A New Democrat In the Mix

| August 16, 2019

Tom Steyer came to my attention a short while ago from various sources. He’s a very, very busy busybody who made his fortune (net worth $1.6 billion) spending his time in the business of investing in high risk floundering companies. In January 1986, Steyer founded Farallon Capital, an investment firm headquartered in San Francisco, California. Steyer made his fortune running Farallon, which was managing $20 billion by the time he left the company. Steyer was known for taking high risks on distressed assets within volatile markets.

He made his fortune that way, then abandoned it and became an “environmentalist”, a red flag in politics right now. Environmental fanatics and climate crisis utopians are part and parcel of something that is turning away from valid climatology and toward a narrow-minded religious quackery.

He has acquired a following of 130,000 donor supporters, the required number to enter the debates, and has now officially thrown his hat into the ring.

Per this article from  The New Republic: If you have $10 million or so lying around, you can buy your way into a Democratic debate. That, at least, was one lesson from Tom Steyer’s announcement Tuesday that he had—after spending $7 million on television commercials and $3.5 million on online advertisements (including $2.6 million on Facebook ads alone)—likely purchased a lectern at the third primary debate, coming next month. – article.   https://newrepublic.com/article/154768/stacey-abrams-smarter-tom-steyer

In the New Republic article, he refers to the United States as a banana republic. His goal is to use the Presidency to override Congress.

From the Washington Post:  Trump’s embrace of executive actions has whetted the appetites of Democrats eyeing the White House. Steyer and other Democrats are openly talking about how they would harness and further expand the power of the executive branch instead of working with Congress. 


He wants to bring in Congressional term limits because of people like Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham, probably two of the more stable members of that body. I would even object to his booting Nancy Pelosi because she is one of the few people who can squelch idiots like Ocasio-Cortez.

Steyer is running on a platform of the “emergency of disastrous climate change”, which is going to somehow, in his overheated imagination, set the entire world on fire.  That kind of thing would require the impact of the asteroid I posted videos about a weekend or so ago, which, as Hondo kindly pointed out, would have an impact of some 680+++ megatons. BOOM! There go the dinosaurs again!  And the front porch!

The reason I’m posting this is that this bored billionaire is on a crusade to control everything. He is, if I read the overall picture of him, a control freak of the worst kind. If he‘s stupid enough to believe the preposterous nonsense about the environment/Earth self-destructing somehow in 10 years (see the Green New Deal about this), he’s also stupid enough to think that he knows more about agriculture and manufacturing, and everything else than the people who do these things for a living.

Control freaks are not known for their willingness to listen to other people.  We do, after all, have Joseph Stalin’s and Mao Tse-Tung’s approach to how to manage a population and keep industry growing, never mind Pol Pot’s brilliant ideas about governance, don’t we?

Keep your weather eye on this guy. When you have someone willing to be this openly radical, you need to be very aware of how bad things could really be.


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5th/77th FA

Thanks for the head’s up Ex, this particular fool hadn’t hit my radar yet. Good news is, Hitlery proved that spending millions of $s didn’t allow her to buy the election. Close but no cigar for her. (heh heh heh see Monica)

You are correct, this one will bear watching. After all, even Trump’s people were concerned until the final vote was in.

Eternal Vigilance!


John Hickenlooper just threw in the towel, and he was one of the (relatively) moderate candidates. Something about staffers quitting and single digit approval rating among the lefties may have helped him to the decision to quit.

CBS News Link

Can’t keep him down, though. Now he’s eyeing a Senate run.

The rest are all singing from the same choir book, the only differences are which moonbat area they’re emphasizing. The Green Nude Eel already has first place in several of these idiots plans.

This new clown doesn’t stand a chance in the Dem Primary.


Still a typical dim.. that being a hyocritical liar…just a few months back, this is what he said about running for Senate..

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Ever notice these white demo rats running for Pres. talk a lot of shit about white privelage and the distribution of wealth, but not their own wealth and they are all in the 6 and 7 digit $$$$$ bracket the 7 digit bracket (millionaires) being the majority of these socialists.


He’s so dreamy…. gets me all worked up thinking of him.!!!

Perry Gaskill

The best election money can buy.

Tom Steyer has never held public office, and it’s likely significant that he pulled out of last year’s California gubernatorial race that ushered in Gavin Newsom, a political lightweight whose career is mostly the result of support from the two Browns, Jerry and Willie.

Steyer’s main problem, at least it seems to me, is that he’s pretty much a poster boy for dilettante limousine liberals. Despite how much progressive candidates and causes have been happy to empty Steyer’s deep pockets, the reality is that he might have a hard time getting elected dog catcher even in Berkeley.

What’s also likely significant is that he’s now polling at a level roughly just below Senor Beto, and generally at the same level as Marianne Williamson– depending on if you include the results from the Psychic Hotline.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Below Beto?

Good. That’s where he belongs.

Here’s hoping he squanders all his money.


Steyer has one solid Democrat credential of the first order: He’s a huge hypocrite, an environmentalist who made his billions from heavily investing in dirty, high-sulfur coal mines exporting their heavy-polluting product to China. He now claims to be totally divested of those investments but some of his critics on the left say that’s bullshit. They claim he still has huge holdings in such companies.

Regardless of whether he’s divested or not, it’s still how he made the fortune he now wants to spend as a socialist environmentalist presidential candidate. He’s as big a lying, hypocritical jerk as Bernie Sanders.


A “social justice” businessman who can’t understand why he’s not making money…