About that Dayton Mass Shooter . . . .

| August 5, 2019

Per this article, here’s what’s known about the Dayton mass-murderer so far:

1. Appears to have been a part-time employee at Chipotle grill as well as a student;

2. Apparently had a history of being a bully in high-school;

3. May have have been expelled from high school – then re-admitted – for maintaining and/or posting a “death list” and/or “rape list”;

4. Apparently loved firearms and images of death/destruction;

5. Killed his own sister during the shooting;

and, finally:

6. Was a self-professed Satanist, a Socialist who wanted socialism now, and was a registered Democrat. Urged people to vote against all things Republican.

Now I could be wrong, but somehow I just don’t think this        murderous  bastard      individual was a member of the “Alt-Right” or a “white nationalist”.

But don’t worry, folks. According to that “great sage”, Indianapolis South Bend Mayor Pete      Buttihead      Buttigieg, the      worthless asshole      who committed mass-murder in Dayton wasn’t really part of the problem. Per the “honorable” Mayor, the real cause for incidents like this is something called “White Nationalism” – not evil, alienated whackos who go off the deep end.

Oh, and it looks like there may well have been an Orwellian attempt to “rectify history” with respect to the El Paso shooter, too.

I’m not holding my breath waiting for any of the above to receive widespread media attention; it doesn’t “follow the narriative”. But as the little kid said in the Disney baseball film: “Hey – it could happen!”


Sidebar: you know, I always wondered what Butthead of “Beavis and Butthead” fame did after he grew up. But I never thought I’d find out he’d moved to Indianapolis South Bend, IN, and gotten elected mayor.  (smile)

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A Proud Infidel®™️

Gee whiz what a surprise, – NOT!

Someone needs to ask those pols why we need more Laws because what about the loads of existing ones that were broken during these shootings?


But existing won’t disarm the majority for “social justice” implementation– didn’t you get the memo from the DNC and Georg Soros?

A Proud Infidel®™️

Of course it’s PEOPLE Control that they’re after.


Commies gonna commie.


I believe he also killed his sister’s boyfriend.


The fact that this leftist psycho drove his sister and her boyfriend to the crime scene and came back to kill them wearing body armor and his Antifa mask tells us what he is about. Maybe if Larsie hadn’t expressed support for Antifa this wouldn’t have happened.


When they make antifa a terrorist organization, ole Larsie gonna have some splainin to do. He has recorded on these pages that he supports them and knows several personally.


Oops. That’s gonna be a painful conversation.


there is no “alt-right”. White nationalists and ANTIFA are both “alt-left”, socialist movements.

They just disagree on the identity of the underclass to be targeted and to whom the looting of the nation will be paid.

Otherwise, both ideologies are identical.

So the next time you hear some idiot on TV bloviating and the “alt right” ask yourself…if a bunch of socialists hate white men, they are “left” and good, but if they hate any other group they are “right” and bad?

Yeah…it is stupid.


I’ve often wondered just what constitutes the “alt-right”, because everyone who’s labeled that has been labeled from the outside. They have fairly mainstream conservative ideas.

I feel like it’s a leftist label to make people afraid to espouse their conservative beliefs. Which, sadly, is working. At least until they get into the voting booth.

Some Guy

Ask the proud boys and their supporters, IIRC, they came up with the label or at least applied it to themselves. From what I gather, some far-right conservatives, unhappy with mainstream conservatism, decided to establish and rally under an ‘alternative right.’ While most of their views are standard conservative ideals (small government, decrease spending, pro-gun rights, pro-america, anti-immigration, etc), I think what separates them are the extremely nationalistic views, bordering on racism and white supremacy.


Nice bait!

I was unaware that anti-immigration was a conservative view. I actually think the view is pro-legal immigration.

Comm Center Rat

Revelation 14:11 (ESV)
11 “And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever, and they have no rest, day or night, these worshipers of the beast and its image, and whoever receives the mark of its name.”

May this murderous, spawn of Satan be tormented for eternity in the lake of fire.


May he repent and accept Jesus as his Savior.


Amen, 11B.

While we can (and I do) get upset at the evil these folks do, and therefore at them – the reality is that they, too, need to, and can, repent and be saved by faith through the Blood of Jesus Christ.

In reality, I am just as deserving of the lake of fire as this murderer.

Comm Center Rat

Fortunately, “deserves got nothing to do with it.” (to paraphrase Will Munny in Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven).

The Other Whitey

As much of a shitwad as the “Transformers” kid is, he had a good line in “Fury” that sums it up accurately. Obviously the line was written by someone else.

“If Hitler accepted Jesus into his heart and got saved, I suppose he’d go to Heaven. Ain’t gonna save him from man’s justice.”


That is true.

Comm Center Rat

The Dayton shooter was killed by police at the scene. No deathbed repentance and conversion was reported to have occurred. He died in defiance of God and was a self-proclaimed Satanist.


Devil’s takin’ him w/o K-Y right now… good!

Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

Georgie Boy Bush (another article) and other Libtard DildoCrat politicians may be on to something.
Except they leave out part of the description of a “white nationalist”. They need to add the following, “Libtard DildoCrat TDS”.
But since I KNOW they won’t, I will, as follows, “white Libtard DildoCrat TDS terrorist”.
There. Fixed it for ya. Yer welcome.

Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

(from another, but similar posting)
Who says a “white extremest” or “white terrorist” or “white nationalist” can’t also be a TDS Libtard DildoCrat?
Time to pull the bit between the DeMSM’s ass’s teeth and turn the narrative around.
Whenever anyone spouts off about “white xxx” (fill in the blank), add, “TDS Libtard DildoCrat”.
“White Racist!”
“Oh, you mean white racist TDS Libtard DildoCrat?”
“White privilege!”
“Oh, you mean white privilege TDS Libtard DildoCrat?”
“White terrorist!”
“Oh, you mean white terrorist TDS Libtard DildoCrat?”

I think a’y’all get the drift. Easy to do. Have fun. Watch Libtard heads go ‘splody.

5th/77th FA

Anyone else notice that all this came down right ’bout the time the discussions on the pervert plane and the missing monies in Baltimore were getting some air time?

The howler monkeys screaming for more gunz laws must have suction cup soles on their shoes. Otherwise they would be slipping around in the blood of these victims.

We, here, all know that the ultimate goal is not gun control, but control of the people. I’ve commented before that the FIRST “Civil War” (sic) was started by politicians and now politicians are trying to start another one. I stand by my statement.


Leftists’ “gun safety” means on they have guns.


“only they” dang it


Hondo – I think his ancestors might have owned slaves.


Completely unfair to Butthead.


Butthead’s affinity for boobs and chicks is well documented.

Hu hu, hu hu.

Forest Green

BOOoooobs, heh, heh, heh,…


Comm Center Rat

Once again it appears a Incel has committed a mass shooting. These deviants are a genuine threat to our domestic tranquility. I call upon mothers across America to terminate their home internet service subscription to prevent basement dwelling Incels from gathering in virtual forums to plot mayhem.

A Proud Infidel®™

Just take their XBoxes away for a day and watch their heads explode!


Nooo! Safespaces with cookies and Play-Doh, now!

A Proud Infidel®™️

You forgot the coloring books, OH, THE HORROR!!!

Retired Grunt

Nobody is interested in the truth anymore.


Most of us here are, but unfortunately a substantial portion of the nation’s population is not.


Folks here certainly debate what is, and is not, truth.

Most folks here handle disagreement rationally.



Mostly the discuss after some butthurt. Mostly.


You just want to dump a five-gallon bucket of cold Gatorade on that idiot, don’t you?

A Proud Infidel®™️

Nope, cold water. Gatorade is for Jocks, not lackadaisical losers!


Concur, why waste Gatorade?


Okay, stow the Gatorade, but how about a 5-gallon dump of ice-cold soy-based milk substitute?

It’s interesting to see someone who is physically an adult throw a temper tantrum that would do credit to an 18-month old toddler.


I vote for sour milk

A Proud Infidel®™️

Watching that video, ooooooooh the Schadenfreude!!!!


Half the population has below average intelligence. Anyone wish to place a bet on which half this one is in? Theoretically it’s a fifty-fifty chance, but I am giving odds.


Democrats will want to make sure he votes multiple times in 2020.

jim h

Hondo, if it makes you feel a little bit better, the attempt to “rectify history” has indeed been noted and is getting widespread attention.

I have seen many screen caps of the before and after. this one (el paso) will not go quietly into the night. ohio is not getting the same traction due to the quick response.

so the professional investigator in me is aroused a bit. timing, location, methods of mayhem, and the “manifesto” (which has also been thought to be “rectified” a bit, btw) seem like too much coincidence to be considered anything but a clarion call for “we must do something NOW” types, especially in light of the rapid descent of the dem/soc party these days. the one thing that i havent seen covered in any detail is history of usage of psychotropic drugs or mood stabilizers. that does appear to be a common thread with a lot of these guys.

dont want to sound like a conspiracy theorist. but stuff just isnt adding up all the way as it’s reported.


One has to wonder about the prescription drugs angle when the one shooter’s daddy is some type of psychotherapist.


When has “the Press” ever been paid for calm rational thoughtful discourse?


They are in the business of sensationalism. The current crop are less honest than some prior norms. But in no way more sensationalist.

And they all play “agenda”.

Thanks to the idiocy of Progressives, the current crop think themselves ” the fourth branch of government” and “above the fray” as in not going to be targeted by the howling lunatic mobs they currently are prepping.

They really won’t like living -in- a war zone. And “their” side will turn on them, as always happens. Ask Robespierre.

And note, as others have mentioned, that the Blackeads just crossed the “mass murder” line.

As predicted.

And those shitbags -never- act alone.


I see all this an an outgrowth of the progressive love for relativism. Relativists may want to push “everyone gets to choose their own morality [as long as it isn’t something we disagree with]” BS to say that whatever they do is not only not bad but AWESOME but there are unintended consequences. One of those being a generation of people who have no moral foundation and who don’t see anything they do as bad.
Of course, this really isn’t that bad for Leftists/Progressives either. They also get to move the ball down the field toward gun control. “Nirvana! We’ll finally be the ONLY protection the people have!”


“but there are unintended consequences”… As you get to later in your post, not unintended at all, at least not by the demonrats that push gun control.


Does matter if it was a stabbing, Democrats will demand gun control.


“Doesn’t matter”… dang typo

Comm Center Rat

“Ma and pa look back on all the things they used to do,
Never had no money and they always told the truth,
Daddy didn’t need no little toys,
Mommy didn’t need no little boys, won’t you tell me,
Where have all the good times gone.”
~ Van Halen


Okay, I know everybody sees it, but won’t offer themselves up for fear of being Bitch-Slapped.

But I will, so here it is.

Hondo, Sir, with all due respect, Pete Buttplug is the Demon-Rat Mayor of South Bend, not Indianapolis.

I await your wrath.(Smile)


You’re Welcome. (Out)

The Other Whitey

You will know that the truth about both of these pieces of shit has gotten out and “gone viral,” so to speak, when the media suddenly stops talking about their motivations. Once they no longer support the narrative, the will go from centerpieces to footnotes in the blink of an eye. While the murders deserve obscurity (except in Hell, where they deserve all the singling out they can get), this is a disgusting disservice to the innocent victims.


Hondo – you can add this to the shooter’s resume:


The Other Whitey

Wow, twisted fuck, ain’t he? I got about halfway through that article before I was too disgusted to go on.

I like some metal, mostly of the historical variety, with Iron Maiden and Sabaton (their recent single “Bismarck” is badass) being favorites. But death metal is something I just don’t (and won’t) get.

Cameron Kingsley

I wasn’t aware that was even a thing (not quite surprised either considering what else can sell). As for my tastes in heavy metal, I can only take classic, power, and glam metal. I can’t stand thrash metal (way too loud).


“Pornogrind…is more lighthearted and has more sexual themes…”

So those sick fucks glorify the sexual abuse of female corpses and the degradation of women and call it “lighthearted.” Then they’re surprised when one of their own does something disgusting. What a bunch of morons.


Something to consider: both of those idiots are likely crazy/evil. Trolling the survivors with a mental-case “manifesto” is probably just part of the kink.

“Something for everyone” rants that leave folks arguing “no he is an -other- not an -us-”

Don’t give the prick the satisfaction.

And as for the Ghouls dancing in the blood of Innocents, no we are not going to have a “conversation” about increasing the police state.


The Other Whitey

Spot on.


Dickie Durbin (Sen-IL) wants to “do something” which means that the crass trampling of rights is waiting in the wings.

He shouldn’t hold his breath.


Actually Ex, lil dickie should hold his breath… for maybe an hour or so…


Election season is just around the corner. That’s why he sticks his oar into it. I keep hoping he’ll outlive Madigan and then retire afterwards.


If Biden is in charge, he’ll sure as hell address what just happened in Houston and Michigan! That’s supposed to make us feel safer.


His mother thought he was a perfect angel….


Of course, he was always such a nice boy…


Depends on the workplace, I guess…


Wikipedia says that was Ted Levine’s “breakout role”. If that’s what gets Hollywood’s attention, they are indeed a bunch of very sick puppies.

Cameron Kingsley

I understand wanting to see the best in your child but not like this.


Hmmm… the current mayor (Lightfoot) of Chicago addressed this issue, by asking why no one is looking into the mental health issues of these shooters. Shortly after that, one local station asks a shrink about mental illness and crowd shooters, and her response was ‘we found only 4% are mentally ill, the others don’t have those symptoms.” Taken in context, it means that the Dayton shooter, who was a bully and grooved on repellent entertainment, and the others going back to Charles Whitman at the UTexas clock tower and the girl who decided to shoot up a playground across from her house because she hated Mondays, aren’t mentally ill, but they ARE malcontents who despise and abhor everyone around them. Does that include those Chechen creatures who trapped and murdered school children? Yes it does, as well as the two dropouts who shot up Columbine High School, and the self-professed Democrat voter who shot up a GOP softball practice session a couple of years ago. The issue isn’t guns. We all know that. The issue is people with a hair up their backsides about something, an obsession, however mild at the start, that grows and festers because that’s what they focus on: the “I’m gonna get even with ‘whoever'”, even if whoever had nothing to do with the crackpot’s issues. These people talk themselves into it. If they have “buddies”, like the two Columbine HS, they just support their own agendas. On the other hand, you have murdering bastards like… Read more »


Weirdly, some folks want to dismiss the ongoing multi-month massacre in Chicago.


Those who do address it, blame the non-violent folks elsewhere, and target them for more police state.

“Because it is easier to look for the dropped keys here, under the streetlight, then over there by my car in the dark where I lost them.”
– Best political analogy of “gun control”, ever.


Well, that isn’t like shooting into a bunch of people gathered together, having a picnic, is it?

No. And it isn’t like going to a playground where there are kids playing softball for a tournament and shooting up the whole team.

It’s just bidness as usual in Chiraq.


A point that needs to be made about the El Paso shooter whom the media is denouncing as a racist hate killer:

He did not target Hispanics because of their race, which, among most middle and lower class Hispanics, is largely “Indio” (Native American) with some European Caucasian (mostly Spanish or Irish), but rather because of a perceived ACT, (illegal immigration). It’s still, evil, twisted thinking but that distinction needs to be made in this time when liberals toss that racist epithet around with impunity.

FWIW, Miz Poe and I have shopped in that mall and that Walmart many, many times in the past.

Cameron Kingsley

This is what I was afraid of. People taking the law into their own hands because the government (mainly thanks to the Democrats) are refusing to control the border which is something the federal government SHOULD be doing because it falls under national security. Just like that fat phony “Five-Star General” that was featured on here at one point (can’t remember the guy’s name) who was going to help patrol the border who already had several run ins with law enforcement. I prefer having trained professionals that have to follow certain rules patrolling the border rather than a bunch of vigilantes that make up their own rules. Now I am not against volunteers lending a helping hand out there but there are rules that need to be followed.

Comm Center Rat

“I’ve listened to preachers
I’ve listened to fools
I’ve watched all the dropouts
Who make their own rules
One person conditioned to rule and control
The media sells it and you live the role”

“Mental wounds still screaming
Driving me insane
I’m going off the rails on a crazy train”

~ Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne, 1980