Mirror, Mirror

| March 12, 2019

In the past, before any of the current screaming, maddening crowds were even a thought form, Joe Stalin attempted to destroy Russia’s heritage, Mao tried to do the same thing in China, and Pol Pot likewise in Cambodia. The difference between then and now is that there was no public online access to anything until 1997, two years before the governance of Hong Kong was returned to Beijing and the Chinese government. With the rise of the internet, the world became an open door.

This instant access to whatever is going on now, which we take for granted, provides us with a window to the  true nature of people who term themselves Liberals, but are liberal in name only. The readiness to pounce on something that someone says and attack it, or to find a target like a teenager who did nothing and pile on him based on falsehoods published by news media, or to misidentify someone as the person who committed a crime, when in fact, he did nothing of the sort, has become a near obsession. It’s seen as an opportunity to let anger fly, and to generate headlines and grab attention, frequently over nothing or over something that was incorrectly reported in the first place. Anyone who is “different” or does not fall into line is a horrible person.

We saw that most recently when WaPo and CNN and other media sources incorrectly reported who was at fault and who was the victim in a confrontation induced by an old gasbag toward a teenager. And WaPo is getting its ass handed to it, as are some other media rags.

It’s very much like watching a herd of buffalo stampede toward a cliff’s edge. Just get out of their way!

A large portion of the abrasiveness appears to be self-generated. There is no real reason for it. It’s just “pile on the target” time, and the Hell with the consequences down the road.

The problem with WaPo rose from an exaggerated need to manufacture a sensationalist story out of nothing. This was a common practice in the days of Hollywood gossip columnists, and has increased exponentially in the last few years: use the tabloid gossip approach. The media incorrectly reported that a security guard who found an unattended backpack in a trashbasket in Atlanta, during the Summer Olympics, was the bomber, when the backpack exploded shortly thereafter around 1AM that night.  Unfortunately for them, he was not the bomber.

If it isn’t going to cause or create an emotional rush in people, then it isn’t worth the bother. Accuweather has developed the habit of posting stories with exaggerated headlines on their website, or videos of reporters standing in flooded ditches after a hurricane when the waters have actually receded.

Sensationalism may be a way to sell comic books, as you’d know if you saw the covers of SGT Rock, Doc Savage, Green Lantern, Batman and Wonder Woman back in the 1960s. But this isn’t the 1960s, when having a single telephone line was a luxury, and television had three channels, all of which shut off around midnight.

This is the early 2000s, with instant communications and online access to the entire world, even if some of it isn’t safe. It is taken for granted now. If it were to suddenly shut down, where would these people be?

Good manners used to be in vogue, and common courtesy still existed. Now it’s bad manners, foul language, barely contained anger, and some deep-seated burning hatred of everything and everyone that isn’t just like The Them.

It’s Apologist Central, get permission to say things first unless you want the angst-ridden, boiling angry, fight-picking harridans to come screaming down on you, descending like those Harpies that liked to tear people to shreds.

When you read Peggy Noonan’s article at https://outline.com/Nx75k9 , she draws the similarity to Mao’s so-called cultural revolution (destruction of the past) with more than just clarity. It is going on here and now in the gaggle of left-leaning politicians who want votes, and who had uttered unapproved and apparently heinous speech without permission from The Gangs of Twitter.

Even Fauxcahontas is saying she now regrets taking a DNA test, like the phony baloney she is.  https://www.thecut.com/2018/12/elizabeth-warren-is-starting-to-regret-that-dna-test-report.html

Fine. Let them stew in it. Wallow in it. Flail themselves with bundles of thorned branches. Parade in public wearing crowns of thorns, sackcloth and ashes. After all, when a crapweasel politician says those who object to his approach to gun ownership should be doxxed, which is a felony, who is it that is going overboard with this spoiled brat squalling and temper tantrum crap?

The best approach is to be informed of what they do, always be aware of it, keep track of it, and just plain get out of their way. They are galloping headlong toward what they think is a golden apple or something, but cannot see the cliff’s edge ahead of them.

Take pictures if you like, but just get out of their way.

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  1. ChipNASA says:

    I just wait every day to see what other tripe they’re going to offer and how they’re going to go with their “Facts”.
    The are going to start getting their collectives asses handed to them in the very near future and just like this, I’m going to relish in it when they’re going to have to take a bite of the shit sandwich they have made.

    • Loved the video and I wish that there were shots of the clinton victory cake splattered all over the place where she lost which I heard about the next day. BZ on your loss Hillary. I tried to paste a pic in this window but it wouldn’t work. Pic of our POTUS standing next to bill and hillary with the caption saying, our Pres colluding with the russians

  2. Dustoff says:

    “Good manners used to be in vogue” How true. About a year ago I was asked by a former co-worker to assist in teaching a part of a paramedic program at a local community college. Of the 27 students I had, 19 were female. One of the first issues I had to deal with was the casual use of the “F” word in conversation in class, by (you guessed it) the females all 20 somethings. But when you have congresswomen saying things like: “We’re going to impeach the MFer” in front of family and constituents (Rep. Rashida Tlaib), what do you expect? Sugar and Spice and everything nice.

    • Buckeye Jim says:

      Reminds me of a story about General Grant. Allegedly, he was with a group of officers when someone started an off-color joke. Grant interrupted him and the jokester asked, “why, there are no women present” at which Grant replied, “No, but gentlemen are.” Not the picture of Grant that most have.

  3. AnotherPat says:

    This is supposely the Washington Post’s “apology” about the Covington incident:

    “Editor’s Note Related To Lincoln Memorial Incident”:


    Am I missing something?

    Nowhere did I read “We were wrong…we are sorry…”

    You Be The Judge…

  4. AnotherPat says:

    Another interesting story that ties in with Ex-PH2 GREAT post (Thank You, Ex) is about the Canadian Broadcasting Company’s “apology” on the Covington incident. So different from the Washington Post:

    “CBC Apologizes For Broadcasting Fake News On the Covington boys, Upon Request”:


    Within the article is the video capturing what actually took place at the Lincoln Memorial (looks as if Diamond and Silk posted that video…two wonderful women). STILL gets me angry when I watch that video. Still have yet to find any “headlining” news about the Black Hebrew Isralites and their racial taunting against the “White Man” or the American Indians.

    Also am still disturbed that Nathan Phillips, a frequent troublemaker and liar, has been swept under the rug by the liberal news media. Hope he is next in getting sued. There are still Go Fund Me sites for that despicable individual that should be diverted legally to Nicholas Sandmann and his family (wishful thinking on my part).

    Thank you again, Ex, for your post.

  5. 5th/77th FA says:

    The destruction of a nation’s history has been proven time and time again to not fix the “problems.” That being said, as soon as all the references to the Confederacy are gone, then and only then can we move forward to improve race relations in this country. /sarc/. After all that is destroyed and repatriations are paid, the legacy of slavery will be forgotten. /sarc/ Anybody believing any of that, come see me, I’ve also got bridges and ocean front property for sale.

    I call bullsh*t on all of the above. Patriots started the FIRST war we fought. Every other war we’ve been in was started by politicians, especially the War Between The States. The demon rats want to sweep that away so that their main base (which they’re losing), the minorities, may not recall that they were primarily responsible for that and the later “Jim Crow” laws.

    I agree with Dustoff on the lack of manners and respect shown by young people, particularly by young women. As pointed out by others, the lack of role models may have a lot to do with that. Goes back to discipline and home training. Mama woulda used up a number of bars of soap for potty mouth talk. I try to watch myself but will admit I do slip on occasions. And like 26Limabeans (?) posted the other day, when I slip from being a Southern Gentleman, Mama reaches down from above a smacks me hard.

    The Lame Stream News Media? I quit expecting them to correct or retract any errors of reporting they make. Watch very little of it, and click on even less, including Fox. Another thing I love about this place. The admin does a fine job of vetting stuff before they put it out there. AnotherPat’s add ons can keep me busy and out of trouble for awhile. rtr/gd/gabn

    ps The beefed orasted beast had finished it’s crocked potting lowly. Gonna smash up some of the taters that was a percurlating with the carrots and make up a pan of cat heads. Mrs. Smith’s Apple Pie and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream for later.

  6. AnotherPat says:

    And here we go!!!!

    Hopefully, Nathan Phillips will be next, but who knows…it could be Bill Maher.

    Sandblast them all.

    “Sandmann, Family Sue CNN For $275M In Covington Catholic Controversy”:


    “A lawsuit worth $275 million was filed against CNN on Tuesday over the network’s alleged “vicious” attack against Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann.”

    “The lawsuit, filed just after 3 p.m. in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky, claims that CNN “elevated false, heinous accusations of racist conduct” against Sandmann and failed to adhere to “well-established journalistic standards and ethics…”

    instantkarmagonnagetyou 😎

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      Queue Metallica “Enter Sandman”

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      And the hits just keep a’coming. Thanks muchly AnotherPat.

      Normally not a big fan of lawers. In these cases, I hope he nails ALL of them to a wall…with a rusty railroad spike…by the genitals.

  7. Cameron Kingsley says:

    Your comment about the left running towards the golden apple not noticing the cliff reminds of two commercials that used to air on Cartoon Network from Hostess (I believe). One had a dragon, the other had a vampire. In both commercials, they have a vision of a Hostess cupcake which turns out to be a hallucination. In the vampire commercial, he flies into a neon sign and gets electrocuted. In the dragon version, he ends up crashing into a tower with a princess at the top (which really does look like a Hostess cupcake) and because of his speed, he goes all the way down to the bottom of the tower, taking the princess with him. When he reaches the bottom, he ends up with his head sticking out of the tower and ejecting the poor princess through the tower’s entrance. At the end she just glares angrily at the dragon and the dragon just says “hey where’s the cream filling?” Your comment at the end reminds me of those two commercials. And the left is running full tilt towards it.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      Someone inscribed a golden apple with “for the most woke” and rolled it into their midst.