Update: More or Les “The Brown Stain” 2K Drive

| August 17, 2019

We’d like to interrupt our regularly scheduled postings to monitor the Les Brown drive to 2K comments.  We anticipate this milestone will be crossed very soon.

As we await Les Brown to show the documents he has sworn he has…

… well, we can only think Les does not have a scanner and Elko does not have a Kinkos to do it for him.  That’s, of course, giving him the benefit of the doubt.

So, while we are waiting for the main event to kick off, we thought we’d give you a fresh canvas to paint on.

Tom Wulf’s FOIA results are back and we are quite surprised since he tossed around the classified documents angle… you know, being that he is a self-proclaimed expert on military documents and all.

We are still awaiting FOIA results for others in the POW*MIA Elko Awareness Association.  It really didn’t start off like this, but now the point is to determine which of them are actually veterans and if that is the case – why are they standing idly by and not having Les come clean or taking part in verifying his records.  Something is very odd here.

So, there is a story here with the entire organization and we want to collect all the proper documents to give an accurate accounting of the stats.  The story could possibly be that they are all legit – except for Les “The Brown Stain” of course.  But we’ll see where the paper trail ends up.

A couple of questions still out on the table:

  • Is Les Brown going to be invited again to speak in front of school children?
  • Is Les Brown going to still be participating in veteran parades with his phony Army uniform, phony patches, and phony rank?  (I know of many that would love to get more photos of this spectacle.)
  • Are there any sock puppets left that are willing to defend Les Brown?  (At first, they were like flies to a fresh dog turd but they’ve seemed to have flown away once it hardened.  Wulf and Truth are long gone so I don’t think any gas is left in their tanks.  What about others that are so convinced of Les’ legitimacy?  So many are willing to pat Les on the head and say “We’re behind you brother” but are unwilling to get out in front.  I’m sure they recognized that Les is not going to lead in his own defense so is totally reliant on others.)

So much remains to be seen.  Stay tuned.

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  1. marinedad61 says:

    I sincerely APOLOGIZE,
    for the build up, and now the letdown.

    There will be NO Elko LED billboard today nor tomorrow.

    The billboard company kept requiring changes, and I am now out of time, with any subsequent approvals only on Monday.

    My 2 screen LED billboard was to look exactly like this…

    Again, I apologize. I tried.
    And, I put my money where my mouth is.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      You are the man marinedad61. As we all know, it is better to have tried and failed than not to try at all. Your efforts are muchly appreciated by all. Wonder if the Bill Board Company may have had some sort of outside influence to use the delaying tactics that they did? It has been known to happen.

      It looked good and would have gotten a lot of attention.

      • marinedad61 says:

        The LED billboard company is national,
        internet operated, and human hands off.
        Attempts to email and chat online
        were NOT answered (in time).
        So, outside influence is unlikely.

        I do wish to say THANK YOU
        to long distance friends in 3 states
        (Nevada, Utah, and New Jersey)
        for their willingness to show up in Elko
        to man a camera and a GoPro,
        and to provide the use of a YouTube channel.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      I do not feel let down. In fact I am grateful
      for the effort.

      • ChipNASA says:

        Piling on. Thanks marinedad61 for trying to help do God’s work.

        Trust me. He will get his due.

        • marinedad61 says:

          Thanks, guys.

          I’ve clicked on “Donate to Military Phony”
          a few times this year.

          I just came up with the idea (on my own)
          that some additional (donated) advertising towards the Elko LED Billboard will increase awareness (of the so-called “Awareness Association”) to a new segment of the population of Elko.

          Anyone can hand out printed handbills on the steps of the Elko County Courthouse.
          That’s free speech.

          Or drive up and down Idaho Street with a bedsheet banner on a utility trailer or a pickup truck bed.
          That’s free speech, too.

          But I’ll leave all that to the veterans of Elko,
          and wield the tire checker stick where I sit.

          Until then..
          Scroll to the top, and click “Donate”.
          They’ve earned it.

    • marinedad61 says:

      Plan B – A gift. A donation.

      IF either valorguardians.com or miiltaryphony.com
      would like some FREE Elko LED billboard advertising blips,
      I am willing to help make a billboard graphic that will
      advertise the website (with URL at the bottom), a catchy blurb or teaser line, and any graphics or background they want.

      Instead of something that goes after Les Brown and the Elko POW*MIA, this new LED billboard will be targeted to attracting Elko citizens to the website.

      With some back and forth emails, once a good LED billboard graphic is ready, and website approved, the Elko LED billboard blips can begin…. and more Elko citizens will get a true look at the story of the phony Les Brown and the complicit Elko POW*MIA.
      (If they can find it from the URL main page.)

      I will email both valorguardians.com and miiltaryphony.com this weekend.


    • Hack Stone says:

      Could this just be some evil master plan where you lull Lester Brown Stain into a false sense of security, and as he struts around in his flair adorned costume, the video does appear? Even it isn’t, you have created enough buzz that this chili cook off will have record attendance, if only to witness the meltdown of Lester Brown Stain as he tries to maintain his composure as the town becomes aware of Stolen Valor.

      • marinedad61 says:

        The only Evil Master Plan(s) I have seen are coming from
        a bunch of Army BDUs and blingy black leather vests
        (and some die hard Klingon friends and fans)
        in and around Elko.

        LED Billboards are coming to Elko.
        No one knows when (yet).
        High school football games, only blocks away.
        Parades. The town parade route ENDS at the LED billboard,
        and it’s the sawhorse detour congregation intersection.
        Other events, too. Internet calendars list them all.

        This is just a 1st prototype sample.
        Many in Elko will recognize the background.

        • marinedad61 says:

          The BEST surprise timing for something like this
          would be determined by militaryphony.com,
          such as when they put out the NEXT Blog of Shame
          on Les Brown’s Elko POW*MIA Awareness Association.

          The irony continues to amaze.
          Raising Awareness…. of an Awareness Association.

        • 26Limabeans says:

          There are a lot of Amateur Radio operators
          in the area. Hams love to talk it up on
          local repeaters. Here is a list of what’s
          available in the Elko area.


          I’ll bet some of those hams are also members
          of the MARS program and are veterans.

          CQ CQ CQ

  2. Hack Stone says:

    So, did anyone order up a large bowl of chili with stolen valor on the side yesterday in Elko?

  3. Claw says:

    Attention TAH Miscreant Dickweeds/Weedettes: If we want to get in our last comments on the Wannabe Ammo Supply Point Fork Lift Driver (AKA Brown Stain), today is the day to do it, as the comments on this last thread will be closed tomorrow.

    It’s really sad to think that Lester Kent Brown would try to get away with claiming all the stuff that Jonn’s dead friend Tim Martin actually was. My first thought when I saw the initial post two months ago on Less, was “Holy Shit, he’s gonna be in for a world of hurt. Not only is Less pissing on Tim’s grave, but he’s skimming the chili profits in the process.”

    In many ways I think our outrage against Less and the “Awareness Association” was directed by our memories of Jonn and his yearly tribute to Tim.

    The 26th anniversary of Tim’s death will be coming up on October 3rd, so let’s all keep Griz in our thoughts that day.

    (Side Note – This is comment # 2,315)

  4. marinedad61 says:

    To MP & TAH…. Don’t Back Down.

    The girls dig the way the VETS DIG PHONIES OUT
    With their feet in the air you can hear ’em shout
    They’re not afraid
    Not my boys
    They grit their teeth, they don’t back down

    Don’t back down
    You gotta be a little nuts
    But show ’em now who’s got guts
    Don’t back down from that KNAVE

    With their feet full of RECORDS and their hair full of sand
    The boys know ELKO like the palm of their hand
    They’re not afraid
    Not my boys
    They grit their teeth, they don’t back down

    Don’t back down
    You gotta be a little nuts
    But show ’em now who’s got guts
    Don’t back down from that PUTZ.

    When AN ELKO PHONY sneaks up like a ton of lead
    ANOTHER BLOG comes along and slaps ’em upside the head
    They’re not afraid
    Not my boys
    They grit their teeth, they don’t back down

    Don’t back down
    You gotta be a little nuts
    But show ’em now who’s got guts
    Don’t back down from LES BROWN.

  5. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

    Lyin’ Les Brown is still a big assclown.

  6. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

    Les Brown still hides behind his club.
    Les Brown still lies about his Military Career.
    Les Brown has some hack reporter at a local newspaper covering for him.
    Les Brown still does that annual Chili Feed.
    Les Brown has yet to offer even a smidgen of proof to back up the claims he has made.
    Les Brown is still a lying turd.
    Les Brown continues to defame the town he lives in.
    Les Brown is wallowing in Google®™️ fame.