Fake SEAL Charged with Defrauding VA Out of More Than $300K

| November 26, 2019

Several newspapers are reporting that Richard Meleski allegedly faked his service as a Navy SEAL, falsely claimed he served in Beirut, claimed he was both a POW and Silver Star recipient to defraud the VA out of more than $300,000.

The Philadelphia Inquirer writes:

A 58-year-old Bucks County man was indicted for falsely claiming he was a Navy SEAL and prisoner of war — he never served a day in the military — in order to steal more than $300,000 in government benefits, U.S. Attorney William M. McSwain announced Monday.

Richard Meleski of Chalfont was arrested and charged in federal court with health-care fraud, mail fraud, stolen valor, and related offenses in connection with his alleged scheme to obtain health-care benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs and disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

“18 hr hostile takeover. Became POW, during this tour. Beaten, shot, head injury, tortured. Hospitalized in Germany for injuries sustained. Crushed hand. Shrapnel,” Meleski wrote, claiming he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of serving as a Navy SEAL in Beirut during the 1980s, according to the indictment.

Meleski claimed he injured his left knee jumping out of a window carrying a dead SEAL on his back, prosecutors allege.

That underscores the meaning of never leave a buddy behind.

They further wrote:

If convicted on all counts, Meleski would face 68 years in prison, $302,121.21 in restitution, and a $2,250,000 fine.

ABC27.com writes:

U.S. Attorney William McSwain said Meleski never served a single day in the U.S. military but received healthcare before deserving military service members.

McSwain said Meleski filed for compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder he claimed to have suffered during an armed conflict in Beirut in which he had supposedly rescued injured teammates.

In his application for disability benefits for PTSD, Meleski also falsely claimed he had been awarded the Silver Star for his heroic actions.

He also submitted another application for compensation in which he used the obituaries of actual Navy SEALs, claiming that he had served alongside them, McSwain said.

Well, that answers the question of ‘How low can you go?’

CBSLocal in Philadelphia writes:

Meleski has been charged with health care fraud, mail fraud, stolen valor, creating fraudulent military discharge papers, and making false statements.

Pennsylvania’s DOJ Office released a statement on the matter:

The case was investigated by Department of Veterans Affairs-Office of the Inspector General and Social Security Administration-Office of the Inspector General, and is being prosecuted by Special Assistant United States Attorney Megan Curran.

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Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

Should have done that investigation into this asshat’s qualifications BEFORE handing over the treatments and money.
Too late now. The system may imprison Mr Asshat, it may liquidate and seize all his assets, but it will never recover all the restitution and fines.

Ounce, prevention vs pound, cure, and all that.

SSG Kane

Problem is, then people bitch about how long the VA takes to help vets!?!?!!!111!!

Which is what makes this shit so evil. It will reach a point where the VA will deny everything, or waitlist you for so long you die while they do their investigation. (Note this is not the same as the hospital waitlists that killed people…those vets had already been vetted)

I’m glad they caught this guy. Better now than never, and it shows that enforcement can work. Just needs to happen quicker.

Wilted Willy

This asshat is nothing, my pos brother has already scammed the VA out of over 750K already claiming his PTSD and the fucker never served a day in combat!


I was waiting for you say “hold my beer”


Yes, it is pretty traumatic making dentures in Okinawa during the war in the Viet of the Nam. Has he also claimed he has some ailment from exposure to Agent Orange? Cuz I hear you can get exposure to the orange agent just by shaking hands with a guy exposed to it.

SSG Kane

I got it figured out!

He was an oral hygienist in Okinawa and was responsible for suck siphoning agent orange from the ships to the aircraft.

So he has cancer from the stuff he inadvertently ingested and PTDS from the thought of all the other people who developed cancer as a result of their exposure. Exposure that wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t done his duty.

I’m going to go lay down now. This one gave me a headache.


I sincerely hope you have not said this to your brother. Combat is not required for PTSD. It can be caused by many different types of traumatic events. I am a retired VA Service Officer.


That is correct of course. My wife was diagnosed with PTSD as a result of abuses she suffered in her life. Many people mistake PTSD with combat.


Mike, was she in the military when she was abused? Just curious on her situation on how that happened.


Please remember we are addessing Vets collecting VA Disability for PTSD.

The Stranger

His brother was previously featured here as a valor thieving piece of shit. You may not want to invest a lot in defending him. Just sayin’.


TJ. Can you get the PTSD by burning down other peoples’ buildings for 40 years?


What happened to presenting a DD214 to show proof you were where you say you were while in the Military I believe it is done and the VA should have checked thoroughly and billed the dude until proof was provided and then they could have paid the bills if he was truly in military. I think the VA office should be held responsible as well yes it was wrong of Meleski but if he didn’t show proof that is on them like someone said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure… Make him do community service and work off the monies


What happened to presenting a DD214 to show proof you were where you say you were while in the Military I believe it is done and the VA should have checked thoroughly and billed the dude until proof was provided and then they could have paid the bills if he was truly in military. I think the VA office should be held responsible as well yes it was wrong of Meleski but if he didn’t show proof that is on them like someone said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure… Make him do community service and work off the monies


I concur. What the VA didn’t ask or look for a verified DD214 and SSN. VA personnel didn’t do their job. That tells a lot about the quality of people working claims and so forth, just punching the clock.


What a dick. And what incompetence.




How do they not take the time to Vet a guy like this…


Just another example of how bloated and functionally useless our bureaucracy is. It SHOULD be a simple case of calling over to the National Archives and/or the services’ personnel center to verify eligibility.


I switched VAs a while back. Showwd the new VA my VA card indicating service related disability, had up-to-date VA letters stating level of disability, DD214 and DD215, and they still made me fill out a form requesting care like I was brand new – and then lost my paperwork. 45 days, had to call to get them to ‘find’ everything, and then didn’t even see a doctor because they are shorthanded. Glad I don’t hold a grudge, but sure do miss Houston VA.


You think the VA is bad now. I had a friend who served with me at Ft. Devens in the early 70’s. After getting out of the Army, he became a physical therapist and worked at the main VA hospital in Boston. After about a year there, he couldn’t take the shameful way they treated the patients and quit. He said he wouldn’t take a healthy dog there, let alone a sick one. He was mostly treating men wounded in Korea and Vietnam and was horrified at the care many of them were and were not receiving. He vowed never to go to the VA for medical care.


How? Good grief.
Think I’ll go down to the city and claim I retired as a 40 year firefighter and tell them I was burned over 90% of my body fighting various fires and rescuing kitties over the decades. (Never been a fire fighter by the way) Go home, wait on pension check. No? Wouldn’t work? How in the heck does this pass through the VA claims process without any red flags?

Daisy Cutter

Burned over 90% of your body because you entered the house a second time and came out with someone slung over your back and a kitten in each front pocket of your jacket.

Jorge Castro

Exactly; There must be someone else involved in this scheme. The first thing you have to carry is a DD 214 and it has to be verified in the official DOD files. I can’t understand how someone who never served in the army has come so far without help.


And no one at the VA smelled a rat. Boggles the mind…


The embellishers make war stories like his sound less unusual to the ears of a VA admin clerk who never served. His war stories would raise suspicion unless you see several stories like his a year and have no service or very little service with which to have sufficient context to smell bullshit.

The Stranger

You bring up a good point, but in this case, the guy had ZERO service. I would hope that a bureaucratic organization like the VA would ask for SOME type of paperwork to verify someone’s service. Also, even if you didn’t serve, if the guy you’re talking to is telling you a story that sounds like a bad movie script, it’s gotta make you wonder if it’s bullshit, especially if vetting these folks is your job.


He likely presented a bogus DD-214. There is not a shortage of them out there, as we have seen here for many years. One of the charges against him is “creating fraudulent military discharge papers.” I still fail to understand why the VA doesn’t have direct, prompt electronic access to what the public can get by merely doing a FOIA request to the NPRC or the military branch claimed by these frauds.

Haywire Angel

This is the government we are talking about. Why have common sense? /sarc

Carlton G Long

I suspect that someone inside the VA assisted with this scam in return for remuneration.


Someone had to. No way he slipped through the cracks with bogus paperwork without help on the inside.


I don’t understand how it is so difficult for the VA to do a Prime Source verification thru each military branches records division?

Comm Center Rat

Perhaps VA should contract with Don Shipley to verify Trident qualification claims by all alleged SEALs filing for disability compensation. The Hair is the keeper of the master database and within seconds can throw the bullshit flag on the fakers.

Hack Stone

Phil Monkress vouched for him.


Good one Hack.

Green Thumb

And put him on the payroll….

Combat Historian

Probably the only reason he got busted was because an angry ex-wife or ex-girlfriend squealed on him. God knows how many posers are quietly defrauding Uncle Sugar and sucking the VA teat without fear of being ratted out because their wives and girlfriends are in on the act…

5th/77th FA

This, and Wilted Willy’s biological brother are classic examples of why we can’t have nice things

I’m wid y’all. Why in the hell doesn’t VA do a verification of service before granting benefits. You would think that the VA has the same, if not better ability, to verify Service.

May I be the FIRST to call for the deployment of the HoI, AA, or the TBoI? SECOND? AYE?

The Stranger





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*cracks knuckles…*

5th/77th FA

Amen!!!!!!!!!! And muchos gracious. Even with this cobbled together slow as dial up 2 strings on a tin can ‘putor this came thru Lucky Chicken.

May I be the FIRST to tip the hat.

Haywire Angel



This is him.

One does not need a FACEBOOK account to see a picture of him:


Don’t know to feel sorry for his grandkids or his dog (sarc on).

Combat Historian

Fakebook account lists him as being associated with the “Brotherhood of Veterans Motorcycle Association”. I’m sure ‘ole Dick here looks resplendent in his leather vest full ‘o SEAL patches and his grizzled doo-rag as he rides his Harley down the road and receives admiring glances and “Thank you for your Service!” waves from passing motorists…



Another Les Brown (Elko, Nevada) Wannabee.

*sarc on*


I gotta tell you when you go to one of the larger bike rally’s how many guys are sporting “special warfare insignia” Seal/Sniper/Ranger etc.. I don’t have the time or energy to argue/investigate but just engaging in a few words of conversation you can tell most are full of crap. Makes me sick how many “special people” have served our great nation. I love when I run into one who was just a sailor/soldier/airman my favorite people to find.

Terry Sheehan

If everybody’s special, then nobody really is.


Also, check out the Photo in his FACEBOOK. He is displaying a book “US Navy SEALS.”


Also, one of his FACEBOOK portrait page has “SEAL TEAM THREE”.

Again, one does not need a FACEBOOK account to see his pictures and post.

It is so obvious this guy has serious Mental issues. Have this bad feeling he will get off lightly at taxpaper expense.

He will have to carry the burden of his deceit to his family and friends, that is, if he even has a conscience.

Now that I think about it, he probably does not even have a conscience. No telling if he also defrauded the IRS as well as claiming SSN disability.


I spoke too soon:

“Finally, Meleski also allegedly filed for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) for injuries that were supposedly aggravated by his service in the U.S. military. He falsely testified under oath about these injuries in connection with a SSA Disability proceeding.”

The Stranger

Was he represented by Bernath at this hearing? For those who weren’t around back then, Danger Dan worked as a SS advocate in Oregon.


I am sure Danny Dangerously, pilot extraordinaire, would have gladly represented him in implementing his SSA frauds. But Danny Boy did his lawering in Portland,OR, home of the traffic blocking and very vicious Antifa hoodlums.

USMC Steve

This might sound like a silly question, but isn’t the VA supposed to check on your military records before they start handing out lots of money and stuff? They did for me, before telling me that I didn’t deserve anything, and never to bother them again.

A Proud Infidel®™

May EVERY time he steps in the shower end up being a date with Bubba, Thor, Julio or “Tiny Tyrone” before they share him with the rest of the cell block!


Looks like Richard Meleski has been a frequent diner at the BTJT Deli (Home of the WORLD FAMOUS Cockmeat Sammich). Probably loves to get his Frequent Diner card “punched”.


In anticipation of his stay at the taxpayer funded residential facility, He may want to go on that big shopping website and order the anal trainer kit of 3 graduated butt plugs. The entire cell block appreciate him not holding up the line.


What he should really get is that cell block economy sized tub of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not K-Y.”


He could probably use spit for lube but I think his mouth is going to be busy doing cleanup to keep the line moving.

Comm Center Rat

For all of us who are not Trident wearers (either by earned or faked qualification) please remember Stuart Smalley’s mantra of self-worth.

“Give yourself a pat on the back” and on a daily basis enthusiastically affirm “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it people like me!”


I seriously doubt that Richard Meleski is the only person defrauding Veteran Affairs for monetary gain with either a bold face lie about serving in the US Military or inflating “service-connected” injuries, illnesses, etc.etc.

Will never apologize for what I just wrote about those who have taken advantage of the VA in order for them to “reap” financially and then “brag” about it as well as encouraging others to do the same thing.

Just my own personal opinion and observation, but it still ticks me off to see some folks abuse the VA at the taxpayer’s expense.


Are these fucking VA computers just hooked up to the ATMs in the lobby?

Slow Joe

Gruberment computers.

What did you expect?


A 14.4k modem-to-modem speed, piles of tape on the floor because the spools on the wall-sized data recorder are misaligned, my fucking fat ass retired OPS SGM staring blankly into the green phosphor screen. That about covers my expectations.


I’m gonna go way out a limb here and blame the VA.
I know, I know. It’s quite a stretch but there it is.

5th/77th FA

Make a little room for me on your limb, ‘beans.


We’re gonna need a bigger tree.



“We’re gonna need a bigger bole.”



Too much of a coincidence that the Richard Meleski in this mentioned post and the Richard Meleski in this article are the one and the same:

“Accused Arsonist Asks Confession Be Tossed”


Additionally, research indicates that from a 13 July 2003 NJ Newspaper, that a Richard Joseph Meleski, Jr. age 42, made the front page of the Daily Record, Morris County, NJ, when he sentenced to 10 years in a New Jersey Prison for Arson.

The Meleski mentioned in the article had two prior convictions for Arson as well as calling in false fire alarms, burglaries, etc. etc.

He was identified as an Former Firefighter from Iselin, NJ and was dubbed a “Pryromaniac”.

The Judge who presided over his case sentenced him to 10 years as opposed to the recommended 15 years sentence because he stated that the guy has a history of mental illness as well as an alcohol abuse problems. Supposely the reason behind his obsession with setting fires was “a cry for help.”

The picture in the newspaper article matches his pictures on FACEBOOK.

And the VA was not aware of these convictions? No red flag initiated?

What am I missing?


ANOTHER newspaper article.

I still think this is the same guy.

“Former Handyman Guilty of Arson”.



And then ANOTHER article on him dated 12 April 2001 from the Courier News, Bridgewater, NJ.

The Richard Meleski in the above mentioned article had a history of:

(1) Torching his parent’s garage in 1982.

(2) Set a fire to a school house in 1983 in Iselin, New Jersey.

(3) Started a fire where he worked as a maintenance man in 1988.

(5) Between 1982 and 1995, he spent eight (8) years in either Prison or Jail for four (4) Arson as well as burglary, parole violations.

He celebrated his 40th Birthday in 2001 by setting fire to two Bungalows.

Again, I still think this is the SAME guy that is mentioned in this post.

This guy has a history, yet it is obvious he is good at being a Con Artist.

Additionally, he seems to fit the profile of a Pyromaniac.

So what am I missing? It seems as if he keeps repeating the same type of behavior.

Will we read about him 5 or 10 years from now when he pulls off another Scam?

Daisy Cutter

What the heck was he doing setting fire to a school house in 1983? He was supposed to be in Beirut, Lebanon.

Maybe he was home on leave.


Training exercise… yea, it was a training exercise… yea, THAT’S THE TICKET!!!!

Daisy Cutter

“Additionally, he seems to fit the profile of a Pyromaniac.”

He’ll claim his military records were lost in a fire. That should complete the proverbial circle.


“He’ll claim his military records were lost in a fire.”

The Irony. The pure Irony of that statement.


Comm Center Rat

Apparently VA evaluates Pyromania as a 100% compensable (fake) service connected disability. LOL


But dickhead pyro is playing Facebook alky games…
only 3 days ago.




That is what is so bizarre about this story, based on his history.

A Rhectorical question: What does our society, the state of New Jersey, the State of PA, our Country, do with folks such as Meleski?

A career criminal, an Arsonist who obviously has severe mental illness. Locking him up did not “cure” him.

Do we benefit by putting him back in the prison system again? Have this feeling that he will be free again in less than 5 years.

Do we let him come to his own demise at the expense of others?

Look at what happened with Bernath. The State of Virginia let him go. We all know about Bernath’s mental capabilities.

Again, rhectorical questions that unfortunately affect hard working, honest taxpayers.


Pennsylvania shut down or reduced almost all of the nuthouse “State Hospitals” many years ago.
The solution was… to give them $1200/mo. disability,
and let relatives or group homes deal with them.
Hasn’t worked out so well.
And cities have zombies looking for the brown bags and lottery tickets twice a month, while hitting up anyone walking by for a smoke… or some cash($$).


Probably set his bed on fire in prison.


I don’t see any pics on your linked articles, but he is the right age as our fraudster.



I apologized for my error on this.

I found the 2003 newspaper article where Meleski made the FRONT PAGE, the one with his picture in which he looks as if he is wearing “orange” on a paid subscription site.

You are right in that the 2003 age matches the 2019 age. And yes, that newspaper article picture matches his FACEBOOK picture, with him looking younger and slimmer.

I am in agreement with some that the way Meleski got VA Benefits was an inside job. Wonder if we will read about his partner in crime?

Hopefully, since this story made FOX News and other main News Outlets, that someone in the VA will have to explain how Meleski was able to pull off his deceit. And perhaps finally, someone in the VA will have to explain why we are paying VA Benefits to those individuals who claim Vietnam POW status when in reality, they were never POWs.

Or maybe Wilted Willy’s Blood Sibling will finally be caught for embellishing his time in Vietnam.


Terry Sheehan

Does anybody really believe this guy will do 68 years in prison?


Beirut…always Beirut.


Bei of the Rut?

SEAL…always SEAL.

POW…always POW.

(Any takers that our hero’s phony POW story has him being held in a ‘Tiger Cage’ in the Bei of the Rut with rats crawling on his head?)


I imagine in 20 years time you will hear the old boy had been getting 911 funds for claims as a first responder during 911.

Green Thumb

Probably more along the lines of 68 dudes in prison…


Based on Meleski history, I am thinking he will be “free” in less than 5 years.

Keepin' It Real

I’m guessing that this guy did not attend this year’s Elko Chili Feed or he would not have been held accountable.

He should have purchased a vacation home in Elko with some of that $300K and the Elko Daily Free Press would have done an article about him being a local inspiration.

All he had to do was make a couple of lousy visits to the school children to complete the picture.


Don’t forget marching in the Vet’s Day parade in his uniform or riding his tricycle.


I have a VA ID card, a reserve retiree ID card, two DD214’s, plus an NGB22, and I still get crap from federal agencies about my proof of service. How do these shithead scammers manage to not only slip under the screen, but they manage to get hundreds of thousands in the process? What ever happened to due diligence or basic simple background checking?


Duane commneted:

“What ever happened to due diligence or basic simple background checking?”

Based on newspapers articles on the guy from the 1980s to now, it is obvious this Richard Meleski, JR. is a convicted Felon/Arsonist.

And yet, no one from the VA managed to check into his background?

I don’t work for the VA, yet somehow, in a couple of hours, I was able to find information on him.

Slow Joe

Yes, but….

The VA employees get paid the same whether they conduct the background check or not.

Why do all the hard work when there no consequences for seating on their asses?

That’s why socialism always fail. There are no consequences for being lazy.

Comm Center Rat

ninja I worked for VA the last four years of my federal civil service career. During that period of processing several hundred cases, I met exactly one veteran who had earned the Silver Star. He also was awarded the BSM w/ V device and the PH for his WW II service. I can tell you that for me, anytime a veteran claimed combat service with valor awards my radar engaged.

Of course, I had already retired from the Army so I was able to sort through bullshit claims right quick. Sadly, about 1/3 of VA employees are veterans, but once they get career status and full union CBA protections some just don’t care to pull their weight.


Thank You, CCR.

As with every job, every occupation, we have those who have a “really don’t care” attitude. I have heard some folks say ” What do I care? If the Government wants me to do more, then they will have to pay me more.”

I have tried for years and years and years to “like” labor unions, but it is hard when one sees those employed by the US Military that “sit around”, “twiddle their thumbs” and draw a nice, monthly paycheck because they could not be fired. They were protected by union.

For those who had to work in the Pentagon or the Beltway, you know what I am talking about.

There are alot of hard working folks, just as you, CCR, who are honest and do care.

Thank You again for sharing.


Old newspaper articles on a Richard Meleski never stops.

ANOTHER newspaper article dated 25 October 1985 from the Central New Jersey Home News, News Brunswick, NJ:

“Ex-Firefighter Among 3 Held On Arson Charges”:

A Richard Meleski, age 24 in 1985, of Woodbridge, NJ, was charged with setting fire to a Pizzaria in Iselin, NJ. He admitted that he phoned in numerous false fire alarms.

For the above crime, he was sentenced to three years probation and pay $4,500.

He was identified in 1985 as being a Former Firefighter with Iselin (New Jersey) Fire Company Number 9.


Well there you have it. This scum is just one of many that defraud the va and causes those that actually served and have service related disabilities to have to jump thru hoops to get disability ratings.


An American Hero! STOLEN VALOR.

The Stranger

New Jersey?
It’s like this turd is Gunny Driveway’s brother from another mother.


When I first retired I worked for Dept Labor trying to get jobs for disabled vets. We were not allowed to even ask for 214s. We got real good at Google-foo. It was funny/sad. You knew some joker was lying to you about his service and/or disability but at end of the day they would realize all we had were jobs and we’d never see them again.


“U.S. Attorney William McSwain said Meleski never served a single day in the U.S. military but received healthcare before deserving military service members.”

Yup; Stolen Valor is a victimless crime.

Everyone knows that.


If he serves 68 years and gets paid 50 cents a hour he can work it off in 4.500.000 hours.


And that’s just the fine.

Green Thumb

A truly “Phildosical” dude.


In before Dave Hardin comes in here and Beirut Strokes out on this dude.


“Congrats” to Richard Joseph Meleski, JR, for making Fox News:

“Pennsylvania Man Accused of Stolen Valor By Falsely Claiming To Have Been Navy SEAL, POW, Silver Star Recipient”:


He is indeed the SAME Richard Joseph Meleski, JR from New Jersey with the extensive criminal background/behavior.



Upon further exam of Meleski’s Facebook, it looks as if he posted a picture of a VA Hospital in Lyons, PA (?) where he told everyone he arrived for his VA appointment.

Then he displayed a picture of his foot after surgery, all done courtesy of the VA to include pain medication.

Lots of pictures with his toy train hobby. Figure that was where the VA Disability and SSN Disability went to.

Also looks he may had somehow purchased a townhome, probably with a VA Loan. Lots of pictures of him doing reinavations.

Am betting his dog is a “PTSD” Service animal. *Sarc On*

Yep, the man still likes his Fire as well as Volka. Pictures of what he ate/grilled probably explains his wide girth.

Probably has high chrolestrol, diabetes, bad back, legs, but used “POW”, Navy SEAL, to obtain disbility for those problems when in reality, he ended up with those afflictions because of overeating and not exercising.

One picture on hid FACEBOOK where he claimed it was him as a Navy SEAL? One can find that same imagine when doing a GOOLE Image search.

Watch what will happen. His Lawyer will ask for a lighter sentence because Meleski has Mental Illness. The Judge may give him a light sentence and *POOF!* Meleski will be free again and relocate to another State to hide his past.

The cycle will begin again.


He’ll still have his train hobby in prison. He’ll just be pretending to be the locomotive giving all his cell block mates a ride. Woo! Woo!

Stan S

I have been fighting the VA for 3 years now. With 2 rods in my back from injuries in the service (82nd) I am un able to work due to limitations on movement. Surgery was done thru the VA and noted as Service Related. And it has all been varified with my Primary Care Doctor, and RN. Even notes in my files addressing my lack of movement ability. Yet when the claim hits the VA raters, they acually told me that I was “improving”. Then you have this ass hat walks right thru the system and recieves all this compensation. Gee- I wonder why I have little respect for the VA raters…



“Bucks County Man Accused of Posing As Navy SEAL and POW To Steal Veterans Benefits Was Convicted of Arson 4 times In N.J.:


(1) A federal magistrate judge ruled that Meleski, would remain behind bars until his health-care fraud and stolen-valor case goes to trial or is otherwise resolved.

(2) Uh-Oh. Magistrate Judge Lloret cited in a pretrial report that Meleski’s fiancée admitted to illegally purchasing two guns for Meleski in 2017 (if one uses Facebook, one will see her picture with comments she made about a photo that supposedly depicted Richard as a Navy SEAL, which was taken from the Internet. Wonder if she will take a plea bargain?).


(3) A Special Assistant U.S. Attorney wrote in the pretrial motion that Meleski over the years “was required to complete anger management, mental health counseling and psychiatric counseling, yet the defendant continued to commit violent felonies.”

There is more on the story. It discusses his previous arrests to include Meleski setting fire to cottages at a Roman Catholic hermitage for nuns devoted to prayers and silence in the early 2000s.

Ho-Ho-Ho, Rich. Santa has brought you some Black Coal to celebrate the Holidays. And probably many more Holidays to come.

Wonder who is taking care of Tucker, his dog? *sarc on*


I think we should be more compassionate, like the progs always claim they are. How about we start a Go-Fund Me to purchase him the cell block size tub of “I Can’t Believe It Is Not K-Y” for his X-mas gift. Cuz he is going to be wearing that orange jump suit throughout the holidays, and that will show how caring we are for those in the Pound at this time of year.


His ass will be on fire.