New SecDef Voted In

| July 24, 2019

Then-acting U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper, center right, talks with British Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt, center left, before the start of defense ministerial meeting at NATO headquarters on June 27, 2019. (Lisa Ferdinando/U.S. Defense Department)

This is kind of ironic: Congress critters demand squeaky-clean Secretaries of various departments when they themselves are hardly out of the dustbin. So Shanahan withdrew because of something that happened long in the past, and Esper now has the job.

From the article:  WASHINGTON — The Senate on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved Mark Esper to be the country’s 27th defense secretary, ending a wait of more than 200 days for a permanent Pentagon leader.

Esper’s relatively drama-free confirmation vote — 90-8 — stood in contrast to the seven months of uncertainty in the highest levels of the military’s leadership.

After former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was forced out of his post early on the first day of 2019, acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan helmed the department until he suddenly withdrew from consideration for the full-time job in June amid reports of domestic violence among his family members. – Article.

I’d also like to remind you all that the (3rd attempt) proposal last week to impeach Pres. Trump was voted “NO” by a wide majority of 332 NO to 95 Yes.



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It will not surprise anyone that almost all of the people who voted against (or abstained) him are running for President on the Democratic side. 🙄

90-8-2 vote. Somehow the media will still spin this as a narrow margin. Like how CNN calls the house’s anti-BDS resolution “divisive” when it passed 398-17! With 349 co-sponsors by the time it was voted on. Fake news indeed.

5th/77th FA

congress critters! …sigh…

If those idjits spent just 1/10th of their time working on the country’s problems instead of just screaming ORANGE MAN BAD and posturing for their own power, we would be so much more better off.

Broadcast TV full of the circus of the Mueller hearings. Tried to watch some of it and blood pressure shot up. Flipped the channel to Rawhide. I’m sure that one of the admin/posters will give us a synopsis on the hearing.

Thank God for the ME TV. Rawhide followed by High Chapparel/or Matlock, followed by an 8 hour block of JAG. Life is good.

I wish our new SecDef all the luck in the world. He’s gonna need it.


Penny needs to lay off of the doughnuts.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

Penny needs to lay off the doughnuts really makes cents./grin


Very rare to promote a service secretary to SecDef. I think the last & only time that occurred was James Forrestal in the late 40s. With GEN Milley the presumptive next CJCS, the Army guys will control the bridge for a while.
Good luck to Secy Esper.