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| August 25, 2019

Ruger LCR

Armed Citizen Stops Attack on Female Clerk | DGU Breakdown

By Luke McCoy
This defensive gun use footage comes to us from Wenatchee, WA. A gas station clerk tries to stop a man from stealing beer. But then it turns into a violent attack. But once it spills outside, the attacker is confronted by an armed civilian who turns the tables.

It starts with the assailant and clerk talking for about 4 minutes. He tries to pay with his ID. When he tries to take the beer, the clerk pulls it back. This is where things start to go south. He tosses some plastic at her and then his beer bottle.

He starts to leave but then decided to go after her, probably to stop her from calling the police. She’s trying to record the incident with her iPhone in one hand while calling the police with the other hand. That leaves her no hands to defend herself with.

It gets more violent from there as he drags her by the hair, knees her in the head and beats on her a few more times. She finally manages to get away, not after taking a few more blows.

The assailant follows her outside and continues the attack. That is until the man in the truck issues him commands to stop. Once the assailant got closer to the man’s truck, which his two kids were in, he decides it is time to pull out his handgun.

He orders the assailant to the ground and then takes him down while maintaining control of his handgun.

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Read the rest of the article here, with a Lessons Learned section, here: USA Carry

Intruder allegedly approaches homeowner with ‘balled up’ fist.
But homeowner has a gun — and isn’t in the mood to play.

Dave Urbanski
Intruder allegedly approaches homeowner with ‘balled up’ fist. But homeowner has a gun — and isn’t in the mood to play.

The homeowner had a valid Firearms Owners Identification Card and concealed carry permit

A Chicago homeowner told police he discovered an intruder in his locked backyard around 5 a.m. Tuesday and told the man to leave, police told the Chicago Tribune.

But instead the man allegedly “balled up his fist” and approached the 54-year-old homeowner, the paper said.

With that, the owner of the East Garfield Park residence feared an attack and opened fire with a 9 mm handgun, striking the intruder in the upper left thigh, police told the Tribune.

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The rest of the article may be viewed here: The Blaze

Jacksonville homeowner shoots intruder…
…said the woman had one of his rifles

By Dan Scanlan
A Jacksonville homeowner went into his home off Edgewood Avenue North Thursday morning to find a woman holding one of his guns, police said. He shot her, and she is now hospitalized, police said.

A homeowner on Oleander Street told police he arrived home late Thursday morning and found a woman inside with one of his rifles, so he shot her, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

She was being treated at UF Health, but the wound wasn’t life threatening, police said. The home is close to Biltmore Elementary School, just off Edgewood Avenue.

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Nothing about Jax surprises me. Read the rest of this brief article here:

A poor man’s trifecta today, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes. Three inconvenienced by either LEOs or hospital staff. Out of commission either way.

Both the oligarch and Tyrant mistrust the people, and therefore deprive them of arms. — Aristotle

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  1. 5th/77th FA says:

    I like the cut of her jib. And those eyes!! Those eyes, those eyes have seen a lot of love but they’ve never seen the love like the love I could give to her!!! ???

    We’ll take the po’man’s trifecta. And Miss Thang too.

    Rolling Thunder/Arc Light Mission thru the AO on evening past. Took out the poco sub-station. Couldn’t get to the the generator in the flood, so I had to drink up all the Coldbeer before it spoiled. The struggle was real.

    • Outcast says:

      While I was on my year vacation in the orient we learned to buy Blatz or Balentine beer to store in the Fridge, kept just enough to help keep the good beer cold when those reliable generators died for some reason or other. Just had to check them on occasion as if you left them there too long they would rust out and make a mess in the fridge.

  2. David says:

    Why is she holding that shotgun so oddly? Pretty girl, though.. think I met her one night shortly after falling asleep.

  3. Retired Grunt says:

    All I see is face and some cleavage… is there a gun in that picture?

  4. chooee lee says:

    When I was in the PI in 63 we drank a lot of Heineken, and Tuborg because it came in bottles. The canned beer tasted like shit. The scuttlebutt going around was that it had formaldehyde in it.

  5. In Norfolk, Va while on liberty, I had to drink 3.2 beer because I wasn’t 21. If an under age sailor new the barmaid from being a regular customer, he could get the 6% beer and when the guys from the ABC (alcohol beverage control) made their rounds, the label could be scratched off if you didn’t look 21. Anyone remember Coors beer when it first came out and the top of the can’s two hole covers had to be pushed down so you could drink from the can. Later on, pull tabs were put on.