Weekend Open Thread

| September 13, 2019

I’m putting this up with the invitation to one and all to join in a discussion about the Democrats and their universal hoplophia.

I’d like to remind everyone that I live in a state with extremely tough, active gun ownership laws, something that should stop criminals in their tracks, and yet the level of gun-related crimes in the city of Chicago has risen exponentially in years of Rahm Emmanuel’s slacker dude oversight of Chicago, and continues to rise with the new mayor whose last name is Lightfoot. She and Ted Cruz are butting heads with each other over gun control: she blames the guns, as if they can jump up and fire off ammo at everyone when, in fact, they are inanimate objects that can’t act without an operator pulling the trigger. (Just glad that WGN has news online these days.)

How many times does it have to be said that people shoot other people. Guns don’t.

So let’s have that discussion on this WOT, and all of you have a nice weekend.


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  1. IDC SARC says:


  2. David says:

    amen, second!

    • David says:

      When lefties advocate universal background checks, point out that Johns Hopkins and UC Davis did a joint study on California since they enacted UBCs in 1991. No effect on gun deaths or violence… in 28 years. Neither JH nor the Violence Prevention Center at UCD are ever thought of as pro-gun, either.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Isn’t the requirement that a gun purchaser has to pass the Federal background check the same thing as a universal background check?

      I do not see a difference, which means that the lefterds don’t know what they’re talking about (never do) and it needs to be thrown in their faces good and hard.

      • 26Limabeans says:

        “universal background check” means private
        sales. You would not be able to sell a gun
        to your own brother without going thru the
        Federal check.

        Not gonna happen and if it does not gonna comply.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Thank you for the heads up on that.

      • 11B-Mailclerk says:

        The “universal” part also includes keeping the record of the buyer, the item, the serial number, etc.


        Which is the key tool of Confiscation.

        And that it’s why they are pushing so hard for this. They want to know who has what, so they can change who has what.

        “You don’t need…”

        • Roh-Dog says:

          I’d be willing to bet we, The People of the Gun, can bury more than they can confiscate.
          My fear is that with the technocratyranny coming on line and ever increasing financing from governments/the elite that thoughtcrime/precrime persecution will become de rigueur.
          When are We going to say ‘enough’?

        • 26Limabeans says:

          Presently, serial numbers are not required as part of the check.
          The only info transmitted to complete
          the sale is Long gun or hand gun.
          No make model serial number caliber or
          other defining data. Just long gun or
          It is the buyer that is scrutinized not,
          the weapon.
          Not gonna happen and if it does, not
          gonna comply.

        • rgr769 says:

          I have a friend in Commiefornia that says the State DOJ has a computer record of every gun he has purchased there going back over 20 years. Without knowledge of the identity of ever gun owner, confiscation of all privately owned firearms is an impossibility. That is why Progs/crypto-commmies so fervently want “universal” background checks of all private transfers.

          • 26Limabeans says:

            My first carry permit was before
            “shall issue” (tnx NRA) laws.
            Issued by the local police Chief it
            listed the make model and S/N of the
            weapon and was not valid for any other
            weapon. That crap is illegal today.

      • rgr769 says:

        California and several other states have had the requirement that all private purchase firearm transfers go through a state and federal background check. The way it works is Jones wishes to sell Smith his rifle, shotgun, or pistol. Jones takes the firearm to an FFL licensed gun dealer along with Smith. The dealer collects a fee and then runs the check on Smith; if it comes back clean, then Smith gets to pick up the gun after any applicable waiting period. The true “loophole” in this scheme is that people who are inclined to commit crimes with a firearm are not inclined to go through this process, as the gun would immediately be traced to them if recovered in connection with a crime. So, criminals and scofflaws ignore the requirement.

        • 11B-Mailclerk says:

          And weirdly, the folks in Chicago, for example, scream about the need for more gun laws elsewhere, but almost never prosecute Chicago crooks for breaking gun laws. If actually charged, they are the first things dropped in plea dealing.

          Now why would someone claiming that a lack of laws is the problem, not make use of existing ones aggressively to solve the “need laws” problem?

          You don’t suppose the goal is suppressing folks other than criminals, maybe? I mean, what else could be the reason for that weird behavior?

          • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

            The libtards in Chicago also bawl that the guns come from less regulated locales outside of town, so why don’t those places have the sky-high firearm violence problem that Chicongo does?

  3. Former EM1/SS says:

    Wow early. My first top 5

  4. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    What in the holy hell is this pre-noon Thread?

    I am finally around on a Friday to peek in and I see it’s already posted….

    Dagnabbit…anyway congrats to IDC SARC for the first, the cannoncocker will be upset you screwed up his repeats but it’s all in good fun.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Sorry, VOV, guns ‘n’ politicos are a hot topic right now, one that isn’t going away until the real debates come up next year.

    • The Stranger says:

      Yep, the King of Battle couldn’t bring his MLRS and Paladins across the wet gap since there were no 12Cs around to bridge it. That sums up the concept of “assured mobility.” Essayons!

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Naaaah Pappy. Was drawing rations at the K Roger store. Besides, our plan is to use the bodies of demon rat prez candidates to corduroy the road and make them caissons go rolling along.

        • 11B-Mailclerk says:

          Do please avoid freaking out the USSS with sarcasm, hm?

          • 5th/77th FA says:

            Rogo 11B. We waiting till they finish killing off one another. They way they’re steady chewing one another up, shouldn’t take long. I still look back on my night classes in gubmint and it was only after hanging out here that I realized that particular college perfesser was of the type we talk about here. Indoctrinated and waaaaaaayyyy waaaayyy out yonder in left field. Ol commissar hisself might have taken a class or two from that idjit.

            • 11B-Mailclerk says:

              I had one for “American History” that we called “Comrade Professor” to his face.

              We lit up his pseudo-intellectual world, repeatedly.

            • AW1Ed says:

              One of my night class profs flat stated he was nervous driving to SoMD from DC because of rednecks and guns.

              Let that sink in for a moment. DC- one of the highest crime rates in the country to sleepy SoMD, which is that way BECAUSE of the rednecks and their guns.

              He spent his entire life in Academia; if that got him out of the ‘Hood, then good for him.

  5. Roh-Dog says:

    Dangit Ex, this was MY week!

    Have a great weekend y’all!

  6. Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

    Well thanks the cuck Beta O’Rourke and his nancy boy fear of things that go bang bang he’s come right out and said they are going to take your weapons away from you.

    I mean the sad little turd is polling at a whopping 3% so his positions are going to get more extreme as he tries to become relevant to the front runners.

    I don’t think I’m going out on a limb to suggest he and I have the same chance of winning and I’m spending a lot less money right now trying to get elected (read zero).

    But the takeaway is as we all suspected the end desire is always the removal of firearms from US Citizens.

    As others have said they can pass whatever bullshit they want, I will decide whether I intend to comply or not.

    This Bill of Rights was never a list of permission slips granted us by government but was instead a list of restrictions against government intrusion. If only our fellow Americans could understand that very simple concept.

    • Thunderstixx says:

      He’s looking for a job in the administration of whoever wins if a libturd wins. Nothing more than that…
      He’s as useless as a Baby Ruth in a swimming pool…

      • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

        I really wonder who Beta O’Rourke’s handlers are? They seem a little more than to the left of Stalin and Castro nowadays, further proving that Beta 0’Rourke is little more than a pencil-necked booger-eating fungus-headed marionette and if it weren’t for his FIL’s big bucks he couldn’t even get elected as Dogcatcher or Sidewalk Sweeper!

    • Skyjumper says:

      Interesting enough VOV (but not surprisingly), Beta ran on this platform last year in his failed attempt running for the senate.

      “…….However, O’Rourke had a much different stance when he was running for Senate. During an interview on “The Chad Hasty Show” in April 2018, the host asked: “I own an AR-15. A lot of our listeners out there own AR-15s. Why should they not have one?”

      “To be clear, they should have them,” O’Rourke responded. “If you purchased that AR-15, if you own it, keep it. Continue to use it responsibly.”

      “He added later in the same interview: “If you own a gun, keep that gun. Nobody wants to take it away from you — at least I don’t want to do that.”

      Can you say Bold Face liar?


      • GDContractor says:

        Of course he’s a bald faced liar. Whatever comes out of his mouth is dependant only upon wind direction.

        Beto and his mom own commercial property in El Paso. Within one of those properties, Beto’s mom operated a business, an Antique Shop. Beto’s mom was indicted for “bundling” a $600K CASH transaction for the purposes of tax evasion. She took a plea deal and paid a $250K fine. When asked about it, Beto said it was a “mistake”. Bundling $600K requires one to split it into 60 transactions of less than $10K each. So, you tell me how doing something 60 fucking times amounts to a bookkeeping error. I hate the lying cocksucker.

      • 11B-Mailclerk says:

        “If you like your rifle, you can keep your rifle.”


  7. Commissioner Wretched says:

    A little early on the WOT, I notice …

    Well, I didn’t make it first again. Congrats to this week’s overlord, IDC SARC! In honor of his first, here’s this week’s trivia column!

    Who was the first person to survive going over Niagara Falls in a barrel?
    By Commissioner Wretched

    Well, looky here. I have another birthday coming up over the horizon.

    Toward the end of this month, I’ll be celebrating – if you want to call it that – 61 trips around the Sun on this little speck of dirt and water and air that we all live on.

    Sixty one.

    What a classic number.

    Roger Maris hit 61 home runs to beat Babe Ruth’s old single season record – and he did it in 1961.

    Sixty one is a prime number, did you know that? A prime number, as I’m sure you’re aware, is a number that can only be divided by itself and the number one.

    It’s also the atomic number of Promethium (whatever that is).

    Nolan Ryan had 61 career shutouts.

    The tallest building in Philadelphia has 61 stories.

    An official ice hockey rink is 61 meters long.

    And the number ties Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford – Nixon was 61 when he resigned as president, and Ford was 61 when he succeeded Nixon.

    Soon, I too will be 61.

    I know what you’re thinking … “Big deal. Get to the trivia.” Okay, I will.

    Did you know …

    … the city of Kokomo, Indiana, is called the “City of Firsts”? Among the products invented in Kokomo are the mechanical corn picker, stainless steel, and the push-button car radio. (Of the three, I get the most pleasure out of the last one.)

    … it is illegal in Missouri to have a clothesline in one’s yard? It is allowed, however, to hang laundry over a fence to dry. (I’m surprised some enterprising young lawyer hasn’t challenged that, by calling a fence a clothesline.)

    … the popular “Oktoberfest” celebration in Germany began as a wedding party? When Prince Ludwig of Bavaria (1786-1868) got married in 1810, the city of Munich threw a 16-day party in his honor. Additional trivia note: Though it’s called “Oktoberfest,” it actually takes place in September. And although it is an annual event in Munich, it did not take place during either World War I or World War II. (In their defense, they did have something else on their minds during those years.)

    … the first person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel and survive was a woman? Annie Edson Taylor (1838-1921) performed the stunt in 1901, going over the falls in a specially prepared barrel. She emerged from the barrel at the bottom of the falls dazed but unhurt, except for a small cut on her forehead. Taylor had taken her pet cat in the barrel with her, and the cat survived the trip as well. She did it to earn money for her retirement, and Taylor sold pieces of the barrel as souvenirs over the years following the event, but while she achieved fame, fortune eluded her. She died at the age of 82, alone and destitute.

    … one of history’s luckiest unlucky persons lived in the 20th Century? Violet Jessop (1887-1971) was a ship’s stewardess who worked for the White Star Line after the turn of the century. She served on all three of the line’s largest ships: the Olympic, Britannic, and Titanic. During her time on each ship, the following happened: the Olympic collided with another ship in September of 1911, and nearly sank … the Titanic hit an iceberg in April of 1912 and sank … and the Britannic hit an underwater mine in November of 1916, during World War I, and sank. Jessop survived all three events and kept working for the White Star Line until 1920, then went to work for other shipping lines, retiring for good in 1950. (She was indeed a tough old gal, wasn’t she?)

    … there is a photograph that shows all of the people in the world – except one? Taken during the Apollo 11 mission by astronaut Michael Collins (born 1930), the photo shows the Lunar Module Eagle with Earth in the background. Thus, the picture actually captures every single human being alive – with the exception of Collins himself. There were two other astronauts in the Lunar Module and about five billion people on Earth. (And the photo was ruined when one guy in Oklahoma City closed his eyes.)

    … the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa were not named after birds? Their original Latin name was “Canarie insulae,” which means “Island of Dogs.” The islands were named after a breed of large dogs that lived there. (But brother, can those dogs sing!)

    … President James Garfield (1831-1881) had a unique method of entertaining guests? He would have them ask him questions, then write out the answers – in Latin with one hand, and in Greek with the other, at the same time. (Yeah, he must’ve been a hit at cocktail parties.)

    … most of the money in the world is not “real”? By that I mean it’s not in the form of bills or coins. Most of the world’s money exists as information in business or bank computers. (Very little of it, however, exists in my wallet or bank account.)

    … it’s actually against the law to be in contact with space aliens? Title 14, Section 1211, of the Code of Federal Regulations, which was enacted in 1969, makes it illegal for U.S. citizens to have any contact with extraterrestrials or their space vehicles. (There are so many jokes I could make right here …)

    … only one author has a book in every category in the Dewey Decimal System? Works by Isaac Asimov (1920-1992) can be found in every single category of the numbered library filing system, from 000 to 999. (What’s a Dewey Decimal System? all the kids are asking right now.)

    Now … you know!

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      What is Promethium? I’m glad you asked, Commish. Happy to help!

      Here you go: The Element Promethium


      Atomic Number: 61

      Atomic Weight: 145

      Melting Point: 1315 K (1042°C or 1908°F)

      Boiling Point: 3273 K (3000°C or 5432°F)

      Density: 7.26 grams per cubic centimeter

      Phase at Room Temperature: Solid

      Element Classification: Metal

      Period Number: 6
      Group Number: none
      Group Name: Lanthanide

      Radioactive and Artificially Produced

      What’s in a name? Named for the Greek mythological figure Prometheus.

      Say what? Promethium is pronounced as pro-MEE-thee-em.

      History and Uses:

      The existence of promethium was predicted by Bohuslav Brauner, a Czech chemist, in 1902. Several groups claimed to have produced the element, but they could not confirm their discoveries because of the difficulty of separating promethium from other elements. Proof of the existence of promethium was obtained by Jacob A. Marinsky, Lawrence E. Glendenin and Charles D. Coryell in 1944. Too busy with defense related research in World War II, they did not claim their discovery until 1946. They discovered promethium while analyzing the byproducts of uranium fission that were produced in a nuclear reactor located at Clinton Laboratories in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Today, Clinton Laboratories is known as Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

      Today, promethium is still recovered from the byproducts of uranium fission. It can also be produced by bombarding neodymium-146 with neutrons. Neodymium-146 becomes neodymium-147 when it captures a neutron. Neodymium-147, with a half-life of 11 days, decays into promethium-147 through beta decay. Promethium does not occur naturally on earth, although it has been detected in the spectrum of a star in the constellation Andromeda.

      Promethium’s most stable isotope, promethium-145, has a half-life of 17.7 years. It decays into neodymium-145 through electron capture.

      Promethium could be used to make a nuclear powered battery. This type of battery would use the beta particles emitted by the decay of promethium to make a phosphor give off light. This light would then be converted into electricity by a device similar to a solar cell. It is expected that this type of battery could provide power for five years.

      Promethium could also be used as a portable X-ray source, in radioisotope thermoelectric generators to provide electricity for space probes and satellites, as a source of radioactivity for gauges that measure thickness and to make lasers that can be used to communicate with submerged submarines.

      Source: https://education.jlab.org/itselemental/ele061.html

      The only problem with using Promethium as a fuel source is that the ecohippies would go nuts because it’s a byproduct of nuclear fission, which makes it a BAD thing, because NUKES!!!!

  8. SSG Kane says:

    Anyone have any tips for appealing a VA decision?

    Its WAF. The one thing that was indisputable (LOD, post deployment VA exams, etc) is the one thing they denied. Well one of the things they denied. They rolled up a bunch as symptomatic under PTSD and TBI.

    • ChipNASA says:

      I don’t know who you are using, but, I used my local DAV office to go to bat against the VA. That’s what they do, for free, and they do it well.
      I talked to them over the phone and e-mail and never saw my local rep in person (Downtown Baltimore DUH!)

      They gave me 10% first and I think twice, disregarding 170+ pages of documents and LODs etc, the DAV kept at them and then I was given 30%. The other 10% they said I was eligible for isn’t recognized at the time, because my current level of hearing loss doesn’t meet the minimum threashold. They did say to keep getting it checked every few years because when I become deaf enough over time, they’d consider giving me that other 10%.

      Talk to DAV.

    • ArmyATC says:

      In my experience, outside of PTSD and TBI, the VA usually denies almost everything else the first time around. That’s what they did to me even though I was in a wheelchair. If you haven’t already, use one of the VSOs such as the American Legion, DAV, or VFW to help you with your appeal. They have Veterans Service Officers that work inside the VA regional centers to help process claims for veterans. They know the system inside out and how to work within it to speed up your claim or appeal. They do good work and aren’t afraid to stand on desks.

      • Wilted Willy says:

        I have tried for 3 years to get them lazy assholes to investigate by pos brothers false claim of 100% PTSD disability. This asshole never spent a day in combat and all he ever did was make false teeth! You really get stressed out from sticking your finger in somebody’s mouth all day. He has screwed us all out of over $750K so far and still counting! I have given up hope of this fucker ever going back to prison where he belongs!

    • sgtcpt says:

      SSG Kane
      The VA web site has a lot of information regarding appeals. In fact it can be information overload. First thing make sure you return the paper work notifying them you intend to appeal. Then get assistance. Check your local Veterans Service Organization i.e. VFW, many of them have people skilled in navigating the VA BS. Check to see if your State has a VA coordinator, I used mine in Tennessee and he did 90% of the work on my application. Finally you can use a VA-accredited attorney. Good luck.

  9. Commissioner Wretched says:

    As far as the gun debate, I see that Robert Francis O’Rourke, the cultural appropriator who goes by a Hispanic nickname even though he’s 100% Irish, has guaranteed that he will not be the next president, and most likely will never be president. He says he is coming to get your guns.

    Rotsa ruck with that, buddy.

    It is patently obvious that a gun, by itself, has never killed anyone. A person operating a gun has killed many people. Kind of like the New York Times attempt to blame 9/11 on airplanes flying into buildings, conveniently leaving out the Islamic terrorists who were actually operating the airplanes.

    Go home, Beto, you’re a loser.

    • SFC D says:

      If I may speak for the Irish, Beto is not one of us. No true Irishman could ever be that big a pussy. Come and get it, Beto!

  10. 5th/77th FA says:

    Well. I’ll.just.be.a.suck.egg.Dawg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    daHell and….just……DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Went on provision run and hammered down to get back well in time to go for my 4 in a row!!!!!!!!

    WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH WWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Well on my way to the never reach Holy Grail of FIRSTS full house 5, and now we got to start all over again.

    My congrats and the Crown of Lord Over the Dickweeds to my man IDC SARC. Am I even top 10?

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I don’t know, but I still love you anyway.

      Would you like some ice cream to soothe your wounded feewings?

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Yes…ice cream…with some of them Apple Brown Bettys…and a skillet of sausage gravy…with cat heads… And a crocked pot of your baked beans with the linky sausages. And cookies, I’m getting real low. That would be a good start. I’ll be in the corner…whimpering.

        I had happened up on the debates, not sure what time, ahd to be a little after nineish and lo and behold Beto was bloviating. I listened to his paragraph about attending a gun show in Arkansas(?) and talking with the dealers that supposedly were saying they were all for the turning in of “assault weapons.” I almost threw my glass of peach flavored sweet iced tea at the TV Set. The expletive deleted shout did piss off Smokey and caused Kay Kitty to run out of the room. Chapman cocked his little puppy dog head and Trixie Girl came over for a belly rub. To add insult to the injury, one of the girl candidates jumped right in behind him with that whole “polls show the majority of Americans agree…not needed for hunting…blah…blah..blah.” It is so hard for me to grasp how someone can stand up before a TV camera and lie like that. What is harder for me to grasp is the lack of knowledge that these supposed elected officials have on the purpose of the Bill of Rights. I repeat what I said before… All of these people should have to attend a course on VoV’s lessons of the Rights and pass a test with a minimum score of 100%.

        CW, another fine job on the Trivia today. I always look forward to it.

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          The video of his little spitch is on the beto’s mouth to your ears thread. I think he said he went to a gun show in Connecticut, which I didn’t buy because he seems to be more of a compulsive liar than any of the others.

    • ChipNASA says:

      I was about to say…
      HOLY SHIT!!! WTF BBQ!!
      And as I scrolled down, I was saying to myself…you know….”Self….you know who’s going to shit their drawers when they see this?!?!?”

      ANNNNNNDDDDD There it is.

      I was working on something else and saw it was like 12:44 and we had 15 minutes to go and I was on the Beatoff thread and I refreshed and HOLY FUCKING SHIT ON A SALTINE WITH JESUS JUMPING ON A POGO STICK…


      Good One Ex-PH2.
      GOOD one.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      You are taking it better than I expected.

    • Graybeard says:

      Well, ID SARC should be able to bandage your wounds, 5th/77th, so there’s that.

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Nope GB, SARC might want to do a prostate exam to check for brain damage. I gave Ex the starting list of medications needed to soothe my wounds. I have yet to list what liquids it will take to wash away my sorrows.

        • The Stranger says:

          I’m sure cold Yuengling is on that list. I would personally add either Bulleit Rye or Canadian Club 12 to that list, your choice may differ. I will say this, that 12 year old CC is a damn good whiskey and a steal at about $25 for a fifth. It is incredibly smooth.

        • Graybeard says:


  11. Haywire Angel says:

    Happy weekend everyone!

  12. OAE CPO USN Ret says:

    This guy was featured on TAH last year. He’s back.

    Served in Okinawa for Vietnam. Went on a hunger strike last year because he wants to be considered a Vietnam Vet vs a Vietnam-era Vet.

    He’s trying the same thing this year.

    Previous TAH article.

    Recent news report

    The newspapers FB post. He’s not getting much sympathy on there.


    • 26Limabeans says:

      He could stand to lose a few pounds.

      • Mason says:

        The article says he made it 24 hours last time. HAHAHAHAHA. Some “hunger strike”. The fatbody literally couldn’t go more than a day. He’s no American Ghandi. HAHAHA

    • Perry Gaskill says:

      I’m surprised the Baxter Bulletin ran the new Jerry Bibb story. It’s remarkably sloppy. The byline says “Helen Mansfield, Special to The Bulletin” which means it’s likely a one-shot job of stenography, dictated by Bibb, instead of a serious effort to get at Bibb’s problem. Nowhere does Mansfield indicate she made any effort to contact veteran’s groups or anybody else who might have some influence on a decision.

      The Baxter Bulletin also fails to identify who Helen Mansfield is and what’s “special” about her piece. She might as well be some random fellow loon enabling Bibb’s craziness. Then there’s this zinger:

      “Last time I let politicians convince me to end my hunger strike, this time there won’t be any politicians.” he (Bibb) said.

      Is that a threat or a promise, Jerry?

      • Mason says:

        Jesus what a whiner. He conflates being on a Navy ship off the Vietnam coast with the unarguably safe Guam. He wants to be a Vietnam War vet, not just a Vietnam-times vet like all the guys stateside. If he wanted to go to Vietnam and be a war vet, as my dad explains (since he *did not* want to go to the party in SE Asia), it was pretty easy.

  13. Berliner says:

    There haven’t been, to my knowledge, any mass shootings at gun ranges or gun shows. That shows guns are not the problem.

    Instead mentally deranged who want to be on the news seek out gun free zones so they won’t themselves get hurt.

    I know Chris Kyle will be brought up by some, having been murdered at a range along with his buddy Chad Littlefield. This is from wikipedia:

    ‘Routh was a 25-year-old U.S. Marine Corps veteran from Lancaster, Texas. Kyle and Littlefield had reportedly taken Routh to the gun range in an effort to help him with his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Routh had been in and out of mental hospitals for at least two years and had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. His family also said he suffered from PTSD from his time in the military. On the way to the shooting range, Kyle texted Littlefield, “This dude is straight up nuts.” Littlefield responded, “Watch my six,” military slang meaning “watch my back.” Four months later, while he was in his jail cell, Routh shared with former Erath County Sheriff’s Deputy Gene Cole: “I was just riding in the back seat of the truck, and nobody would talk to me. They were just taking me to the range, so I shot them. I feel bad about it, but they wouldn’t talk to me. I’m sure they’ve forgiven me.”‘

    • David says:

      Ironically, Kyle handed a gun to a guy legally prohibited from buying one.

      • 11B-Mailclerk says:

        Some folks at the top of their field get to feeling invincible.

        That can lead to some very unwise choices, and fatal consequences.

        “Remember, you are mortal. Remember, you are -not- a god.”
        – the speech of a Roman slave, tasked to remind the recipient of a Triumph, over and over again, as they rode in the parade before the cheering crowds.

    • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

      If guns kill people, then how does anyone get out of a Gun Show alive, let alone a Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s outlet?

  14. ChipNASA says:

    To go along with Ex-PH2’s photo above (and hopefully an admin will open the photo link so you won’t have to clicky clicky)
    I leave this here for your amusement…..

    “Speaking of Home Security…”


  15. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    Folks, the Left sees this as win-win. If you obey, you are now an disarmed and obedient serf. If you disobey, you are a convicted felon and disarmed, no longer a voter, and an obedient serf. Or, dead and no longer a problem.

    They -want- violence. All part of the Marxist method. Chaos begets Collectivism in their fantasies. You will be broken to make Lenin’s omelet work. (this time it will work!)

    • ArmyATC says:

      The problem for the gun grabbing Dems as I see it is;

      1. Like Beta O’Dork, the actually think gun owners would comply.

      2. They think that local law enforcement will help them confiscate the guns of those who refused to comply.

      3. They think that violence, except that violence against those “criminal gun owners,” won’t ensue.

      They are wrong on all counts. As for me, Et non parere (with apologies to those who really know Latin).

    • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

      Politicians say “If you need a 30 round magazine then you suck at hunting” to which I reply “If you need a disarmed populace then YOU SUCK at governing!”

  16. Commissar says:

    The democratic position is the same sensible gun control supported by more than 70% of Americans.

    Better background chuck. Loopholes that allow guns to be bought without background checks. Even basic criminal checks.

    Some want red flag laws which are problematic but we should at least be discussing them given the number of unstable individuals committing mass shootings. In most cases there were warning signs.

    Beto is the only one off the reservation with his “force everyone to give up AR-15s and AK-47s” campaign message. It is stupid and makes me cringe every time he says it. It also shows how he is responding to media narratives rather than actual capabilities of firearms. There are plenty of legal weapons that are as or more effective than ARs and AKs. Yet he seems to fixate on the reputation rather than the capabilities of the weapons.

    It is a stupid uninformed campaign message.

    I am a multiple firearm owner. I have even had to cache firearms out of state due to seemingly arbitrary and incoherent laws in California.

    However, the lack of any efforts to make access more difficult for nutcases to buy guns is only going to lead to greater and more fervent public outrage and support for even more stringent action.

    Closing background check loopholes alone will likely significantly reduce public fervor. At least among moderates on the issue.

    I also find it interesting that there is so much outrage concerning infringement on second amendment rights. Even with respect to gun “rights” NOT supported in the constitution according to SCOTUS rulings…

    Yet, there has been no outrage about the infringement of all other rights among conservatives…

    1. For profit prisons that gives a profit motive for imprisoning Americans and funnels lobbying dollars toward more laws with more sentencing. America imprisons more citizens than any other country in the world in both per capital and real number terms. We have more people in prison than China, Russia, and North Korea.

    2. Extrajudicial killings and excessive force by law enforcement. This should outrage every American. There is no greater infringement of human right than the state using unnecessary force and extrajudicially killing citizens. Especially with so little accountability. We have single police departments that kill more citizens than all other industrial democracies. ENTIRE nations kill less than some departments in the us. We serial killer officers that have killed more people than entire nations and their killings ruled within the scope of use of force.

    There is a difference between killing someone because it is necessary and taking the opportunity to kill someone because you know you can articulate a justification. I could have killed three citizens during my short time in law enforcement. I could easily have articulated justification with no concern of long term consequences. Two were armed, one I had definite justification to believe was armed. If I were a serial killer with a badge I could have shot them and the only consequence was paperwork, and an interview.

    We put too much emphasis on what an officer can justify and not enough on what was actually necessary.

    Keep in mind that law enforcement is one of the top ten professions with respect to the highest concentration of sociopaths.

    We need effective law enforcement oversight and genuine consequences for unlawful or unjustified uses of force. Other free societies do it. We can do it.

    3. The Patriot act and the loss of civil rights it dictates.

    Here is a for instance; the 4th Amendment is supposed to protect from arbitrary stops, questioning, and seizures. However, if you are within 100 miles of a border or coastal port of entry (2/3rds of American citizens live in this zone), the border patrol as additional authority that historically would violate the constitution and would violate the constitution outside this zone. Most Americans live in this zone.

    Within 25 miles of a border the border patrol has even MORE authority. Including entering and searching private property without a warrant.

    These issues should be as much of a concern for conservatives as the second amendment.

    Yet, they are not. You clutch you guns to your chest and close your eyes while the rest of our rights are under assault and while other citizens are abused and killed extrajudicially.

    Worse you tend to cheer on and side with law enforcement on even some of the most egregious violations and acting vindicated when the failed system fails to hold the officer accountable. .

    Note: open thread. So not a hijack.

    • ChipNASA says:

      Annnnndddd there he is.

      *Judge Judy Head Shake*

    • just lurkin says:

      You know Lars, I did point you to an article on reason.com the other day and, if you had followed that link and then surfed around their site, you would have found articles about all of these issues. You may quibble that that is a libertarian website, but almost all libertarian politicians have much stronger ties to the Republican party than the Democrats, just witness most of their recent Presidential candidates.

      We do imprison far too many people, but I suspect that we would imprison far fewer if we would stop destroying families so that young men had fathers in the home to help guide them to adulthood. The left has to take some responsibility for that by replacing dad with the state. You might also want to talk to your girl Kamala the cop about both excessive imprisonment and police abuse.

      The shooting of the unarmed man in Arizona and the couple in Houston are terrible abuses of power, but I note that Houston is controlled by the Dems and cop unions are a constituency that big city Dem pols try to keep onside. We don’t generally have such problems here in rural America, believe it or not, because Sheriffs have to stand for periodic election and if they abuse their power the voters will remember.

      I am sure that there are all sorts of other examples of police abuse that I am overlooking, but just be aware that there are plenty of people on the right who are aghast at this abuse (so when you say that no conservatives are outraged about the infringement of other rights you are again resorting to hyperbole). By the way, it may be true that a lot of cops are “sociopaths”, but weren’t you a police officer once?

      I also recognize that the police have a very difficult job and that they are often put in no win situations, so I am sympathetic both to them and to those who are abused by the worst of them. Life is complicated sometimes.

      If the Patriot act offers the government the opportunity to abuse its powers I can’t see how making the government both bigger and more powerful will be of any help, but that’s all I ever get from your side of the aisle. Shrink the state and a lot of these problems will resolve themselves over time, but no one wants to do that because far too many think that they are getting something for nothing out of the deal.

    • SFC D says:

      “Within 25 miles of a border the border patrol has even MORE authority. Including entering and searching private property without a warrant”.

      Reference please? I’m 2 miles from the border, a former CBP employee, and I’ve never seen or even heard of this happening.

    • ArmyATC says:

      “The democratic position is the same sensible gun control supported by more than 70% of Americans.”

      In what way? Just because a majority of people agree with it doesn’t make it sensible.

      “Beto is the only one off the reservation with his “force everyone to give up AR-15s and AK-47s” campaign message.”

      No, he isn’t. Every Democrat running for the nomination is in favor of banning so-called “assault weapons.” The major candidates are all on record calling for a mandatory “buyback.” The only difference between them and Beta is that he’s more vocal about it.

      “Some want red flag laws which are problematic but we should at least be discussing them given the number of unstable individuals committing mass shootings. In most cases there were warning signs.”

      Interesting. “Red flag” laws are more than “problematic.” In most cases, they strip the citizen of his or her due process rights. That’s more than “problematic.” You rant against the loss of rights yet call such a trampling “problematic.”

      I notice that you continue using your broad brush to paint all Conservatives as you would like them to appear. Conservatism, just like Liberalism, isn’t a monolith with everyone marching in lockstep to the same drummer. Conservatives, just like Liberals, agree on a great many things and disagree on others. It is unfair, idiotic, and just plain bigoted to resort to the stereotype “all Conservatives.” In this, and many other instances, you are no better than the Conservatives you rail against. Here are just a few examples from a single comment. “You clutch you guns to your chest and close your eyes while the rest of our rights are under assault…” and “Worse you tend to cheer on and side with law enforcement on even some of the most egregious violations…” Everything you said is simply not true. I’ve seen many examples of folks here speaking out against a great many violations and encroachments on our rights that have nothing to do with guns or gun control, one being the Patriot Act, another the border rules. So stop with the ‘holier than thou’ bull.

      Now to gun control which precipitated your rant. You make much of “universal” background checks. I suppose it would come as a surprise that the system is broken. We have many examples of that, one of the most infamous being the Sutherland Springs shootings. Federal agencies don’t update the system in a timely manner. For states, it’s voluntary with many not bothering to update the systems at all. But you want to pile on more that will only make the National Instant Check System worse. How about fixing the current system before adding more to it?

      Then there’s the problem of the background checks themselves not being nearly as effective as we were led to believe. Many, perhaps most mass shooters passed the required background check, even some who were classified as prohibited persons. Dayton, El Paso, Las Vegas, Stoneman Douglas, the Pulse Nightclub, The Washington Navy Yard, Aurora Theater, Ft. Hood, Virginia Tech and many others are all instances where the shooter passed a background check to purchase the guns he used in his heinous crime. In at least two instances, Sutherland Springs and Charleston, the shooters were prohibited persons who passed background checks due to government screwups. Others, such as San Bernardino and Sandy Hook saw the shooters either steal the guns they used or acquire them through straw purchases. Tell us how “universal” background checks would have stopped any of them.

      Then there’s the cost. Right now a background check fee through an FFL dealer can cost anywhere from $25 to $200+. “Universal” background checks would force dealers to run checks on all sales, to include private sales. This detracts from the dealers main business of selling guns. To make up for that shortfall or simply due to the increase in background checks the dealer will raise the fee to reflect the lost sales or the addition of employees to run the checks. This will cause a dramatic increase in fees that could start at $100 with the upper limits reaching $350+ this essentially pushes the poor and even the middle class out of purchasing a firearm and exercising their 2nd Amendment right.

      Finally, while I’m not philosophically opposed to “universal” background checks, I do oppose the manner in which they are to be performed in all the legislation the Democrats have written. With our modern technology, why can’t a citizen call into the system him or herself or simply log on to a website and have the background check performed at no or minimal cost? Walmart can accomplish the entire process online. Why can’t citizens?

      • ArmyATC says:

        If I may just add one more thing to my already overly long comment. Many of your leftist brothers and sisters say that only the police and military should have firearms. Answer this if you can. Are these the same police who you claim are sociopaths involved in extrajudicial killings and are murdering black men, women, and children wholesale? Why on earth would the left trust them and only them with firearms? Why aren’t you clamoring to for every law-abiding black man and woman to be armed against such government tyranny?

        • Hondo says:

          Don’t expect an answer, ArmyATC. The Omnicient Commissar has spoken. He cannot be wrong – even if he hasn’t bothered (or is unwilling or unable) to determine the logical implications of his pronouncements from on high.

          In short: you’re asking him to exhibit a logically consistent position from beginning to logical end. Don’t hold your breath.

      • Graybeard says:

        Excellent, logical, fact filled response, ArmyATC.

        Unfortunately Commissar appears immune to logic, facts, or anything similar to reasoned discussion.

        At one time I tried to engage in reasonable discussions with Lars, sometimes even defending him by a charitable reading/interpretation of what he wrote.

        I don’t even respond to his stuff nowadays.

        Not that you should do the same – but trying to set reasonable expectations for you.

        • ArmyATC says:

          I can keep trying. But I don’t expect a response. I don’t remember him ever responding to a reply I left on one of his comments.

          • Graybeard says:

            I’ve gotten where when I see Lars post, I skip everything related to him or his post, just happened to catch your good response as I scrolled down.

            • ArmyATC says:

              Thank you. I try, knowing that I’ll most likely not get a response, because I hope that something I write may give him pause and rethink his position. Most likely wishful thinking on my part. But I’ll continue to pray to Saint Jude, the patron saint of lost causes. If nothing else the information is out there for someone else who may need it.

    • Perry Gaskill says:

      The 70 percent figure is not accurate. The use of the term “sensible” to describe current progressive policy is also misleading because it implies that any disagreement is nonsense. Here’s a better breakdown of a poll that lays out more clearly the broader and more complicated issues over time:


      Here’s a way to define lunacy:

      Beto O’Rourke is not only in favor of gun confiscation in the U.S., he’s also in favor of tearing down the existing border wall with Mexico. As it happens, Mexico has much stricter laws than the U.S. This includes restriction to caliber and type, as well as a ban on possession of any firearm unless inside a home for personal protection. Such might lead to the conclusion that Mexico is safer, but it’s not true. Just across the border from O’Rourke’s hometown of El Paso, the city of Juarez had 33,000 homicides last year. By contrast, the city of Baltimore, half the size of Juarez, had the worst per capita rate in the U.S. at 309.

      It seems to me that an additional problem with progressive efforts at gun control is, like a lot of progressive policy items, that enough often proves to be never enough. Sort of like what happens when you give a moose a muffin. First they’ll want “sensible” controls such as a national gun registry, then they’ll want forced buybacks which will pretty much trash the 2nd Amendment.

      When that doesn’t work, they’ll want to ignore the 4th Amendment by going to forced seizure with the registry data as a roadmap. Anybody who complains about this will be silenced in violation of the 1st Amendment by defining anti-seizure comments as “hate speech.”

      Progressives also seem to take the view that a perfect world is one in which nobody ever dies. That we can all live forever if we just get rid of the mass shooters by paying whatever societal cost it might take. My own view is that, ultimately, none of us are going to get out this thing called life alive, and it’s better to die on our feet than to live on our knees.

      • David says:

        One might look at New Zealand as a great example. Six months ago they mandated a turn-n of all “assault weapons”. Despite a less than 20% compliance rate (described by the pols as “very successful” – ?!) they are already announcing FURTHER controls. The end objective is total disarmament and total control.

      • AW1Ed says:

        Baltimore demands a recount, Perry.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:


      Didn’t someone critique that method recently?

      The proposals are neither sensible, nor constitutional. And the polling is … specious, thus un-persuasive.

    • GDContractor says:

      “I have even had to cache firearms out of state due to seemingly arbitrary and incoherent laws in California.”

      RED FLAG!!!

      (just kidding, ya crazy bastard}

      • 11B-Mailclerk says:

        He supports the folks passing such laws, then complains that the laws apply to him, injuring his sensibilities.

        “Cognitive Dissonance”

    • GDContractor says:

      “Beto is the only one off the reservation with his “force everyone to give up AR-15s and AK-47s” campaign message.”

      Logically, if “the gun” is identified as the causal agent of “mass shootings”, “no guns” = “no mass shootings”. So, if the Progressives are actually engaged in a sincere effort to eliminate mass shootings and save lives, taking away guns is the logical consequence of their desire. Beto’s only crime was speaking those words out loud.

      • David says:

        So every gun show should end up a carnal mess of shot up bodies? THOUSANDS of guns… if guns cause deaths, that’s where we would see it.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      “sensible gun control supported by more than 70% of Americans”

      Do you really expect anyone to continue
      reading the rest of your comment after
      that whopper?

      • Commie-Tsar says:

        But… but… but, it’s here in all of my binders of empiric data and part of my talisman (my flaccid little micropenis of truth that I hold with my left hand).

        ORANGE. MAN. BAD.

  17. Graybeard says:

    Top 60s again, I guess. I was helping some 5th graders with math when this hit, and was helping some 12th graders with College Algebra when I saw it had posted.

    All is well in the GB AO this week except one sick grandchild.

    In observance of Patriot’s Day I got to work with our 10-year old grandson on his pistol shooting. Toward the end of his 50 rounds he was keeping his 5-shot groups in about a 2” spread at 25′ from a rest. We were using the Ruger SR22 P, and working some with high-velocity and some with standard-velocity .22LR ammo.

    The good thing with the standard-velocity (Federal Target) is that it will sometimes have a failure-to-eject or fail-to-feed, so that (a) he gets practice clearing malfunctions and (b) Grandpa can watch his trigger squeeze and determine when he is jerking the trigger. As his trigger manipulation got better, his groups got tighter.

    I did get the Walther PPK/S .22LR back from Arkansas again (after trip 5 in 4 months). It turns out the recoil spring or slide-stop spring (nomenclature differences being what they are) has a “front” and a “back” – a difference of about 1mm and the way the end of the spring is finished. I’ve put up a video talking about the 5 trips and with details about the ammo and spring issues, if anyone is curious:

    Mrs. GB is now working on physical therapy on her foot, and working toward being ready to repeat the process on her other foot.

    Y’all have a great weekend, and I hope you can get out and bust some caps at the range soon.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      GB, give the sick grandbaby a coupla Mrs. GB’s homemade cookies…with some ice cream That’ll start the little one well onto the road of recovery. A cookie in each hand is a balanced diet. Give Mrs. GB a hug from us and a wish for continued rapid recovery. Give the 10 yo a BZ for job well done on his shot patterns. Give yourself a pat on the back for growing that young’un up right.

      I’ll give Walther’s Customer (lack of) Service Dprt a two handed universal one fingered salute. One for them and one for the horse they rode in on. Still smh over that fiasco.

      • Graybeard says:

        WILCO, 5th/77th. Thanks!

      • AW1Ed says:

        A mug of Mrs. GB’s chicken soup first- then cookies and ice cream.

        For ailing adults, add a fat squeeze of lemon juice and a couple Tbs of honey to a large shot of bourbon. Nuke in the microwave 10-15 seconds. Sip and inhale the fumes- it won’t cure you, but you won’t mind.

  18. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

    Eleventieth and Honorary First once again.


  19. Sapper3307 says:

    In Vermont news the first two F-35s will arrive this week. The Bernie Sander supporters are off the rails to keep them away. And people that built houses beside an large airport are upset about noises.

    • ArmyATC says:

      My entire career was in aviation. That sort of thing always pissed me off. People know they are building near an airport. But they continue to build and then complain about the noise, demanding the city or state do something about it. So they are paid more than their house is worth and walk away with a tidy sum. this happened in Indianapolis. The city and state had to buy an entire subdivision because the snowflakes complained about the noise. Fuck ’em! They knew what they were getting into.

      • Roh-Dog says:

        Freedom has a price, idiots, Deal with it.

      • AW1Ed says:

        NAS Pax River has been in existence since WWII and you can STILL hear people bitch about the sound of freedom. They read zero on my Give-A-Fuck meter.

      • 11B-Mailclerk says:

        I used to live near an Air Force base. It was like having my own air show.

        “Doesn’t that noise bother you?”

        “What noise?”

      • sj says:

        I flew into Dulles in the 60’s. There wasn’t a house anywhere near it for miles and miles. Now, they are almost at the end of the runway and bitching the whole time.

      • Mason says:

        They do the same thing when they buy a house on a freight train line or next to a highway. Hey dumbass, there’s a reason your house was 20% below market value.

        And yet, the government, to shut them up, puts up insanely expensive sound walls. Despite modern jetliners being orders of magnitude quieter than older jetliners, the intl airport here bought hundreds of houses new windows for their home to cut down on noise complaints. We’re a society now that literally, and repeatedly, rewards stupidity.

  20. The Other Whitey says:

    VOV should get a kick out of this. I have made no secret of my disdain for soccer. I despise everything about fagball. Utterly hate it. Vowed to never, ever allow it in my house.

    But it turns out my daughter likes chasing a Snoopy-colored ball around with other kids. So this morning, after getting relieved at work (finally! ), there I was, with my EZ-Up deployed, cheering my baby girl’s soccer team. My son, seated next to me, told me that he wants to play with his big sister, so God help me, I’m gonna have to suck it up and go buy more soccer stuff. My wife is laughing her ass off.

    Let it never be doubted how much I love my children.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      You are a good man.

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Bless you my son…Go and sin some more. This is one of those occasions that proves children can become God’s punishment for adults enjoying carnal relations.

        Both my Grands are armpit deep into that sport. Daughter and SiL have spent a bloody fortune on not just equipment but games, tournaments, lodgings and all the trappings there of. You have my deepest sympathies.

        • Graybeard says:

          My 82nd-AB brother had two daughters in dance, all of them at one time or another in one of the martial arts, and his youngest got involved in lacrosse (of all the things a Texas boy can get into, this is one of the rarest.)

          Talk about spending a small fortune. Daughters at football games and competitions, sons in tournaments, special gear for all the above….

          That poor boy will never be able to retire – he and his wife have spent all their income on outfits and trips.

          • The Other Whitey says:

            My daughter also dances (ballet and tap) and rides a horse. Soon she will launch lead as well. My son is only 3, but I’m sure he’ll have no shortage of extracurricular interests. I expect my youngest daughter will be similarly active.

    • Graybeard says:

      The things a father will do for his children.

      “Futbol,” as we called it in Venezuela and Mexico when I was young, is quite a fun sport once one understands what is going on – and the cardio workout is fantastic.

      Have fun, TOW. I’ve never regretted cheering my kids (and now grandkids) in their activities.

      • ArmyATC says:

        I agree. I detested fussball until I spent a tour in Germany and learned about the sport. I’m hooked now and watch Bundesliga matches whenever I can.

    • AW1Ed says:

      Wait until you get roped into coaching the team. Don’t ask how I know this.

      • The Other Whitey says:

        Well, I can delegate that one to my sister. She’s a soccer player and wants to do more stuff with my kids. Plus she works for a city department, way better schedule than I get from the state.

  21. 11B-Mailclerk says:


    An Iranian proxy just struck Saudi Arabia with a “drone swarm” , resulting in the Saudis shutting down half their oil production capacity.

    Good thing we fracked our way to near-independance on oil.

    Poor choice by Iran. If they prod their opposition into doing the same, they won’t be able to survive the resultant collapse of their economy. Mining their harbors would also be a response.

    There is also a window for a third-party actor to play “let’s you and him fight” by making a strike on Iran attributed to their opponents.

    This could get …. Interesting.

  22. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    SO-1 Gallagher is now suing some of his lawyers.


    A charity exploiting a service person in a jam?

    Note to the forum: cheap/free lawyers can be some of the most costly things you can buy.

    What does this do for an “incompetent counsel” appeal?

    I didn’t know until I read the article that one of Ghallager’s attorneys was one of Trump’s personal lawyers. That is gonna be some high-octane counsel.

  23. 3/10/MED/b says:

    Anyone checked the weather in Elko, NV today?

    “Windy, with a high chance of precipitous bovine fecal activity.”

    A good Sunday to all.

    b out

    • ArmyATC says:

      Typical leftist twaddle by “Spartacus.” He wants gun owners to have to get a license for every gun they own. The expense of the training and administrative requirements would effectively prevent a great many people from purchasing a firearm and exercising their 2nd Amendment right. Fuck him and his co-signer “Vietnam” Dick Blumenthal.