Freak Week on TAH

| February 1, 2020

A little bird told us that there are some backlogged Stolen Valor cases that are screaming to come out.  In addition to Ground Hog Day, there is a lot going on this coming week.

So This Ain’t Hell is designating next week as “Freak Week” as sort of a spin-off of Navy’s “Fleet Week” and Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week.”  This is an opportunity for TAH alumni to come back and make a cameo appearance/post.

So, we plan to post a Stolen Valor case every day this coming week M-F and need you to reach out and encourage TAH alumni to make an appearance.

Just think – a plethora of deplorables gathered in one place at one time. 😉  Shutter the thought.

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FIRST !!!!!!
Bring on the FRUIT LOOPS !!!!!!


I’ll be checking all next week.

5th/77th FA

It will be good for us to bring all weapons to bear on a chain gang full of Valor Thieving POSes. After this recent diet of C-Rats, Mermite Cans, and MREs, I think we will relish a veritable buffet bar of fresh fish. Maybe we’ll get real, real lucky and have a few sock puppets in the mix. Maybe should check the foo gas, could be stale.

Been a good while since we’ve had a real roll call muster. There are many deplorables that have been conspicuous in their absence, both weeds and weedettes. Talking to you 2/17 AC, AnotherPat.

All those not showing up for said roll call will be placed on a walking guard post, uniform of the day will be Dave’s fuzzy pink robe over bike shorts. “Shudder” the thought. Maybe we can get Ex-PH2 to trip a “shutter” to record that for posterity.


Ooh, ooh, I love reading about Viet of the Nam vet valor thieves. Can we please have more than one and at least one fake POW?

Combat Historian

I always get a special kick out of posers claiming MACV-SOG: I hope some fake SOGgies show up next week…


Damn near had a spit-take, 5th/77th FA.

When you were talking about Dave’s fuzzy pink robe and get Ex-PH2 to trip a “shutter” to record that for posterity…..thought you had said “posterior”!

That would definitely make for a helluva freak week! (grin)

5th/77th FA

Steady Sky, Steady. I’m just crazy, not stupid…and there is a difference. I’ve already done things that cause me to wear glasses. I really don’t want to go blind.


But will there be sockpuppets? Will it be as much fun if the sockpuppets don’t appear?

I’ll go stock up on popcorn, just in case…


One can never really count on the appearance of the sockies; they are highly unpredictable, as well as unreliable.


Take these numbers with you when you go see the Supply/Food Service Sergeants:

7310-01-036-4257 Popcorn Machine
8940-00-682-6609 Popcorn, No.1 Grade, (White/Yellow) 3lb bag
8945-00-889-6314/889-6315 Corn Oil

Having the FSN/NSN readily available is half the battle and will go a long way in greasing the wheels for timely issue of requested items. (Smile) ((Over))

5th/77th FA

Claw, from what I remember, the other half of the battle is having an issue from the Class VI supplies of the Supply Daddy’s favorite liquid lubricant. ((OVER))

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Standing by at 6th


Gotta be outta town Monday so save me some flesh
from the first one.


I’m thinking by Monday evening there will be a well gnawed pile of bones left, nothing more.


Please –somebody with multiple combat jumps

5th/77th FA

And here you go!


Having three from the Army will sure help the stats, as right now the FY20 Valor Vultures Tote Board stands at:

Army – 3 + 1/2 + 1/3
Navy – 6 + 1/3
Marines – 7 + 1/3
Air Force – 1 + 1/2
Coast Guard – 0

Slow Joe

Man, the Coast Guard is sucking…


Fresh foogas is brewing, beer restocked, popper heated, bring it!

Doc Savage

I am sooo there… 🙂


D’s Cantina is open, where the only Coronavirus is due to overconsumption.

Doc Savage

Yeah…suffered that particular “coronavirus” once…suffered memory loss, pounding head, and some very dirty looks from Lady Savage….works better than any vaccine.

Mustang Major

I can hardly wait. I am vacuuming my keyboard of crumbs, wiping the screen, and double checking my internet connection in the meantime.

Doc Savage



HOT DOG !!!!
I just bought a brand new huge jar of Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn !!!!!


A lot of Orville Redenbacher Gourmet Popping Corn is grown in my home state of Iowa and Wisconsin too !!!
It’s the best there is !!!
Mr Redenbacher came into my Father’s drug Store back in the 60’s and had some farmers grow some of his great popping corn near our hometown !!!
Check it out !!!

Hack Stone

Looking for some quality posers, those who know what entails being featured on TAH, things like responding with “my records are sealed”; threats of lawsuits; an endless parade of “people” who served with him and can vouch for his heroics, and all sharing the same IP address; and of course, the death threats. A Stolen Valor thread just isn’t worth following if we don’t get death threats. On the plus side, this may help replenish the ranks of the Dutch Rudder Gang.

Keepin' It Real

POSers – bring your pain!

Mustang Major

Hack, I agree with your observations on quality posers. I especially appreciate posers that buy dress uniforms and and wear them to events with their unsuspecting spouse. Tattoos are always a nice touch.

Hack Stone

Yeah, they really go all the way with spending their limited income on uniforms and tattoos. Really like how the Round Ranger, who seemed to have no source of income other than the child support that his wife got from her ex-husband, managed to find the cash to buy that dress uniform for his wedding. The length of those trousers were longer than the train on her wedding dress. Hack is wondering what Round Ranger is up to these days. Hack will put down $50 that it is 350 pounds.

A Proud Infidel®™

I wonder if we’ll get sockpuppets as well? I’m making Nachos!!!

Cameron Kingsley

I can hardly wait. Maybe the comments will cover more than one page. Haven’t had that since Lester Brown.


Play with the bull your going to get your sh*t all f*cked up by an honorable(-ish?) group of Vets that offer no quarter to lying PsOS that denigrate themselves by thieving accomplishments that belong to better men and women.
I can not F*CKING WAIT!
Thank you to the TAH Team.

Slow Joe

Is Alaska Bob starring in this season?


Lord, I hope so!
That dude deserves 2 minutes of hate and a all expenses paid trip to the slam.

3/17 Air Cav

It’s going to e like old home week! Can hardly wait!


Someone with experience (real or not) who spent
time at LBJ would be great entertainment.


Hi All,
Just checking un because I’ve been out of the look for a few days.
personal shit, Car having to go in the shop because someone crunched the rear end, getting a mini van as a rental, getting full labs beck from the Doc and everything is great except then being diagnosed with a small bout of shingles but I’m on meds and hopefully it will go away quickly.
I heard there was a vaccine so I’ll look into getting that going forward.

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