Funeral for PFC Raymond H. Middlekauff (World War II)

| January 30, 2020

Last April, DPAA announced that it had accounted for PFC Raymond H. Middlekauff, US Army. PFC Middlekauff was lost in Germany on 4 December 1944.

PFC Middlekauff will be buried next week – on Wednesday, 5 February – in Arlington National Cemetery. Regrettably, DPAA does not seem to have posted the specific location and time for his funeral services or interment.

If any TAH readers have the precise location and time for PFC Middlekauff’s funeral services or interment, please post it in comments below. And if any readers are in the area and have the time, here’s an opportunity to give someone lost during World War II a proper final send-off.

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  1. 26Limabeans says:

    TNX to Another Pat at the link provided for the
    background story of PFC Middlekauff.

  2. ninja says:

    PFC Raymond H. Middlekauff’s Funeral Services will be held on 5 February 2020 @ 1100 Hours in the Memorial Chapel, Arlington National Cemetery.

    Rest In Peace, Soldier. You Were Never Forgotten. Salute.

    Bring Them All Home.

    Thank You to Hondo for posting and 26Limabeans for providing additional information on PFC Middlekauff.

  3. 5th/77th FA says:

    We will raise a glass to toast the Sacrifice and in Honor of PFC Raymond H. Middlekauff at the appointed hour. May all of the Unknowns become known one day.

    Thanks to Hondo for the update and reminder and Thanks to ninja for the info on the Services for this Warrior.

    Note to 26Limabeans. AnotherPat did an excellent job of digging up the “Rest of the Story!” I like to think that AnotherPat is still out there, lurking, doing deep cover sekreet skwirlrel research. Kinda like a teenage mutant type of turtle. Just a feeling…RTR…gabn…hbtd

  4. Sparks says:

    Rest in peace my elder Brother

  5. AW1Ed says:

    Welcome home.

  6. 2banana says:

    F#ck you snowflakes and SJWs.

    “Over 72,000 US personnel remain unaccounted for from World War II; over 7,600 US personnel remain unaccounted for from the Korean War; over 1,500 remain unaccounted for in Southeast Asia (SEA); 126 remain unaccounted for from the Cold War; 5 remain unaccounted for from the Gulf Wars; and 1 individual remains unaccounted for from Operation Eldorado Canyon.”