From Beto’s Mouth to Your Ears

| September 13, 2019

Robert “Beto” O’Rourke has declared he will confiscate your guns, your AR-15s and AK-47s, in a vehement, podium-pounding response to the moderator’s question about gun confiscation during last night’s debate. Okay, he wasn’t thumping the podium but he was close to it.

Here’s his response on video. I think his vehemence about it emphasizes his ignorance about a lot of things, including the fact that the Odessa shooter failed a FEDERAL background check and went “underground” to  get a weapon.  I’ve asked this before: if a specific requirement for gun ownership is passing a federal background check, is that NOT a universal background check? And if not, then why not? His anecdote about going to a gun show in Connecticut doesn’t cut it with me, either. And frankly, if this is the only thing he can hammer at, he just doesn’t have much to offer.


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5th/77th FA

Molon Labe…Bitch!

Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

Oh, and Beta Bitch, come yourself, don’t send the Gooberment bully boys.


Easy to say when you know you’re not gonna even be on the ticket, Beta.


A Proud Infidel®™

Hey BEATOFF O’Rourke, EAT SHIT and howl at the moon while you go sit and spin on a pile of rusty, tangled concertina wire wrapped in asbestos soaked in diarrhea and Nuclear Waste, you pissy-assed pampered piece of poodle shit!!!

1. BEATOFF O’Rourke’s father was a Judge who got him off easy on DUI and other charges in his earlier life.
2. BEATOFF O’Rourke’s Father in Law is a Multimillionaire who heavily bankrolled little beatoff’s House and Senate campaigns and it’s likely that BEATOFF O’Rourke wouldn’t have even been able to get elected as Dogcatcher without his FIL’s big bucks.
3. BEATOFF O’Rourke is at leat 10,000 times more worthless than teats on a Boar Hog.


El Paso’s judiciary is a fairly small legal community and his father was indeed a judge. Knowing El Paso, yes, a little quiet ‘scratch my son’s back and I’ll scratch yours’ is possible or even probable… but try and prove it.

Beto’s father-in-law is a former real estate speculator/banker who per Forbes is worth somewhere between $500 mill up to maybe a billion. Beto first came to prominence when his FIL spearheaded a plan to redevelop a poor area of El Paso called Scundo Barrio, threatening owners with eminent domain foreclosures if they didn’t play ball. Beto was on the board of the REIT while on the city council (he recused himself from some but all votes on it.) The deal eventually flopped. Texas changed their eminent domain laws afterwards due to the stench from the deal, so that now eminent domain to benefit a non-governmental entity like that is illegal.

5th/77th FA

Poor things. Don’t know how they manage to feed themselves. FiL “only” worth $500 mil + and poor ol beto struggling by on a net worth of 5 – 10 mil $. Maybe I should send them my K Roger + card and the coupons I got today.

FTA looks like paw in law may of had some sketchy deals ongoing.

SSG Kane

Beta is not a serious candidate for President. He’s the vaccine for rational thought. He’s inoculating people against sanity, by pushing positions so far to the left, and so insane that the rest of the candidates seem plateable.

This helps move the left of center folks further left. They know that can’t vote for Beta, and they can rationalize voting for someone else, who is less crazy, even though that candidate is still crazy.

If we really wanted to get ahead of this, we’d give Beta what he wants, and make him the poster child/face of the Democratic party, like we did with AOC.


Make him the Albatross that they bear ever afterwards!

(Monty Python)


BlueCord Dad



O’Rourke has forgotten his Texas history.

“Come and Take It.” The results will bethe same.


Not to mention Thermopylae:

The Other Whitey

Robert Francis O’Rourke, who really REALLY wants people to think he’s Mexican—not unlike Rachel Dolezal and Fauxcahontas Warren—is quite the annoying bastard. But he’s also rather creepy. He used to write short stories about murdering children because “their happiness was mine by right.” Seriously, he wrote that shit. He even admits that he wrote that shit. This asshole wrote first-person-perspective fantasies about murdering children to feed his own sense of entitlement. Let that sink in. Just reading an excerpt of his shit made me physically ill.

This fucker would try to hang dead kids over our heads in an attempt to shame us out of our 2A rights, yet he has a history of fantasizing about runnng children over with his car.

Never mind that his daddy the judge made sure he skated on DUI and burglary charges, and shielded him from any consequences for his time with a blackhat hacker group. This guy is one of the most entitled little fucks I’ve ever seen, never mind off-putting.


Web page designer. Or, according to the fawning press, “an IT Entrepreneur”.


Don’t forget that he styled himself a hacker and stole credit card numbers. That and the drunk driving hit and run are what make people think he’s “Kennedy-esque.”


In the interest of accuracy, I think he admitted to stealing “calling card numbers”, not credit card numbers.


Point conceded. Wire fraud by any other name…


Long ago, I had a “calling card”. It was a credit-card sized card with a sixteen digit number and various credit card security features. I could only charge phone services on it. The bills ran through a major card-processing firm. It appeared on my credit report.

Not at all a “credit card”.

SSG Kane

Looks like it’ll be a Biden Warren ticket…




Doc Savage

Nice job beta boy….giving criminals a safe work environment,
You try to put up obstacles to prevent the law abiding to defend themselves and exercise thier 2A rights, while releasing violent offenders with multiple firearms violation back into the public with minimal prison time….how about you start hammering the criminals with 15,20,25, and 30 years in prison rather than punishing the Law abiding for the actions of criminals?

Your chances of ever becoming president a slim and none, and you just shot slim dead with your stupid statements.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Beto just picked the hill he wants to die on to ruin any chance of becoming the next president.

Interesting article that came out just before he made his lunatic statement:


Beto died on that hill as soon as the “hell yes” left his lips.


Unlike the conclusion of the author, they are serious. They will try to pass it, at least the loonier fringe will.

Their premises are not the same as the author’s. He is assuming they are rationally basing these laws on facts and reality. Demonstrably, they are not based on facts or reality. Neither is Progressivism or Marxism. Many of them go for that, despite facts and reality demonstrating “abject fail”.

They -feel- it is right. They -feel- if they just try it will work, because -they- want it. Any failure is not their fault. Control is the thing, and you are what must be controlled, because -you- are the root of all fail.

Don’t think so? Where does their behavior conflict with my observation?

They are in hysterical “double-down” mode. They know that the ongoing update of courts to “originalist” is the end of their gains, because they have been using courts to overwrite clear law with Proggy-law, to overcome the protections of the system with judicial treachery. A few more years and the setback will be long enduring.

Just as they pulled out the stops on “control by Doc” for “healthcare”, they will do so on their next must-have: gun bans and the precedent that guns are a strictly limited privilege of the Aristocracy, not the Unalienable Right of all.

The root of the problem: they mean to be the ruling Aristocracy, and Trump has given the plebs this weird idea they can say ” up yours” to their betters,

And make it stick.


If AR-15s are outlawed, then I’ll be an outlaw.

….bitches love outlaws.

The Other Whitey

And propellant residue is a natural aphrodisiac. I’ve conducted extensive empirical testing on this topic, but they wouldn’t let me publish my findings. “Too pornographic,” they said.


Just tested your theory by racking back the slide of the Ruger Compact I keep here on my desk and sniffing the chamber. Sure nuff, gave me a real boner and at ol’ Poe’s age, that ain’t easy.

You’re the Xaviera Hollander of Fire Houses…


Whitey, hope you understand I meant that comment as a joke and not a sarcastic criticism. I just reread it and see that it could be so construed.

For what it’s worth, you’re one of my favorite TAH commenters. I hope the captain of my own local firehouse is as sharp as you are.

The Other Whitey

It’s all good, Poe. Though I was actually referring to the effect on female behavior!


Always worked for Miz Poe…

mr. sharkman

You = Butch
Me = Sundance

“We’ll join the Army! They won’t even have to make us officers!” 😉


Beato’s small, flaccid, uncalloused hands have never touched anything as manly as a firearm, I’m sure.

But what have Beato’s hands touched you ask? The list is both disgusting and disturbing, I’m sure.

People like Beato want to “ban” firearms not because they envision a world without crime, but because they desire a world in which only THEY have the force to commit crimes against humanity.

There, I said it. Modern democrats are direct ideological descendants of the people who invented gulags, industrial murder, and world wars.


Beta the Cuck (and the others on the left) use gun confiscation as nothing more than mental masturbation for them to get elected. They don’t have the economy to use as an issue, so they fall back on guns and stuff that the Free Shit Army wants.

Retired Grunt

(In my best Danny Vermin voice from Johnny Dangerously.) King George III tried to take Americas guns once, ONCE!! My apologies for those who have not seen the movie.


Haven’t seen the movie … but I’ll eventually see it once. ONCE.

Retired Grunt

Funny isn’t it…. I should have prefaced the quote with, You shouldn’t try to take Americans guns Beto…. I should have a tshirt made with Vermin on the hook with his finger up and that line. Lol. I have lots of great tshirt ideas, just dont know how to market them.

Bubblehead Ray

Speaking of Beta, he hasn’t been the same since he “popped”


I’ll bet the folks at Ranger Up or Article 15 would jump all over it.

The Other Whitey

I want an .88 magnum.

charles w

It shoots through schools.


Left/libtards’ evil “assault weapons” notion:


Beto always reminds me of the slimeball in high school who would tell any girl that he loved her just to get in her pants, so he could brag about it afterwards.


By pitching woo and reading his kid-killing, acid induced ‘poetry’.
This guy has serious mental issues.


He wouldn’t make such a good Democrat candidate if he didn’t. He and Al Green competed to see which of the Texas Democrats in the House could be the dumbest.


You forgot to mention another of the dumbest reps from Texas, Sheila Jax-hmm Lee.


Well Bobby, looks like you should be first in the stack for any confiscation raid.

Hope you know the words to Fortunate Son….

James Wesley Rawles had a nice article explaining the math of gun confiscation. The numbers didn’t work out very well for the feds

MI Ranger

Beto does not seem to understand guns! He says that AR-15s are designed as weapons of war (they aren’t). He also said they are designed to massively shred and cause the Soldier to bleed to death on the battlefield (that would be against the Geneva Convention and illegal on the battlefield). He described a girl who had to bleed out on the streets and die, because there were not enough ambulances to get her to the hospital…sounds like a personal problem not a gun violence problem. Maybe Beto should instead teach everyone first aid! How to stop the bleeding, and how to evaluate a persons wounds, was there no one in El Paso that could drive a car and take the poor girl to the hospital themselves? I seem to recall stories of people doing exactly that in Vegas, when the shooting occurred there. In fact there was a story about a person who “stole” an ambulance from the police lot next to the concert venue and drove several people to the hospital because it was not being used. The police chose to not prosecute him afterwards because he returned it, and was only trying to help.

Retired Grunt

I’m going to go so far as to let him have the “weapons of war” comment. Hmmm… if my history serves me. The flintlock musket in the timeframe of the revolution was a “weapon of war” I seem to recall an article somewhere that showed most people hunted with rifled muskets or shotguns in that period. Flintlock smoothbore muskets just were not that accurate unless you were able to mass fire or ungodly close to your target hence the tactics of the period. When the British outlawed those “weapons of war” and came for them at Concord well we all know what happened next. The purpose of the 2nd amendment wasn’t so people could have sporting rifles or hunt even though those things are included, it was placed as a safeguard to ensure that power remained with the citizen and that a tyrannical government could be reminded who was really in charge and dealt with, if necessary, even if need be through those “weapons of war”. I could be off, I’m not perfect, just my two cents.

P.S. for whatever medal guy special case that was the other day, I’m writing this from Iraq…. wait, no… I meant Myrack, sorry


The well-armoured Knight fears the longbow, it turns the lowly peasant into the King of Battle.

The Other Whitey

He’s going off the “tumbling bullets” meme. I doubt he could even spell “ballistics.”


I’ll just leave this here…

A Proud Infidel®™️

“Francis” used a urinal, Beatoff O’Rourke sits down to go pee.


The problem is, Beta O’Dork isn’t a lonely voice in the wilderness. Every Democratic candidate has called for a permanent “assault weapons” ban and most are calling for confiscation in the form of a “buyback.”

As I see it, here’s the problem for them. I believe, should one somehow be elected president, the majority of gun owners will tell them to go pound sand with a hammer. The rate of compliance will be extremely low. We see that in the compliance rate in states that have outlawed “assault weapons.” So what will the Dems do then? It’s no secret that most law enforcement officers, especially in small towns and rural areas, will refuse to help the feds with their confiscation scheme. The military can’t help, not that the majority would. So that leaves federal law enforcement. There simply aren’t enough of them to do the job. Trying to send those few feds door to door will only precipitate a bloodbath. So what will the Dems do? In reality, there’s nothing they can do short of wailing and gnashing their teeth.

I think the Court would step in long before anything like that happens. One would hope that the “conservative” majority would find any such ban unconstitutional.


Welp, the gloves are officially off. It’s not just Beto, it’s every one of them on that stage. They want ALL guns (except the ones that protect them) gone. This is the third rail of politics, and all they are doing is mobilizing the silent majority and old farts like me that sit quietly and watch.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Was watching Foxe’s outnumbered with juan williams as the out numbered one today and the AR assault weapons conversation came up and my BP went up as they still don’t know firearms nomenclature. Why don’t they read up so they can tell the difference between these weapons. The US Army’s M 4 doesn’t meet the criteria as an “assault” rifle but the Mil. AK 47 does. Any TAH readers out there know the slight difference? Real easy.


There are many weapons considered assault rifles, the definition of which is found in DIA Pub DST 1110H-394-76, page 105.

“Assault rifles are short, compact, selective-fire weapons that fire a cartridge intermediate in power between submachinegun and rifle cartridges. Assault rifles have mild recoil characteristics and, because of this, are capable of delivering effective full automatic fire at ranges up to 300 meters.”

To go into greater detail, the M4 is not considered an assault rifle because it was based on the M-16 and CAR-15. It’s a carbine version of that rifle, a variant. The AK, like other assault rifles such as the Belgian FN C.A.L. and German HK 33, are stand-alone weapons and not shortened weapons of the same design even though they may be ‘reduced size’ versions of heavier caliber weapons such as the HK G3.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Right on ArmyATC; The AK 47 has the shorter cartridge called the Russian short 7.62X 39 compared to our 76.62X 51. Right about the intermediate power. The original “assault” rifle was the German Sturmgewehr44 (1944) Sturm means storm or assault and Gewehr means rifle. Actually when you think about it, Our WW2 M-1 carbine that was issued to some paratroopers had selective fire capability and fired a short .30 cal. round. Some of these Fox news commentators should come on this site so maybe they can learn something about firearms and not be sometimes half ass gun Splainers


The M-4 fits your cited definition. A 14 inch barrel is not outside the cited characteristics.

Legally, it would be a “short barreled rifle”, barrel under 16 inches, plus ” select fire” = “brrrrt” = “machinegun”.

Note that the antis use the term-of-art “assault weapon” which has no meaningful definition beyond “they mean bad”. The term didn’t exist prior to 1989 or thereabouts. It was created because ” assault rifle” -is- well defined, and they have been Title II items since FDR was President.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Easily FIRE off a correction.That was very punny./smile


Suppose this became the law. What could the government really do?

Lefties aren’t the only ones allowed to protest. What would the cops do if they came to someone’s house to pick up their “prohibited property”, and every door on the street opened up and out came an armed neighbor? And more from the next block. And so on and so on?

What could the cops do? Call more cops? Start arresting everyone in sight? Keep in mind, everyone is armed in this scenario.

Would there even be enough space in the jails to house all the instant criminals that unconstitutional laws such as these would create?


They consider New Orleans in 2005 the template.

Cops go out and round up guns. Serfs obey. No drama.

They will pick edge-cases and unpopular folks to start. They will use rats to find more, and quietly roll those they bust for more.

Lots of cops will go along as long as the first to go are unpopulular. Any cops that don’t go along become pensions, and maybe wind up in “general population”.

Note: New Orleans. Cops went along with the insanity of disarming folks who were under threat of roving gangs of armed looters and unavailable overwhelmed cops.

They imported cops for the job. The cops complied.

Anyone in NOLA jailed over that flagrant unconstitutional act? For defying subsequent ” give them back” orders? For ruining many of the ones they did finally return?

Those who fed the crocodile that time merely emboldened it to plan for more.

The good news, is they are going to drive voters to Trump, which is why they are trying so very hard to persuade him to f### up and go “control”. Nothing would hurt his chances more than going beyond the “bump stock” stupidity.

Keep up a loud drumbeat of “no”. He does usually know how to read an audience.


“Become pensionless”

MI Ranger

I’m thinking the exact opposite. What if the Cops show up at your door to confiscate your weapons and you say: “May I see the warrant?” You look it over (presuming they have one). It lists several firearms, some of which you sold a long time ago. It also lists certain properties which are not your current residence. You should by law, be able to say: ” I’m sorry officer, but that is not this house, I do not own all those guns. Please come back when you have obtained a proper warrant.” But we all know what would really happen at 04:00 when the ATF actually comes pounding on your door…if you are lucky you are not shot!

mr. sharkman

I think you would see a lot of passive resistance from the Citizenry combined with ever-growing waves of passive professional revolt in the various LE communities & agencies;

LE Officer ostensibly searching for reported ‘assault weapons’ in order to confiscate them: “Ah, I understand. Firearms get lost in boating accidents all the time.” (wink)(wink)(nudge)(nudge)

It would only take rumors about a few of the initial ‘undesirables’ being illegally raided and going down swining before a lot of LE and Mil retirees would decide to not let said ‘undesirables’ sacrifices be in vain. LE would quickly run out of eager & willing ‘thugs’.

I think the 1st thing such an admin would do is silence & disappear leading conservative and far right voices in alt media. They’d trump up kiddie porn charges against them and have their super lefty internet goons spread rumors about lead breitbart reporters so their disappearance would not raise too many alarms.

I’m rambling. Fvck beto & his ilk.


A dog would growl, someone would shoot it and
yell “free fire”. It would end like that
short film “the last gunfighter”.


Homicide by rifle amounts to about 400 per year. All these progs want to supposedly protect the children.

And yet, we’re the paranoid ones.


They have fled the “bad neighborhoods” their mis-rule created, so they do not believe “those people” (they totally don’t mean anything Racist) will be any threat to them and theirs.

You, however, might be their neighbor. And since they fantasize about control-failures, they transfer that to you. They will cite a less-than-lightning-strike edge case to justify a ban, while utterly ignoring the “how many this weekend?” massacres in their solid-Left-Lib-Prog bastions.

You are their problem. You are uncontolled. Free, in other words.

Roger in Republic

Beto does not want to be president, nor does he expect to be. He is just filling his campaign coffers for his next run for a US Senate seat. Hense his pandering to the hispanic voters. He is not alone in this, all the rest of them are playing the same hussle.


Beto put a t-shirt up for sale, immediately after the debate ended, which said, “Hell yes we’re going to take your AR-15”. This was planned well in advance of the debate. So, yeah, all the asshat is doing is a. filling his campaign coffers, and 2. Auditioning for a job in the next dem administration as the gun confiscation czar.