SEAL Gallagher still facing murder charges even after another SEAL confesses to the murder

| June 21, 2019

SOC Gallagher and Wife
Navy Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher leaves a military courtroom on Naval Base San Diego with his wife, Andrea Gallagher. (Andrew Dyer/San Diego Union-Tribune/TNS)

I think we’re all pretty much up to speed on SOC Gallagher’s court-martial and the stunning court room confession of another SEAL, who claims he was the one who killed the ISIS Jihadist and not Gallagher. That this was completely unexpected and torpedoes the Prosecutions case should go without saying. Should go, but doesn’t…

I received an email from ChipNASA with an update, and I haven’t seen many messages with that number of obscenities lately. In the name of decorum we all expect here at TAH, I redacted his message. Here it is.

“OK, Xxxx these xxxxxxx xxxxxxx. Xxxx them right in the xxxxhole, xxxxxxx xxxxwads.
XXXX these prosecutors. Doubling down.

Well said, Chip. His major complaint is the prosecutes are doubling down, here:

Navy prosecutors intend to continue moving forward with premeditated murder charges against Special Operations Chief Eddie Gallagher, despite shocking testimony on Thursday from another SEAL that he was the one who had killed a captured ISIS fighter in Mosul in 2017 – not Gallagher.

Brian O’Rourke, Navy Region Southwest spokesman for Commander Rear Adm. Bette Bolivar, told the Navy Times that the Navy “will not be dropping premeditated murder charges against Chief Petty Officer Gallagher, despite Petty Officer [Corey] Scott’s testimony. The credibility of a witness is for the jury to decide.”

Scott on Thursday revealed under oath – and under the protection of immunity that was granted by the government – that he, Gallagher and others had treated the ISIS fighter when he was brought in to Seal Team 7 for about 20 minutes. The detainee appeared to be stabilized but then Gallagher stabbed the ISIS fighter below his collarbone, Scott had testified.

Then, Scott, a SEAL medic, went over and made the decision to cover the ISIS fighter’s breathing tube so he would die by asphyxiation, or suffocation, which he did.

“I knew he was going to die anyway, and I wanted to save him from waking up to whatever would happen to him,” Scott said during his testimony, the Navy Times reported.

So the prosecution will carry on, their case shattered. Again. Perhaps they’re really hoping the witnesses who saw SOC Gallagher snipe the old man and little girl will pull through for them.

Somehow I doubt it.

More to read here: American Military News

Tip of the old chapeau to ChipNASA for the link.

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The Stranger

At a certain point, an intelligent person knows to cut their losses. Clearly, these prosecutors are not intelligent people. They seem to be so fully invested in this case that they’re willing to go down with this rapidly sinking ship. Good luck with that, lawer! Also, what’s up with that judge? Doesn’t he have some say in all of this?


Know when to quit.
– Captain Ahab


“Aye Captain… The shields can’t take another hit” !!!


Those “persecutors” are not doing themselves any favors at all. They need to have their clocks cleaned but good by someone who can nail their hides to the wall for malfeasance and make them pay for it.

Here’s the real issue: one witness was smart enough to get immunity and subsequently cast valid doubt on the accounts of the other team members. So who is lying now? Not Gallagher, and not the Corpsman.

A vendetta is not a good idea in something like this, and this has been turned into a vendetta.


The prosecution has nothing left… and they’re grasping at anything to nail SOC Gallagher. Someone needs to pull the prosecutor aside and tell them that “only a fool fights in a burning house” and end this travesty.

5th/77th FA

The more we hear about this, the more Charmin, cat litter, febreeze, and boot scraping is needed.


Just An Old Dog

“The credibility of a witness is for the jury to decide.”

Pretty bold hope…. Can’t think of any reasonable Jury who would convict him of murder when someone else said they slotted him.


Kind of a textbook case of ‘reasonable doubt’, isn’t it?

A Proud Infidel®™

What a whorehouse of a courtroom!


I’m not really surprised. I figured they’d press on at this point. Leave it up to the jury to decide. I’m sure their position will be that his teammate is just making it up, lying on the stand, in an attempt to provide reasonable doubt. It’s actually a pretty good argument, particularly if he’s given sworn statements to the contrary before.

SSG Kane

This right here.

In a way I feel bad for the prosecution as they have to navigate this bullshit to the best of their abilities or their careers are screwed.


Fuck ’em…


Un-freakin’-believable. IMHO, everyone involved in the persec. . .I mean, prosecution in this case should be hanged, all the way up to the top. I really hope the jury is seeing through all of this bravo sierra.

A Proud Infidel®™️

That damned court is less ethical than APL.


Look, I agree that the prosecution team are behind the 8-ball. How did this not come up during the Article 32 hearing? Also, even though it’s been forever since I took Criminal Law, but I recall a theory that basically states that if someone is shot 4 times and would die, but then someone else runs him over and kills him, the first person that shot him can still be found guilty of murder. I am assuming that is the theory the prosecution team is using, but then the prosecution would need to show that the knife wound was the cause of death, not the asphyxiation.


It didn’t come up in the Article 32 hearing because the other guy only confessed to killing the man recently. And he said he killed the man, before any other mayhem.

It is not murder to stab a corpse, even if you didn’t know it was one.

And, as a highly trained medic, I believe he is able to “call” a death. He is presumptively an expert witness in “living or dead”.

Whatever the arguments, there is now -plenty- of doubt-worthy material. And I would suspect there is now appeal-worthy muddle.

The Other Whitey

I’m still having doubts about Scott’s claim. He says that Gallagher stabbed the ISIS bastard, yet the photos taken postmortem show Gallagher with no blood on his knife or scabbard?

I could be wrong, but I suspect Scott is still lying his ass off, but only staying a little closer to the truth. He’s likely under considerable pressure to continue committing perjury and perhaps tried to go with a less-false version out nervousness or to assuage his own conscience. I’m speculating of course, but the whole thing still has an odor to it. I still say that the prosecutors would never have jeopardized their case with so much misconduct if the evidence really indicated that Gallagher was guilty. I wouldn’t be surprised if Scott’s story continues to change.


The Judge needs to pull a Paxton trick here !!!
The Judge in the AG of Texas, Ken Paxton is under indictment for securities fraud for some damn thing and the left has been pushing this case relentlessly.
The whole aim is to ruin Paxton personally like Flynn, and a host of other including the prosecutors of SEAL Gallagher.
Well, the judge told those prosecutors in the Paxton case that they would have to work for free if they want to continue the case which has zero chance of being proven.
It is much like this case in that they have a snowballs chance in Hell of proving any wrongdoing.
This is hilarious to watch.
Paxton is working to get his legal expenses covered which would be even better if it had to come from the prosecutors pockets and not the Great State of Texas !!!


Does anybody know the breakdown of the jury?


“Never fight a battle when you have nothing to gain by winning.”

Ervin Rommel
Feldmarschall, Deutsche Afrika Korps


Here’s a guess on prosecution thinking: If we just up and drop all charges, we will look really, really incompetent. But if we let the jury find the Chief not guilty, well, we did our best. The system works, the jury has spoke.