AP doesn’t like bloggers

| March 30, 2007

Reporting on the President’s speech to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association on Wednesday, for some reason the Associated Press felt the need to describ blogs thusly;

Blogs are Web sites that tend to be narrow in focus and directed at a niche audience. Most operate without editors and give instant reaction to the news. Their freewheeling, open nature makes them popular but also ripe for unverified statements. 

Now I’m pretty sure that AP has a hard-on for blogs since blogs, most notably Flopping Aces in recent months, have been responsible for AP’s decline in trustworthiness, but they should also be grateful because I’m pretty sure that blogs are responsible for the large volume of traffic that gets driven to their sites.

Now, if there are any bloggers out there who need a professional editor on their masthead to satisfy the editors at AP, you’re welcome to use me – AP can just go pound sand somewhere.

Their mischaracterization is unjustified in the case of IraqTheModel.com, as well. I remember reading short dispatches from the brothers Fahdil before the US invasion. They’ve always been there, and they’ve always given accurate and timely updates to events in Iraq.

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