Kerry makes us glad he’s gone

| December 29, 2016


John Kerry gave a farewell speech at the State Department in which he defended the Obama Administration’s abstention in a vote to condemn Jewish settlements. From Fox News;

During a farewell speech at the State Department, Kerry explained the U.N. decision in his most extensive terms yet. He said it was about preserving the two-state solution, which he called the only way to a “just and lasting peace.”

“That future is now in jeopardy,” he warned.

A U.S. abstention on the U.N. Security Council resolution calling Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem a violation of international law allowed the measure to pass Friday – and sent the already-turbulent relationship between the Obama and Netanyahu governments into its rockiest stretch yet.

I’d remind Mr Kerry that the Palestinians had a shot at a two-state solution in 2000, the best shot they ever had, and they rejected it. They’ll never accept any solution that includes the continued existence of the State of Israel.

But thanks for reminding us of the bullet we dodged in the 2004 election. And thanks for the opportunity to show this picture to my audience one last time.

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Guard Bum

Girly man douche traitor….quite a legacy.


Indeed! Good riddance to bad rubbish!!


That had got to be the bike he injured himself on.


That pink bike is a violation of international law.

Buh bye John “D Student” Kerry.



I have a feeling that the smattering of the use “occupied territory” in the UN resolution and Kerry’s speech was part of what the Israelis found problematic.


But, but, the Regime absolutely didn’t secretly write the resolution. Both sKerry and Buh-rock said so.


Isn’t it strange how the demonic little squirrelly muslims had palestine for 2500 years and didn’t do a ‘DAMNED THING’, didn’t clean anything, build anything NOTHING! But as soon as the Jews move back in to clean up the pigsty, now the mooslimes want it! Why, they would just turn it back into a pig sty overnight!


How does he look his horse-faced self in the mirror, knowing he has been repeatedly exposed as a liar and a fraud?

He lies to himself that he is an honest man.

I’ve known rattlesnakes with more honesty and integrity than John D. Kerry.

Mark A Lauer

I think he figures that, since we can see through him like a broken window, his personality is honest enough.

What a cock knocker.


Please don’t insult horses when you refer to Lurch. Oops! I didn’t mean to insult monsters.

The Other Whitey

Kerry really thinks he’s smart. That’s cute, in a pathetic kind of way.

Dave Hardin

“One last time”, I am calling bullshit. Jonn will use the picture again, Kerry will not go quietly into the night.

Now that Hondo is back from his serendipitous retreat getting himself centered from the lack of Global Warming, I suspect he will reference Gore again as well.

Missed you sweetheart.

CC Senor

Lord knows Kerry ain’t no Becket, but to paraphrase King Henry II:

Who will rid us of this turbulent asshole?


January 20th, and the American Voter.

20 days and a wakeup! Hooah!

2/17 Air Cav

Palestine and Israel. East and West Germany. North and South Korea. North and South Vietnam. The Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia. What could go wrong?


He’s not wearing a helmet. What type of message is that sending to our youts?


Where is his reflective safety belt??


There appears to be a bell, so he has that going for him.


Contrast that picture of Kerry biking with those of GWB.

You would think Kerry’s least competent flack would have warned him that bike scene was radioactive stupid.

Sonny's Mom

And where are his knee-pads? Or maybe he only wears them to the office.

NR Pax

He said it was about preserving the two-state solution, which he called the only way to a “just and lasting peace.”

Yeah, and the Brits had a politician who assured the world that we would have “peace for our time.” That didn’t work out so well.


And one upon a time, another Lefty thug proposed a “two state solution” for Czechoslovakia.

Then two Lefty thugs proposed a two state solution for Poland.


I know that he’s got a dog on a leash in that picture. I could make a lot of jokes about that, but more important, no matter how it’s viewed, it still looks like he’s trying to pull a wedgie out of his bicycle seat.

Well, bye!


He isn’t sitting on a bike seat… he has the post up his two-hole.

JEF, SKerry and Cankles have set back American diplomatic effort at least 50 years, if not longer.

2/17 Air Cav

Nothing that can’t be straightened out with a strong military and a CiC with balls.


CiC w/balls?

Oh! Trump hath begat how many offspring? Four? Five? I’ve lost count.

How many has bodaprez produced? -0-




Jug Eared F***er.. not sure who came up with that, just know it wasn’t me.. though i have stolen it on occassion


The term is used a lot over at Ace of Spades HQ (the OTHER smart military blog)…


Now he has plenty of time to go bike-riding with Bernath. Birds of a feather and all that. . .

2/17 Air Cav

“John Kerry?”



“Is there a Barrack Hussein Obama here?”

“Yeth. Right here.”

“GTFO! As for the rest of you bastards, follow them. GTFO!”


Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m sure the career types in the State Department are going to miss John “Lurch” Kerry about as much as their last toothache! What a miserable quiche-eating QUEEF with all the personality and warmth of a mildewy shower curtain.


“They’ll never accept any solution that includes the continued existence of the State of Israel.”


Wilted Willy

I really hope this cocksucker rots in hell! Him and his pussy pink bike together!!


In all of the times I’ve seen this picture, I never noticed till his now that he is wearing sandals.


Open toe shoes so he doesn’t mess up the new polish on this tweenkle toes!


Fag!!! And I mean that as politically incorrect as possible.



Thank you John Kerry for stating the obvious. About time. Israel is an apartheid country.


“Israel is an apartheid country”

Like most, you use the wrong terminology Joe. Hafrada is the correct term in regards to the State of Israel.


I say tomato, you say tamahto….


I say Hafrada which is Israeli “policy”, you say apartheid which was South African Law.


But having separate and thoroughly unequal “countries” makes sense to you?

Evidently the word apartheid doesn’t mean what you think it means. But your use of the word is highly amusing, in a slightly sick sort of way.


Is that you, Lars? Or just one of your sockpuppets?


Israeli arabs have more political rights than arabs in any mideast muslim country. The arabs hold the third largest block of Knesset seats, ahead of the Orthodox parties.

The separation is for those who are not allegiant to Isreal, who have nor even recognized its right to exist. Effectively, this is an insurrection, and Isreal is remarkably restrained in its response.

Jordon -expelled- its “palestinians” when they rejected the kings rule.

If your neighbors were chanting “death to america! Death to americans!” Chucking rocks at passing cops, and knifing random freinds of yours to death, in between bombings, demanding the goverment depart so the maniacs could “rule”,

I suspect you would demand the loonies be caged or expelled. You would not hand your home over to them.


Well put, agreed.


Palestinians had the opportunity for their own State when Israel was recognised. They declined.
Where the hell do the likes of Kerry get the idea that this a good idea? I forget, they’d have been cheering on Hitler.

A Proud Infidel®™

Every time the Paleoswinians have gotten anything from Israel they’ve trashed it and launched attacks from there.


Compare and contrast here.

Israel leadership: former commando and patriot that doesn’t hate his country.
US leadership: America/American bashers and disgraced traitor soldier.

We need more salt for these slugs.

Green Thumb

I saw some of this speech as I was working out.

I feel dumber.

Much like O’bummer, Kerry is doing his best to “preserve” his “legacy”.


Where is our pal the Commissar? I am sure he will have something to say about one of his VeetNam war heroes and great statesmen of the King Putt regime. You all better stop dissing ol’ Lyin Lurch.


Ok. I voted for Trump.
Where are the proposed solutions for where to keep Palestinians safe w/ a country in all of this Obama/Kerry bashing?
We don’t even have a military base we have access to in Israel, despite the fact that we pour money and weapons at them.


“Where are the proposed solutions for where to keep Palestinians safe w/ a country”

Where does it say we are responsible for their safety?

“despite the fact that we pour money and weapons at them.”

Israel is our ally.


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I always wondered why Kerry never caught the ptsd. I mean after all the rape, pillage and baby killing he witnessed in Nam and testified before congress about should have affected him.
I guess he is just a better man the rest of us baby killing rapists.


Don’t give the whining empty brain cavity any ideas!


“Kerry never caught the ptsd” because his Silver Star w/Combat Distinguishing Device mask the symptoms.

Never mind the third PH for imbedded rice husks in the buttocks that got him rotated back to the land of the big PX before his tour was up.

Besides, if he had the ptsd, the Ketchup Queen would have never married him.


Hard to see those things when you are skipper of a patrol boat for one month and spent most of that time putting yourself in for purple hearts and a bronze star! He is scum of the lowest order,,,or is that odor?


I think he would come back at ya, and say: Hey, I was in country for about 4 months and I skippered a boat for at least 90 days. Also, don’t forget about those other two purple hearts, one for friendly M79 shrapnel and the one for a seriously bruised elbow.


I am so so glad this traitorous piece of shit is no longer in public life. Now if Kharma will be kind, an accident involving his windsurfing equipment and his anal orifice.


And sharks. Lotsa sharks.


The sharks would rescue him and tow him to shore.

Professional courtesy.


I’ll never forget when he showed up in Mosul just after he lost in 2004 and nobody other than a Mass Guard unit would have anything to do with him in the DFAC – we laughed at the time.