Joe Biden Speaketh

| June 21, 2019

Taurus Raging Hunter

Put down your beverages and grab a box of tissues. This may cause you to laugh ’til your eyes water and your nose runs. Don’r say you weren’t warned.

Here goes:  Joe Biden has done it again! He has found the solution to gunz controlz. He haz.

From the WT article:

Former Vice President Joe Biden is taking inspiration from Agent 007 in explaining his plan to curb gun violence.

“If I get elected president of the United States of America with your help, if that happens, guns, we have the capacity now in a James Bond-style to make sure no one can pull a trigger unless their DNA and fingerprint is on it,” Biden told roughly 180 donors in an Upper East Side penthouse Monday evening. “We have that capacity to do it now. You know it.”

Biden was referring to so-called “smart guns,” which require the owner’s fingerprint to be digitally verified before the weapon can be operated.

“But what happens? The gun manufacturers, when two folks started to sell some of those guns to two dealerships, they said, ‘We’re going to shut you down.’ My god, we don’t have to worry about the 2nd Amendment,” Biden continued. “Imagine all the people who would be alive today if the only person who could buy a gun is qualified because of background checks and they’re the only ones that can pull the trigger? So my point is there are so many things we have the capacity to do.” – Article.

Now while I may not have an incredibly deep bank of gunz-related info at my fingertips, the elite weapons he’s referring to in that rambling semi-lucid statement are plastic dummies created by the props departments for movie studios to use.  Bond’s “smart” guns, those special things that no one but James Bond could use, are supposed to be microchipped and DNA-programmed to respond to Bond, and only Bond. Nice idea, but mostly wishful thinking.

A bit more explicit description of how it doesn’t work is here at Daily Caller:

I hope that Joe the Hands-on-everyone Man gets the nod from the Democrats. I sincerely do. Even Bernie thinks he’s a shmoe, but the two of them working together just might set the Democraps party back a half century or more.  Maybe a whole century.

I can dream, can’t I?

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David A Tunison

If I recall correctly, didnt someone show that with about $8 in parts from a place like radio shack you can build a jammer for some “smart guns” that prevent them from firing?

But, I do hope Uncle Joe runs…the entertainment value alone is worth the popcorn.


Joe is just confused. He thinks such smart guns exist because he has been putting his fingerprints and DNA on every young female he comes in contact with for decades.


IMHO, the title of this piece ought to be “Joe Biden Farteth”



“Plugs” is still pontificating and postulating? How in the Hell did the voters in Delaware send this stuttering imbecile to Congress for as long as they did amazes me…

A Proud Infidel®™

1. He was judged to be a good “Useful Idiot” by the local and state D-rat party apparatchiki. and
2. he ran in a locale where ALL dead people vote D-rat.

SSG Kane

“Calm down liberals. No one is coming for your abortions. We just want “common sense abortion control”!

Mandatory background checks.

Complete mental health evaluations.

Must be placed in a National Abortion Registry.

DNA test to confirm you are the mother.

$200 tax stamp and a 1 year wait period.

No “assault abortions” (after the first trimester).

No “high capacity” abortions, after all no one needs more than one abortion.

Come on.. be reasonable!”


“DNA tests to confirm you are the mother.”

Funny stuff there, Sir!




Oddly enough, there have been cases where the biological mother was a chimera (a rare case where one twin is absorbed by another twin, and their two DNAs exist in different parts of the body) – and her womb had a different DNA from most of the rest of her body, so much so that the child the doctor had just delivered from her tested as someone else’s child.
It caused some legal issues at the hospital, as one might imagine.


“No “high capacity” abortions, after all no one needs more than one abortion”

What about twins?
Two at a time to save a dime?

MI Ranger

A one year waiting period?! Can’t we just compromise and say 9 months or so? Surely the government can get paperwork through the system a little quicker than 12 months!


Starting in October anyone that builds a firearm in Connecticut has to ask the State for a serial number to put on the receiver, and if you don’t they seize every firearm you own.
Please add to the list, ‘No do-it-yourself abortions, and if you do the State keeps your womb(s).”
Thank you.


Then they should ban coat hangers and back alleys as well.

jim h


c’mon down to georgia. we’ve got us a newfangled heartbeat bill, AND we build guns and shit.

i can’t even understand how they think they can enforce that without a severe 4A violation. wow.


Also, “People that exercise their ‘Constitutional Right’ to abort must carry liability insurance for this right, be damned the language of the Enumerated Right”.
So. Angry. Right. Now.
Individual Rights are a funny thing…


Why don’t we add face recognition while we’re at it?

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Jerkoff Joe the shmo.




Reminds me of the bit in the Stallone “Judge Dredd” movie, where they tied a murder to him because the “Lawgiver” is DNA tagged on each round with each Judge’s DNA profile……

Waiting for CreepyJoe to reference THAT one.q


Sense or no sense, doesn’t matter to progressive democrats. Facts do not matter. Was a time we deplorables were called “closed minded” and dems had open minds.

5th/77th FA

effing idiots…Ol’ Joe and the ones that keep voting for him…Oh I forgot…most of his voters have been dead almost as long as he has been slurping at the public trough.


Everything that ass-clown says is rambling and semi-lucid. There are so many examples of his dumbshittery, it would take a bigger blog to cover them all, but one of my favorites is how President Roosevelt went on TV in 1929 to explain the stock market crash.

A Proud Infidel®™

Joe Biden 2020- Make America GROPE again!!!




the dems are running Joe out there to make AOC look smart by comparison.

Of course, the drawback is that such comparisons are irrelevant. Everyone already knows that Joe and AOC are not only dumb as dirt, but less useful.

A Proud Infidel®™

Given how the D-rat Party has voting rigged in both of their districts, I’m absolutely sure that ANY babbling idiot who gets the D-rat nomination in either locale pretty much guarantees their election just like in Chicago where each and every D-rat nominee ALWAYS gets 100% of the dead people vote!


Yeah, what an useless idiot this guy is.

Remember this comment he made?

Laughed my ass off when Stephanopoulos called him “Joe Biden….un-plugged!” LMAO

Biden is certainly, without doubt, a fart smeller……err…smart feller. /s


Loopy Uncle Joe has been doin a lot of dick-stepping of late, invoking the names of past Democrat segregationist Senators, and touting his ability to work with them. This is completely against the New Left, who don’t want to work with anyone- just shut up and vote for them and get over your White Advantage.

Now this science fantasy of James Bond weapons and DNA operated guns? All this does is show how far from reality Joe is, but I suppose it’s mostly harmless for now. Unlike his home defense advice of firing a shotgun off of your porch.

With the twenty-odd candidates running on how far left they can go, I don’t think Joe will make it to the Primaries.


The left also really, really hates to be reminded of their past as the party of slavery, Jim Crow, KKK, segregation, and general all-around racism.

Like when AOC talks about the “concentration camps” at the border (that people are walking a thousands miles through cartel-held desert to get to) she mentions “we’ve done it before” in reference to Japanese internment. Just don’t point out that it was her “new dealer”, scion of the modern socialist left FDR that did it.


“Put down your beverages and grab a box of tissues. This may cause you to laugh ’til your eyes water and your nose runs. Don’r say you weren’t warned.”

I just laughed until I peed my pants. You didn’t warn me about that.

The Other Whitey

“It was in a movie! It must be real!”

The technology actually does exist. It just doesn’t work. Kinda like a certain multi-billion-dollar jet which shall remain nameless, or a certain couple of classes of ship procured recently. Unlike those, however, this can’t be made to work without actual magic, because the laws of physics always win.

Besides, shouldn’t Shotgun Joe be more worried about the fact that he’s within 500 yards of an elementary school?

MI Ranger

Here is a good article on why Smart guns don’t exist in the US.

What the article doesn’t bring up, any gun stolen could then have the “smarttech” reset…given time. It only keeps someone from being shot with his own gun if it gets taken away from you. Most of those stolen guns don’t get used by the thief, they get sold and used by another criminal.


“Most of those stolen guns don’t get used by the thief, they get sold and used by another criminal.”
Damnit, -facts- don’t belong in this conversation. Don’t bring up straw purchases either because laws work, or something.


Straw purchases work so well that the government has knowingly permitted them to happen to allow guns to get to the Mexican cartels.

The system works, when it’s followed by the authorities.


Having worked in the tech ndustry fo rthe last 40 years, I can see this being hacked REAL quick. The liberals have been chasing this dream of a “Smart Gun” for 30 years. One thing they don’t like to talk about is the Government Kill Switch that will be programmed in. Yeah, that keeps getting skimmed over. Unless they have a God Magnet, what about all those DUMB guns that will still be around? I guess he can team up with Eric Swallow and they can Nuke Us.


Run Joe, Run….. ugh that commercial

Roger in Republic

As long as Joe is handing out Bond guns, I want one of those Lotus submarines, and an AMC winged rambler Rebel. Jet engined, of course.


I love ol’ Slow Joe’s double-barreled shotgun solution to home defense–get a double-barreled shotgun and when you experience an intruder fire off two warning shots. Brilliant! That way, the intruder can attack you before you can fumble around in the dark trying to reload. Nobody that effing dumb should ever be allowed outside without adult supervision.


I’d let him play in the yard. As long as my kids weren’t out there.

Butch (USN Retired)

I’ll use smart guns.

Right after the cops and Joe’s SS detail roger up for them.


According to Rush, the rulers of the D-rat power org and their propaganda arms have started to knife Plugs. A couple of the MSM outfits have even started to comment on Hunter’s graft with the Ukraine and China. Double Barrel Biden will be out of the running soon. Rumor is the 0bama-Clinton cabal are brainstorming a replacement.