Some Places Still “Get It”

| January 24, 2020

Many speak ill of the greater Chicago metro area. And in truth, for parts of it that scorn is often if not usually well-deserved.

But not all parts of the metro area are completely FUBAR. Some parts still seem to “get it”.

Thanks, Aurora.

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  1. 5th/77th FA says:

    ?!!??? daHell?!??!? I thought I got it; maybe I had it and misplaced it. The linky showed an oversized MILITARY.COM double headline. Help me Obi Juan.

    • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

      Scroll down my friend, it’s all there….

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Yeah I did that VOV. Saw the different linkys. Something about that site my firewalls didn’t like. As mentioned before I gots some pretty stiff perimeter defense on this ‘putor. My man told me to trust it and not try to understand it sometimes. I have noticed, on occasion, that a likny in a post to goes thru OK, but a direct shot will glick. The alarm notification pops up and shuttles the threat out into cyber space somewhere. My man will drop me a note and make mention that another hack was avoided. Nice to have a combination AWAC, P8, JSTARS, and a FO looking out for me.

    • Hondo says:

      Try scrolling down. When I access it, there are a ton of “table of contents” type links – but about 1/2 way down the page, you finally get to the article in question.

  2. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    This is a sad moment, but a positive community moment as well.

    I think in truth when we paint these cities as shitholes we do not ever mean the bulk of the population. Most of them want to live their best lives in peace and relative comfort.

    When we say shithole, at least for me, what I reference is the leadership of a city or nation that has brought the citizenry to their current status.

    When reviewing data regarding murders, crimes, etc…that make someplace a shithole it’s often not a city wide issue but a specific geographical location associated with the drug trade. What that says about the War on Drugs is a different conversation. But outside those specific geographical areas many shithole cities are relatively safe.

    I live near some Massachusetts shithole cities and those cities for the most part aren’t bad at all, except for those drug trade neighborhoods.

    Violence will spill out into surrounding areas from time to time as is true anywhere, but by and large for me shithole means the people running the city into the ground and the lack of tax base as a result to effect positive change in said city.

  3. Mason says:

    Thought I was done with allergies. Godspeed, PFC Villalon. Until Valhalla.

  4. JP76er says:

    Thank you Aurora. That’s where we called home when I worked in Chicago. It’s a great city for the most part but is has some problems. Gangs and violence are a problem in some areas. Pretty typical activity in a lot of large suburbs. Aurora is well known for having a very competitive boys league baseball. My son pitched on a team and they won the city championship one year. They had games at one field and his coach told me that one year there were shots fired in the parking lot during a game. I loved our neighbors and the subdivision we lived in. Actually a great city with some warts.