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| April 21, 2019

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Concealed Carrier Fatally Shot While Trying to Defend Himself

By Luke McCoy
Mark Miller was checking on the plumbing on a building his son owns. While outside of the residence, police believe he was the victim of an attempted robbery. It seems that the currently unidentified but documented gang member pulled a gun. But Mark Miller, who has a New Jersey Concealed Carry Permit, pulled his own gun.

Unfortunately, Miller was shot three times in the abdomen but he also shot the assailant twice. They were both found dead at the scene.

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The rest of this sad article may be viewed here: USA Carry

St. Roch man shoots person who police say was trying to steal his generator: NOPD

By Emily Lane
One of two people New Orleans police said were trying to steal a generator from a home in the St. Roch neighborhood was shot in the chest by the home’s resident early Friday (April 19), NOPD said.

The shooting was reported about 2:10 a.m. in the 2300 block of Franklin Avenue, NOPD said. The wounded person’s condition was not immediately known.

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The rest of the article may be found here: NOLA

Police: Warner Robins car salesman points pistol at angry customer

by Claire Helm
WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — Warner Robins police say a local car salesman pointed a pistol at a customer who became hostile with him and then said, “You picked the wrong one today!”

That’s according to an April 12 report filed with the Warner Robins Police Department, which says the customer’s daughter test-drove a vehicle from Georgia Motors when it ran out of gas on the road.

The father was upset and claimed the dealership put his daughter in danger, so he drove to the Georgia Motors to talk with the salesman, police say.

According to the report, the father arrived at the dealership “yelling and cussing” before “becoming more irate” and refusing to leave. The report says that the father told the salesman, “‘you gonna have to make me leave, I got something for you’.”

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Offsetting penalties? I’ll carry one in the wind until updated. Read the article here: WGXA

Starting the work week, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes, with one DRT, one inconvenienced healing up in time for court, and two in the wind. The irate Dad is a poor fit for ITW, but it could have been much worse.

An enemy of liberty is no friend of mine. I do not owe respect to anyone who would enslave me by government force, nor is it wise for such a person to expect it. — Isaiah Amberay

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1/1/2, ?????, Sure is a poser today. 1. it’s sad that the fellow defending his property had to die, seems that one would take your gun out before looking around as to suspicious activity. May be more coming as to the perp being a gang member, the son better watch his back as is possible gang retaliation. Fella at least got the perp before he died. 2, 2 guns but only one perp, doesn’t say if perp was armed and other managed to get in the wind. Guess only time will tell if the one inconvenienced will give up his partner. 3, this one needs to be sorted out. Biggest thing is there one or two that were in the wrong plus there is also the owner saying the salesman never pulled a gun, false reporting? Cameras not on, kinda strange, maybe ought to also if there is a power switch in the bosses office that got conveniently shut off. Oh well it’s Georgia, jug of moonshine, popcorn and a coin flip for all ought to settle matters there. Well am out of here for now as got to get chores done and then sneak back in that new cave I found here in the sub-level basement as saw some shiny flakes peaking out of a crack there.

chooee lee

I suppose “the quick and the dead” does not always hold true.

5th/77th FA

Strange and dangerous, crazy times we live in. Sad to think that your plumbing tools need to include a defensive firearm. God’s Peace to the Miller Family. May Satan devour the soul of the “documented gang member.” Guess there is an opening in the choir now. NOLA has sure turned into a real sh^thole city. Aren’t there enough “free sh^t programs” for them that would preclude having to steal more? Maybe a good staph infection will cause another opening in the choir. Somehow missed the Warner Robins WGXA TV story Thursday. Usually watch their 1700 hrs broadcast. A good mix of local and national news with a limited “spin” on the news. Oh, yeah, was doing the eye doc and K Roger run that day, was past that time when I got in. Warner Robins City, as many of us know, is attached to Robins Air Force Base. As the crow flies only about 20 miles from me. Grew older in its shadow, originally an Army Air Force depot/training field, then became a home to a SAC Wing (s). They’ve had Buffs and Bones flying out of there until Bush II moved them out to Dyess, Ellsworth, and Barksdale. They have an excellent FIRST Class Air Force Museum that is well worth a destination vaca. They also have a plethoria of used car lots, buy here pay here, title pawn, ect. Surprisingly, most of those type places aren’t really frequented by the service people as it was in days of yore, most of their clients are the ones that can’t make a $200.00 a month car payment, but $50.00 a week is in their level of comprehension. There is more to this story than is being told, maybe a certain card is yet to be paid. A lot of car dealers keep just enough fuel in the vehicles to take a “test drive” around the block, not enough to go joy riding. Salesman should have called the popo to handle the situation. I’ll try to keep up with this one & see if there is any “rest of the story.”… Read more »


Here’s a different kind of feel good story:

Marine graduates boot camp after 956 days. He was a month into recruit training and was diagnosed with Lymphoma. He returned home, fought to remain in the Corps, kicked cancer’s ass, then returned to finish boot camp. Semper Fi, Marine.