Tuesday Morning Feel Good Stories

| February 11, 2014

Chief Tango sends us our feel good stories to start our morning off right. The first is from Tulsa where a woman heard her daughter’s cries for help;

The woman who owns the house told police the man entered her 19-year-old daughter’s bedroom window. The two got into an argument, and the man began hitting the girl, police believe.

The girl reportedly called out for help, and her mother got a revolver and went into the bedroom, police say. She fired several shots at the 19-year-old man.

An officer at the scene said the two teenagers had dated in the past, but Odom was not able to confirm their relationship.

The homeowner was not arrested.

Odom said the young man was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

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In Hayward, California, a homeowner fended off an assault in his home by three folks;

According to Hayward Police, officers were called to a home located on the 21000 block of Western Boulevard at about 5:30 p.m. and upon arrival, were told by the victim that one of the robbers had been shot inside.

KTVU news has learned that the victim may have known the suspect and the house was involved in another robbery attempt last year, according to Hayward Police.

Police found the shot suspect deceased inside and were told other suspects had fled.

At 5:47 p.m., police dispatch received a call from a local hospital saying that a female had been transported there with multiple gunshot wounds.

Investigators have confirmed that this woman was also part of the attempted robbery attempt.

The third story comes from South Carolina where a 76-year-old Charles “Red” Petit was attacked in his driveway by 25-year-old Robert “JoJo” Deziel who had a stun gun;

Charles “Red” Petit, the homeowner, told Charleston County sheriff’s deputies that he was walking to his vehicle about 6 a.m. when a man attacked him and tried to rob him with a stun gun at his carport.

Petit told deputies he shot at the man three times with a .38-caliber revolver. He had several cuts on his hands, and it appeared he had been punched in the face, according to an incident report.

A deputy found the body of Deziel of Summerville lying face down in front of the carport, according to the report. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

I keep telling you, us old folks will just kill you. Dead. With lots of bullets.

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Hot cup of coffee and three feel good stories, think I am set for the day now. One of these days Obama’s Department of Wealth Redistribution field agents be like this shit ain’t worth it.


5 perps. 2 taking eternal dirtnap, 1 critical, a 4th wounded multiple times.

Not too shabby.


What’s up with the site and mobile browsers?

It shows nothing posted past February 7th….

A Proud Infidel

HAPPINESS is a warm gun and freshly ventilated would-be robbers, rapists,…


#4: Thanks.


Nothing like shot up dirt bags to start the day off right!


Warmed up my morning tea just fine.

I keep saying it: don’t mess with geezers. We’re cranky.


Not only are we cranky… We’re armed !!!

Good shooting to all those Americans that stood and fought.


Great wake up reads. I am old and I tell you, given the option of shooting to warn, shooting to wound or shooting to kill…my answer is the same as my grandfather’s who in 1963 killed an intruder in their home at ripe age of 86 with his old 12 gauge side by side. He said, “thar wuz only gonna be one story told…mine”.