Gregory Charles Banks; the phony just passing through

| January 13, 2014

Gregory Banks

So one of our readers is a Mason up in Connecticut and this dude passes through his lodge on the way back from his combat assignments. Sometimes he’s in ACUs, other times he’s wearing his blues, like in the picture above. Of course, he’s Special Forces (isn’t everyone, these days) and in addition to his duties as an Army officer, he’s also a counselor with two offices. The man is a freakin’ machine.

Gregory Banks Counselor

Well, he didn’t turn up in any of my databases, but, you know, he’s probably so secret squirrel that he wouldn’t, but CID can’t find him either. Nor can NPRC;

Gregory Banks FOIA

We’re told that his lodge just threw him a big celebration for his recent award of the Bronze Star Medal so obviously, he loves attention – so here is all of the attention you could ever want, Greg-baby. It looks to me like he stole a midget’s jacket.

Added; more pics;


Banks, Greg C.

I emailed these pictures to our counselor friend, Greg Charles Banks and asked if these are not him in the photos, and he hasn’t answered back. I guess he’s going with “identity theft” as an explanation.

OK, I just got an email from him and he admits that this is him in this picture taken at the lodge not wearing the uniform;

Banks at the Lodge2

I don’t know, you judge.

Gregory Banks comparison photo

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His Mom???
I have so much hatred for these jackasses that have never spent a day cold/hot, wet, tired, pissed, done, and nothing to look forward to but maybe burning shit the next day… They deserve all the Hell unleashed upon them. Dirty f-ers

Delilah T.

Let me see if I have this straight.

This individual was a licensed counselor, but has been proven, publicly, to be a compulsive liar, which means he can’t be trusted.

And his mommy is defending him.

Is that right?

Well, if mom is defending her lying-assed son, who can’t be trusted because he’s a compulsive liar, I guess the crab apple truly does not fall far from the tree.

Green Thumb

Just look at the guy.

A weak-ass individual.

Probably lives in the basement.

Combat Historian

greggyboy is back, with his mommy as reinforcement…this is gonna get interesting…again…


Fire at will boys and girls!

Note: No actual ammo is expected to be fired at will. This was and is a figure of speech.

Snow soldier medic

Fat guy in a little coooooaaaaat!

John Henry

Since this guy lied to The Masons, why don’t you guys see if they can help you reduce this clown in rank back to diaper wearer. The Masons ALWAYS have excellent connections and HATE liars.

Good luck!!!


Sorry for the thread Necromancy ( I’ve been binge reading the last couple of days)

Do you now what really kills me? If this guy wanted to play Army so bad,

as a Licenseced , degreed, therapist…

With the military SCREAMING for licensed , degreed, experienced therapists……

All he would have had to do was go to a recruiter, wait on the background check, sign the contract and then go to that candyassed Medical Officer basic course and …Tah Dah, he could have been the real deal. An instant Army medical Corps Officer. People don;t think!

Green Thumb

Checked in with Greggy Banks.

He avoids calls but his gay lover calls you back claiming he is an attorney and he is going to “get” you.

Whatever the fuck that means.

Banks, I assume, is still seeing patients and kids while still claiming his bullshit.

The “attorney” also goes quiet and hangs up when you ask question Banks still holding a license.

Amateur hour.



I posted here about Greg Banks before (the phony soldier/therapist), you know, this guy:
and, also posted about the fact I filed a complaint against him a while ago (I had seen him in 2013, and then filed a complaint months later), for being a weird, phony asshole and also a few other things that therapists (if he actually is one) shouldn’t say/do. I spoke to a social worker handling my case on the phone who had called me, and explained my experience with him. The social worker in the letter also told me that she had numerous other complaints against him, too. Wonder why.
Well today, I get this letter in the mail (blocked out my name/address):
so … clearly, this is a lie, I did see him for “therapy” (if you can call it that, it was more like talking to a disinterested hobo on the side of the street …) Once in person in his farmington, ct office on 318 Main Street, and subsequently on the phone afterwards, because I could not visit his office for in person sessions. I paid him for his first session with me … ($50) via a money order afterwards … on his sliding scale fee. However, he isn’t doing this “I’m gonna lie, but let’s mix in bits of truth here and there to make it believable” thing very well. Not sure why he has to lie about everything. Just come clean already, greggy boy, yea? everyone knows you’re a phony, no use in lying anymore.
So, in order for my complaint go forward, which I would like it to, I need to show “proof” that I saw him for sessions. Only problem is, I have none in paper … I don’t even have the money order receipt that I used to pay him.
Any advice? I mean, if he wants to play hard ball … so can I.


So, any further updates on him? Is he still licensed? Did he ever get disciplined, fined, or something by the board? Anyone in the Mason lodge know if he got punished?

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