Clayton Alan Hutson; phony SEAL

| December 24, 2014


Don Shipley sends us this guy, Clay Hutson. Apparently, he hung up on Don, so The Hair sent him to us. He claims to be a SEAL and he uses PTS as an excuse to be a jerk, of course.

Here are some of his claims;

Clayton Hutson Claims

Clayton Hutson Claims2

Clayton Hutson Claims3

That’s the second time we’ve seen that Riffle Marksmanship Medal, I’m beginning to think it’s a thing. Also, he didn’t go for the Navy Cross, I guess he didn’t want to be too obvious. Or he’s an underachiever. But, anyway, the NPRC says “Who?”;

Clayton Hutson FOIA

Yeah, the angry guy who blames his PTS for his bad behavior is always a phony. Every. Time. Folks tell us that Clay here is really good liar, and he has a pile of lies lined up for any occasion. His PTS excuse is that he saw his buddies head get blown off – but that’s a common one. If he wants to impress me, he’ll have to do much better than that.

ADDED 1/1/2015; Clayton emails to tell us that he’s never served in the military or claimed to be a SEAL, but there’s this [the webpage disappeared after we linked to it, so we replaced it with this .pdf];

Clay Hutson ex military guy

ADDED 1/5/2015;

Clay Hutson apology

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  1. TSO says:

    I like his 90’s service in Astan.

    • ChipNASA says:

      I like how he was also part of Just Cause in 1990. Well if it was between Jan and April when everyone was pulled out and Noriega was captured (surrendered) on the 3rd of Jan and it was pretty much over by then but some guys were still remained deployed in the jungles surrounding Howard Air Force Base until April 1990 fighting the PDF and then training the Panamanian Police Force, composed of former PDF members……so it’s possible…..
      /um yeah, and monkeys fly outta my ass.

    • Green Thumb says:

      He probably was in service in the 90’s. Servicing some dudes.

      That picture at the top of the thread speaks volumes.

      Just all sorts of gay.

  2. ChipNASA says:

    Yeah Jonn,
    I’m apt to believe that this guy *isn’t* lying. I’m sure he saw his buddy’s head get blown….off….on……off….on….off…. just above his own chin. Repeatedly.


    • Nicki says:

      Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

      • rgr1480 says:

        Nicki sez: Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

        Yeah … but you’re female, right? You can say that with a straight face.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      There are so many jokes here, all of them extremely crude.

      But any guy who wears a tanktop that looks like a girl’s version is advertising and nothing else. I’ll bet he stuffs, too, just like the guys did in the Renaissance.

  3. GDContractor says:

    No laminated SEAL ID card? This guy’s not even trying.

  4. Steadfast&Loyal says:

    This one isn’t even that hard. It’s like they aren’t trying any more.

    The story isn’t even Rambo quality.

    He made E7 in the SEALs. ETS’d.

    Then RE-ENLISTED in the USMC….then pussied out a year later. Do the USMC do year tours now?

    So….how does a SEAL, E7 type, re-enlist in the marines?

    Better still….why does such a beast quit a year later when the country is ass deep in war?

  5. Dennis - not chevy says:

    E-4 to E-6 in seven months, Flag Officer medals, and more medals for shooting straight. Unbelievable! Maybe that’s how it’s done in the super sekrit squirrel navy training in Chicago while the rest of the Navy is training a few miles up the road aboard Great Lakes.

    • AW2 to CPT says:

      It’s easy when you skip PO2.

      • bobble says:

        And even easier when you skip past Seaman Apprentice (E-2).

        Has there ever been an NTC at Sarasota (says he graduated 08/14/89)? Wait, now I remember. Long hard hours of slogging through sand and surf on Sanibel Island, fully rucked, and being quizzed at the most inopportune times by staff on seashell identification. Oh, the pressure!

  6. propsguy says:

    SpecWarfare in Sarasota FL? Hey I attended that. Then we did Space Mountain and Tower of Terror. I also got a round of golf in and some Deepsea Fishing. Great Vacation.


    • Green Thumb says:

      That is were Commander Phil Monkress of All-Points Logistics did his real-deal SEAL training.

      Or more than likely bought his “certificate” at a flea market in the area.

  7. propsguy says:

    THis guy is a SERIOUS points leader already, I hope he comes on here and tries the Bernath gambit or the Wickre strategy. He’ll be the first one to break over 30 points in my new system.

    Oh….22 Points to House PETER PUFFER!

  8. MSGRetired says:

    I think he would do better trying to sand paper a wild cats ass in a phone booth than hanging up on Don.. He will now be internet Famous for all the wrong reasons.. What a Douche Pickle !

  9. Enigma4you says:

    Navy Basic is in Great Lakes, not Chicago.
    Advancement test are given in March and September.
    E-1 to E-7 in five years don’t happen.

    He never shows an A School, I guess he was so shit hot that he didnt need one.

    Advancement to e-2 is automatic after 90 days.

  10. Club Manager says:

    Document looks authentic to me because it is DECLASSIFIED and covers his “travel abroad”. Where does this guy live? I always love to forward these posts to the local media to shine the light of day on his ass.

  11. Mike Hanrahan says:

    Claims he graduated BUD/S in 1990 and went straight to the Gulf for Op. Earnest Will? He must of been pretty lonely, we were done there in 1989. I know because I was a Patrol boat crew member on Hercules in 1988.

  12. Crazy Kelly says:

    So I’m wondering I Retierd last year from the army, I keep seeing marksmanship metals. I got cheated on my 214. I shoot expert and it’s not on there. Bahahaha

    • Ozzie 11B says:

      I guess only current qualifications are on your 214. I fired expert on the 90MM recoilless rifle when I was in, but you can’t even get bars for that anymore.

      • Ozzie 11B says:

        *and for you newbies, a 90 was before the LAW – kinda like the bazooka. Heavy Weapons Squad – Hooah LOL

  13. Mr Wolf says:

    Hmm… setting up behind an audio board?

    What is he, a Roadie/bodyguard for One Direction?

  14. 3E9 says:

    Well let me get my big boy pants on so the monkeys flying out of my ass don’t get away.

  15. DirtDart says:

    its the naval version of Phony Phill Habberman! shitbag faker by day, DJ extraordinary by night.

    Jonn- its the second cup of coffee i snorted out. Shall i keep a running tab? My sides hurt from all the laughing.

    • MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

      Show a little respect:

      He is demostrating that his skills in the following areas are transferable to civilian life:

      1. Deamonlitions
      2. Cumminunicashuns
      3. Wyring
      4. Loggistixz
      5. Piroteknixs
      6. Wepuns and riffles (when pulling sekeritee duty)

      Look it up!

  16. MCPO NYC USN Ret. says:

    You guyz are friggin’ clueless, perhaps from all the Elves, sugar blums and candy canes dancing in your brains today!

    This dude is LEGIT:

    A riffle, riffel or as they say in France riffile’ …is a specialized weapon only used by the most experienced and dangerous BLACK OPURASHUN, Seal, GREAN BARAY types.

    Google it!

  17. W2 says:

    He’s legit, all my USN paperwork looks exactly like that, in some kind of piss poor resume format. Because, you know, that’s how the military does stuff. Hopefully we can get a second that he’s legit from Faker 6. That always does it for me.

  18. TheCloser says:

    I’ve traveled abroad and never once had to produce military records, fake or otherwise. Been asked for passport, military ID, orders.

    We’ve already got ’em lining up for next year’s tourney.

  19. Cowpill says:

    What a schlong……..

  20. NHSparky says:

    CPO in 5 years? Hell, it even took Chris Kyle 8-9 years.

    Seriously, I knew ONE person who put on khaki in just over 7. And that was after coming in as E-3, E-4 after “A” School, and E-5, -6, and CPO board first time up.

  21. streetsweeper says:

    He is lost at sea…so far lost at sea, that even a satellite couldn’t find his sorry ass.

  22. NHSparky says:

    I also love the whole bit about him getting his GCM in less than a year.

  23. JimW says:

    I wonder if anyone contacted the VA and let them know about this guy. Probably receiving 100% disability with those purple hearts as proof. Of course those papers don’t resemble anything like a DD-214 so maybe the VA didn’t fall for this assholes claims.

  24. Big Steve says:

    I assume Don “The Hair” Shipley is aware of this hoser??

  25. Big Steve says:

    Dumb comment by me above. Apparently it was Don who brought this guy to the attention of TAH. By the time I got through all the comments and everything here, I forgot Don was mentioned in the very first sentence on this page.
    Never said I was smart 🙂

    But I don’t retract my reference to Hutson here as a hoser.

  26. Jonn Lilyea says:

    Mr. Hutson writes to tell us that he never claimed to be a SEAL – someone set him up.

  27. NHSparky says:

    Ah, yes. The nameless, faceless, “they”.