Pearl Harbor Survivors Association holds final meeting in San Diego

| September 27, 2019

ChipNASA sends us the sad news that the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association is disbanding. Founded in 1958 and recognized by the United States Congress in 1985, it was an organization of World War II veterans whose members were on Pearl Harbor, or three miles or less offshore, during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

From the article:

The San Diego chapter of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, one of the largest in the nation, held its final meeting on Saturday with only seven service members in attendance, according to a report.

At its peak, the San Diego chapter boasted 586 members.

“It’s certainly the end of an era, and it leaves me a little heartbroken,” Chapter President Stuart Hedley, 97, told The San Diego Union-Tribune.

The chapter’s vice president, Jacks Evans, died earlier this year at the age of 95. To continue, the chapter needed at least two survivors to serve on the board. But with no one willing or able to take the helm, the organization decided to yield to the reality of time’s passage.

Fair winds and following seas. The rest of the article is at Fox News

Thanks, ChipNASA.

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This has me so profoundly sad. But alas, time nor tide waits for no man.

Wilted Willy

May God Bless all of the Greatest Generation.
BZ to all that served.
May you all have fair winds and following seas.

Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

All good things must eventually pass.


The San Diego chapter of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association may be disbanding, but they will never be forgotten.

Salute to past and current Members.

Thank you for sharing, ChipNASA.

5th/77th FA

A few members survived the demise of the Organization Chapter. Won’t be too much longer before the last of the WWII Vets themselves are gone. Let us hope that this nation is never challenged again to rise up as we did during that time frame. It won’t happen.

Bob Drennan

*hand salute*


As time goes by, those who lived it leave us. But, as others have said, they are not forgotten.

I will never forget talking with a neighbor about her experiences. She was there. Her husband, one of the Army pilots killed that day, never came home. She didn’t know for sure until late in the day. She, like many of the dependents, reported to a treatment area and went to work helping with the injured. As she said – what else could she have done?

Passing along her thoughts, and that survival attitude, is part of the “never forget” process.


This is sad, but inevitable. Closing another chapter….


My grandfather was a Pearl Harbor survivor. Too bad he passed before he was able to link up with other survivors.

I wish he had lived long enough to the internet to have given him an opportunity to reconnect.

He retired as a civilian from the same base he retires as a sailor so he did keep in touch with some people he served with.

End of an era.


We lost our town’s last Survivor, two years ago. Fantastic turn out for the funeral.

We may not do a while lot here, but we do honor our Vets.