They Need Their Own Planet

| July 7, 2019

Geese in training flight

The morons styling themselves Extinction Rebellion are making threats to disrupt commercial air traffic at Heathrow with drones.  The effect of a standard drone is in the video.  If any of you remember the crash of the Concorde, it was caused by a small piece of debris that was missed by the runway cleaners, which was sucked into the plane’s engines, causing the engine to self-destruct and crash the airplane.

Forty years ago (1979), in what remains the worst airline crash on U.S. soil, more than 270 people were killed near O’Hare International Airport when American Airlines Flight 191 lost its left engine on takeoff, rolled sickeningly and crashed near a trailer park.

Unlike the continued mystery surrounding missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, the cause of the disaster on that sunny Friday afternoon was known rather quickly. A report less than three months later detailed the “10-billion-to-1 long shot” that caused the plane to fall from the sky. An improperly repaired engine mount gave way under the 40,000 pounds of pressure, and compounding the problem, it smashed the forward edge of the wing, severing the hydraulic lines controlling that wing. – Chicago Tribune.

We have all seen those videos of carrier deck air crew members getting sucked into jet engines because they made a small mistake.

Drone strike on an airplane video:


Breitbart connection:

Note: HuffPo in the UK wants your cookies to let you read their entire article, so I copied this extract from elsewhere.

Exclusive: How Extinction Rebellion Plans To Shut Heathrow Airport Down

Document reveals how climate change activists will use drones to organise mass disruption lasting up to 16 days later this year.

By George Bowden
04/07/2019 12:12 BST | 
Updated 04/07/2019 13:10 BST

Millions of passengers could face travel turmoil at Heathrow this autumn as Extinction Rebellion plans mass disruptions using drones, according to a new detailed proposal seen by HuffPost UK.

The climate activist group will organise “day after day” of chaos across two weeks at the west London airport in a bid to stop flights, the leaked document reveals. 

The group – which shut down large parts of central London in April to raise awareness of climate change – is pushing forward with a revised strategy at Heathrow despite reports of unease among some activists.
There is the opportunity to transform the humble drone into a David which allows us to stop the Goliath of Heathrow and the global aviation industry from destroying us,” the document states.

In the new plans, drones would be flown no higher than 6 feet, weigh less than 7kg, and be kept away from Heathrow’s designated flight paths, in a bid to ensure “non-violent action”. Activists would also have an open “hotline” to police and would provide two months’ notice. 

Extinction Rebellion confirmed the document was real and told HuffPost it had reflected on feedback from its initial plans to shut down Heathrow, and that its new proposals included measures to minimise disruption for travellers.

Read more:

These Extinction Rebellion ecohippies and others like them are (sarc snark here) as much a threat to the civilized world as a moldy bowl of mashed potatoes.  The rowdy behavior and the ridiculous things they do – gluing themselves to doors and sewer covers, for example – aren’t protests. They are tantrums – attention-seeking behavior usually manifested by 3-year-0lds over ‘no, you can’t have another cookie, you’ll spoil your dinner’ – that sort of thing. If they were dumped off with a year’s worth of supplies somewhere on a deserted island northwest of Scotland, they’d probably last about three days, but it would be a fitting thing to do with them because they’d have to stay there for a year to prove their sincerity. I think Tom Clancy did that in one of his novels – sent a group of hippies buck naked into the Amazon jungle.

Is this going to pass into history? Yes. It’s part of a cycle, something akin to the Crusade episodes in the Middle Ages, with the same religious zealotry overtones. It’ll pass. Even the Pope is in on this. Thanks to modern communications, it’s beginning to lose some steam and the riots that go on now are moving more toward politics. In the meantime, the self-righteous and more radical hippies of all types have some politicians sucking up to them, and guess which ones are over here?


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  1. Cameron Kingsley says:

    That was in Rainbow Six where he does that. Quite a fun read too.

  2. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    I picture them as of the same ilk as say the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd, FLUNKIES who have never worked to earn even a damn thing but yet they think that the world owes them everything because they’re breathing and OH, SO SPECIAL!!!

  3. Andy11M says:

    Ex-PH2, Concord was caused by a part that fell off the plane that took off before it,poor maint practices I believe, Concord ran over it, blew a tire and the tire chunk flew up and slammed against the underside, ruptured a fuel tank and sparked a fire.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Okay, thanks for that heads up. I thought it was debris on the runway. My bad.

      • Andy11M says:

        Well, it was debris, just not something that was missed by any FOD walkdown. I got lost on youtube one day and started watching documentarys about air crashes and watched the one on Concord.

        • AW1Ed says:

          Not to beat a dead horse, but runway FOD took our a tire on the jet’s port main mount, which kicked up debris into the fuselage where it pieced a fuel tank. The subsequent fire and engine loss lead to the crash. All 109 people on board, and four more on the ground lost their lives.

      • rgr769 says:

        It was debris on the runway; it is just that it fell off the plane and hit the runway in front of one of the main gear tires during the take-off roll.

  4. NHSparky says:

    Sorry, but they’re NOT harmless.

    They’re ecoterrorists, plain and simple. We have similar issues with PETA, Earth First!, and ELF, among others.

    Just in the US alone, they cause tens of millions in damages every year. What happens when some idiot decides to fly a drone in the name of protest in the landing/takeoff patterns of Atlanta, O’Hare, LAX, Logan, or JFK?

    • Cameron Kingsley says:

      I would say they would be in deep trouble both civilly and criminally. They would probably have to face many criminal charges, very angry loved ones of those that were killed (if they get off Scott free, I wouldn’t be surprised if the mob decides to handle them instead), both passenger and crew, and a royally pissed off airline company plus all of the bad publicity along with the loss of support for their cause (if there is any) that will come with it which is probably why they haven’t tried it. Because there will not be a hole deep enough for them to hide in.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Oh, I agree, they’re not one bit harmless. I did not mean to imply that they are. What concerns me more about them is that they are getting the ear of the politicians in Congress and at state levels, and it starts with things like demanding the shut down of working nuclear plants at Clinton and Braidwood, IL, which provide power to a wide range of communities. There are more than that, but removing sources of cheap electricity, such as gas and coal-fired plants and nuclear plants will drastically raise the cost of electricity for everyone. And that is what those crazies want to do.

      • Cameron Kingsley says:

        I wonder how they will feel when they end up suffering from the consequences of their agenda if they get what they want. Especially when their electronics no longer work and their WiFi is lost because there is no power source for the electricity.

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        I wonder how they’ll feel when there’s no heat in the winter and the snows are deep, and they have no way to run a furnace or turn on electric baseboard heat. 🙂

        We had a power outage early last winter, during a slush storm. Almost 400,000 people without heat or lights. My stove is gas-fired, with a striker and I can light it with a match. Hot cocoa and hot tea have seldom tasted quite so good!

        • Cameron Kingsley says:

          Didn’t think of that. I am sure that would get them to change their minds real quick.

    • rgr769 says:

      They will only be “harmless” until they kill a planeload of people with their drone antics.

    • rgr769 says:

      Just like the old Weather Underground, these groups are a greater threat than the few thousand nitwits who are neo-nazis and real white supremists.

  5. Cameron Kingsley says:

    Yeah, I am sure they will do this and then cry about it when their worthless behinds are put on the chopping block (both criminally and legally) when they end up causing a plane to crash. This reminds me of an incident with the ballistic missile submarine USS Alabama where Greenpeace (I believe) tried to prevent it from launching the new Trident II missile by repeatedly parking their boat above the submarine. Another Navy vessel had rammed their boat repeatedly until it was disabled and had to be towed away. In the news article that I read, they even tried to claim victory (what victory you idiots? The Navy was still able to successfully fire the missile due to your boat getting disabled and towed out of the way by the Navy after they had rammed it and probably after telling you to beat it more than once.). I sometimes believe that the Navy should have launched the missile with them on top of it. Hey, if you want to get in the way, then you suffer the consequences just like that group on board the MV Arctic Sunrise that was interfering with a Russian oil rig (I believe they boarded it or attempted to board it to hang an anti drilling banner on it) back in 2013 only to be boarded by the Russian Coast Guard, arrested, and their ship seized after being told repeatedly to get lost (rather hypocritical of them because their ship uses a 2,171 horsepower (1,619 Kilowatt) MaK 9M452AK diesel engine rather than using a sailboat or sailing ship, however, even those tend have auxiliary diesel engines or diesel powered generators of some sort in case of wind loss or for extra speed when traversing long distances) or another Greenpeace group that was rammed by a couple of RHIBs owned by the Spanish Navy after they had gotten too close to where they were operating causing one of the demonstrators to be injured in the process after she fell overboard and ended up being pinned between her boat and the Spanish RHIB (I am sure the Spanish sailors had most likely already told them to leave the premises several times and resorted to ramming them when they didn’t comply. One of the protesters in the video of it even began shouting frantically at the Spanish sailors to be careful as they were getting ready to ram them.).

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      If they talk about it, they’ll try it. And then some genius over here will do the same thing.

      That’s why I said they need their own planet.

    • Cameron Kingsley says:

      The ballistic missile submarine that Greenpeace was getting in the way of was the USS Tennessee not the Alabama. Thank you NHSparky for the correction.

      • AW1Ed says:

        The term for forcing a ship in a certain direction by contact is called “shouldering.” While the Navy vessel was shouldering the Greenpeace boat, they were also using their fire mains to pour seawater down the boat’s exhaust stack, killing its engine.

        On a less well known side note, the Greenpeace zodiacs were boarded by SEALs from their own boats, who cut the Greenpeace fuel lines, rendering them harmless and in need of rescue.
        Or so I’ve been told.*grin*

        • Cameron Kingsley says:

          Thanks AW1Ed. Interesting stuff and I would not be surprised if a couple of SEALs did sever the boat’s fuel lines. I have a lot to learn it seems (I now vaguely remember the article mentioning that. I don’t remember when I had last read it). I bet they were furious when the Navy did that (I guess that’s why they tried to claim it as a victory). I still kind of wish that the Tennessee had launched the missile with them on top if they want to get in the way like that.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      “Someone” sank Rainbow Warrior at pier-side, when their planned mission would have annoyed the French. Might have been a limpet mine. Who knows? (Gallic shrug)

      • Stacy0311 says:

        We docked next to the Rainbow Warrior back in 93 in Perth. Those guys were actually pretty nice, had a few beers with them during the port call.
        Sadly when we made a port call in Sydney, the idiots came out. Anti nuke protestors, one of whom got run over in his kayak by our carrier. And we were a conventional carrier NOT a nuke. AND President Bush had announced that all nuclear weapons had been removed from surface ships. Turned out that the moron we ran over was a member of the Aussie parliment.
        Good times

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        Greenpiss also had one of their boats boarded and taken over by French Commandos when they tried to interfere with them. One fun bit of trivia, one of Greenpiss’s boats also ended up in a Bangladeshi ship breaking yard for scrapping, one of THE least environmentally friendly places on Earth!

  6. NHSparky says:

    Don’t forget the Greenpeace ship sunk by the French in the mid-90’s.

    And IIRC, it was the Tennessee, not the Alabama.

    I know the T-hull boys in Bangor had to be more careful about civilian traffic than Russian AGIs.

  7. What ever happened to Whale wars on TV. The squeaky wheel (small groups) always gets the oil and myself and the rest of the Silent majority don’t do anything.Remember who shut down The circuses and removed the pic of the cage from the animal cracker box. Those small minority groups and yet the larger silent majority groups as mentioned above don’t do anything to counter the squeaky wheel threats.

  8. Ret_25X says:

    Never forget that while the AGW concept is scientifically bankrupt, it is a religious cult now. Once a religion has a rabid base, it becomes violent.

    The examples are numerous. But to stick to topic, the religion requires humans to go back to their “noble” bronze age lifestyles in which they lived in “harmony” with “mother earth” in squalid poverty.

    Of course, they believe that they will be viziers and prophets in the court of Nimrod due to having helped create the living dystopia for mankind, but the ending of this story holds no rewards for them.

    As seen in every instance of history, once the usefulness of the insane true believers is over, they are first to go into the gulags they built.

    Our clown world can have only one outcome. It must fall. The sooner that happens the faster better men and women can restore sanity.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      None of them intend to live in huts, shivering in the dark. That is for “those” people, not the elite.

      I am starting to change my mind on National Service being mandatory. Forcing these nincompoops to live “green”, out in the field without modernity, would wise up most of them in about two weeks.

      “Sorry. No hot chow or wash water again. Cloudy and calm again.”

      “Whining about it won’t change anything. Think of the planet. And only 17 months left in your hitch.”


    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Make that 3 years AD plus 3 years mandatory reserves doing something useful like building or repairing housing for da po’ folks, or cleaning up polluted waterways and getting rid of Asian carp in the rivers, and I’m on board with mandatory service.

  9. GDContractor says:

    I was a volunteer member of the spill response team when I worked on Alaska’s North Slope. One day we had an exercise in the Beaufort sea. I was on a barge that was supposed to mimic skimming for oil. On board were observers from various government and NGO/nonprof entities.

    The only plastic debris that I saw enter the water that day, was when a hippie bitch representing Greenpeace waddled out from the warmshack to the rail, swaddled in polypropylene and a brand new mustang suit, and leaned over the rail…thus losing her “GREENPEACE” stenciled plastic hardhat into the drink, some 20 feet below. She waddled back into the warmshack after that.

    Epilog- Years later, George Costanza would pull that same hardhat out of a whale’s blowhole, thousands of miles away, on a beach on Long-giland. The sea was angry that day.

  10. 5th/77th FA says:

    Malicious mischief? Nah, start charging them with attempted felony assault, attempted manslaughter, trespassing, or better yet, as suggested above; Turn ’em loose , naked, in the rainforest. Commune with nature, babies.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      THAT or leave ’em alone in a desert or an uninhabited island, that’ll thin out their numbers!

  11. jimmyb says:

    Drone operators and the idiots that shine lasers at cockpits need to be taken out, tied up and have a horse race run over them.