Michael J. McNearney Jr.; rapist and phony Marine

| April 17, 2015

CDA Press reports that this fellow, Michael J. McNearney Jr. was arrested for raping four women in Kootenai County, Idaho. The reason you’re reading about it here is because McNearney pretended to be a Marine in order to attract women into a situation whereby he could have his way with them – he has a “Marine motto” tattooed on his back. I’m guessing that it says Semper Fidelis, but the article doesn’t explain it;

To win the trust and favor of the women, Michael J. McNearney Jr. lied about being a U.S. Marine, police reports said.


“Michael claimed to have been in the Marines for two years, owned a house, owned an Audi and a truck,” according to a police report. “Michael claimed he worked in the oil fields in North Dakota. All of this turned out to be a lie.”


The sheriff’s office press announcement said McNearney was the subject of a lengthy investigation into possible charges of identity theft, assaults, threats and other crimes possibly involving more than a dozen women in Spokane and Kootenai counties dating back to 2010.

He is reported to have met most of the women at night clubs, bars, on social media and via online dating websites.

“He often claims he is an active-duty Marine in an attempt to gain favor and credibility, but the U.S. armed services confirm he has never been in the military,” the sheriff’s office said.

Rape charges aside, Mikey is also looking at “three counts of felony grand theft of a financial transaction card, two counts of felony grand theft by deception, and two counts of misdemeanor petit theft by deception”. So I’m sure that someone is going to enjoy that artwork on his back while they’re engaged in similar activities that landed Mike in prison in the first place.

I guess Stolen Valor is starting to look less like a victimless crime, isn’t it?

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‘This is my rifle….this is my bum one is for shooting the other for fun’, maybe?

2/17 Air Cav

Well, with a motto on his back, Bubba will have something to read while he’s rump riding.


Any chance that his defense attorney will toss up the PTSD defense?


Absolutely the first claim, second will be the secret squirrel RECON-Scout Sniper MOS Records destroyed in “The Fire” SOCOM so secret if he even knew what he was he would have to kill himself……Don’t they still hang people in Idaho?


Can’t use PTSD from the military bc he was never in the Marines. He claims he was raped as a child when he was put in foster care bc his mother burnt their apt. Down bc she was cooking meth. His father is an alcoholic. Like father like son.


Oh and since he has the “Motto” on his back, do real Marines get to peel it off or does he get to have it surgically removed with a propane torch?

Joe Williams

A sanding block and 80 grit sandpaper would work for me. I don’t think the previous military convicts will treat him so nice. In a perfect world we would turn him over to platoon of 11Bs. Joe

A Proud Infidel®™

The rape charges will make him good and popular while he’s in jail and prison!

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Rapists aren’t nearly as reviled as pedophiles…a great many rapists have zero issues in prison.

Raping women isn’t seen as a bad thing by predators who rob, assault and murder…but harming a child is a problem.

Combat Historian

Bubba and Thor will make sure mikey is “Always Faithful” to them…

HMCS(FMF) ret.

And “Tiny”… he’ll never forget “Tiny”

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Rape was always a crime as was stealing credit cards, the lies used to craft the web necessary to trap victims is changing to involve more stolen valor because Americans are a lot more open to soldiers these days.

Didn’t hear about a whole lot of stolen valor cases during the 70s and early 80s…most folks thought I was a fucking idiot for joining because I left a job that paid over $10/hr when minimum wage was $1.85….

These clowns would use being a fireman or a cop if it worked better for them…strengthening the law for those times when stolen valor is an adjunct to the fraud would be a huge help. But I wonder if that wouldn’t be the new first charge to be dropped.

Here in Massachusetts owning an illegal firearm is a crime in and of itself and it’s always added to other charges, a curious thing happens though when these shitbags plead out, that firearms charge usually disappears in order to negotiate the plea and avoid trial.

Once again proving more laws doesn’t necessarily mean anything of value comes from those laws.

Our justice system has long ceased to be about justice and has been transformed into an industry moving product. The reality of that is the product is perpetrators, some of whom are dispensed to prison and many of whom are dispensed back into society.

We have thousands of laws that effectively do nothing, and hundreds more that make normal people criminals at the drop of a pen. I’m starting to be of the mind that instead of constantly writing new laws enforcing the ones we actually already have would be a great start to turning things around.

Regardless of the lies that were used in the process lying to commit fraud is already a crime because fraud has always been a problem.

Old Nam Doc

Hope the Marine motto on his back is “Go Deeper”. That will come in handy for Big Bubba when he gets to prison.

HMCS(FMF) ret.

Some things that Mikey may here From Bubba, Thor and “Tiny” while he’s in the hole (courtesy of the movie “Dodgeball, A True Underdog Story”):

“It’s time to put your mouth where our balls are”
“I can be naughty too…..real…..freaky naughty…..you a naughty freak?”
“I love the smell of queef in the morning!”

And the new tat on his back will read, “GO BALLS DEEP!”

Big Steve

McNearney isn’t fit to be a carbuncle on the butt of an actual Marine. This gutless punk will now just be a burden on the taxpayers of the Gem State.
Go to hell, Mike.


What is it about Idaho that tends to suck the worst phonies into it? Like Bill Brockbrader.

Mr Wolf

“What is it about Idaho that tends to suck the worst phonies into it?”

Because Florida is full??


He deserves to go to hell. I was a victim at one point and got out as soon as I could. The tattoo on his shoulder blades say semper fi. At first I fell for it. He told everyone I was his girlfriend little did I know so was everyone else. He stole my checks (which i didnt make much) from not only me but also my babies. When I figured out he was a liar and a theif and was just good at using his mouth piece, I finally got out of it. Worst mistake I ever made. He deserves to rot in prision. He was on every dating site out there and would say he was on leave from the military because of the divorce he was going through. He was always in a different car when he would show up at my workplace after I left him. He said he just bought it. He was stealing money from numerous females and going to the casino. He would sometimes double the money he put in but if not he would play till the bank account he was using was empty. He is a horrible person. He gets what he deserves.


Looks like Bubba and Thor are going to be making old Magic Mike their bitch full time now.


Haynes gave McNearney three years fixed and four years indeterminate. McNearney was given credit for 237 days already served in jail.