UPDATE: What about Bob?

| October 3, 2019

Just so you get a regular status on Robert ‘Alaska Bob’ Glaves, we wanted to post another update. For anybody that has limited time, we provide the above CliffsNotes.

NO BOB – Not a peep. In fact, there never was a peep from Bob about all of this.  All communication has seemingly been happening through Kelly, but this affords good ol’ ‘Alaska Bob’ plausible deniability.

NO CONFESSION – If someone can’t cough up the proof, they should consider a confession. Especially since good people donated their good hard-earned money. We’re hoping the air clears as fast as those checks cleared.

NO DD-214 – From what we gather, the elusive DD-214 as not arrived, but it may be coming by dog sled or caribou.

NO KELLY – Kelly has stopped shaking her chastising finger at everybody. No more recent threats of legal action for libel. She may, and I emphasize MAY, be slowly realizing that Bob has lied to her. Either that, or she knew all along and was in on the hoax, using Bob as her cash cow. I may be wrong and hope that I am, but the optics are not looking good. As a reminder, it was strongly suggested to Kelly to order Bob’s military records directly but all indication is she did not. She was also encouraged to make a statement to the donors, and even suggesting refunds but she did not.

NO ARTICLE – The Peninsula Daily News has hinted at a followup article but it seems they hesitated when Bob said he was sending in his DD-214 that proves his Vietnam and Cambodia service as well as a signed request form that would allow the PDN to obtain the records directly. More on the benefit of the doubt later.

NO DONOR REFUNDS – What got lost is all of the donors that gave money when moved by a story of a dying man running his trembling fingers across the engraved names of buddies he lost in the Vietnam War that are recorded on the Vietnam wall.  Kelly seems just as culpable with this charity donation effort.  She appears to feel ZERO responsibility to all that have donated their hard earned money.

Benefit of Benefit of the Doubt

I mentioned “benefit of the doubt” above. I’ve seen people advocate that it is ALWAYS 100% politically correct to say “Let’s give the man/woman the benefit of the doubt.” This is a risk free position.  Sort of like a beauty pagent contestant saying “I believe in world peace.” Idealistic, but not realistic.

Even if most of the benefit of the doubt is exhausted, these advocates avoid scrutiny by the continued suggestion of more benefit of the doubt.  This strategy is absolutely brilliant for those that do not have a backbone.  When it turns out the person in question is a fake, then they can point to their own virtuous position of advocating for the benefit of the doubt.


But now our attention turns to the donors to Wall Before I Die and Pennies for Quarters. Who is looking out for these donors?  When people feel as if Bob should be given benefit of the doubt and respect for what service he did have, what about the donors?  Why have there been no public statements?  Shouldn’t these donors at least be given the courtesy of being told that the money is gone and it didn’t go to a good cause?  Sometimes honesty, no matter how painful, can go a long way.


So, in summary – we are waiting for all the things in the above CliffsNotes.  Things have fell eerily silent.  Seems like Bob is shivering in a corner hoping this all blows over.  Hope must be the strategy.  There’s always the possibility that his wife thinks he was in Vietnam and Cambodia so he has to buffer her from all of this. That’s most likely his first priority.

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Club Manager, USA ret.

Maybe the sled dog ate the DD Form 214. What would be cool is to have a physician examine this sonovabitch to verify his claim of having terminal cancer.

SSG Kane

No. I have it on good authority they were attacked and taken prisoner by a joint DoD and CIA team who’s been tasked with making sure that all Vietnam era classified DD-214’s never see the light of day. Apparently they HALO’ed in via the only operational space shuttle, and after a brief battle involving the gratuitous application of sick sticks, tazers, and sonic weaponry, seized Bob”s DD-214 and renditioned the driver and his team to a black site in the Argyre Basin. The DD-214 was then sealed between two sheets of lead, banded together with strips of plutonium, locked into a titanium box and tossed into the ocean.

The whole op was supposed to remain secret, but I know a guy on the internet who is drinking buddies with the cousin of a Navy Seal Operator who’s great aunt works as a clerk typist at NASA and is sleeping with the director of clandestine affairs (space) who was briefed on the op by waiter while they were at dinner.

jim h


this. is. epic.


When’s the movie coming out?


Too bad Tom Clancy is dead. He could definitely write the screenplay.

T. Brown, MSG, RumpRanger Batt.

As the Door Gunner for that shuttle, I can verify this.


Honor and Courage

Well that about covers it! Thanks for the update.

Green Thumb

I am sure Ranger Stephen “Cio” Burrell led the mission.

That is after he finished getting “pounded” by the third toughest man in the world. Probably another cool chapter in his “Weekend with Rick” novels.

Hack Stone

Loves those references to the classics, back when a poser was a poser. This generation of posers can’t even come close to what it takes to be a real poser, such as lawsuits, death threats and “comething”.

Green Thumb


Hack Stone

When the third most dangerous man in the world got his ass kicked, was there some sort of ceremony where officials crowned his cell mate the new third most dangerous man in the world?


I went back and read most of the thread on this guy…I haven’t laughed that hard for a while.

Thanks for rewinding that blast from the past!


Green Thumb

All time while keeping the semen he worked from the village elder in him by keeping his ass checks squeezed together.


Frozen Moose Turd.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I’ts very possible that SGT Preston of the Yukon and his dog King got delayed with Bob’s DD 214 due to a flat sled runner blade and he didn’t have a sled jack to change the runner blade. I wonder if he has AAA road service or has to call the RCMP shop.

5th/77th FA

Alaska Boob…err Bob, is laying low in Elko NV. There is an ASSociation in the process of changing his diet from steady BS to chili. We’re subject to hear even Les from them while he is there. Soon as Sam the Scam makes it in from the VET Program he will Buffalo Boob…err Bob into the shape needed to jog over to St. Louis and hand carry the records back to Kelly.

Staying tuned. Thanks for the update.


A Stolen Valor TWO-FER.

A solemn artwork depicting 2 images of 1 veteran
at the D.C. Vietnam Wall.
1 in fatigues (young), and 1 in a black leather vest (old).

Pathetically, this is the very imagery that phonies
Alaska Bob Glaves AND Elko POW*MIA Commander Les Brown use to exploit (unearned) sympathy, respect, thanks, compliments, and DOLLARS
from the mouths and pockets of those who trust(ed) them.



“Alaska Boob’s” DD-214 is locked up in his Fortress of Solitude, high above that Arctic Circle, where nobody can see it.

Hopefully someone has contacted the authorities so they can investigate “Alaska Boob” and Kelly for their little fund raising scheme.


214’s tied-up in classified processing at HRC until someone with proper personnel experience can be cleared and read-on to Codeword level programs ol’ Secret Squirrel Bob did in his special ops Vietnam/Cambodia times service so the sources and methods supporting the Bank of Hanoi raid by Hannibal Smith and company don’t get inadvertently compromised while they’re adding his Battle of Endor ribbon, you know.

Frankie Cee

Geezus Bob. You phony bastard. There are those among us who occasionally find themselves in a need for a little more cash than they have on hand. Recently, I learned that I must move my dwelling, (an old 30 foot Travel Trailer), and myself, earlier than I had expected. I didn’t claim to be veteran of this, or that, branch, conflict, battle,etc. I came right out and said it at “Go Fund Me, that I need around $5,000 to buy another older travel trailer to replace this one. While contributions are running slow, I have not considered doubling down, claiming to be a wounded SEAL, Sniper, Ranger, Green Beret to pinch the sympathy nerve of caring people. They will donate or they won’t, ya prick.


Those Carhartts must be gettin pretty ripe.


So is Kelley’s “Canyon.”/s

Green Thumb

I imagine he leaves the back flap up.

A Proud Infidel®™

Robert ‘Alaska Bob’ Glaves is still a cocksucker.


The Peninsula Daily News has Ole Bob’s FOIA from the NPRC, yet still won’t update their initial story?

How sad.

What are they afraid of?


Thank You, sbalm, for the feedback.


Surely Bob must have a stooge friend…a guy like Tom Wulf, ready to make everything better and rebutt (so to speak) all of these false claims.


Apparently not.
From the original news story,
he offered others to go along on the D.C. Wall trip,
and there were NO takers.
He had Kelly all to himself, as a result.
Conclude what you want about that.

Wall (Drug, South Dakota), and then Sturgis (Party),
was the ulterior destination, obviously.
Certainly, a stooge or 2 would have gone along for that?

Mustang Major

sbalm- Can you tell by IP address if TAH or MP are having any hits from known Alaska Bob Glaves locations?


Q: What does Robert Elgin Glaves Jr. and Adam Schiff have in common?

A: They are both LIARS.

Keepin' It Real

POSing for Dummies

USMCMSgt (Ret)

No one will EVER see the DD-214.

The only person to authorize its release it was the President who he served under during his claimed periods of service, and I believe that President is now deceased.

(As far as any copy of his DD-214 being retained in the “U.S. Book of Secrets”, I think you’d have to look for that hidden compartment where the book is kept in the National Archives, but that place is pretty big – so good luck with that).

Mustang Major

I think Alaska Bob Glaves DD 214, along with the DD 214s of a few others, is kept in the Presidential “football” carried by one of the President’s aids. Where the President goes, so goes the “football.” Only on order of the president can these DD 214s be released.

Hack Stone

You never know when the President may run out of toilet paper.


Almost a hero!

So close, so close.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

C’mon Bob and show us your DD 214. We all Glave you a chance to hand it over.

Terry Sheehan

There probably has not been enough coaching here in the comments section. 😉

i.e. I bet he has a different font, I bet he has some folksy language in the blocks, etc.

Bob’s holding out for as many tips as he can get.

Here’s one: Don’t print it on pink paper and do not make it scented.


He is going the Mike Sleeper route.
Gonna be a while.


What about Gerald?
(Gerald Young, President & CEO of Young G’s BBQ Sauce)

He’s back to hawking his BBQ Sauce,
this time on a local radio show with an elderly host.
He toned down his military story,
but now pushes taking advantage of government “programs.”
Geez, this turd wants everything for free.


Hack Stone

How did one central Iowa man build his business from just a lie to an internationally ridiculed stolen valor case?

Join us today as Dr. Bob Leonard goes “In Depth” with Gerald Young, sole survivor of his unit and President and CEO of Young G’s Barbeque Sauce.

Hack Stone

Still has this on his Linked In page:

My story is that, I joined the National Guard in order to further my education and was called up for active duty shortly after. Stationed in Afghanistan, I grew very close with members of my unit. We discussed starting a business together when we returned home. I was the only one of my five Army buddies to return home alive, so I kept my promise and turned a family recipe into a business.


RGR 4-78

I am surprised he didn’t name it bubba g’s BBQ shrimp sauce company.


Bob’s DD 214 is being reconstructed from Hillary’s bleach bit server,,,,could be awhile.


Rumor is ol’ here Bob woke up one morning to find a c**k in his mouth. Rumor is Lyin’ Bob didn’t even spit it out, asked later, ‘Bob? Why didn’t you just take that thing ouch yer mouf?’
Said he left it in there, said he enjoyed the taste.

Some people just have some strange tastes, I guess.

Green Thumb

I doubt it is a rumor.


For the benefit of the occasional lurker or those that haven’t been keeping up on what about Bob, Bob claims he served in Cambodia during the Vietnam war. The problem with Bob’s claim is that Bob’s MOS was 11B (infantry rifleman). The only 11B infantry soldiers who were engaged in combat operations in Camboidia were there in May and June of 1970, when Bob was twelve years old. Now there were some recon team soldiers serving with Command and Control Central after that date who conducted recon patrols in Cambodia after that time frame, but Bob couldn’t have been one of them because he wasn’t special forces. Moreover, they ceased all combat ops in 1973 when Bob was fifteen years old. So either Bob has a way-back machine like Professor Peabody and Sherman, or Bob is lying. And he is not doing a very good job of it, since he is violating the space/time continuum.


I’ll take “Lying” for $250, rgr769!

Slow Joe

Occam’s razor dictates that the most likely answer is the correct answer.

Therefore, Bob has a time machine!!!!

The Stranger

Really? The most likely answer is that he wasn’t in either location. You’re really living up to your name today!😂


Methinks Slow Joe was being sarcastic, Stranger.


Actually it is “the simplest answer which covers all the known facts is probably correct”. If you hear hoofbeats, it is probably not a zebra.


You mean if are reading a 1975 class yearbook, it not likely to be 1970, unless you are using the Wayback Machine.


The 1975 Rogue River High School (Oregon) yearbook can be found freely out in the public domain on Ancestry.com and Classmates.com. I imagine other places as well.

Glaves appears in the Junior Section on page 49. He dropped out during or after his Junior year and does not appear in the 1976 yearbook where he would have been a senior. He joined the Army in October 1975.

I would provide several links to this yearbook page but if you don’t have a subscription to either of these sites, you won’t be able to see it.

You can register for free on Classmates.com and do a week’s free trial on Ancestry.com

For those in doubt, I would encourage you to see these photos for yourself in the public domain.

Glaves also appears in the 1974 and 1973 yearbooks as well.

A Proud Infidel®™

“Hanoi Jane” Fonda and Dan Bernath have more time in Vietnam than Robert ‘Alaska Bob’ Glaves.


Hanoi Jane’s time was limited to North Viet of the Nam. Lawn Dart Danny’s time was limited to the South China Sea, where he did a float on a boat.

A Proud Infidel®™

But Lawn Dart Danny DID later go to Vietnam on a vacation giving him more time in Vietnam than Robert ‘Alaska Bob’ Glaves or Dick Blumenthal ever had!


Oh, I had forgotten about that.


To Kelly:

You see this?

Kelly, you may want to get the TRUTH about Robert Elgin Glaves, Jr to others, because if a tip is given to the FBI, YOUR name will be brought up.

Is it worth it, Kelly? That is, your credibility as a Social Worker counseling folks who have PTSD.

And what about the $$$ that was provided to you and your Biker Buddy Bob? Are you willing to be thrown under the bus by Ole Bob?

Asking for a Friend.

Green Thumb

No shit.

Alaska “Butfuck” Bob here is probably stealing from her to boot.


What I don’t understand is why there are pictures of Baloney Bob in the South Dakota Badlands but there are no photos of Bob at the Memorial Wall in DC. It is likely he made it to Wall, South Dakota. It is just down the road from where he had someone photo Kelly and him with the Badlands in the background. Why aren’t there photos of Bob in D.C.? I would think someone would want to get one of Bob crying over his dead Viet of the Nam battle buddies, down on one knee with his hand on the appropriate panel, just like that classic photo of Roni DeJoseph of Brooklyn, NY, who also never made it to the Viet of the Nam or the Cam of the Bodia.

Green Thumb

“Alaska” Bob here probably drank up the money.


Confirmation on Date of Birth:

For those wishing confirmation on “Alaska Bob”s date of birth, just go to Alaska Criminal Records:

1) https://records.courts.alaska.gov/eaccess/home.page.2
2) Hit ‘Search Cases’ (dark blue button at bottom)
3) Choose the ‘Name’ tab at the top
4) Type in ‘Glaves’ for last name and ‘Robert’ for first name
5) You will see all cases have the same DoB of 1958 except the last one, which is another Robert Glaves born in 2005


I went to the Peninsula Daily News web site today looking for the correcting article.

Guess I missed it.

Anyone have a link?

It’s like they never published a retraction/correction at all.


According to one of the reporters they expect to publish this Friday Oct 11.

It better be on the front page, above the fold and NOT page 38 lower left corner.


The story finally made the paper, here is the online version:


And here is how appeared in actual paper:


I’ve said it before, I don’t care how many DD214s you provide, in fact let’s just forget any DD214. The fact remains that the Alaska Records website shows your birthdate as April 5, 1958. You would have been 17 years and 25 days old when Saigon/Vietnam fell. Explain that fact.

You received an escorted motorcycle “parade” all the way to the Wall and were feted along the way. A friend of mine who is terminal with real exposure to Agent Orange as a 25th Infantry Wolfhound grunt and recipient of the Silver Star will NEVER GET HIS PARADE. You have not only Stolen his Valor but also the 58,000 plus men and 8 women on the Wall, all that were wounded and maimed and the rest of us that served during this time — the Vietnam War era.

Take your phony DD214 and file a lawsuit. Let the FBI do its job. There is not one person who believes you except the mug looking back at you from your mirror, and if you look deeply into his eyes you can see that he is thinking “how long can I keep this lie up”.


I do not believe he EVER got there. I believe that he went to Sturgis and then went back to Port Washington.

There was a generic stock photo shot of the Wall provided by him, but nothing exists that shows he was actually there.

I have more shots of the Traveling Wall when it was in my area a few years back, including in them some of the crowds that came to see it, and the camera’s data processor date stamps the images’ files.

Therefore, I think he faked the whole thing to get attention and deserves whatever bad rep he gets out of it.

5th/77th FA

Linky posted on Baby Sister’s in your space page book of the face.

Thanks for the update Greg and God Bless the ninjas of MP/VG/TAH for the work that is done.


I had downloaded the facebook website that was documenting the trip, I like to call it “Exhibit A”.

Anyway here is what was posted by Kelly on August 5:

“. . .”We had a full escort from NJ to Washington DC, with blockers at every intersection on the trip (180 miles). We rode on some HEAVILY trafficked roads during prime travel season and they parted all of it like the Red Sea. And the other law enforcement officers that appeared at various points blocking entry ramps were amazing too. There are LOTS OF GOOD COPS in this world, we rode with a bunch of them today. We loved having all of those blue lights in front of us!”

. . .”we rolled into DC and the echo of the sirens and motorcycle engines against the buildings and I saw the Washington Monument peeking from above the buildings and knew we were close to The Wall looking in my rear view mirror watching Bob riding wondering what Bob was thinking at that moment.

It made me feel proud that maybe in that moment, one of the smudges of US history was corrected for Vietnam Veterans and Bob was shown a proper “Welcome Home” with honor and dignity and importance. The way it should have been for everyone returning. And the people that escorted us made that happen. What an honor and privilege to witness that. “

Doesn’t that make your blood just boil.

That stock photo depicts the 66W panel for May 26, 1968, when Glaves was 10 years old.


Where are the along-the-way photos of that trip?

Do they exist, or is this just more hoohaa from that end of the stick?

Right now, I do not believe anything that comes from her or whatever she attributes to ol’ Bob.


If you are going to have delusions, they might as well be grandiose! Just imagine having a motorcade from NJ to DC. Wow. Aren’t we all impressed? Nobody else could have such a thing, so he much be very, very special.

Or not, because it just didn’t happen. You don’t really have to be a rocket surgeon to get that one.


You don’t have to be a banker, or a baker or an ice cream cone maker to get it, either.


There’s one other thing: an amateurish mistake by Kelly when she says they were in Washington, DC.

The Vietnam Memorial Wall is in Arlington National Cemetery, NOT in WDC.


If you have seen the article on the Peninsula Daily News you will notice that there is not a comments section at the end. All of there other articles have a comment section. I wonder why.

I emailed them to ask why this morning but it’s still crickets. Feel free to email them as well to ask why.



I hate to correct you, Ex, but the Vietnam War Memorial is located on the Mall in the District of Criminals, not in Arlington.

A Proud Infidel®™

Hey Bob,

Check out what sentences these two idiots received for just impersonating veterans but no motorcycle ride: