Ron Dickey; Food Service Special Forces

| July 23, 2014

Ron Dickey

There’s this fellow in Mississippi who is running for Congress in the 1st District by the name of Ron Dickey. Of course, we should vote for him because he’s a Gulf War veteran and he’s Special Forces. From his Facebook;

Dickey, old Facebook

Well, he was yesterday, today not so much;

Ron Dickey New Facebook

He was even awarded the prestigious National Defense Service Medal – they don’t just hand those out like candy, y’know;

Ron Dickey NDSM

His campaign vehicle;

Ron Dicky's car

Well, here’s the truth;

Ron Dickey FOIA

Ron Dickey Assignments

Yeah, he was a veteran, he was awarded the NDSM because he was in the military during Desert Storm, he was assigned to a Special Forces unit, as a food service specialist. Not a “green beret” as the whole world understands it. That’s probably why he changed his Facebook page.

Scotty sent this to us and as usual, he has many more examples of Mr. Dickey’s claims of being a “green beret” and how he suffers from “Gulf War Syndrome” even though the closest he got to the Gulf War was a messhall in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

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To be fair to the guy, Jonn – he actually has been closer to Kuwait/Iraq than Fort Bragg.

Seoul is approximately 1450 miles closer to Kuwait City than Fort Bragg. But it’s still over 4450 miles away from Kuwait City.

Doesn’t change the fact that the tool is a Lying Sack of Sh!t (LSoS), though.


But he couldn’t even spell Ft. Bragg correctly on the FB posting.


Lol, Eggs! Nice.


Those poor poor soldiers at Fort Bragg.

It looks like Special Specialist Blimpie never left them anything to eat.

Dave Hardin

At least he looks like someone that is a Food Specialist.


My old man (LtcCol D) always said don’t ever trust a skinny cook.


Interesting you should say that, SFC D. (smile)


He says he was assigned to Fort Brag, which I totally believe. More recently he’s been assigned to Fort Inflate-My-Resume.


Ahh, so that’s what he meant. I see.


I wonder if he can even see his own dickey

๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


Sure he can, ChipNASA. He looks in the mirror. (smile)

Seriously, the guy does indeed seem to have a case of the dreaded “dickie-do” syndrome. That’s when a guy’s stomach sticks out farther than his . . . well, never mind. (smile)


If he claimed Navy SEAL, we would’ve had a Don Shipley versus Ron Dickey… or the hair versus the bulge. :mrgreen:



He meant to say “Green Sorbet”.


Drugs are kicking in!


He also removed “ObamaFan” from his FB page.

Wonder if he has a good SOS recipe?

The Other Whitey

If he were a Republican, the MSM would have his face on national TV, tarring and feathering his ass up one side and down the other, and rightly so. Alas, he’s a Democrat, so he gets a pass a la Lurch “Did You Know I Was In Vietnam?” Kerry.


A truer statement has never been made Whitey. This douche will probably face little to no blow back because he is a Democrat. But it is Mississippi and I hope I am wrong.

On another note, did 3rd SFG make sure their morning report was accurate every day that Ronny worked there? Cause he looks like he may have eaten one of them….

Combat Historian

He didn’t mean DESERT STORM, he meant dessert storm, as in he had way too much of it…


Make that, “Operation Dessert Stromboli,” an operation that he’s still engaging in. Right now, he’s currently engaged in a battle that he’s losing… “Battle of the Bulge.” :mrgreen:

Club Manager

When did they start listing the Army Lapel Button on the DD 214? It’s not on mine.


On both of mine. First in 1987 and again in 1995.


Fort Bragg & assigned to a SF unit… Yet no Parachutist Badge or even Airborne School?


They don’t make parachutes that can carry that much.

Heavy drop for sure.

Combat Historian

This load will probably require a LAPES extraction…

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Dual Chute Drop

Veritas Omnia Vincit


Veritas Omnia Vincit

On occasion, many years ago the support units for a SF group would get someone assigned who was not Airborne qualified. I can say from personal knowledge that was the case in the early 1980s – that was fairly rare, but it did happen from time to time. I knew a guy in that status. And yeah, he caught some grief for it.

Given this guy’s records, I’m guessing the same was true in the early 1990s as well.


I recall that too. Was an MI support guy in 10th in the early/mid 90’s and we had a couple non airborne types.


The Signal Maintenance CWO2 we got in the 82nd Signal Bn in ’64 was a leg. And, he was a bit above weight/height limits. But damn if he could not run a great 2nd (and cheated doing 3rd) echelon repair facility and keep all our stuff in the Green. What a great, personable guy and a great leader. Troopers and staff loved him. He was presented with a set of jump wings that had a Cochran style jump boot in bronze attached instead of the chute. He wore them on the uniform baseball cap of that era. Once BG Tabor, the ADC, saw it and was about to bust his balls when the BN CO (who had a gold star on his Master Blaster Wings) intervened and explained. All was good after that. Dang, I wish I could remember the Chief’s name…I will at about 0200 tonight.


I still can’t remember his name (but soon will) but he was later assigned to the White House Communications Agency (WHCA)…a VERY very prestigious billet. I later got to meet him in the hidden basement offices of that unit. I’ll never forget. It was a Friday AM and the WHCA troops were on pins and needles awaiting if LBJ would go to Camp David or “The Ranch” in TX. If he went to The Ranch, their stuff was weak because some LBJ pickup truck’s commo stuff was still broke and LBJ would be pissed. He went to David.


Hey, if Steven Segal can do it, why can’t Ron Dickey ?


My only comment is, “Make me a sammich bitch!”

Climb to Glory

Running for Congress, by the looks of him, is the first time he did any running. A just a piece of advise for the phonies out there; don’t call yourself a Green Beret. It’s usually a dead give away for me at least. I’ve never heard a genuine Army SF operator call himself that. Maybe I’m wrong and maybe there are some that say that. The ones that I had interactions with simply reffered to themselves as SF. And they usually don’t really like talking about it at all. They are pretty humble human beings.


All depends on your audience. If talking to other Army guys, yes always say SF. If civilians then yea, Green Beret is the better term because telling someone you are Special Forces, will 90% of the time, get you the reply: “oh your a Ranger?” or my favorite “oh, your a Marine?”

SF just doesn’t have the marketing the SEALs do.

Back on track though….this dude is fat.

Pete Spagnolo

When I retired out of 5th Group in 1998, I did the job hunt gig. I went to my State Police HQ to get an application packet. The clerk asked if I was an MP, I told he that while I served as a Drill Sergeant at the MP school at Ft. McClellan, I was Army Special Forces. The woman said they only wanted MPs. After a brief conversation, I learned that she thought SF was like the entertainment unit, song and dance guys etc. I told her what SF was and asked to speak to whomever hired her because if they selected an idiot like her, I’d be a shoe in. Needless to say, I never became a state trooper but did retire from a second career as a deputy sheriff.

Sometimes I say Green Beret, much of the time SF but usually claim to be a career laundry and bath specialist.


This guy’s claims are all over the place. It’s gonna be hard to cover this little “oversight/misquote” up.


A Democrat and Stolen Valor to boot? He won’t be elected by any Mississippians any time soon.

Old Trooper

He will get the identity politics vote. Plus, as a democrat; lying is a resume enhancer. Look at Blumenthal in CT, Warren in MA, Kerry, Obama, etc. They get mad props for their lies, from other democrats and the media.


His district is 70% white, 27% black, 1.8% Hispanic. It’s 56% white collar, 30% blue collar, and it’s home to the University of Mississippi. From 1873 to 1995, the district was solidly dem, then it’s been R, then D and R again.
Fat boy is going to need a big issue to help him. Got it, he can call everyone who tells the truth about him a racist!!

Green Thumb

That is not as far fetched as you think.


Oh, I know, I know.

Still serving(currently in Afghanistan)

I like the fact he blames his diabetes on the Gulf War which he never participated in. Most likely, his diabetes is a complication of being fat.


I want to know if he is receiving any Disability fron the VA based on that claim. That falls into the category of a federal crime if indeed he went to the VA with the story of being a Desert Storm vet and them buying it.
If he is receiving care for it based on those lies, or receiving any benefit at all for it from the VA based on those lies….
His claims are all over the place about it. Not like he could run and hide from it now. Not that his fat ass could run more than 2 steps in any direction either…

Green Thumb

I agree.


With every case of Stolen Valor, the assumption should be that there is VA claim and benefit fraud. Unless proven otherwise.

But what do I know ….

Reba Ann A

I wonder if it is a crime for him to receive campaign contributions based on his advertisement of being “green beret”??

He was in the Big Gulp War.


I hear they call it DFAC these days…..

Dickey Fat Assed Chump

Green Thumb

I wonder if he gets up to Memphis and his fat ass brother from another mother, Turd Bolling of Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency?

They appear very similar in appearance and assclownery.


Dude claims membership in the Military Order of the Purple Heart, however –
“Chartered by Congress in 1958, The Military Order of the Purple Heart is composed of military men and women who received the Purple Heart Medal for wounds suffered in combat. Our membership is restricted to the combat wounded.”

Also claims 10 years as a cop – if being a Wal Mart “loss prevention officer”, a security guard at a casino, and a School Resource Officer in a college counts as being a cop… Also, doing these jobs between 1999 and 2006 don’t equal 10 years.
Bottom of the page to see his “resume”.

What’s messed up about all of this is that folks are probably going to vote for him.


Since they had a little piece on him on their website, I just fired off an email to FOX13 news in Memphis suggesting that they do some background on this peckerneck’s claims. I might have stated some other things, but we’ll wait and see. Maybe I can start a good old fashioned shit storm!! Ha.

Green Thumb

Is that the same station that “uncovered” Turd Bolling and Reginald Hinson?


I don’t know but the irony would be great.
Is TAH going to finally be able to influence an election? Now that WOULD be great.


Well, Jonn – I see great minds think alike.

Wonder if this one is at greater or lesser range than your nailing Aden? I know you’re a good shot, but 700miles or so is damned impressive. (smile)


Didn’t Sealy McChippendale run for City Council in Ocean City, MD once upon a time?


Um, dude . . . TAH already has influenced an election. Use the site’s search facility and do a search for Ken Aden.


My bad (actually laziness).


Also Steve Cushman and also some curly haired douche…
county commissioner or something.


Who did you send it to? I figure if more of us sent e-mails to the same person, it might stoke a fire under his or her ass and get this turd the fame he desires.


It was just a “contact us” link on their website, but I figured it was a start.

Green Thumb

I just looked at Scotty’s page.

this dude is a turd and will continue to lie. Unfortunately, he will eventually play the race card and his “constituents” will buy it.

And I love the Paul Rieckhoff comment. It just amazes me when you find one shitbag there are usually others nearby.


GT: considering Rieckhoff’s history, his supporting someone falsely claiming to be SF isn’t exactly surprising.


Wait, he was the Food Police in Korea?


Originally posted by Ron Dickey:

I have worked many jobs: the Armyโ€™s Special Forces Green Berets,

What probably happened was that he helped prepare field feed for a special forces unit doing an FTX. He may have been the “point of contact” who had a representative from the SF unit sign for the food. He probably helped them load the food into their truck.

Let’s add to that the many SF Soldiers that ate at the DFAC that he worked at.

That’s probably the experience that he’s embellishing. :mrgreen:

Originally posted by Ron Dickey:

I was presented with the National Defense Medal.

He makes it sound that there was a formal ceremony where he received that award. I remember signing, that I received the medal, after the first award was entered into my record. This was part of a mass, “receive your medal and sign for it” event. No ceremony. My second one was just entered into my record.

Originally posted by Ron Dickey:

I was a Green Beret who served in the Gulf War during Operation Desert Storm

Meaning, he wore a green Chef Boyardee hat, serving food in the DFAC, in Korea, during the Gulf War era, while news of Operation Desert Storm was being played. He’s probably having recurring dreams of the food fights that took place in the DFAC in Korea. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Old Trooper

I wonder if his republican opponent has been given all this information, yet?


Both Ron Dickey and Congressman Alan Nunnelee (opponent) have this information. :mrgreen:


Unfortunately, his opponent is in the hospital recovering from surgery on a “small intracranial mass on the right side of his brain.”

This fool Dickey just might win because Nunnelee isn’t able to campaign. Sux.


and instead of adressing the issue, he blocks you from being able to post to his facebook page.


I contacted these guys, they’re media and they’re in the district that Ron Dickey is running in. You guys should provide info to the media in Memphis. :mrgreen:

They have a list of community papers that could be contacted. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ


Food Service Specialist, Death from With In!

Delilah T.

Does Dickey know that his weight and mass combined make him look like a pinhead in that photo?

Nice suit. Too bad it’s full of hot air.

I’m sure he never met a bacon cheeseburger he didn’t like.

Am I just being mean? Yes. Yes, I am.

John Robert Mallernee

Gosh, gee whillikers, he was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, but he canโ€™t even spell โ€œBraggโ€ correctly?

His Form 20 indicates service in the Republic of Korea, but his DD-214 doesnโ€™t list the Korea Defense Service Medal, to which he is certainly authorized (Or is he? Have the requirements changed?).

So, heโ€™s authorized to wear three (03) medals, i.e., the Good Conduct Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, and the Korea Defense Service Medal.

When I was in the United States Army, there was no Army Service Ribbon or Overseas Service Ribbon.

Since his only listed foreign duty is the Republic of Korea, is the Army Service Ribbon now awarded in lieu of the Korea Defense Service Medal?

Anyway, here is yet another frustrating case of a perfectly honorable military service being trashed by the veteranโ€™s false claims, which having obviously been done for profit, now constitutes a federal felony, for which he should be arrested and prosecuted.


A FOIA will show only what the records reflect, JRM. And while he definitely rates the KDSM, in this case it would likely not be in his records. Here’s why. The KDSM was instituted in the early 2000s (2002, I think, with first issue in 2004). Dickey’s records terminated with his discharge from the USAR 8 years after his initial entry date. That was sometime in the 1990s. Thus, when Dickey’s records were archived, the KDSM did not yet exist. His records therefore would not normally be expected to show his eligibility for the KDSM, since it didn’t exist when his records were archived after his final discharge from the USAR. Since issue didn’t start right away (and it took time to get records properly annotated), the same may well be true for those discharged from 2002 until around 2004-2005. Under normal circumstances, the KDSM would only be in the records of someone who was completely discharged from the military before 2002 if they’d requested it be added to their records post-discharge. The KDSM is awarded with the OSR for service in Korea. That is one of the exceptions for the normal rule of “1 tour, one expeditionary/campaign medal or ribbon”. I believe the same exception was later made for service in Vietnam that met overseas tour lengths in effect at the time as well – IF you were still serving on the date the OSR was instituted (sometime in the earl 1980s). I don’t believe the OSR (or ASR)… Read more »

John Robert Mallernee

Not only that, but on his election campaign advertisement, he brags about having a college degree, but doesn’t know the difference between, “TO”, “TOO”, and “TWO”.


Hmmm. Who else do we know that is “multi-degreed”???


He’s also liking his own posts, like someone else we know. ๐Ÿ™„

gas tank

Anybody know where he claims to have degrees from? Those can be easily verified.

Just an Old Dog

Gas Tank, you aren’t by chance working with a certian individual named Birdbath are you?,,, If so I consider what your are saying to be an “empty” threat.

John Robert Mallernee

Did you guys know that I used to actually be a Green Beret?

It’s true!

As a newly enlisted young and naive Private in the United States Army, I was assigned to sit on top of some guy’s head while he jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, while in flight.

And, because he was jumping out of an airplane, it made me turn – – – GREEN ! ! !

John Robert Mallernee

I just now made that joke up all by myself!

Heh! Heh! Heh!

Just an Old Dog

Don’t quit your day job John.

Just an Old Dog

( To the tune of Barry Sadler’s “Green Berets)

Falling Donuts,,, from the sky….
I burnt the toast,,, oh I could cry…
Hell will freeze over on the day…
My fat ass is a Green Beret…

Trained to cook,,,
at a hot dog stand…
With my spatula..
In my Hand
100 men will eat today…
But I will take the last lunch tray…

Way done South a fat man squirms…
He’s a laying sack,,, a fucking worm…
Learn to watch just what you say..
’cause you damn sure weren’t,, a Green Beret.


Excellent parody!


“…hardly worth going to war no more.”

Green Thumb

I bet if you tickle him, he will laugh.

Like the Pillsbury Doughboy.

He, he, he.


More like this….but toasted…… ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


Lol, I just read the Newsweek blog article from 2006 that quoted him about his “skin rash” and diabetes from exposure to chemicals in Desert Storm but he claims he doesn’t get a benefit check because he doesn’t want a hand out.


I went to his campaign Facebook page and posted several comments. He is hiding them and cleaning them up as fast as he can go. But they just keep rolling in. Turd. Hey Ron, you can duck and cover but you can’t hide from the truth. It is catching up to you quicker than you can clean up your act. How about the President you love and his “most transparent administration in history” eh? How about you come clean, tell the truth and be transparent. But I see you are as transparent as Obama so you’re in good company in your mind.


I got asked during lunch by one of my co-workers why, living in the Great Republic of Texas, I give a rat’s ass about some guy who used to flip green eggs and is running for office in Mississippi? I thought that was a fair question so here is some of my answer. For starters, I think we can all agree that faking one’s service is just pure bullshit and a disrespect towards all that are currently serving and have gone before us. That’s why almost all of us come to this site – to see the car wreck and hope that the guilty don’t make it out unscathed. Using some fake service to get votes (or anything for that matter) is taking advantage of the positive views and credibility that the general public has of us and of course, is horsehit too. This guy isn’t running for city council or county dogcatcher. He’s running for a real, live seat in Washington DC where he could end up on a committee that could decide how our servicemembers are treated. Doesn’t matter what state he’s from – he could still have influence. If he’s full o’shit out here in civvie life showing absolutely no intregity, how’s he going to act when he has to represent servicemembers? Sure, I don’t live in Mississippi, but I, like every current and former servicemember on this site, do have a dog in the hunt, and I don’t appreciate his crap. We’re trying to get rid… Read more »


NBCguy, same here. Although I was a motor pool parts/supply sergeant type weenie, I spent my entire career in Combat Arms units, and never wore the brass of the assigned unit. Never was in an outfit that was authorized female personnel. Always was down there where the track pad meets the road and soldiering was good.

Combat Historian

I was assigned to MNF-I Command Group when I was deployed to Iraq; according to Dickey logic, that would make me General Petraeus…


Well of course. Doesn’t “MNF-I” mean “Males-N-Females in Iraq”? (smile)


I’m surprised most caught posers weren’t cooks. I couldn’t stand those shitbags while I was in.

Just an Old Dog

Not many people join the Corps to become cooks, I didnt mind them as long as they didnt forget that their place was in the Mess Hall, not interfering with Marines.
The worst offenders were the eggslappers that did B-Billets and thought they coud treat Marines like shit.


“Flemron”?? Isn’t that what CDR Krill coughed up and spit into Casey Rybacks’ bouillabaisse??


ROFL! Brilliant!


Named after some weird thing in a PS3 game. Gotta wonder about his parents…


Every time I see Scotty’s name I think of this song.


Flemronny Doesn’t Know, Flemronny Doesn’t Know, Flemronny Doesn’t Know, SO DON’T TELL FLEMRONNY !!!!
๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


I actually almost saw a real bullet once too, but that’s for another time…


Ha! The asshole has on his Facebook page that he was a cook now. But he won’t apologize for all his lies.


As a native of the Magnolia State, I honestly don’t think this will get a lot of media attention. Only because Democratic congressional candidates in districts 1, 3 & 4 are now just window dressing. The same can be said for the Republican candidate in District 2. There was a moderate “Pro-Life” Democrat in District 4(5) for 20 years, but even he was voted out by a Tea Party Candidate a few years ago. That guy tried to win his old seat this year as a converted Republican. It doesn’t seem any of the candidates running as the opposition in their districts ever mound a serious campaign. I mean this guy’s official campaign webpage was a on Facebook. Officials with the state party will distance themselves from him, but it’s not like he had a snowball’s chance anyway. It will be like that guy EJ Laughter running as Democrat running in a Republican part of Tennessee. Remember him? Claimed Navy EOD, Purple Heart, Bronze Star, when he was real an unclassified swabbie with an admin discharge. His local Democratic Party now just acts like they’ve never heard of him (even though he’s still on the ballot). It will be the same here.


Ron Dickey, the Green Beret fraud running for office has deleted all the comments calling him out on his lies. While changing his bio to accurately reflect that he was a Cook, not a Green Beret, he has not come clean with an apology for his years of deceit. Nor will this stop a VAOIG inquiry being made into his claims of being a Desert Storm Veteran to possibly obtain benefits based on his claims of Gulf War Syndrome.
I hate Posers in general, but I hate them even more when they possibly are obtaining benefits based on their lies. Ron Dickey left enough evidence out there that he could possible be one of the latter.


Even if he hasn’t received any VA benefits, there is still possible fraud involved with his lies. He received free training from the Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation. That training is only available to disabled veterans, which the liar Dickey isn’t.



Training based on the PH lie, = Tangible benefit = Prosecutable Stolen Valor.



He could very well be a disabled veteran, one does not need to go to War to become disabled.
However, I am hoping the VAOIG looks into his claims to see if some of his previous claims of combat were included and played any part in his approval of any disability benefits. Especially in regards to Gulf War Syndrome.


Well I stand corrected. The newspaper out of Jackson did run a story. For a novice politician Dickey does his best to “Spin” like a pro. It was his staff’s fault..yeah yeah yeah I’m responsible for my campaign…but in the end…it was my staff’s fault.


Oh and my favorite quote from the story, “It’s like the difference between a certified teacher and an uncertified teacher.”
Uh, not exactly DICKey. It could be like saying it’s the difference between a certified teacher and a CAFETERIA WORKER…but even that is a stretch.


He is an absolute piece of shit!

Green Thumb

This dude is certified sack of ballsweat.


I bet his favorite dish is mountain oysters after he works them over.

Before they are removed.



Certain folks are just masters of prose. They have an ability to paint picture with words: Shakespeare, Frost, Dickens…..and of course our own Green Thumb.

3/17 Air Cav

I think when Green thumb was a baby, his first word wasn’t momma or pappa. It was TURD! (smile)


Here in my part of the territory where I and my buddies are tougher than the back wall of a shooting gallery, we only eat fresh cut wolverine oysters. Oh, and this guy Dickey, there is not enough Fabreeze in the world to cover up his Bullshit.


He or his staff is in full damage control. Facebook page deleted after I’d just posted: you spent nearly as much time as a cook in Korea, but you didn’t claim to be a Military Policeman. You mentioned you served in Operation Desert Shield, but you were in AIT at Ft Jackson when Iraq invaded Kuwait and went directly to Korea from Ft Jackson. The cease fire and end of Operation Desert Storm was on 28 Feb 1991 and you were still in Korea. You didn’t get assigned to support 3SFG until January 1992 and Desert Storm was over. My National Guard unit was mobilized for Operation Desert Shield on 30 November 1990 and we didn’t officially serve in Shield or Storm because we never entered theater. You being in Korea and rotating to serve 14 months at Ft Bragg does not Desert Shield or Desert Storm service either. You can google the criteria for having served in Shield/Storm. It’s all out there on the internet. Just like your service record.

George Davenport

Well, after a lot of hard work and not letting up the MS Dem Party finally cut this guy lose.

Green Thumb

So is fay boy here still in the election race?

If not, his ballslappiness could roll up to Memphis and work with Turd Bolling at Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency.


He seems to be, GT. Apparently in MS, once nominated the candidate has final say over whether he runs. The party can’t unilaterally remove him from the ticket. They can disavow him – but not remove him.

To their credit, the MS Dem party has disavowed him and called for him to withdraw. So far as I know, he hasn’t done that yet.

Green Thumb

Thanks, Hondo.

It would appear that a lot of Democrats are drinking Dickey’s “Kool-Aid” this year.

Just an Old Dog

Hopefully the Dems will get a more viable candidate and have him step down. He is the kind of shitbag that will work the “campaign contribution” angle to line his pockets.
What does it matter to him if he loses badly if he pockets half a million or so?

Green Thumb

Good point.

But I have an odd feeling that a lot of folks are watching fat boy and his actions.