A Referendum on Liars

| January 16, 2020

The LowellSun had an excellent article about the issue of Elizabeth Warren pushing the narrative about women being undervalued and could not be president.  Bernie Sanders appears to be in the crosshairs now.

The article makes the point that a candidate credibility crisis is at hand.  Since the female POTUS candidates are dwindling, there is the opportunity to stake out a cause greater than one’s self.

Reliably, as with the 2016 election, CNN is all in on the candidate of its choice, and played a lead role in changing the battlefield from a conflict in which Warren would fight on her own merits to a wider and more important referendum on equality.

In other words, the candidate was no longer the ultra-flawed Elizabeth Warren, she was now ALL women.

Watching CNN collude with the Warren so overtly in an effort to reframe the race should be shocking, but they are in the public relations and advocacy business more than anything else these days.

The news network reported that Sanders had told Warren that a woman could not beat Donald Trump. She reportedly told two people and two others were familiar with the exchange. It happened at Warren’s house. Warren herself has confirmed it.

Why then, would the other four people demand anonymity? They are obviously in Warren’s circle. An objective observer might suspect that some wholesale manufacturing is afoot.

Then, the article highlighted CNN’s role in crafting the narrative…

CNN then embedded the weak premise that Sanders had said it, into a question in the debate as fact. The moderator wound-up and delivered a meatball to Warren who seemed as prepared for the pitch as Alex Cora’s 2018 Red Sox batting lineup.

She hit it out of the park and at the end of the debate pretended to be miffed at Sanders for calling her a liar.

Of course, by the standards of media fact-checks and damning Pinocchios, she is a liar.

Just to tick off a quick example, recall that on her 1986 State Bar of Texas registration card she listed herself as “American Indian.”

“American Indian,” as in unequivocally the real deal. Think Trail of Tears. The assertion is equivalent to stolen valor in which someone falsely claims to have fought in a war except there was real, unique currency in claiming Native American heritage when Warren did and she knew it.

At the end of the debate, CNN captured the moment when Warren refused to shake the hand of Sanders as the two exchanged inaudible remarks.

Miraculously, not-at-all planned, and totally on-the-level, CNN managed to find audio of the exchange, in which she read her lines with the authenticity of a nervous telemarketer: “I think you called me a liar on national TV.”

With that, the national media ran with the gender war narrative in the hopes that voters will now see the Democratic Primary as a referendum on all women, personified by one woman: Elizabeth Warren.

Unfortunately for her, it may turn out to be a referendum on liars.

Feel the bern!

Bernie struck me as a wimp in this situation.  He should have answered “Yes, as a matter of fact I did call you a liar.” but instead he went with “Well, you called me a liar.  Let’s not talk about this now.”

I was waiting for it to flair up into “Did not” – “Did too” or the reliable go-to of “Liar, liar pants on fire.”

I do have to say I saw another side of her – a vicious side.  A side that is hungry for power and will craft a convenient narrative to achieve her goals, whether that narrative is true or not.

Women do have it tough, I’ll grant them that.  They have to show that they are assertive enough to square off with someone, but at the same time not invoke the “B” word.

Bernie would do good by taking a few arrows in the back – pun intended – and dodge that whole issue or he will have to announce a female running mate and allow Warren to craft his campaign.

Just like the “Beer Summit” that Obama had to cover up for his own mistake for stepping into an issue he shouldn’t, we all have to endure something playing out to correct something else that didn’t go right.

Politics as theater.

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Sanders/Warren or Warren/Sanders?

Either one is ok with me.
Kills two buzzards with one vote.

Daisy Cutter

If Bernie is elected, our currency will change to IOU notes.

If Warren is elected, we’ll go to a currency system based on wampum.


Counterfeit wampum from a counterfeit Indian.


Bernie, in addition to being a Marxist, is a pussy. Can you imagine how easily he would back down when confronted by a Putin or a Kim? Let alone by the implacable ‘Slamonazis.

The Other Whitey

The answer is quite obvious: they’re both liars. They’re both two-faced snakes. They’re both greedy forked-tongued fascists. Neither should be trusted to tell you the sky is blue.


Warren has been a chameleon her entire life, changing to fit the current narrative. Arrogant too, calling Bern out for naming her a liar, which she clearly is and has been.

“…or he will have to announce a female running mate…”

AOC would be perfect, and of course seal the fate of the Dems in the upcoming Trump landslide. Be fun to watch, too.


no can do, VP has to be able to assume the Presidency if needed and she is (thank God!) years too young.

Just like Hillary, except instead of “it’s her turn” they will push “it’s WOMEN’S turn.”

Note how now there are articles that Pence was in on the Ukraine stuff all of a sudden? Like I said… they want Pelosi as interim President so they can cook the books and get a “legitimately elected” Democrat by whatever changed rules they can come up with. It will probably be the closest thing to a fair election we will see for the rest of out lives if so.


Yeah, but think just how gigglicious that would be, if someone suggested it to her and she took it seriously! Count on her utter ignorance to make her look The Fool!


Lets not forget she wants to cancel 1 trillion dollars of student loan debt on “day one”… this coming from someone who earned $429,981 in salary from Harvard during 2010 and 2011. In the spring semester of 2010 she taught a class in “Empirical Analysis”. Then in the Fall 2011 semester she taught a class in contracts. Yes, 2 whole classes.

ding! ding! ding! I think I found out why student loan debt is so high. Salaries in higher education.


Wait – were those lectures that she gave? Because those are a one-off.

If they were actual classes, she might have spent a semester on it.


Classes. Husband is a Law Professor at Harvard, where she was also a Law Professor.

Between 2008 and 2018, Warren and Mann earned over $10 million, according to their tax returns. The filings show that about one third of that income came from Warren’s sole proprietorship, through which she makes money writing, teaching, consulting and investing.


Thanks for the info!


We’re supposed to vote FOR her just because she is woman? And NOT for him because he isn’t?? Wouldn’t that be sexist???

5th/77th FA

effing scrunt. She is the epitome of everything that is wrong with the District of Criminals. A combination of lying, backstabbing, self serving, power hungry, I will do whatever underhanded thing to get the result I want. eff her and the pony she rode in on. I hate a liar worse than a thief. At least with a thief you believe they will steal. With a liar, you don’t know what to believe. What other lies has she told besides the one big one that it on paper, no denying it?

Cameron Kingsley

District of Criminals. I like that. Permission to steal?

Cameron Kingsley

District of Criminals. I like that. Permission to steal?


She has quite a list of lies she has pushed repeatedly. Almost every one of them has been proven irrefutably false. One of my faves is the one she has repeatedly told about ten times at campaign rallies where she says she lost her teaching job because she was “visibly pregnant.”


Bernie could have totally owned her over this if he’d simply responded,

“I never called you a liar, Elizabeth–but you do speak with forked tongue.”


Lars please descend into our presents and tell us what to think and how things are for reelz.


I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who read this as
“A Referendum on Lars..”
😀 😀 😀

A Proud Infidel®™

Well let’s see, we have Fauxcahontas who is PROVEN to be 1/1024 American Indian versus Behnie Sanduhs who HAS NEVER had a legitimate job in the Private Sector, Nanny Bloomers who is neon green with envy about President trump getting elected to Office along with being a shitty Mayor of NYC, and Fauxcahontas currently being pimped by the Clinton News Network, I wonder how soon Das Hildebeast will come back like a shitty case of Herpes?

Top W Kone

The only reason they are going after Sanders is he had a successful fund raising effort last quarter and is moving up in the polls. He is now an actual threat to Biden and Warren and the Democratic Committee is getting worried (again)

The only thing I like about Sanders is he brings to light the back room dealings of the Democratic Party leadership and there hypocrisy


It really isn’t all that complicated – among the elite of the DNC, why should they support him? After all, he isn’t one of them. Nobody should expect that they would support him. Ever.



A Proud Infidel®™

Wow, you really ARE starved for attention, aren’t you?


Let them squabble, bitch and moan and attack each other. It’s all in public now, you know, which makes them look like the idiots they are.

I keep hoping that at the very last minute, after the “candidate” have been chosen, whoever gets the nod suddenly just drops dead in full view of the slobberingly pandering TV cameras.

Sanders is an incompetent ass. Warren is an opportunistic old cow who will never do any of the crap she’s promising. Buttigieg might get the nod, but he’s up against that hair=sniffing old gasbag Biden. The remainder are forgettable.

Some Guy

For a second I misread the title as “A Referendum on Lars”, as in what did he say this time to bring banning him on this site to a vote. Need more coffee.


What did they say? It sounded a lot like, “I am better at lying about being a liar than you are. So there.”

“No, I’m a better liar than you are, harrumph.”

“Neener, neener, neener.”

“No, you’re a neener.”



Warren the Democrats and the American equivalent of Pravda are worried that she can’t win on her platform so they switch to the old standby of gender/identity politics. They hope that by getting enough women, minorities and Teensy-weenie Transgenders on their side they will win. This is similar to the same tact that Hillary took culminating in her now famous “Basket of Deplorables” remark.


Frankly, I wouldn’t vote for her if she suddenly became the last Female on Earth, and I found (to my dismay) that I had acquired XY genes overnight and started to grow manhair… and other stuff.


Just my two cents, for what it’s worth. The old commie Bernie may have actually said that to Lieawatha. But, I’m sure she’s taking it completely out of context. If Bernie said that a woman couldn’t be elected I’m sure he meant in the context that the good ol’ US of A is a racist, misogynistic nation that would never elect a woman because “sexism, man!” Could be the reason why the so-called witnesses are demanding anonymity.

A Proud Infidel®™

You’ll be moderated in no time. You see, those who stir the proverbial shitpot here will be forced to lick the spoon in one way or another, little man!