John Kerry at Yale

| April 29, 2017

The folks at some college somewhere by the name of Yale wanted to let us know that some horse-faced guy by the name of John Kerry was speaking at their little community college the other day and he expressed some regret;

Former Secretary of State John Kerry visited Yale University on April 27 to kick off the “Kerry Initiative,” slated to launch at the university this fall.

More than 450 students, staff, and faculty attended the “Conversation with Secretary Kerry” April 27 in Yale Law School’s Levinson Auditorium. Professor James Levinsohn, director of Yale’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, moderated the conversation, after which Kerry took questions from attendees.

“There is never going to be a military solution to what is happening in Syria,” said Kerry in response to a student question about what the U.S. can do to end the conflict. He talked about the negotiations with Russian and Syrian leaders during the Obama administration and said that accountability is key.

“The greatest frustration I left with this administration was the sense of unfinished business there because I thought we had a better hand to play. And I wish we had played it full and early,” Kerry said.

Actually, mostly I’m glad that he’ll be sequestered at this little community college somewhere in New England and not in the Senate – probably President Obama’s greatest contribution to the body politic.

Maybe there was a chance that the Syrian civil war could be settled without a military in the early days, but the US sat on the sidelines so long, that there is no other way out now.

I’d like to know how Kerry thought he could negotiate ISIS out of existence. Probably similar to the Iran treaty, he’d send them a pallet-load of cash to continue being the way they are.

I’m sure that if the Yalians knew how Obama and Kerry caused the Syrian civil war and brought ISIS to the world stage, they’d have to loudly protest his employment there and throw bike racks through local business’ windows.

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Is it just me, or does he look like his face is starting to cave in? Is it from all that Botox he’s been getting? Does he have hair transplants?

These are important questions that no one is asking. They should be asked at this ‘meeting’ and no one will address these issues.

Geez, is he this much an attention whore that he just cannot stand to be out of the spotlight for even a few weeks?


He is a worthless cockroach PRICK, “unfinished business” the a.h. screwed up everything he touched….and the sarcastic bastard said you could end up in Iraq and he is one of the maggots that sent them there…..a large nail through the head would be too good for him imho!

Sonnys Mom

That’s why he’s called “Lurch” up here in New England…

sgt. vaarkman 27-48th TFW

John Kerry is/was a douchebag lying bastard embellishing horse faced stolen valor scumbag traitor in the 70’s and is still 1 in 2017….no respect for that phony assed 1%er scumbag, NONE not even a microgram of respect….get on your pink girls bike and disappear already asshole and take the Clintons and Jane Fonda with you and ride off into the bottomless pit of eternal damnation

Silentium Est Aureum

Don’t hold back, man.


Don’t forget the RINOS Ryan, McConnell, McCain et all on and on ad nauseum…!!


Amazing all the things the Obama hacks could have done…

Eight years
A fawning press
A filibuster proof Senate
A super majority in the House
A Noble Peace Prize


Well he negotiated his way into every valor award he received in Vietnam, I guess he figured his bullshit game was just that good, that he could fix the ISIS problem too.

Ass Hole!!!


His purple hearts were just as bogus as the silver star he put himself in for. Anyone researching his BS would find that his colleagues in the Swiftboats had his number from day one. It was just like his bogus river trip into Cambodia on Xmas eve 1968. You know when Nixon was President. Not.


I tend to agree that military solutions are the only way to end their civil war. I greatly disagree on whose military is to do the solving.

But if we *really* wanted it over, we could have sent our guns to the same place Russia sent theirs, and the whole country would probably be better for it.


I’m guessing that Teresa was sick of seeing him lying around the estate and told him to go do something… so he’s out on the lecture circuit, crying his eyes out.

He’s no better than the JEF…


This lying PoS makes it impossible to practice what our Moms taught us – if we have nothing good to say about someone, say nothing at all. We tried that. Most of us ignored the fool figuring that the folks in Massachusetts must think he represents them well, as we laughed at them.

However, sKerry is so vile, so unworthy of a moment’s consideration, so indecent, such a traitorous, manipulative gigolo who knows no bounds of dishonorable behavior that he doesn’t deserve anything but our collective and individual contempt. He worked very hard to earn it.

Calling him an ass is an insult to burros and donkeys everywhere.


I can’t make up my mind if he is at the same whale-shit level as Hanoi Jane. It’s really close.

MSG Eric

I’d say lower because at least she’s been fairly quiet since about the 90s. He still comes around and has done far worse.

Even in his 4 years as SecState he put us in worse position globally than we’ve been in decades.


Good point. There’s room for both. Will hit up Class 6 to get a fine scotch to drink when he croaks. Have had one for jane for decades.

Bernie Hackett

Oh, Yale! For a moment there, I thought it said Jail. Rats!

Bernie Hackett

The boys been an attention whore his whole career.
Witness his antics as “spokesman” for the Winter Soldiers, and the theatrical flinging of the medals thru the White House fence. Desperately wanted to be a Kennedy, but he’s from the poor side of town, at least ’til he married the katsup heiress. He and his hair finally finagled their way into the big time, and it all fell apart.
Like some low rent greek tragedy, ain’t it?


“Low rent Geek tragedy”. FIFY, Bernie.


I see Yale law school has 450 in the cue become “lawers.” Just what this country needs, another 400+ leftwing, progtard lawers to carry on the litigation wars against everything this country’s founders held dear. As for Lurch, he started out as a lying SOS when he was in RVN, and has made it his life’s work.


So if we can’t have a “military solution to what is happening in Syria,” why was part of the negotiation made by Kerry and the Obama administration a threat of military action? (The (in)famous “red line.)

Am I the only one seeing a disconnect there?


Everyone knew they didn’t mean it. They didn’t.

MSG Eric

Hillary and then Kerry as SecState’s disconnect started the day they accepted the job.


In a display of solidarity with Yale Graduate Student Union Local 33, sKerry joined them in their hunger strike from just after lunch all the way to tea time. Faint from the ordeal, his only comment was, “That was worse than when I was in the Viet of the Nam. You do know I was in the Viet of the Nam, right?”

Hack Stone

My question for John Kerry would be “If you live in Massachusetts, why is your yacht registered in Rhode Island?”

Sonny's Mom

For the past year, Lurch & Teresa have been trying to sell off a couple of assets.
So far, still no takers.


FFingFS. This state is already polluted enough. Next time tha skull and cross bone catsup boy comes ’round if he could take Mu-mu-Malloy, Chris ‘ the unaccomplished mole’ Murphy, and Dick ‘I don’t know what a Vietnam is’ Blumenthal with him that’d be great.
Hey John, you irrelevant. Go home.

A Proud Infidel®™

If John “Lurch” Kerry were to ever receive a Nobel Prize he ought to toss it over the White House fence like he said he did with his, no, a freind’s medals in some attention-whoring asinine protest gesture.

MSG Eric

You mean he didn’t get one just for being SecState or just for going to Antarctica?


There is nothing Kerry could do that would erase the betrayal of our US military and interests over 45 years.

Kerry has made a career out of being a Professional POS.

Just An Old Dog

I’m surprised he was able to speak with all the right wing protesters burning garbage cans, breaking windows and throwing bottles at people trying to attend.

Oh.. my mistake, that only happens when conservative figures try to speak, and its left wing libtards and Antifa.


I must be the only person here who is grateful to John Kerry–he made me a writer. I hadn’t written anything but business reports and emails since college when Jerk decided to run for president. For years I had ignored the guy, figuring that if the idiots in Massachusetts wanted a flaming traitor representing them, that was their business.

When the idiot Democrats made Jerk their candidate, I decided I had to fight the treacherous bastard and the only weapon I had against such a wealthy and powerful man was the connection between my mind and my keyboard and then on to the Internet. Such efforts were mostly futile until two good men, Bill Faith, RIP, of Old War Dogs and Scott Swett at began posting my attacks on Kerry. Scott’s site was the primary web location for the Swiftboat guys and I quickly began writing on their behalf until our combined efforts and the will of the American people denied Jerk his dream of emulating John Kennedy.

Now the only thing I want to write about John Kerry is his obituary. Ol’ Poe hopes to hold it in one hand and read it while holding his dick in the other, consecrating with the effluents of a real Vietnam veteran, that bit of American terrain Jerk is defiling with his traitorous remains.


I would also like to water the vegetation at his final resting place, right along with that of his “fellow traveler,” Traitor Jane. It would really be sweet if that bitch was buried along side him–save some travel to give them both the “honors” they so richly deserve.


I will be more than happy to find and send poison ivy seed pods to plant on that final resting place, as a decoration and a tribute.

How about a 100-year-battery-driven rendering of Country Joe and The Fish doing The Vietnam Song, on autostart?

John D

Why in hell would you booby-trap it?

You know there will be squatters.



And a fine job you did, Poetrooper! Could hardly wait to read your poems about sKerry.I’m so looking forward to his obit.

MSG Eric

Go away John Kerry, nobody likes you.