No Bias in Anti-Trump FISA Request?

| December 10, 2019

The media and the left continue to distort reality. (r/The_Donald)

The investigation into the process that led to the FISA request against the Trump Presidential Campaign came out. The Inspector-General concluded that those involved followed policy and did not exercise bias or misconduct in their actions.

Naturally, those involved on the receiving end of President Trump’s criticisms used that conclusion to defend their positions. Many on the left appear to be gloating. However, what is actually written in the report is damning.

From the report:

…our review found that FBI personnel fell far short of the requirement and FBI policy that they ensure that all factual statements in a FISA application are “scrupulously accurate.” We identified multiple instances in which factual assertions relied upon in the first FISA application were inaccurate, incomplete, or unsupported by appropriate documentation, based upon information the FBI had in its possession at the time the application was filed. We found that the problems we identified were primarily caused by the Crossfire Hurricane team failing to share all relevant information with OI and, consequently, the information was not considered by the Department decision-makers who ultimately decided to support the applications.

Now, one of two things may be concluded from this statement. One, the people involved were extremely incompetent and had absolutely no clue about what they were doing. Two, they knew exactly what they were doing and deliberately withheld information in order to get the courses of action that they wanted. This also indicates a possibility that this was rushed in order to get the action that they needed in time right before the election.

Further reading of the report would show that what the Trump Administration and supporters have argued has been the case. The report contains additional damning information against those that perpetrated this. Naturally, you’re not going to find direct evidence of bias, but actions speak volumes.

Many on the left are spinning this to make it appear that there was no wrongdoing and that President Trump was “wrong”. Naturally, a reading of the actual document doesn’t support their arguments. Fox News has the article here and you can download the report via this link.

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A couple fellows named Barr and Durham “…we do not agree with some of the report’s conclusions as to predication and how the FBI case was opened.”

The fat lady is just warming up.

Slow Joe

Why the hell didn’t Horowitz didn’t ypu spell out all the violations and crimes committed by the anti-Trump?

Somebody please splain this to me!

That motheeffer is effing traitor too!

I knew I was right in not having many hopes for this IG report.


Don’t over react to this. The report likely does not say what big media would have you believe that it says. For instance, does the report say that no political bias exists or that no direct evidence of political bias is documented? Huge difference between those two things.

Read it yourself. Read it very carefully. It is probably a primer on what an official report is supposed to look like instead of all the childish gobble-de-gook that we have been subjected to of late.


True. Fire and Brimstone or drama is a nono in any kind of credible report. The report supplies the facts (ideally) but you must supply your own outrage.


He’s IG. I expected more of the same that we always get from these government self-investigations. “Lots of violations of policy and law, but we don’t think it was done with any ill-intent or malice.”

Like Hillary’s g̶r̶o̶s̶s̶ ̶n̶e̶g̶l̶i̶g̶e̶n̶c̶e̶ extremely careless handling of classified information. I’ve been involved in enough internal investigations to know that the goal of an internal investigation is to either sweep things under the rug or get rid of people you don’t like. Looks like we’ve got the former here, or more likely since all the major players have already been fired or resigned, the IG is trying to save the FBI some face.


“Somebody please splain this to me!”

In an interview with NBC Attorney General Barr answers your question, and more! Specifically, at about 6:30 Barr explains the limitations on the IG investigation, as opposed to a criminal investigation.

On the other hand, given the limitations of the investigation, the conclusions are damning.



Forgot to add the link.


Wow. I’m glad we’ve got Barr. He might be one of the best spoken AGs ever. He explains things very well that even someone not versed in law can understand it.


I’ll take option #2, Sins of Omission for $500 please Alex.

Slow Joe

The effing shit happened with the Muller report. The report didn’t find any wrong doing by Trump, but didn’t spell it out clearly for everyone.

I don’t give an eff what the reports says. Nobody is going to read all that. What is important is the BLUFF and the conclusions. Nothing else.

And here we are, with the IG giving more ammunition to the enemies of America as founded.


Then you are just wrong. The entire report is precisely what matters. Read it yourself, not someone else’s summary of their interpretation of what they hope the report says. Maybe.


Incompetent, stupid or corrupt are the only options that make sense. So Comey, Brennan and the rest prefer stupid or incompetent to avoid criminal sanctions


Being stupid is a a desirable trait in politics. Look at Congress. Half those people are borderline retarded.


And more than a few aren’t even borderline…


At least in the house, borderline is a dirty word.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Here’s a cute little excerpt from page 3….

Additionally, both the AG Guidelines and
the DIOG permit the FBI to conduct an investigation,
even if it might impact First Amendment or other
constitutionally protected activity
, so long as there is
some legitimate law enforcement purpose associated
with the investigation.

That one little paragraph is really all you need to see to understand how your government works on your behalf.

The very people who have determined it’s okay to violate your rights in a secret court that is immune to FOIA requests if it is “some” legitimate purpose are also the very people who determine what is or is not legitimate.

This is why I get crazy over shitty law like the Patriot Act, our own judges are in on the act of restricting your rights on behalf of the government for the government’s own self defined legitimate purpose.

Remember to remind yourself you live in a free country because the evidence is mounting that you really do not and that “freedom” they keep selling you has about as much value as the watered down soap they sell women at three times the price because of the “pretty” packaging.


Might that same paragraph be what leads to criminal prosecution for the guilty parties (read that as Comey et al) in the near future?

One can hope. Maybe this isn’t so much giving them all a pass as giving them enough rope to be hung with.


Yes, and just keep telling yourself “Epstein committed suicide,” cuz nobody can prove otherwise.


‘We are borg, we decide what your Rights are, we choose to enforce justice and what it looks like, you will submit, you will be assimilated, and pay out the ass for us to squash you no matter who you are.’
Roger that.

5th/77th FA

Give it another squeeze you Bastards, Trump works better under pressure!

Y’all correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems I remember that the FIRST thing that dasHildabeast and BJ Willie did before they got settled down good in the White House was to go to the FBI Office and collect all of Hoover’s “private files.” Supposedly jE had collected quite a bit of dirt on anybody and everybody. Maybe that’s why the Clinton Crime Syndicate has been able to get by with all of the sketchy stuff that attributed to them. It’s already been shown that Comey et al has worked very hard to bend the truth to suit The Clinton’s agenda.

I’m not as concerned about what the gubmint is telling us as I am concerned about what all they are NOT telling us.

Drain the Swamp.


I actually enjoyed the first year or so of the Clinton administration. Every day a new screwup, sometimes several. It took those big fish from a small pond a year to realize they were itty-bitty fish jumping into a big pond. Unfortunately, though, there was no permanent damage to those super-sized egos.


A blast from the past:
“Raising suspicions that Whitewater documents were deliberately withheld from investigators, a personal aide to First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton testified Thursday that she found the missing papers when they suddenly appeared in a room accessible only to the Clinton family, their guests and personal and custodial staff.
The aide, Carolyn Huber, said that she found the papers five months ago lying on a table in the “book room” of the White House living quarters–an area where access is closely guarded by uniformed Secret Service personnel. It is off-limits to the general White House staff.
Huber said she had been in the room where she found the documents–billing records from the Rose Law Firm where Mrs. Clinton had been a partner–three or four days earlier and she is certain the records were not present.”

I bet the Clintons are no longer worried about Epstein talking.


Magic made them appear!


So the Swamp Rats want us believe that Peter Strozk was not biased or his bias did not influence his actions when he was covering for Hillary and working on the “insurance policy” to get rid of Trump if he was elected. I guess we are not supposed to believe our own lying eyes when we read his texts and observe what the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and the Five Eyes did to take out Trump. Next, they will re-affirm that the FBI never intended to kill anyone at Randy Weaver’s cabin, because Horiuchi (the sniper) claimed he didn’t intend to kill when he squeezed the trigger. Hey, just another opportunity to suspend disbelief.


I am sure they will insist there is no bias, because they intend to do this to any Republican opponent, not just Trump.

Slow Joe

Lon Tomohisa Horiuchi is still around, enjoying his retirement.
I guarantee you he is a Democrat.

Slow Joe

Talking about Horiuchi, hiw come he became a sniper?
He was in the Army as an officer after graduating from West Point, and officers don’t go to sniper school.

If officers went to sniper school, there would be a sniper tab.


Convinced the FBI to send him to school, probably. Nothing says he was a sniper in the Army.


Officers don’t go to sniper school because we are not supposed to be individual trigger pullers. We are supposed to lead and manage trigger pullers. If, as an officer, you are concentrating on trigger pulling, you are not doing your job. That is why once upon a time in the French Army, officers were only armed with swagger sticks. If officers have to start trigger pulling, it is just about “game over,” with a less than favorable outcome.


If you don’t intend to kill, you don’t squeeze the trigger. I learned that from my dad when I was 10, you’d think a trained sniper would know that.


Trump isn’t the one they wanted!! They have to get rid of him!!!

How hard is that for you old dodos to understand!!!


Some of us are as dumb as dodos, but we resent that old part, cuz real dodos aren’t getting any older. They are stuffed in a few museums. But sometimes I feel like we are about to become extinct.


The FBI decision to investigate Page and Manafort was sound. Both had known, well documented, and undisputed ties to Russia, and it was extremely suspicious that they both ended up as advisors to the Trump campaign. Counterintel guys don’t believe in coincidence.

Carter Page first came onto the FBI’s radar in 2013, long before the Steele dossier, when he was being recruited by known Russian spies.(1) The two Russians were actually convicted of espionage and deported.(2,3)

Even more suspicious, Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was instrumental in getting a Pro-Russian presidential candidate elected in Ukraine (4). The guy was later fled to Russia, where he remains.

Interestingly, under pressure from the Trump administration, Ukraine dropped their investigation into Manafort (5).

By the way Manafort and Roger Stone are/were business partners (6). I’m not sure if they will be able to continue their consulting business from prison (7).

So, while I a glad that there was no Trump/Russia collusion and I that neither Page nor Manafort were witting Russian agents, the FBI did the right thing in investigating them.








So you’re ok with using an unverified dossier, unverified sources, and cherry-picked evidence to obtain a FISA warrant? If an investigation of Page and Manafort was necessary, why was it necessary to basically lie to get the warrant? That’s not how this works.


He’s also ok with a victim (not an accomplice) of foreign intelligence agents being persecuted by our government solely because he was a victim.


The Steelyeye is nothing but a prodga troll ignore him/xher/whatever. It is apparently part of the Deep State.



Can you dispute anything I posted, or is this the extent of your retort?

I do not care what you think of me, my politics, or my gender identity- I thought I’d made that pretty clear.

That said, I am not a progressive. Based on what I see posted on TAH I am more of an actual conservative than many here.

I am what the kids today call a cisgender male, but since it seems to offend you I will try harder to check my privilege.

Finally, there is no Deep State. The National Security apparatus that you seem to want to dismantle is overwhelmingly conservative and Trump supporters (and white and male (straight males).

That said, they do their job to the best of their duty because it’s their duty, not because of political affiliation. The same was true during the Obama administration.


To Mason:

You are putting words in my mouth. I didn’t say that I am OK with persecution. I said that Page and Manafort both had Russian ties, and the fact that they both became Trump campaign advisors would seem suspicious to any counterintelligence agent and worthy of investigation.


I didn’t say that. I said that there was lots of justification for investigating both Page and Manafort. Whether or not it justified phone surveillance is a different question.


” undisputed ties to Russia,”

Now there’s a meaningless phrase. I, too, have “ties to Russia”, or more accurately the USSR and Russia.

“… advisors to the Trump campaign”

In Page’s case as an unpaid wannabee advisor. Having received several questionnaires from Trump asking for my advice on several subjects I, too, am an unpaid advisor to the Trump campaign.

come to think of it, the Clintons both have “undisputed ties to Russia”, as does Joe Biden, so why shouldn’t they be investigated?



What are your ties to Russia? Did you travel there, have you talked to known Russian spies, or did you get Russia’s puppet elected president (in Ukraine, of all countries?).

Did the president name you as an advisor in a sit down interview with the Washington Post?

I am all for investigating Biden and Clinton. It is possible for the FBI to investigate all of them, you know.


Tim, you are wasting your brain cell synapses and electrons replying to a comment from a committed proglodyte from the Orange Man Bad cult. All you will get is more regurgitation of progda agitprop. Don’t feed the trolls.


What I see here is simple We are now on trumps last year in office The IG report is a wash Barr is doing his job and covering everything up And cleaning house all be it protecting the so called Swamp… he spent two days three weeks ago praising the FBI director on the IG report Oddly the FBI director is praising this report and Trashing Barr !!!!! Barr has had this report in his hands for over 7-8 weeks now what gives ??? Also of note this special AG in Connecticut Is another cleanup for the swamp and Barr It doesn’t take a year to charge anybody for what they claim is this bad !!!!! Now they are saying we have to wait until next year For his report more like it coverup I’m off the trump train now I do believe most out here are being played By this group of clowns the sad part is there are a lot of us out here that are feed up with this bullshit Unfortunately the wako leftist are truly crazier Then trump or anybody running for office from any side I can’t even listen to Sean hannity anymore Because he’s full of shit He’s like a carnie talk talk and more talk no proof As always Blah Blah LMAO !!!! Oddly the fact that a corrupt Lindsey Graham Is on his show talking shit With zero follow through on anything he says But like most of Congress on both sides… Read more »


Did you think two centuries of swamp was going to be drained in a few years?

A whole bunch of folks tried to convince us the Soviet Union was solid, eternal, and could not be defeated. Poof. Gone. It was mostly a sham, except for the tens of millions dead. A big part of that win was someone saying, and acting upon, “This evil empire has to -go-.” and “We -can- do this.”

This is a long slog fight. We can and we will win. But the swamp critters are not going to just roll over for it. Trump is at least trying to drain the swamp, and he is getting in some key wins.

Stay the course. Keep up the fight.


Exactly. I say to the faint of heart: Don’t puss out. We aren’t even close to the end when the fat lady sings.

Slow Joe

Skippy, you have voiced exactly everything I had in my mind.

Nothing is going to change. No one is going to be charged.


The FBI decision to investigate Page and Manafort was sound. Both had known, well documented, and undisputed ties to Russia, and it was extremely suspicious that they both ended up as advisors to the Trump campaign. Counterintel guys don’t believe in coincidence. Links to all of this are at the bottom of the post for those so inclined. Carter Page first came onto the FBI’s radar in 2013, long before the Steele dossier, when he was being recruited by known Russian spies. The two Russians were actually convicted of espionage and deported. Even more suspicious, Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was instrumental in getting a Pro-Russian presidential candidate elected in Ukraine The guy was later fled to Russia, where he remains. Manafort is currently in jail for evading taxes on this money and other associated crimes. Interestingly, under pressure from the Trump administration, Ukraine dropped their investigation into Manafort. By the way, Manafort and Roger Stone are/were business partners. I’m not sure if they will be able to continue their consulting business from prison. I never bought the collusion theory; I was more inclined to believe that the Trump team, not being political animals, was disorganized and in a hurry to hire people. In other words, any contact with Russia was unwitting. However, we knew the Russians had interfered, had hacked into at least the Democrats, and were actively trying to do more. The FBI had to investigate to see where else it led. The problem was Nunes (who has… Read more »


Your comments were delayed, Steeleyl, due to exceeding the links limit on your comment. This trips the spam filters and requires a Mod or Admin to approve the comment for display. Not a big deal, but there is no schedule for any of us to check, so expect delays. The limit seems to be three links per comment.

Our ninja is frequently guilty of this, and shows no signs of remorse.



AW1Ed is correct: I am indeed guilty of overloading in links!

Just want to keep Navy on their toes in preparation of an upcoming event (Hint: gabn).



.” Counterintel guys don’t believe in coincidence”

Good ones do. Otherwise they would be spending all their time chasing fantasies and rumors while the real bad guys do their dirty work.

Uh, sort of like the Russian collusion thing…..Hmmmm. Maybe our counter intel guys ain’t so good.


“The problem was Nunes (who has absolutely no background, training, or experience in actual intelligence or counterintelligence) did not know and still does not know what he is doing. He is still in the mix and still has not managed to obtain a clue as to what he is doing.”

Except for being correct, you mean?


Just as I wrote that, Nunes came on Tucker Carlson and once again Carlson confirmed that Nunes had been spot-on in his long-ago accusations of FBI fraud on the FISA courts.


Just like all of Trump’s tweets that they get all up in arms about. “Trump baselessly says Obama’s Admin wiretapped his campaign! LIES!” Then a few months later, “well, when he said wire tapping, it was really more surveillance.”


To AW1Ed:

Go Army! Beat Navy!


the ninja



5th/77th FA

what ninja said X 1000!!!

😉 😉 😆 😆 😆 😉

ninja, where’s the Mule kicking the Goat out of the stadium picture?