Ralph Cerminara, phony Down Under

| September 10, 2014

Ralph Cerminara

Mary sends us a link to the Australian News about a phony who our friends at ANZMI (Australian New Zealand Military Imposters) busted. Ralph Cerminara represented himself as a member of the Australian Army and promised that he would lead race riots against Middle Eastern people similar to the Cronulla riots of 2005.

ANZMI looked into his background, which is more difficult there than it is here, because the government doesn’t have a Freedom of Information process to get a look at folks’ records;

The website claims that while Mr Cerminara did serve in the Australian Army from 2002-2004, he was “unceremoniously” discharged on the grounds of “Retention Not in the Service Interest”.

He was discharged under the rank of Gunner, otherwise known as a Private. It is just above the level of Recruit.

“We get information from veterans all over Australia,” said Phill Hobson, a spokesman for the website.

“When we get the tip we go ahead and research the person. We look at their military history and write it up.

“He’s a mongrel, the people that served with him in the army have said all kinds of reports about his horrible behaviour while he was serving.

“We think he’s a stupid, idiotic nut case, he’s just stirring up trouble. Instead of trying to make the whole thing work, he’s making it worse.

“His views are not necessarily those of the people that he served with.”

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Retired Master

Every now and then, it is nice to hear there are dirtbags around the world and not just here. Kinda adds some more variety.

NR Pax

I see that the Australian gift for insulting language is well applied on critters like that.


So, technically, not a phony, but a douchebag nonetheless.


Per the Australian News article, the main heartburn with this guy relating to his military record seems to be that he’s falsely claiming to be an Afghan vet. He apparently served in the Australian Army for a while before getting discharged, but also apparently never served outside Australia.

Unlike the US, in Australia it’s apparently actually against the law to falsely claim to be a vet with overseas service (their term appears to be “returned soldier”) or to wear a military medal one didn’t earn – period.


True, Jonn – forgot to mention that.


He doesn’t look like he could lead a Pack of Pedophiles to a Preschool.

Just An Old Dog

Would he get a heart handshake and a warm cup of vegamite?,


Dunno – but someone might just smile and give him a Vegemite sandwich . . . .

Green Thumb

They probably already have by the looks of them.


Here he is, arguing with some guy in the street, in 2014. “I fought for my country.”(he didn’t Served less than 2 year of his hitch….) About 1:55 min in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiqwUtzAmYg


Apologies for spelling and grammar….. fumble fingers.