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| January 30, 2020

S&W M&P Shield M2.0

Time to start thinking about the warmer weather coming soon, and change up for lighter clothing and a more discrete firearm when carrying concealed. Think I’ll start posting up suggestions for the ladies on the Sunday FGS- stop that gun bunny. These will be reasonable recommendations of what’s available, but the final choice is of course up to y’all lovely ladies of TAH.

Woman shoots at boyfriend breaking into her San Tan Valley home

SAN TAN VALLEY — A domestic violence situation escalated quickly Saturday morning in San Tan Valley.

According to a Pinal County Sheriff’s Office probable cause statement, Jaquarri Mallard, 22, of Surprise, was arrested for second-degree burglary, assault, criminal damage and disorderly conduct after he got in a fight with a girlfriend in the 2900 block of West Dancer Lane.

Deputies believe a domestic fight broke out between Mallard and the woman about 8:30 a.m.

“The victim and the defendant are romantically involved but do not reside together,” a deputy wrote in the report. “This morning an argument ensued because the defendant allegedly became jealous, believing the victim was out last night. The defendant allegedly became upset at the victim after she told him to leave,” documents state.

She told sheriff’s deputies that he came at her with clenched fists.

Heh. “…non-bondable…” Read the rest here: San Tan Valley Sentinel

Deputies: Homeowner shoots suspect trying to break into home

by Kristen Schneider
RICHLAND COUNTY, S.C. (WACH) – The man injured in a Saturday night shooting was trying to break into an Irmo home, according to the Richland County Sheriff’s Department.

Joseph James Harkless, 21, is charged with three counts of attempted murder, as well as grand larceny, the department said.

According to deputies, the shooting happened Saturday night at a home in the 200 block of Concord Place.

Deputies said Harkless tried to get into the home by shooting a glass patio door.

That’s when the homeowner grabbed a gun from inside the home and shot Harkless, hitting him in the upper body, deputies said.

0 / 1 / 0
Read the rest here: Wach Fox 57

Waco: Man who killed pit bull says situation unfolded quickly

By Ke’Sha Lopez
WACO, Texas (KWTX) A man who shot and killed a pit bull that attacked his leashed dog while he was skateboarding on May 8 in a North Waco neighborhood said Monday the incident is a bone-chilling reminder of how important it is for people to follow animal control laws and to be responsible pet owners.

Tsuchiya was skateboarding at around noon on May 8 near the intersection of North 21st Street and Reuter Avenue when the pit bull broke away from the backyard of a nearby home and attacked his dog, Togo, a 5-year- old Siberian husky.

“He got him by the neck. His scruff fortunately and all this fur helped save him,” Tsuchiya said Monday.

Tsuchiya said the situation unfolded quickly.

He said he tried to pull the dogs apart, Togo by his leash and the pit bull by a heavy chain it was dragging.

The pit bull’s owner ran out of a house during the attack yelling “don’t shoot my dog,” Tsuchiya said.

“I was not going to have any help separating the animals once I saw her go back inside,” he said.

Senseless and easily preventable. Don’t blame the Pit, blame the owner. Read the rest here: KWTX

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SSG Kane

Not related to the FGS, but more towards the opening paragraph. Mrs. Kane has recently started to carry concealed, she uses the handbag method and hates it. She’s also tried IWB (which didn’t work with her body shape), hip and appendix carry, and OWB which was more comfortable, but impossible to conceal. Anyone have recommendations for her?

5th/77th FA

SSG Kane, I kinda liked that garter belt thigh high design featured in the Tuesday FGS. But then again, I’ve always been partial to ladies in skirts/dresses anyways. Think it’s a throwback to my former life as a Riverboat Gambler where my ladies carried Mr. Deringer’s design in a garter holster. Your Mrs. may be more into pants/shorts. As commented elsewhere here, trial and error for the right “fit”. Had a GF that used the Bra holster, but she was well enough endowed that the peashooter was concealed anyhow.

‘Ed, you don’t want any suggestions from me for the Ladies? Crushed I tell you, just heartbroken. I would be a reasonable recommendation and would make a good choice. They know that I can cook, don’t they?

Your FIRST picture might have been slightly off, but the linky was correct. Everybody wants to be a critic these days.

The owner of the poor pittie should have a chain around her neck and be staked out in the backyard. I’ve had several pits and they are wonderful furbabies. My last one, Macy Girl, was an intimidating acting brindle, drop dead gorgeous, and a big ol’ lap puppy. She was 12 when cancer took her. A trooper to the end, she went to sleep very peaceably in my arms.


Tamara Keel at Shooting Illustrated has some thoughts from a ladies’ perspective.

Docduracoat has a lot of good advice and products geared toward concealed carry for women.
I use their under the steering wheel holster for car carry.

I use dog paper targets and get a lot of flack at the range for shooting at them.
I think you need to practice for every possible situation and animal attack is just as likely as a 2 legged predator.
Even in a city

MI Ranger

If she likes loose fitting leggings or pants try the Bugbite ankle holster. A good appendix carry or even the Undertech Undercover leggings.


Finding other ladies who carry, and getting their input is helpful.

Ladies, if you carry, please speak up here.

“Pouch on a belt” type carry worked for some ladies I know. Not totally discreet but it works.

Belly band, ankle holster, and “Thunderwear” are options.

The latter is a discreet pouch/pocket with an elastic band/velcro, worn under the trousers. You tuck the sidearm in the pouch so the gun butt is below the waistband. You can wear it under jeans, scrubs, sweats, baggy shorts, etc. It actually works better with loose non-belt stuff, but can work with slacks and belt if you don’t need a tight belt. It works well for the role. The Thunderwear brand is quite well made.

If you must use a purse-holster, get a good purpose-made one with wire or mesh in the strap to prevent cutting by a thief. Don’t just dump a pistol in with all the other stuff in a Wal-Mart special. Don’t.

Acetone will get gobs of hardened nail polish and purse-lint-bunnies off of steel parts. Acetone isn’t good for plastic parts, or wood. See above on dumping a gun in with the other stuff. Don’t.


“Thunderwear” ???
So you’re the creep rifling through my skivvies drawer…..


Beretta PX4.


Yea, the pic definitely isn’t a S&W.

Kane, I’ve ccw’s for the better part of 20 years and have the proverbial drawer-full-o-holsters to prove it….it’s amatter of finding what works for that person.

There are very good IWB’s that can make all the difference in the world in comfort and concealment (think Milt Sparks VMII) compared to….less good holsters.

A few other options that I go to as well are the Smart Carry/3Speed holsters (I have both) that are below belt level in front of the crotch….and are primary go-to with shorts, but is one of my “church” options as well. Those might be a good option to try for someone having a hard time finding something that works.

Good luck.


Decent tally, that poor pit was programmed to be a bad dog, blame the deed not the breed
I wish S&W would stop making all those wonderful guns! My credit card is already too hot to touch!!!!

Steve 1371

Buds gun shop is running some wicked deals on M&P 2.0’s right now. Hurry on down!


I had an M&P 9 Shield with a red Crimson Trace Laser on it.
Nice little pistol, but I still like a large heavy gun so I sold it and kept my M&P 9 double stack, nice and big and heavy.
I put Dawson sights on it and just absolutely love it !!!
I mean that I did until I took it ice fishing with me and the rest of my guns here at Corpus Christi Texas and I broke through the ice.
The ice looked thick enough, in June….
I miss my guns…


Hate it when that happens ! What are Dawson sights? They evidently do nothing to add buoyancy.


Jaquarri Mallard

Claw, up!


Well, isn’t he just ducky. Since he’s non-bondable, six foot two and 220 pounds and likes to try to beat on girls, that earns a DAM (Dumb Ass Move) multiplier. Results are:

Jaquarri Mallard (DAM) 34 x 4 = 136

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I guess Mallard had time to Duck when his girl shot at him.


Duck season!

– Bugs Bunny


I see Smith is intro’ing a Shield EZ in 9mm. Going to be a GREAT choice for people who have problems racking a ‘normal’ slide. Even when the EZ was available only as a .380, sold a ton of them. Great ladies’ gun and for folks who want foolproof slide racking.

My former neighbor’s Dobie attacked my Malamute one spring.. tore out a coupla tufts of subcoat before she noticed him much. He got her attention the third time, though…she ripped him a new one.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I bought the Springfield XDe 9mm Sub Compact a couple of years ago and I wonder how it will compare to S&W’s Shield’s EZ slide.