Breaking: John Kerry was in the Vietnam War

| February 6, 2014

Yes, I know, you’re probably shocked because you’d never heard before that Secretary of State John Kerry was in Vietnam during our war there, but, yes, it’s true. The Daily Caller reveals that Kerry himself admitted as much in a interview with Jake Tapper of CNN when discussing the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, in regards to an Israeli cabinet member who criticize some of Kerry’s remarks, Kerry tells Tapper;

And, you know, words — I have to tell you, my friend, I’ve been, quote, attacked before by people using real bullets, not words, and I am not going to be intimidated.

The remark is made in the final ten seconds of this video which autostarts after the jump;

Everyday, I thank God for Ohio.

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Exactly where was Beavis posted during his stay in Vietnam? Does anyone know?


Cambodia on Christmas day is all I need to know… and remember.

Adam in Israel

ONLY ONE Israeli cabinet member? I guess, after being told-off by Yaalon and Bennett, he’s only talking to Netanyahu to avoid getting his feelings hurt again.

Oh, so he knows what it’s like to be attacked with real bullets? I suppose he thinks Israel have never been in a war before, where all fighting-age males that didn’t serve at the front were still called up in a reserve capacity… you know… just in case the front got overrun. Or maybe exploding city buses just don’t have the same effect as the all-powerful “real bullets”?

Kerry and his “real bullets” are up against this entire country and all of the real bullets that we as a population have faced.


Ex-PH2: Wikipedia says he was based at Cat Lo for about 3 weeks, then at An Thoi for the remainder of his grueling 4-mo tour.

It’s Wikipedia, so have the salt shaker handy. (smile)


Must have been excruciating, Hondo. At least as bad as Blo Viat and that terrible spot near Buku Lai.


No wonder he takes so many trips abroad. Getting away from the old bat Tereezzzza might be helping him dodge the bullets she’s sending his way. Poor pitiful sKerry, always seeking attention. May the lying POS rot in hell.

Lawrence Todd

I still think that Kerry did not get a honorable discharge until his 2nd discharge papers were issued during the carter administration. Has anyone ever been able to obtain his original discharge status?


He was on river boats, put himself in for a few awards. The Swift Boat guys were all up in arms over some of his Bullshit a few years ago ..


Many of us who were not Swift Boat guys will also never forget his antics. He remains one of the most despicable excuses for a human being on planet Earth.

sKerry has now had decades to bury, burn and otherwise destroy all evidence of his various misdeeds. What I would really like to see is a video of his reaction to learning that the safe swift boats for which he had volunteered for “duty” were reassigned to VietNam AFTER he volunteered for them.

The most comprehensive collection of data about him from that era that I am aware of is here:


ExPH2 – Word on the street has it that Kerry never went on patrol to the Poon Tang valley until he was 48.

Old Trooper

@12: But it’s seared……SEARED into his memory when Nixon sent him to Cambodia at Christmas of ’68!!

I know a Brown Water Navy Vietnam Vet that was on PBRs back then and he, along with everyone in the AO, knew of Kerry. He has nothing nice to say about him, at all. Yeah, Kerry was Swift Boats, but as this guy tells it, it was a very small community and they were still around the same people and operating out of the same bases at the same time.


The ultimate blue(blood) falcon.

Funny that he never signed his SF-180.


Kerry là m?t bao n?m phân chó.

And I hope those diacriticals stay in.


Holy smokes! Everybody else here pretty well has it covered so, I’ma toss out a couple more sKerry links for some of you that aren’t up speed on him and his commie bunkmates crap.

Have fun! Hey! I see 1stCavRVN…How you been, bro? Long time, no see!


Kerry is such a douche.


I would love to have a chance to debate sKerry on live TV, with Candyass Crawler as the moderator, so that if she started debating me (which violates debate rules) I could tell her to “STFU, bitch.”


Wherever they’ve been hiding Joe Biden, JFin’K needs to join him.


He says this in reference to an Israeli cabinet member of an entire nation that has been shot at, or say, had entire Arab armies cross into it with murderous intent.

Kerry wouldn’t recognize intimidation if it sat on his face and wiggled.


BK, I hope that the residents of Israel understand that this clown does not really represent real Americans in any way, shape, or form. He was appointed by a clueless doofus, approved by a bunch of clueless doofuses, and continues to be a clueless doofus himself.

Zero Ponsdorf

Laid off commenting on this because my old pals have already done so, and well.

I’ll add that another pal served with Kerry on the boats.

I very much want this crap to be funny, but…


You guys don’t remember the “Swift Boat” stuff back in the 2004 campaign? Look up the videos made by the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth”…and then check out his testifying before congress…then watch the video of him throwing his medals back over the White House fence in front of all the cameras.