Waverly Reynar; a phony Vietnam veteran, phony Marine in Canada

| May 8, 2015

Waverly Reynar2

Someone sent a link to this fellow, Waverly “Wave” Reynar who claimed to the Canadian Leduc Rep that he was a Marine and Vietnam veteran. It was the story of his enlistment that caught my attention;

Reynar didn’t set out to be a Marine, but a single phone call and a spur-of-the-moment decision made one night in a bar in Butte, Montana in 1962 changed the course of his life forever.

He and a friend had left their hometown of Leduc months earlier with a few hundred dollars between them and a one-way bus ticket to Montana.

“We thought we were going to be cowboys, but that didn’t work out too good,” Reynar recalled. “There was a big coal strike going on at that time so the jobs weren’t very plentiful.”

Reynar and his friend got jobs grilling burgers and washing dishes for 80 cents an hour at the bus depot to try to earn enough money to get home for Christmas.

“We were just kids,” Reynar said. “We were staying in a flophouse. We just couldn’t get enough money and we didn’t know how we were going to get home.”

Then one night the pair coaxed the bartender at a local dive to let them have a couple of beers, even though, at 17 and 18 respectively, they were considerably underage. Sitting by the back door in case they needed to make a hasty escape, they noticed that the bartender was on the phone.

A few minutes later, two uniformed men entered the bar and approached Reynar and his friend. They identified themselves as Marine Corps recruiters and promised to send the boys home for Christmas, no matter what.

“They gave us our green cards right away,” Reynar said. “I went into the Marine Corps in January.”

Reynar turned 18 in boot camp in San Diego.

On Aug. 14, 1965, at the age of 21, he landed on the shores of Chu Lai, Vietnam.

Yep, everyone knows that Marine Recruiters are trolling bars for Canadian teenagers that they can Shanghai into the Marine Corps, because they make the best Marines. And also, the recruiters walk around with Green Cards in their pockets for just such an encounter. By the way, Wave’s birth date was was in May 1943, that makes him 19 in 1962, not 17. That math gets ’em every time.

Waverly Reynar FB

Reynar doesn’t like to talk about the war – partly because of the horrific memories it brings to the surface, and partly out of a habit picked up during his leave from the service as a way of deflecting negative attention.

Waverly Reynar

ADDED; Wave wearing a Silver Star that doesn’t appear in the other pictures;

IMG_1904 (2)

He claims that this is him supposedly proof that he was in Vietnam (but who can tell?) Are those pine trees behind him?


We went back for another whack at his records, and find out that he was Marine, but not to the extent that he claims. No valor awards, no war wounds. He spent 11 years in the Navy as a cook;

REYNAR_FOIA-R_Navy_1968-1979_20150601-page-001 REYNAR_FOIA-R_Navy_1968-1979_20150601-page-002 REYNAR_FOIA-R_Navy_1968-1979_20150601-page-003

The Marines say he served 4 years and was discharged as a corporal, that’s almost the same as 20+ years he claimed and being a Gunny, after all whats 16 extra years of service and 3 pay grades between friends?

reynar_waverly_charles_nprc_2-page-002 reynar_waverly_charles_nprc_2-page-003 reynar_waverly_charles_nprc_2-page-004 reynar_waverly_charles_nprc_2-page-005 reynar_waverly_charles_nprc_2-page-006 reynar_waverly_charles_nprc_2-page-007 reynar_waverly_charles_nprc_2-page-008 reynar_waverly_charles_nprc_2-page-009 reynar_waverly_charles_nprc_2-page-010

If you’re going to have a ridiculous story about your accidental enlistment, at least have the minimum amount of documentation to back it up. Of course, I messaged Mr. Reynar on Facebook to get his explanation and thus far, I’ve been treated to the full-throat sounds of crickets.

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A Proud Infidel®™

I remember some advice given us when I was in A-stan. It was when the JCS, then GEN Pace, USMC made his Christmas tour around the larger bases with a couple of celebs and one of the speakers was A US Army COL who was also a MoH Recipient. He said “No matter what you’ve done while over here, take pride that you deployed, period. When you get home,DON’T make up lies about what you did, because you’ll have to make up one lie to cover for another and you won’t be able to remember what lie you’ve told to who, and before you know it, you’ll be living in the bottom of a swimming pool full of lies”. Waverly Reynar has been living at the bottom of a Marianna Trench full of lies, and now it’s all come to roost on his head and shoulders.

Green Thumb

That is why he needs to be flushed.

JarHead Pat

Well the human anal wart’s fb page is gone? or is his highness just blocking me? Whatever will I do with all these mems,IT WAS FUN, FUCK YOU WAV, AND THE 2 MASSIVE DEPENDA HOGGS, you rode in on, I hope you have a stroke or worse get ass raped by a well hung hadji. Die a slow painful death you festering tick bite.


FB page is gone for me, too.

Took him long enough.

OIF '06-'07-'08

And “POOF” goes his FB page,https://www.facebook.com/wave.reynar

Kinda old ET1

Yep. Mister bloated sticky bums cowardly stripe had now taken full effect.


E4U- Tell the person you quoted above, Waverley’s defender, that the reason the USMC FOIA came back empty was not becsuse of lack of service number, SSN, etc. It was because of the the fire…the same fire documented in the Ukranian magazine. Tell him if he is going to lie for Wave, he needs to stick to the script.


Looks like over on Scotty’s site, Cpl. Brandon Johnson has seen the light. I take no joy in him finding out his friend is a fake and a liar. But a fake and a liar he was. Best of luck Corporal. May you make many new, honest, and decent friends in the future. Sincerely-GDC

PS- I agree somewhat with your critique of method. I don’t think I am a serious offender, but I will try to be mindful and improve.


I think he made a good point. I’m not a prude but when the light is shined on posers, the site gets new visitors to see what their friend did. IMHO, it does not speak well of us when we use gross language, especially directed to the posers acquaintances who might have been fooled.

2/17 Air Cav

“I’m not a prude but….” You keep writing that you are ho, so that goes without saying. IM HO.

3/17 Air Cav

GD……I too will strive to improve. Usually I hold my water fairly well with these posers/embellishers. In saying that, I also see red when Vietnam posers show up here. With all the bullshit we had to put up with during the Vietnam war and for years afterward. I’m not real “folksy when these assholes and their supporters show up here! They want to claim what they did not earn over the backs of those that did!


3/17: IMHO, posers are fair game. I think we should be gentlemanly/ladylike when it comes to defenders of posers because they are new here, may be civilians, have been hoodwinked. We see it over and over again that the defenders had been duped. I think we should dial it back when discussing with supporters…at least for a little while.

3/17 Air Cav



3/17 the only one’s I judge are the posers. They are nothing more than counterfeiters. Their supporters are the ones stuck holding a wad of fake bills. You and the other real vets here are solid gold in my book and I am proud to talk among you.

3/17 Air Cav

GD……thank you, damnit, allergies are acting up again!


OT 3/17, but your morale seems better. Hope that’s accurate.

3/17 Air Cav

SJ………Morale is better. About once a week I get a little down. Usually at night.


Amigo, the “better morale” part is good to hear.

Reach out on those bad days when the walls seem to be closing in. Any number of people here will be glad to listen to you vent. And from time to time, everyone needs to vent – especially after a loss.


Steve and sj, Here’s a suggestion. When the morale meter gets low and you just want to talk about off topic stuff, just go back to the previous Weekend Open Thread and post up any and all comments you want. I always look for you two guy’s comments first on any thread, so picking up on you is really easy.

Sound like a good deal?

As always, just let us know if you need anything.


Hey 3/17. If you want, please feel free to get my email from the administrators. This Marine Mustang grunt would be proud to take a call or message from you anytime day or night.


The whole time I was questioning Wave on his page, I tried to remain professional with both Wave and the other people even with them calling me names. We have learned from the past that a public exposure is best because it doesn’t give the poser time to come up with a lie to cover their lies. Wave, right now is following what we call Poser 101 tactics to the letter. His lies have caught up to him, and he is feeling the heat from it.

Just an Old Dog

Kind of a pause in the action for old Flava Wave here.
If I were to guess the outcome old Flava Wave here did a hitch in the Marines in the Earlyt 60s as an eggslapper.No Vietnam… He then enlisted in the Navy as a cook. Not sure he would need any additional training as far as being an egg-slapper on a sub… Did his time then got out,,, Years Later he created the retired Gunny Persona and Bullshiited his way into some associations and charities, creating a web of lies and people that will be second hand references to his asshattery,,, there is also the Larry Brown guy who he hangs out with that is sporting a lot of bling,,, he is one of Flavas supporters and alibis,,, red flag with him as well

Audible Click

I’ll wager that “sticky bums” will lay low for awhile and then attempt a comeback. Liars like him are addicted to the lying.

A Proud Infidel®™

Noy the lying, they’re addicted to being the center of attention.

Audible Click

Well yeah, but I think part of it is thinking up the lies and then patting yourself on the back when you pull the wool over innocent peoples eyes.


And *Poof* goes the phoney. Can we sing him a Hymn? Him, Him Fuck Him!


I almost mentioned The Hymn several times in the past but thought it was a 3/82nd or 1/101st thing and others (i.e., dirty, nasty, LEGS) would not understand. Now I see it was a Joint Service thing.


Ah, the hymn. Quite appropriate here.

Page 12 of the TAH Hymnal, actually. (smile)


A Proud Infidel®™

Any word yet AS TO his being a USN hash-slinger, or “Spoon” as we call them in the Army?


FOIA is in-process re: his Navy records. Hopefully I had enough info for a records “hit”.


Talked to somebody else about this. If he had a career of honorable service on subs…WHY? In and of itself a dangerous job, full of really squared away people. Kind of like the squared away Corpsman a couple of days ago. A career to be proud of shot in the ass.

Doc Savage

I suppose the same reason most phonies and embellishers do it….a deep seated sense of personal insecurity or failure.

Many wish they would have served, some did serve honorably, but feel the need to become a “hero” of biblical size to make up for a lack of something in their lives.

I’m not a mental health expert, but as is usually the case with the posers brought to light here, there are many other underlying issues…criminal, weak character, serial failures…..you name it.


You forgot micro penis.


2/17 Air Cav

I hear that not everyone with a teenie weenie is a valor thief. Yep, that’s what I heard.


Just trolling by so Wave won’t think we forgot about him.


Why doesn’t everyone here just,
( •_•)>⌐■-■
Do the Wave.

JarHead Pat

Hi to wave and his dependa’s hoggs Rhonda and that other obnoxious fat khunt. Just a fyi, we will never forget, so in a few years when that cunt starts up again with all his lies, we will be there, and this time it will be really brutal.So for now fuck you and you and you and you.


Starts up again in a few years?

More like a few months from now more than likely. I’m willing to say he has already put his dress uniform in the cleaners and is booking his plane tickets for the reunion trip to Orlando in August.

The only ones we have decided to ease off on are his hoodwinked defenders. For him the full court pressure stays on.


Evening gents, just wanted to stop by, I’ve re-queried SV Canada, to see where they stand on this. If I get no response, I’m heading back to Alberta in a couple of weeks, and may just stop by Mr. waverley reynars home residence. As you guys are quite obviously the experts, I may ask for a list that I can attempt to garner from the individual, including what docs he could provide that would give some kind of proof, as to any service. I’ll wait till I hear from SV Canada, or probably another week or so before looking for assistance from the admins here.

Hope everyone is doing well, otherwise.

Green Thumb

Ask him to show you his All-Points Logistics employee identification card.

A Proud Infidel®™

BE CAREFUL if you do pay him a visit, bring some multicolored tennis balls to throw around and snap him out of it if he PSTD’s on you! /sarc

Just an Old Dog

It’s not worth the gas money. Anything the guys says or shows you is going to be bullshit.
Unless you can control your temper with people lying to your face I wouldn’t bother.
Probably plenty of people he has fooled want to smack the dog-piss out of him.

A Proud Infidel®™

Not to mention the people he’s duped with his past bullshit ostracizing him for what he did, no sane person likes a confirmed dyed-in-the-wool liar.