Purple Heart Recipient on 15 Most Wanted

| January 31, 2020

Jacob Blair Scott is accused of raping his then 14-year-old stepdaughter. He is listed by the US Marshals as one of their 15 most wanted. (usmarshals.gov)

Jacob Blair Scott has been added to the 15 most wanted list by US Marshals. He is accused of raping his then 14-year-old stepdaughter and impregnating her. When he was supposed to show up in court, he was a no show. When marshals took action to apprehend him, they found a dinghy boat and a suicide note, but not him.

They conducted a search for days but couldn’t find him. Prior to his disappearance, he pulled $45,000 from the bank. People claimed to have possibly seen him in places like Louisiana, Colorado, Mississippi, and Nevada.

From Yahoo.com:

When authorities attempted to apprehend Scott for failing to appear in court, they found his abandoned dinghy off the coast of Orange Beach, Alabama. Officers found a gun and a note, but very little evidence indicating a suicide, according to US Marshals.

Agencies searched the Gulf of Mexico for Scott’s body for a week but did not find his remains.

Authorities later alleged that Scott had withdrawn $45,000 from a bank account before his disappearance and there have been possible sightings of him in Mississippi, Colorado, Nevada, and Louisiana.

He is a survivalist and a military veteran who received a Purple Heart in 2011 for injuries he sustained while deployed in Iraq,” Washington said. “His military background and knowledge of the outdoors may enable him to live off the grid.”

According to the links used for this post, Jacob Scott is an Army veteran, who received the Purple Heart. According to his mother, he is not the type to own up to his mistakes. Additionally, US Marshals are offering up to $25,000 for information that would lead directly to his arrest.

Details for this story, and on who to contact if you find him, are located in this Yahoo story. US Marshals have public information on him. They show him as being “arrested”. The Sun Herald provides more details than Yahoo on the story.

Updated to add:

Jacob Scott was detained in Oklahoma after a witness reported seeing someone fitting his description. Thanks to JBUSMC and ChipNASA for the update.

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The empty dinghy ploy won’t fly after his bank account was drained. Charon doesn’t need $45K to ferry one across the Styx.

The Other Whitey

“ Charon doesn’t need $45K to ferry one across the Styx.”

Inflation can be a bitch!

All jokes aside, fuck this guy. Now they can add fraud to the child molestation charges.


$22.5K per coin for the eyes?

5th/77th FA

Here hoping that this POS is soon captured and allowed to experience unwanted sexual advances from Bubba and the Boys. 45K is not a whole lot of money in the grand scheme of things and will run out, eventually if not sooner. He can run but he can’t hide forever. I guess when he is caught he will claim that the PTSofD is what caused him to become a sh^tbag.

A Proud Infidel®™

I genuinely hope that he gets “accidentally” left in General Population where he’ll receive what he deserves.


I read he was caught in Antler, OK


Just think of the new friends he’ll make. They’ll be especially impressed he likes to rape little girls.

Unless he gets placed in the SHU I doubt he’ll last a week.

And that would be a shame.


This skid mark needs some of that ‘prison’ justice. I got $20 dowery for his future-husband’s commissary account!


^’prison justice’
I’m starting to think whiskey kills brain cells.


I understand that in most prisons “polyandry” is the rule. Is that $20 for each of his future prison “husbands'” commissary accounts? (smile)



Slow Joe

Average Civilian:

OMG, he got a purple heart!

He be like Rambo!
How could a War Hero do something like this?
He must have been framed!


“According to his mother, he is not the type to own up to his mistakes.”

do tell…

SSG Kane

Back in the 80’s or 90’s there was a veteran who wasn’t wanted by the police as well. I think it was a murder charge or something. Anyway with his wilderness training they figured he was hiding out in the woods of Montana or Idaho, spent a while scouring those areas for him.

He was arrested at a 7/11 in a city for some other crime.

I’m starting to think that just maybe people get too focused in “wilderness training” and “off grid” and not enough on looking at what’s in front of them.


People have no idea how hard living like that is, even without trying to be clandestine. Smarter to leave bunches of clues pointing that direction, then head to a big city and act like Mr. Normal.


Glad he was arrested.

My thoughts were if he showed up in our AO, we’d be calling for them to pick up his carcass before he fed too many hogs.