade Sanders.


Bernie has to be the most uninformed dork on the planet! Has to be!

33 states have legalized Mary Jane for medicinal AND recreational use. Another 11 have chimed in, legalizing it for medicinal use only. Here’s a link to a 2018 article on this.
There is also a penalty for driving under the influence of marijuana, so it isn’t a free ride, any more than driving drunk is a free ride.

He isn’t just behind the times, he’s out of his league about it. But – if I get slammed into a bad accident by someone who is stoned and should not be on the road at all, I will personally sue the pants off Bernie so that he won’t have enough coins to pay for dope or put food on the table.

Was it FDR that promised “a car in every garage and a chicken in every pot”?


Oops, got those stats backwards: My bad.

11 states legalized it for recreational use
33 states legalized it for medicinal use only

It does represent a big tax boost to those states.


The problem, Ex, is that even though it’s legal under state law, it’s still federally illegal and if, in purchasing a firearm, you falsely swear on the federal form that you do not use it, when, in fact, you do, then you have made yourself a potential federal felon, who cannot be in possession of firearms.

Conversely, if you are truthful, you ain’t gettin’ that gun. Catch 22…


Trump and the GOP are facists, but this guy is promising to exceed his authority on day 1. He’s promising to legislate by pen and phone. Let that sink in. If he can legalize something like this (he can’t, but it worked for Obama for some fucked up reason), he can illegalize other things.


Ole Bernie will probably copy President Reagan to oppose President Trump:

“Tear Down This Wall!”



A president, in theory, can say “this law is blatantly unconstitutional. All Federal agencies subject to my orders will cease immediately any enforcement or prosecutions related to this unconstitutional law.”

Congress might impeach him for it, or not, but he has to faithfully enforce law 1, the Constitution.

There are less blatant ways, such as changing priorities.

A president can’t change the law itself, but he has far more leeway on enforcement methods and priorities than folks realize.

He can also blanket pardon anyone in the federal system, effectively mooting that law.

So yes, Bernie might very well do something much as he says, even if the technicalities work out a bit differently.


Tonite’s State of the Union Address is going to be veeerrying interesting (hat tip to Arte Johnson) considering the SNAFU with the Iowa Caucas and the day before the final vote in the Senate on President Trump.

To Our President: Bring It On!

Do you think Ole Plastic Woman Nancy will repeat her asinine hand clap?



And the one thing you can bet the farm on: Even though he would be wise to just ignore both topics, Trump is simply incapable of doing so.

That’s precisely why so many people, of all political persuasions, will be watching.

A Proud Infidel®™️

This shit is getting more entertaining every day, just how much crazier are the D-rats gonna get? I’m sure that Das Hildebeast and her minions are plotting on how they can sabotage whoever they can for her to get back in the game!


How about the Shiffhole saying that if the Senate doesn’t convict Trump, he will trade Alaska back to the Ruskies in return for them getting him elected again.


I could get behind that concept if Trump would substitute California for Alaska…


They probably don’t think the benefits outweigh the mess. Like the old joke that ends “let me see that map again?”


We are so doomed…..
Doomed I say……


DOOMED !!!!!!

5th/77th FA

No secret, I’ve been known to burn one…or several. And unlike Slick Willy, I did inhale. If he was experimenting I was doing full fledged research. Has been a goodly while, Ma Bell kinda frowned on it. Anybody else remember the fields full of it out at Ft. Hard Knocks, School for Wayward Boys? The claim was it was left over from growing hemp to make rope during WWII. No surprise the states are all over the legalize for party purpose. Saw that coming years ago. Look at the tax monies that Colorado and the rest of them are taking in. Show me a tax a politician doesn’t like. I’ll wait. Cannabis has long been known to have healing/medicinal purposes. Look at some of your old pictures of durg stores (Apothecaries), you’ll see the big 5 leafed sign on the front and sides. Multitudes of natural herbs were suppressed by Big Pharma in favor of chemicals. Research the history of former Cavalry and Artillery Colonel Ely Lilly (9th Indiana Cav and 18th Indiana Light Artillery) After failing as a carpetbagger plantation owner in Mississippi after the WBTS he went back to his old gig of supply pot to the pharmacy industry. The Ely Lilly Company now tries to bury/rewrite that history today. On a personal note, when Mama was dying of cancer these 40 years ago, the only thing that gave her any real relief was the pot brownies that I made for her. She did not know what was… Read more »


Bless her and you. I’ll say a prayer for you both.


Interesting info on some of the articles that I read about “legalized medical marijuana states”. Seems that some studies have been reporting that auto accidents/injuries have increased in those areas since it was legalized.

Since there are no national standards or standardized tests for weed-impaired drivers, this could be a serious issue.

Even CNN had an article on it back in Oct. 2018.




It should have been legalized decades ago. Its criminalization was corrupt and there is no genuine public good in criminalizing it.

Hack Stone

Haven’t you seen Reefer Madness? Smoking marijuana can lead to mental illness, leaping through courthouse windows, and listening to jazz music.

Forest Bondurant

It also makes people highjack thread discussions with nonsensical comments and empirical evidence that is never produced.


I smoked some once and then I murdered a hooker. But seriously, I have witnessed its deleterious effects on some who spend most of their waking hours high. It is also a gateway drug for some.

5th/77th FA

Harry J. Anslinger head of the FBN claimed it made your commit violent crimes and be overly promiscuous. Rumor had it that his wife was hanging out in a jazz club banging the black musicians smoking pot. That’s why he pushed FDR to criminalize pot. This was in the ’30s.


So you’re saying it was a DEMOCRAT that criminalized pot… Hmm, any comments on that seagull?


Marijuana-induced homosexuality.
Just say no.
But I ain’t judgin’.


What next? Pack the Supreme Court w/ uber lefty judges?




Stupid YouTube…..


“Bernie pledges to legalize weed on Day 1 of his Presidency”.

Huh. Talk about abuse of power.



Veritas Omnia Vincit

I don’t use drugs, I’ve never smoked, and I don’t drink more than a couple of beers a year…so I’m pretty fucking boring and have zero skin in any legalization or prohibition schemes as they would have zero effect on my life.

That said only a fool thinks the drug war has been any sort of success and only a fool thinks the drug war has done anything to add to your personal freedoms. The number of intrusions into your protected Bill of Rights freedoms under the guise of “public safety” during the drug war are well documented if you care to read about them, the same is true of this never ending war on terror. Our government has used the drug war and war on terror to restrict our personal rights far more than they have used those wars to actually end drug use or terror organizations.

If you own your body what you do with it should not be of any concern to the government ever, until such time as you harm other persons or their property.

If you want to get high or drunk every day of the week it’s no skin off my ass until you steal my TV or beat me up for my wallet.

It’s really amazing how many supposed freedom loving citizens really want to control everyone else’s lives.


Learned more about this mess than I ever thought I needed to know this past year because a field of the stuff was planted down the road from me. Apparently it was legal, “medical” stuff. Don’t care about any of that. What folks elect to do in the privacy of their homes is their business, not mine.

What I learned is just how bad the stuff smells while it is growing. Who knew? And it is awful. What I still fail to understand is how someone can plant noxious smelling anything and force those who live proximate to it to inhale that smell for the duration. It wasn’t close enough to me to cause a problem other than when I drove by the field (at least the smell that permeated my car dissipated fairly quickly) but there were adjacent houses and churches that could not get away from the odor.

Strange. Evidently it is just dandy to stink up the neighborhood. Even with literally breath-taking aromas.


Be glad it wasn’t a hog farm.