Robert Lane; phony Beirut Marine

| August 14, 2016

Robert Lane1 (6)

The folks at Military Phony send us their work on this Robert Lane fellow who claims to have been in Beirut after the truck-bombing at the barracks on October 23, 1983;

Robert Lane (4)

Robert Lane (3)

Actually, he was half a world away at Okinawa during that time period. Funny how he doesn’t mention that he was a deserter from April – June 1985. And he earned himself a court martial and put out on the street with a Big Chicken Dinner (BCD – Bad Conduct Discharge) after he did 45 days at hard labor while in confinement;

Robert Lane FOIA

Robert Lane Assignments

Robert Lane (CM)

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This was his lame duck apology when he was confronted on facebook.
Robert A. Lane; Like I said it was a long time ago, I’m done.I do apologize. For those disrespecting me now. Try living one fucking day in my shoes. Again, I apologize to those I Disrespected and will not do it again and will correct what is posted. Good night. And God Bless everyone of you cocksuckers who thinks it’s funny to disrespect me.


We disrespected him by busting him. It went downhill quick for him after that.

Hack Stone

Does he wear high heeled shoes? If not, why would it be so difficult to walk in his shoes?


Robert A. Lame totally walks on high heels and suck Dick Tracy’s revolver.


You haven’t begun to be disrespected bitch! Tell us to walk in your shoes? But… you haven’t actually walked in them you bitch!


Nope. No need to try on his shoes because there is no reason lie about my military service. It wasn’t heroic. There was nothing particularly significant about it. Just a small cog in a giant wheel which accomplished quite a lot when all of us were doing our jobs.

No need to pretend, or lie, about anything. Keep your own shoes, Robert. Stick them under that uncomfortable bed you made for yourself – you destroyed any respect any of us might previously have had for your service.

Bill M

Wouldn’t want to walk in his shoes. Probably get the foot rot and stuff. He’s a turd. Hope his day continues to go downhill.

Dave Hardin

You need to be more sensitive to these peoples feelings. Try being more like Jonn, understanding and kind.


Tongue firmly planted in cheek with that one Dave…

2/17 Air Cav

I wouldn’t get near his shoes. His feet were in them. I can just imagine the stink. Thanks, no.

Joseph Williams

I think the Wife was looking over Dave’s shoulter while he was typing.Remember SHE put Dave on restriction before. Making Dave type more PC.


Seriously. Who are you? And what have done with Dave?


“Try one fucking day living in my shoes”…..are you shittin’ me? Who the hell do you think you’re talking to….the old lady who actually lived in a shoe and had so many children she didn’t know what she was going to do?????? First of all, the shoes of a USMC deserter would surely be yellow and stink like hell.

Asshole, you CAN’T CORRECT the lies you have posted and lived for years now. The best you can do is ADMIT you are a phony piece of shit, a coward, a damned liar, and a pussy.

Where’d you ever get the idea that a low life bastard such as you could ever be disrespected? Not funny, just plain damned pathetic you’ve spent your life lying like hell about things you were never man enough to do.

And YOU call US cocksuckers? Who the hell has a pussy-shaped mouth with facial hair above and below to resemble pubic hair? A lyin’ no good mofckr with no balls who wants his mouth to be invaded, so he dresses it up to look like a pussy….THAT’S WHO!!!!!

Finally, you claim you won’t do it again. Hell NO, not after you’ve been exposed as a candy ass loser who is a fckn disgrace to the United States Marine Corps!!! Next time you share your war stories (and I feel certain you WILL!), here’s an idea for you. Tell your friends you were a Marine Kamikaze and flew 25 successful missions. BTW, I spoke with your parents the other day. They both seem like fairly decent dudes.


Jarhead, you’ve got to stop holding back.


It’s just that I’m too timid to speak my mind Tony. S/F


Preach On!


By my count, there should have been 20,000 Marines at the barracks that week of the bombing. Enough of these dudes popping out of the woodwork means half the Corps was there that day.


At least. Was thinking there must have been more that a million Marines there that day.


yep there were about 500 marines or so in Beirut that day and I have met all 20,000 of them.


Every Veteran I have met that served in Vietnam worked for the CIA, they were all in Cambodia and Laos doing killer sniper roles and all of it is hush hush because of their black ops skills…
There were no truck drivers, payroll clerks or even supply clerks in Vietnam, none, ever !!!


Well, Thunderstixx, you haven’t met me yet and I can prove I manned a desk. I have at least one picture, maybe two. Some day, I’ll relay my efforts to completely destroy the division’s coffee service to you.

A Proud Infidel®™

Kinda like one phony-buster I read about who said “Only about 500 Navy SEALS served in Vietnam and we’ve investigated all 30,000 of them.”

Hack Stone

35th MAU went to Lebanon? A little bit out of their AOR, but if this Radio Breaker says so, it must be true. It looks like we both may have been on Campb Schwabb at the same time, but fortunately I don’t recall ever meeting him. I don’t think that 4th Marines has a Communications Company, when I was in 4th Marines, it was a Communications Platoon. And it didn’t take long for him to fold, his Facebook comments to Scotty are the standard “FU; it was a long time ago” response. He didn’t even play the “lawer card”.

L Goutremout Major USMC (Retired)

I was with BLT 1/9 35th MAU. YES we were mobilized for Beirut. I was a 23 year old Sergeant at the time and Tank Commander of Tank D22 (Desert Rat) with the Tank Platoon (2nd Plt, D Co, 1st Tracked Vehicle Bn, 3rd MARDIV Camp Schwab) assigned to the BLT. My platoon had just returned from Fly Away at Sub Unit 1, Camp Fuji. When we returned in late August we were placed upon Combat Alert for Combat Deployment to Beirut. My platoon was placed aboard the USS Juneau. We put to sea, the Soviets dogged us all the way (trawlers, aircraft, Snoopy kept picking them up just over the horizon) and went to Subic Bay (Lower MAU Camp). We trained as a BLT non-stop across the Bay at Green Beach in Zambales. We received BLT S-2 threat training on the types of individuals we would encounter in Lebanon. They also informed us that the Syrians had moved to the border and that the situation was getting really bad. The BLT Commander continually had us train. The SNCOs and Offciers were in constant meetings and we, the NCOs, pretty much ran the show at that point. We then returned to and remained on-board ship moored in Subic Bay in wait until we continued our deployment to Beirut. We did not continue on to Beirut. A bombing occurred in Rangoon(attempted assassination of the South Korean President) and the next thing we knew we are heading back to Okinawa and then deployed to South Korea in Chorwon Valley above the 38th Parallel within a couple of miles of the DMZ (Old US Army Camp Kaiser area). Our parent unit was already there participating in Operation Bear Hunt. The night we got there they informed us that the Barracks in Beirut had been bombed. I am sure you can imagine what our immediate thoughts were. This was also during the time that the Soviet Union shot down a civilian airliner. We left South Korea in December and redeployed with BLT 1/9 this time aboard the USS Anchorage. We did not deploy to… Read more »


How does a deserter with a BCD not think no one is going to check his record?


A guy walks into the doctors office and the doctor says, “how long have you had this parrot attached to your head”?.

The parrot says, “doc, can you remove this piece of shit from my ass”?

comment image?w=590


^^^^^ This ^^^^^


**giggle snort snicker snicker**


pretty legit looking sensei kung fu master beard…that makes up for the career hiccup

Pineywoods NCO

This dumbass could help us if we need zodiac readings as it floods his FB page…perhaps he is Ms. Cleo for the stupid. Hey Bernath, here’s your sign (reader). He says you’re still not a lawyer, still not a CPO, and you are completely need to be committed.

Other than that, a dumbass with a smart bird.

Hack Stone

He should have let the bird do all of the talking.

CC Senor

Gotta be careful with those talking birds.

Silentium Est Aureum

How much you wanna bet he’s he biggest, baddest, high speed mofo around the local watering hole?

Yeah, it might have been a long time ago, douchebag, but you still keep dredging up your bullshit stories, thinking it might actually impress someone.

Hint: it don’t. And dude looks like he’s been abusing himself pretty hard, considering it’s unlikely he’s past his mid-50’s.

If I look like that at his age, just put the pillow over my face.


It seems the guys who talk the most about their service are the ones who have done the least. I work with several other veterans. A few who had deployments. We rarely discuss our service.

Silentium Est Aureum

Amen. Usually when I do run into folks with whom I’ve served, it’s usually the, “Remember that time in (insert liberty port) when so-and-so did some stupid/funny shit?”

Pretty much the extent of it.


I have several good friends who are all bonafide combat veterans, and we rarely talk about our combat experiences. We mostly tell “Sea Stories” about the good times that we had and the funny things that happened.

What I have found over time is that the guys who talk the most/the loudest about their supposed combat service are usually the ones who have never actually “seen the elephant”.

sgt. vaarkman 27-48th TFW

Seems their have been more Marines that were in Beirut than their have been Marines in total ?
imagine that ? their must’ve been 20,000 marines there during the bombing(sarc)
This does prove 1 thing though, you can’t cover up a BCD with an irrelevant bovine manure tale of made up heroism

Dave Hardin

The thing with these kind of guys I find amazing is they are aware of how stupid trying to claim Beirut is.

They know how small the units that deployed actually were. “He volunteered to go to Grenada”, What?

We didn’t know who was going until the very last minute. Nobody “volunteered” to go.

Funny, nope I don’t find it funny little Bobby. You claimed to be with a unit from 10th Marines in Beirut. That is a close band of brothers that to this day all know each other and talk daily. The finest group of Marines I ever served with.

I am proud to have served with each of them (except Lawton of course). Falsely claiming to have served in Beirut is the dumbest thing anyone can try to get away with.

Being a Platoon Sergeant in that unit was easy…everyone of those Marines made it easy. Bobby…you claimed to have walked in our shoes…nothing funny about that to us.

How many years have you been playing that up Bobby? How long and how many people did you play Beirut veteran for? Not one among us in that unit use our deployment to Beirut for personal gain in any way.

You can kiss my ass shit stain. I hope you spend the rest of your sorry ass days sucking bat shit of cave walls.


Geez, Dave, don’t hold back like that.

You need to learn to release your true feelings more intensely, or something.

Just An Old Dog

Him and Scotty Priest ( another 10th Marines Deserter about that time) probably eloped.
He was a Comm guy with HQ Battery 1/10. Nothing in his records say he was sent to a firing battery or sent to a BLT. Not that it matters but Beruit Deployments were pretty much done by the time he got there.
As Dave pointed out there was no real opportunity to volunteer to go to Grenada. The unit that went there was already aboard ship and heading to Beruit when they were diverted.
Not that practically any Marine with a set of balls wouldnt have wanted to go if they had a chance.

Dave Hardin

Ya, good ole Scotty Priest. Little shit bird had his girlfriend tell me that he had killed himself because I confronted him about it.

Several months later we tracked him down in Russellville Ky and had US Marshals arrest his ass for terroristic threats.

He rose from the dead so we could put his ass in prison.


How come I am the only GI claiming to be a US Army Ski Instructor ???
If anything, that is truly special !!!
Just like me, Super Special !!!


I feel ya Thunderstixx. They wanted me to be Green Beret, but I was busy that week.



I actually read an obituary awhile back about an old timer that was a world class skier and everything else. He was assigned to instruct skiing at Fort Lewis is WW2. He also had whole bunch of questionable stuff in his obit like his wife was the model for Wilma Flintstone. He was supposedly offered a job by Walt Disney but scoffed at drawing cartoons for money. I was going to send it in but figured the guy is dead and gone so his family probably wrote the obit from his stories.


Sounds a little like this guy:

Hack Stone

They left out the part where he invented the rotary engine.

Let me know if/when you get that movie reference.

2/17 Air Cav

I like the name Gutter Ball for him. It’s the “Lane” association.

2/17 Air Cav

Or putting green for that odd haircut.

HMCS(FMF) ret.

Fuck you, Shitstain Bobby Lane…


Damn! Another phony Beirut tragedy story…yet again! By my bonehead math estimate at this point, there were more Marines in Beirut in October 1983 than the First Marine Division had in Vietnam from ’65 to ’71.

Dave Hardin

In all fairness, if you include all the posers that claim to have been in Vietnam…you guys win hands down.

Everyone over 65 was in the NAM don’t ya know.


Especially if they belong to biker clubs and wear…the vest.


If everyone that claims to be a Beirut Marine, actually was, there would be 5 million of them


Lowest of the Low plus he is a damn deserter
????? BAG


What a shitbag. One would think he’d just not even try to bring up his shit service since he was booted out with a BCD, but playing motivator and then lying about bodies? Fuck that turd.

What a waste of oxygen.


Someone correct me if I am wrong but it is my understanding that the 1ST Signal Brigade was the largest unit in Vietnam. If that is true then how come I rarely hear anyone claiming to have served with them? Am I the only one? Anybody?


I’m thinking the 1st Aviation Brigade was the largest (by sheer numbers assigned/attached), but could be wrong.

I defer to the Hobo Man for actual numbers.


I read this:

“For example, did you know that the brigade had more troops in-country than any other unit?”

From this site:

I believe the number was 21000 troops at its peak which seems quite large for a Brigade.


From the 1st Avn Bde site:

At its peak, the Brigade had over 40% of the rotary wing and all of the fixed wing assets under its control and over 24,000 soldiers assigned.


Tnx. That is a lot of people.
But I would like to say that Robert A Lane is a phony ass shitbird and I’m glad he didn’t serve or even pretend to serve with any unit in Vietnam.


You’re welcome. They (those separate from a Division) were Brigades by name only.

By the time they ended up having attached/augmented/task force numbers pump up, they became as big (numbers wise) as what were considered Divisions by WWII/Korea standards.

As far as Limp Dick, Parrot Pecked Lane, he’d have to be at least 10 years older than he is to even attempt to fall into the Vietnam/Era category, unless he claimed to be some type of a black hole/space time continuum traveler.

Just An Old Dog

As far as The Number of Marines who were involved in Lebanon from Aug 1982 to Feb 1984 there were 5 MAUs ( Marine Amphibious Units) rotations involved the 32nd once and the 24th and 22nd twice. A MAU consists of about 2200 Marines in the Ground Combat, Air Component and Support Component. The Highest Number that could even be considered as being USMC Beruit Vets would be 11,000.
But you have to consider some Marines either deployed twice with the same MAU or “Cross Decked” to go with another unit.
Also the ground involvelment varied with each MAU and there were substantional numbers of Marines who never went ashore, but supported from on board ships.
Some one who was there could correct me if I’m mistaken but I think the Air Element stayed aboard the LHAs most the time.
David Hardin could probably give a more solid number of how many Marines were there.

Dave Hardin

If we take into account those lost or who have passed since…the number is around 5,000. We always include those who supported operations ashore as Beirut Veterans.

Knowing the USS New Jersey was visible brought peace to many Marines. We all just did our duty…right down to the BT’s. Twidgets, Deck Apes and Hole Snipes too often get passed over being recognized.

During the last months it seemed there were choppers in the air constantly. I should go over all the logs to count how many flights there actually were. I can not imagine those birds not being around or the people who made them fly.

The Beirut community of veterans is a close group of people. I suspect it will remain that way until the last Marine takes his last breath.

Our first duty is to remember and to ensure others never forget.

Dave Hardin

The dates should be Aug 1982 through Aug 1984. Many think operations stopped in Feb of 84, that is a bit of misinformation we have been trying to correct for 33 years.

Semper Fi.

Just An Old Dog

The Marines Always Had a MAU (later MEU) in the Mediteranan area. It just so Happened that for about 2 years its main focus was Lebanon. Generaly speaking there was always a MAU/MEU in the West PAC or MED, and they will sometimes Do a “NATO” float to Northern Europe or to the Carribean. There were some They went to Asia as well.

Dave Hardin

Yep, During Beirut BLT 2/8 stopped on their way to take care of Grenada and BLT 3/8 went to Norway first to do a NATO exercise.

Nothing like doing Cold Weather Operations for several weeks and then going to the desert to sweat it out for months.

That was back in the day when we didn’t need so MARSOC. MARSOC is just a MAU with no boat, they sit around and wait to play with SOC. Give it time and things will go back to the way they were.

Marine 0331

JAOD, I was with Lima 3/8 (weapons platoon) and we deployed to Beirut twice. We relieved 2/8 once before the bombing and then again after. The first time over we hooched at the Shit River right by the airport runway. But then we moved up to the American University. My skipper, Captain Chuck Johnson was the one who pulled his .45 and jumped up on the Israeli tank. The first tour I think we all went aboard but when we returned to relieve 2/8 the second time we were hooching in buildings on the Corneish and manning the sandbag bunkers. On that tour only a small detachment of us went ashore at first. Can’t really recall now how many came on board behind us, but I really don’t think it was the entire company (Lima).


It makes me sick to my stomach to read about a young warrior coming home from Tarawa to be reunited with his family after 70 years, and then read about this sad sack piece of shit. I hope Karma is a Poser hating bitch that makes this turd’s life the living hell he deserves. I would have truly enjoyed being his First Sergeant for the week or so it would take me to break him (me being generous).

Green Thumb



Welcome to your stardom on Google, dimwit. You are now known as a posing PoS until the end of time. Well, at least he was discharged as a PVT. He has that going for him.

BTW, I immediately knew he was bogus. He had no leather jacket with multiple patches and ribbons. I know for a fact that all Marines who were involved with the Beirut bombing were issued a leather jacket upon discharge. No leather jacket and therefore no association with Beirut. Also, a motorcycle, although not mandatory, would have been a nice touch. That would have removed all doubt about his service.

Also, you can’t remove the posts on Google. Not possible. Dimwit

Wilted Willy

In the shoes of life, this shitbag only had flip-flops!




As a Beirut vet and someone that served at 1/10 it is my opinion that you Mr Lane are a defective douche.

I would like to run a length of 550 cord equivalent to the length it took to wrap the 17 paddles memorializing the Recon fallen in the Beirut blast through your body from mouth to anus at high speed, effectively cutting you in half… and then piss on the remains.

…and fuck you asshole


I just sent this post over to a good buddy of mine who is also a bonafide USMC Beirut veteran.

He really enjoys helping make these phony assclowns as famous as they deserve to be.