Tess Gay grew up outside Washington, D.C., in a military family. She said she had a pleasant childhood growing up on a naval base where she was insulated from the nation’s financial troubles.

“We didn’t feel the Depression as much as most people,” she said. “We didn’t feel it so much because we lived on a naval base and everything was taken care for you there.”

Six months after Pearl Harbor came the Battle of Midway, where the U.S. issued the Japanese Imperial Navy a staggering defeat in what would turn out to be one of the war’s most decisive battles.

George Gay, then an ensign, was a pilot assigned to Torpedo Squadron 8, which was tasked with sinking Japanese vessels.

Under withering enemy fire from machine guns and anti-aircraft batteries, Gay continued to press his attack on a Japanese carrier. He pressed on even after his rear gunner Radioman 3rd Class Bob Huntington was killed and another machine gun bullet struck his own left arm.

His decorations include the Navy Cross, Air Medal, Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon with blue star and Purple Heart Medal.  — article.

May she live many more and continue to be the spunky, vibrant lady that she is. Her secret is having a martini every day. I’d pick a good Tuscan red or a solid burgundy, but the idea is the same thing.